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Rejecting that man here was not because he was crazy, but because he felt like rejecting himself, who was desperately seeking affection for Daphne.

When Gabriel calmly sat down again, Lee Jong-woo smiled brightly.

Then he pushed the delicious strawberry whipped cream cake in front of Gabriel.

It was a single slice. From the beginning, it seemed that he had no intention of eating the cake.

Lee Jong-woo, who gave him the fork, said excitedly.

“Here. Let’s have something sweet to cheer us up.”

Gabriel stared at the strawberry whipped cream cake.

In the end, he couldn’t resist his urging and took a bite.

It was the first strawberry cake he had eaten in a long time, and it was sweet and delicious.

Gabriel thought that Lee Jong-woo was a really strange person.




There is a large library in Gabriel’s house.

It was quite large and contained a wide variety of books, ranging from the rare to the very ancient, some of which were said to be among the few in the world.

When I entered the quiet library, which was never used, I felt like I was in a forest made of books.

Even the maids who were always watching me for fear that I would go out of the mansion seemed to loosen their guards when I stayed in the library.

Even so, there was no place for me to escape in this library.

There was a large glass window made to secure light, but it was locked and to top it all off, the library was located on the second floor of the mansion.

It was clear that falling from here would break at least one leg.

But in fact, it doesn’t seem like that’s the only reason.

Whenever I use the library, there are some older servants who look at me with nostalgic eyes.

And according to Shannet, some of the people who work here knew Gabriel’s mother.

This mansion was prepared by the Emperor for Gabriel’s mother.

I don’t know, but a lot of sincerity must have gone into it.

But a library filled with such expensive books, doesn’t it seem like a place that was intentionally prepared for someone?

Maybe people were thinking of Gabriel’s biological mother when they saw me in the library room.

In any case, as long as I stayed inside the library, they didn’t impose any restrictions, so it was natural for me to visit this place often.


I sighed and laid myself down on the desk.

At first, I used this place to shake off some of my worries about Cesare’s imprisonment, but now I’d come here more often to think about the future.

I rested my cheek and tapped the desk with my finger.

Should I just wait and let the Emperor make all the decisions?

There was no one other than the Emperor who could overturn the present situation.

That was why I had offered to help Gabriel, even though he was the one who had lured me and Cesare into the trap.

But I was uneasy about waiting so naively.

Above all else, the Emperor was Gabriel’s biological father.

A son hits the back of his head, will the father be different?

Why in the world is there a father and son war?

The Emperor has not yet decided to help me.

But still, I know the Emperor’s heart will change.

“As expected, we need a more decisive shot.”

Neither the emperor nor Gabriel can move, and there must be something to follow my will.

What was it in the novel?

I wish I could think of something more useful…

The main problem in the second part of the novel, the story after the disappearance of the extra character, Daphne. It was Gabriel’s unstable status.

Although he became the Crown Prince, he was raised in the streets, and his mother was a maid, so he was considered to lack legitimacy and was constantly attacked by opponents.

I have already suggested to the Emperor a way to address the weakness of Gabriel’s mother.

But that is no reason to make Gabriel the Emperor.

Even if there is a case where the sky can fly!

It would be nice if I had proof in my hands that Gabriel Hylister had to become Emperor.

That guy is the future Emperor set by the novel.

I can’t say that he’s the number one in the Empire and lives happily with my man Cesare.

“… No.”

I got up slowly.

A flash of thought ran through my head.

“Why not? I can do that.”

This is a fictional world.

A place where the author’s version of the world exists in the name of the novel.

No one can argue with the original novel.

All the characters were planned according to the author’s intentions, so the original novel of the author’s plans will come to them as a matter of course.

Of course, there was a variable called Daphne the possessor in the original, which would have been perfect!

After I took possession, the only thing that changed was the emotional flow of the characters.

The future of Gabriel becoming Emperor was still valid.

The main point of the novel is that it remains the same.

All I had to do was bring back the revelation of the original story, the one that would shut up all of Gabriel’s opponents.


Burning with enthusiasm, I changed my posture and sat down, opened the desk drawer and took out a piece of paper.

I dipped the nib in ink and took a deep breath.

From now on, I will become the god of this world.

I began to play with the pen while holding the lines that seemed to come out of a play.






After less than five minutes of writing, I declared myself a failure.

At first, I had no talent for writing.

Besides, it was the past that I had already experienced once as Daphne, so I had a hard time remembering what the exact original story was like.

That wasn’t the only problem.

There were also a lot of developments that were different from the original story.

Let’s take an example.

In the original story, Gabriel fled the Duchy of Burstoad and never returned.

But here it’s different.

After Gabriel became Crown Prince, he not only returned to the Burstoad Territory, but also set fire to the hunting grounds.

In the original story, Gabriel was a gentle sheep, but now that sheep is running wild.

“What should I do….”

I thought it was a really good idea, but I ran into the limit of my abilities.

I grabbed my head with both hands and moaned.


Then a small knock was heard.


I got up and pushed all the manuscripts I had written on the desk.

The door opened and Gabriel and his assistant entered.

There were many people behind them.

Shannet, who was waiting outside the library, panicked and watched them wary.

“There you are. I found you.”

Currently I am angry with Gabriel, so I did not respond to him.

Gabriel’s pretty face had a melancholy light for a moment, probably from being hurt by my cold attitude, but soon he closed his eyes and said with a smile.

“I have good news for Daphne.”

I don’t know what the news will be for me, but Gabriel looked like a puppy looking for praise.

The reddish-tinted cheeks were refreshing.

Even in this case, the appearance buff of the main character showed its power.

As evidence of that, the workers standing behind him were looking at his face with blank expressions.


All of a sudden, this situation felt absurd.

Whatever our relationship, Gabriel is still beautiful. And being angry with him would only make me look ugly, like Daphne, who was jealous of him in the original story.

Or maybe I’ll be seen as a debauched, manipulative woman.

Now I must be the prodigal woman of the century who abandoned the Duke of Burstoad for the Crown Prince.

“The weather is really nice today. It’s warm and there’s no wind. Reading a book in the library is good, but why not enjoy tea time outside?”


“If you get some air, Daphne will feel much better. And I have something to say to Daphne…”

“Get me out of here.”

I cut him off, realizing that the more time I spent face-to-face with Gabriel, the more self-pitying my thoughts would become.

Gabriel opened his mouth as if to say something, and then raised the corners of his mouth.

“I told you that if you want to go out, you can go out with me.”

“Why are you pretending not to understand? You know that’s not what I mean.”

“… Daphne.”

Gabriel made a wounded face.

“Daphne is the one who knows all of my feelings and keeps making unfulfillable demands.”

“If Gabriel says that, I have nothing more to say.”

I didn’t want to have endless conversations.

“I will refuse tea time. and I’ll ask you to leave the study as well, as I’d like to be alone and quiet.”

“How dare you, the Crown Prince-!”


Gabriel stopped the aide’s screams.

His face, shaking at an angle, was full of melancholy.

His face was so pitiful that I almost accepted the tea time.

In the past, I would have been weakened by that beauty, but now I know that looks are not everything.

“… I’ll leave. Daphne. Get some rest.”

The door closed with a click.

Even until the moment the door was closed, Gabriel was looking at me with eyes that were dripping with regrets.

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