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Obviously, in the beginning, I was just trying to prevent the story from being ruined.

There are horrific stories circulating in the streets, such as the beheading of the main character, Cesare, and the destruction of the Burstoad, so I thought I should check it out.

Fortunately, he seems to have escaped the beheading, but because I didn’t know what would happen again, I decided to meet Daphne.

Then I found Gabriel and approached him with the idea of figuring out how it all twisted.

Daphne must not die.

When Daphne here dies, Daphne in the original story also dies.

The contract between the original Daphne and Lee Jong-woo, who asked to save her life would be violated.

This would have a negative impact on Lee Jong-woo as well.

Fortunately, I was able to win Gabriel favor. I don’t know which part of my overflowing charm he fell into, but anyway.

Now that I had succeeded in getting to know Gabriel, I tried to convince him to invite me to his residence.

However, I had to visit Count Peliard before Gabriel’s mansion.


‘I want to find out what weakness Count Peliard has hidden.’


Gabriel’s wall against strangers was gone, secretly revealed his inner feelings well.

Maybe he had no one to talk to.

Gabriel told Lee Jong-woo that he also wanted to find out the secrets related to Daphne’s mother.

Then whispering to me the sad hope that Daphne might smile at him again.

So today, me and Gabriel visited Peliard’s mansion.

There was Gabriel, looking as pitiful as a kitten caught in the rain, asking me for a favor….

It seemed that Daphne would be safe only if he had something in his hand.

I’m suffering from falling into a strange world without knowing why, so I need something to use as a weapon.

Lee Jong-woo glanced at the three men they were talking to.

“If you look at the returns over the past year, they’re doing great, with a whopping 30% profit increase. I’m not just telling you this because it’s a great investment, but you should know that I’m impressed by Baron Surveille’s enthusiasm for investing, and by His Highness the Crown Prince’s majesty.”

“I must have met a very good man. I will never forget the Count’s grace as Baron Surveille forever.”

“Haha. That’s a touching moment, me, too think highly of Count Peliard.”

“Thank you, Crown Prince!”

They’re having fun.

Lee Jong-woo, who looked around and noticed, sneaked out of the room.

There were servants guarding the master’s side in the room, but they did not pay much attention to Lee Jong-woo’s disappearance.

Once out in the hallway, Lee Jong-woo wandered down the corridor before turning in a single direction.

The rumor that Lee Jong-woo had told Gabriel, that the former Countess had been poisoned, had some credibility, unlike the others rumor.

Because Daphne was talking to him directly.

Daphne had confided in him what she had suspected all along, but she hadn’t found any hard evidence.


‘My mother was always in poor health, but it was not to the point that she would die suddenly and the timing of her death and the injunction is similar, so they must have used the drug.’


So today, Lee Jong-woo decided to look for evidence.

At one point, the Count was importing and selling ‘bariol’, a type of neuroleptic.

The drug has a relaxing effect and has been usefully used to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia.

However, the drug’s inherent addictive properties led the Empire to ban the distribution of the drug.

As the largest importer and seller of bariol, Count Peliard was suddenly left with a large stockpile.


‘It’s a story from several years ago, isn’t it all disposed?’

‘It’s all his money, and there’s no way my father would just throw it away. He will try to sell it even through illegal channels.’


The Count may have disposed of all the drugs, but Daphne insisted that there must still be some left.

She suspected they were hidden in her father’s castle, at the top of the Peliard estate, where no one else could be trusted.

However, it is said that before she could reveal the truth about her mother’s death, her marriage to Cesare Burstoad was decided and she was buried in obscurity.

“I don’t know if things are getting too big.”

Lee Jong-woo mumbled.

It has not yet been decided whether to hand over the evidence found to Gabriel or to Daphne, who is suffering.

But at least I won’t hand it over to Cesare.

Cesare dismissed her story as bullshit and was likely to draw his sword first.

He’s not going to stumble over it like Gabriel.


Lee Jong-woo glanced up and opened the door to the other room.

The place he found was Daphne’s room.

The room without the owner was coldly empty.

The unfurnished room was somewhat rustic, even though it was used by the Count’s daughter.

To be a little more honest, it looked shabby.

I feel like I have glimpsed her past that I had only heard of in words.

After a quick scan of the room, Lee Jong-woo realized that there was nothing left in the room and closed the door.

He felt a bitter taste in his mouth.

His next destination was the room of the former Countess Peliard.

This place was even worse than Daphne’s room.

It had been used as a storage room and was filled with everything from large chests to huge picture frames covered in fabric.

The room was too crowded, so it would be good to hide things.

Lee Jong-woo was the first to lift the lid of the most suspicious-looking box.


What was kept in the box was a cushion that looked like new. It was made of fabric that looked cheap for a noble family to use.

Lee Jong-woo closed the lid of the box and opened another box.

This time, little rabbit dolls came out.

Were they going to donate them to the orphanage?

I opened the other boxes, but they were all just junk.

Lee Jong-woo, who was leaking steam, sighed.

“I have no clue, how could I find this?”

Now that he thought about it, even if you could find a drug, finding evidence that this drug was used on the former Countess of Peliard was another matter.

There is no autopsy of the corpse as in the modern world, and the former Countess has long been buried in the tomb.

Possession of illegal drugs can be used as an excuse to punish them, but that cannot reveal the truth about the former Countess’s death.

The conversation between Gabriel and Count Peliard will soon be over…

I must return to my seat before Count Peliard and his servants felt suspicious.

Lee Jong-woo felt impatient and pulled the rabbit doll’s ears out to both sides.

However, perhaps the sewing finish was not neat, the pink rabbit doll was torn with a loud noise.

Cotton sticks out of the rabbit’s head.

“Ugh! It’s torn.”

Lee Jong-woo panicked and threw the rabbit doll into the box.

As he rushed to close the lid of the box, something flashed through the ripped rabbit’s head.

For a moment, a thought flashed in Lee Jong-woo’s mind.

He carefully pulled the stuffed rabbit back out.

Something peeked out through the cotton.

When Lee Jong-woo put his finger in the torn gap and opened it with force from both sides, a soft sound was heard and the doll was completely torn.

At the same time, something suddenly fell at his feet.

Lee Jong-woo hurriedly picked up what had fallen.


It was a brown envelope tied with white thread.

It must be what he was looking for.

Lee Jong-woo untied the knot.

What was kept in the envelope were small, round white pills.

it’s bariol.


Jong-Woo Lee looked around the room with astonished eyes.

The clutter in the box that filled this room was actually a hidden bariol.

This amount would be more than enough to poison everyone in the Imperial capital.

It seems that they were keeping it here, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is afraid to see the dead Countess.

Lee Jong-woo was at a loss for a moment at the enormous scale beyond imagination.

“… It’s a big deal.”

I went blank because I had found nothing, so I was going to think about shaking it, but when I opened the lid, the entire Empire could be shaken by this.

If Count Peliard is still selling this drug, the problem gets worse.

It means that the number of drug addicts continues to rise.

“What should I do about this…”

I’ll have to discuss it with Daphne first.

Not that Daphne, but the Daphne I know. No, I mean the original Daphne…!


Suddenly, a shrill voice was heard outside the door.

Lee Jong-woo, startled, held his breath. He couldn’t even move, and he rolled his eyes.

“Yes, Countess.”

“Did someone get in here?”

“Yes? No. That can’t be right, I don’t think anyone has been around here since they banned the former Countess’s room.”

“Then what is this? There’s a stain on the handle here!”

… Did you just notice that? They seem to be constantly monitoring it…?

Lee Jong-woo trembled with his teeth.

If he was caught entering this room, he would be disposed of like a rat or a bird.

Why would you hide these drugs here! If I get caught, it’s over, so I must hide!

Lee Jong-woo, who was looking around, jumped into the box. And as he closed the lid of the box, the door suddenly opened.

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