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Come to think of it, Lee Jong-woo said he knew Daphne.

If Daphne is also looking for Lee Jong-woo…?

My heart raced at the thought that I might be able to see Daphne’s smiling face after a long time.

I have to bring Lee Jong-woo here.

“I know where that man is.”

When we met not long ago, Lee Jong-woo had spilled the name of the inn he was staying at.

“He will be staying at an inn called the Windmill on the hill. Bring that man right away.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The man bowed his head. Gabrielle paced the room. He felt uneasy and excited at the same time.

Lee Jong-woo wanted to protect Daphne, so he wouldn’t harm her. And Daphne wasn’t the kind of person who would hurt anyone.


Gabriel chuckled.

Now Gabriel was worried that Daphne would hurt Lee Jong-woo. It didn’t matter if she hurt him or not.


Friend. We’re friends from now on, aren’t we?’


The face of Lee Jong-woo, who was brazenly approaching me and talking like that, passed by.

Maybe I’ve gotten used to him. Or maybe I was just mesmerized by his easygoing personality.

I remember meeting Lee Jong-woo not long ago. Lee Jong-woo accepted Gabriel’s darkness casually.

He also gave encouragement that Gabriel would be able to do well, as if it didn’t matter what his status was.

Gabriel did not realize that he had been thinking about Lee Jong-woo for a long time.

I didn’t realize that he had seeped into me so brazenly.




I opened my eyes to the shaking hand. It was Shannet.

“… Why?”

“The Crown Prince said that he’s someone you want to meet. You have to wake up now. Maybe it’s the Duke?”

I jumped up at those words. Shannet’s cheeks flushed with excitement.

“I’ll take a bath first. Don’t I look bad right now?”

“Because you have been sick all night. I already warmed the water.”

“Come on, come on.”

Shannet chuckled at my impatient

Because I am sick, Gabriel may have softened his heart. First of all, he’s trying to get me to meet the person I want to meet so that I can get better.

How long would it be before I saw Cesare? My heart swelled like a balloon with anticipation.

I didn’t know how soon it would deflate.

It was the last person I expected to see.

Gabriel smiled and said to me.

“I found the person Daphne wanted to meet.”

Waiting for me was a man I had never seen before.

“Hello, my name is Jong-woo Lee.”

Lee Jong-woo?

There was a person that came to mind.

My uncle’s name was Lee Jong-woo. So, when I was a kid, there was a man who introduced himself as my mom’s brother and often came to visit and play with me.

He disappeared as soon as I became an adult.

By the way, where is my uncle and what is he doing?

In the past I used to believe that he was my mom’s brother, but now I realize that he must have been a stranger.

Maybe he took care of me because he felt sorry for me because we lived in the same neighborhood….

Because when I was kid, I was always alone. My mother was Kim, and my uncle Lee Jong-woo. His last name was Lee.

The name sounds very familiar.

His appearance is suitable for this world, but the Korean-style name seemed to say, ‘That’s I’m the possessor’.

“I see. nice to meet you.”

I turned to look at Gabriel.

“May I speak to him alone?”

Gabriel looked back and forth between me and Lee Jong-woo, uneasy, but forced himself to step aside.

Shannet closed the door. Perhaps Shannet is guarding the door.

“You must have something to say, seeing as how you wanted to be alone like this.”

“That’s right. And there are some things that other people don’t know about. Mr. Lee Jong-woo.”

Jongwoo Lee laughed awkwardly.


“From soju to MP3 and your name. It’s something that doesn’t exist here. You’re not from here, right?”

“… Hahaha. What does that mean?”

“Are you a possessor?”

Lee Jong-woo was silent for a while at those words, then looked at me.

“Since you got it all, I guess I can’t back out. You’re right. I possessed the novel <Don’t Abandon Me. Or more accurately, I’m coming and going from this world.”

From the moment they said he was distributing soju, I’ve been paying attention to some extent. But to be able to leave the novel at your will!

“Of course, this is only possible for me. Miss Daphne?”

“That’s right. I am also a possessor.”

We exchanged glances that only possessed people could understand.

There were many things I wanted to ask.

How did you get possessed, and what role are you in this world?

A lot of different things, such as whether he was a person destined to die in the original story like me.

But right now, there was something else that was important to me.

After taking a moment to breathe, I opened my mouth.

“I came to you to ask you a favor.”

“Tell me.”

“You said you could get out of the novel, so it wouldn’t be really difficult. I just need a book.”

“A book?”

“To be precise, I need the original novel, Don’t Abandon Me, the novel that we are possessed by now.”

If the original novel was in my hands, I could quickly create something like the Book of Revelation.

I could just rewrite it as a list of events, leaving out all the emotional flow of the original.

Besides, if I can check the original novel, I can figure out detailed settings that I can’t remember.

Even small settings that really pass by will give me strength.


A puzzled look appeared on Lee Jong-woo’s face.

I wiggled my fingers.

What if I get rejected?

“May I ask why it’s the original novel?”

“Because that’s the weapon that will give me the greatest strength.”

“I see. But unfortunately I can’t seem to help Miss Daphne. It’s kind of a taboo. The original book perishes the moment it crosses the dimension.”

It sounded like a broken record.

I thought it was the only way.

The information I know had already been used in my dealings with the Emperor.

However, the Emperor showed only a lukewarm reaction, and there was still no reply.

So, this was an important issue for me as well.

I was planning to threaten the Emperor with the Book of Revelation.

My hands, curled into fists on my thighs, trembled.

“More than that, I thought you would ask me to help you get out of this mansion.”

He wasn’t mocking anyone.

I looked at him resentfully.

“It didn’t seem like Miss Daphne’s willing to stay here. There were a lot of knights guarding this place all the way. It was a natural thing for the Crown Prince to stay, but I felt differently.”

“That’s right. I’m stuck here right now.”

Gabriel, the most powerful man in this novel, is trying to take me with him.

I wanted to get out of here right now and go back to Cesare.

“But if I borrow someone else’s hand from here, I’ll end up getting caught again.”

Unless Gabriel gives up, the current situation will repeat itself endlessly.

Gabriel was destined to become the Emperor of this place.

“I’m going to make Gabriel completely give up on me. But I have no power and he’s not someone who will listen to me. Only the Emperor can control Gabriel.”

“Isn’t it said that there are no parents who can overcome their children? What if the Emperor obeys Gabriel’s will?”

“I tried to offer the Emperor something that he could never refuse, and I needed the original novel to make it, but you, Mr. Lee Jong-woo, refused my request.”

You ruined all my plans! Do you know that?

I looked at Lee Jong-woo with resentment and took a deep breath.

I know.

I realized that my anger right now could be compulsion in some way.

“There’s something I’d like to ask you.”

I looked up at the calm voice. Lee Jong-woo was looking at me with serious eyes.

“If I could get you out of here, would you go with me?”

This place? Like I said, it won’t do any good if Gabriel doesn’t give up…”

“No, I’m not talking about leaving this house.”

I froze at his words.

No way…

“I asked if I could get you out of this novel and go back to your home country, would you go with me?”

He was asking me if I wanted to go back to my original world.

“As I said before, I can travel here and there at the same time as the possessor. That’s the only ability I have. If Miss Daphne wants to, I can send you back to the original world.”


“Don’t you miss your old world?”

I bit my lip.

Don’t you miss your old world? Of course I miss it.

I miss the hot and spicy food of my hometown, and I miss the songs I used to listen to.

The sweet smell of coffee from the cafe I used to go to often reminds me of that.

But among the many things I miss, there are no people there.

I can’t even remember my mother’s face, whom I loved and hated at the same time, and the people who treated me lightly as a friend.

But here…


There is Cesare waiting for me to return.

There was Cesare, who would do anything to rescue me from Gabriel.

Cesare told me he loved me and the seat next to him became my place to return.

Thinking like that, the answer was easy.


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