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Cesare went down to the mansion’s dungeon.

It’s actually a converted basement.

Since it was a townhouse in the capital, not the Duchy of Burstoad, it was not possible to build a dungeon.

But are there any nobles who would naively follow what the Emperor said?

They are all hiding a knife in front and hiding it behind them.

This is also part of the system.

“This way, Your Excellency.”

Joseph guided Cesare.

Cesare sat down on the iron chair Joseph had brought him.

It made a dull sound, but the man on the cellar floor did not even move.

Cesare coldly ordered.

“Wake him up.”

As Joseph nodded, the knight went inside and grabbed the man by the hair.


Jacob, with a black bruise on his face, woke up with a painful moan.

He felt that the atmosphere in the capital was not serious recently and was planning to escape.

Duke Burstoad commits treason and is imprisoned in the Imperial dungeon!

It wasn’t so bad for Jacob that he was imprisoned, but the mere mention of his name was unsettling.

Previously, all those related to Bariol had died, and only Jacob survived.

As soon as Burstoad found out about the addictive properties of bariols, his master killed them.

The Duke and Duchess of Burstoad!

Jacob knew that the bariol he was now involved with was a swamp that would drag him to hell.

The fact that the new Duke of Burstoad, who had been quietly locked in his estate, came to the Imperial capital and entered the dungeon was a sign that something was about to change.

His master was a figure that would cut him off like a lizard’s tail.

So Jacob decided to leave all the things he had accomplished in the Imperial capital and leave.

But on the very day he planned to run away, men in black mask showed up, kidnapped him, and took him somewhere.

He couldn’t even guess who the opponent was.

Because he knew too much.

What he knows is that there are many people who will target him.

“Ple-please save me…”

Jacob, in a trembling voice, begged for help.

The cloth that covered his eyes was wet with Jacob’s tears.

Cesare’s lips twisted.

As Joseph reported, this man couldn’t be taken to the dungeon in the Imperial Palace right now.

Jacob was the only one involved in the carriage accident of the Duke and Duchess of Burstoad.

All those involved in the carriage accident died for various reasons.

No one survived.

Not even their families.

However, this man was involved in the distribution of the bariols.

In the past, from the time when Peliard and Gallard collaborated to bring bariols to Burstoad.

It was self-evident that all of them had died, and the lone survivor was the vital part of their plans.

Cesare sat down, bending his back and resting his chin on the back of his hand.

“If you are innocent, you can be released safely.”

A hoarse voice came from him.

Jacob trembled.

His eyes were covered, so he couldn’t tell who his opponent was.

However, the sense of intimidation alone made it possible to recognize that the opponent was a great aristocrat.

“I knew you personally had a drug that was banned from distribution.”

“If-if it’s the drugs in my house you’re referring to, I’m sorry, it’s just scientific curiosity, a legitimate quest…”

Jacob made his excuses in a terrified voice.

What scared Jacob more than the unknown nobleman in front of him was his master.

His master who had killed even the Duke of Burstoad.

“So, did you separate the drug components out of curiosity?”

He didn’t just isolate them, he recombined them, making the addictive effects that were previously a side effect even stronger.

It’s not hard to imagine how much this increased purity would sell for.

“You don’t seem to have any symptoms of addiction. The purpose must have been profit. It was confirmed that you had no other jobs, but you live in an area with high house prices. You must have been regularly supplied with bariols and offered new products. Who is it?”

“This is really unfair. I…”


Cesare kicked the chair Jacob was sitting on.

There was a loud sound as the chair slammed against the basement grate.

Cesare stomped Jacob’s stomach with his foot.

Jacob, who had been joking around with vain hopes, struggled in surprise.


“I am not patient.”

Cesare growled.

“Are you afraid of retaliation from your opponent? You won’t have to worry about that. Because If you don’t answer my questions here and now, I will remove your bones and flesh and bury you in the ground.”

“I-I’m really sorry! I just did what I was told. Otherwise, He’ll kill me like everyone else…!”

“Who is that?”

“Hey, Peliard… Count Peliard!”

A smirk appeared on Cesare’s lips.

By stepping on his tail, he was about to reveal his body.

“I guess that’s not all, you there.”


Cesare called the knight who was waiting behind him.

“Find out more. At any cost.”

“I will keep that in mind, Your Excellency.”

The knight bowed his head.

After a while, someone’s painful screams followed.

Leaving behind the bloody smell, Cesare left the basement.




Gabriel stood stiffly with arms crossed.

“Is this your house? Why do you come here so often?”

“Hey, my friend. What are you talking about, are we strangers?”

Lee Jong-woo smiled harmlessly at Gabriel, who was blocking the front door of the mansion.

On an ordinary Sunday afternoon, they were now confrontation in front of Gabriel’s house.

Whether to allow Lee Jong-woo’s visit or not.

Gabriel said, raising his chin.

“I don’t let anyone in my house.”

“Ugh. Last time, my friend brought me here first.”

“Because back then, Daphne wanted to drink that strange drink you were selling.”

“A strange drink? Oh, are you talking about soju? If I bring that, will I be able to enter?”

“Did you bring it?”


“Then get out.”

Gabriel pushed Lee Jong-woo away.

Even though Lee Jong-woo was not a small man, his body swayed under Gabriel’s grip.

He must be working out. He was stronger than I thought.

“Ouch! I fall.”

“I will pay for the treatment.”

“You think money is everything, right? That’s what the royal family thinks.”

Lee Jong-woo grunted.

But Lee Jong-woo knew.

Even though Gabriel was being rude at the moment, if he had really thought about refusing his visit, he wouldn’t have come out the door like this.

It is the residence of the Crown Prince.

It would have been enough to tell the knights to drive out that uninvited guest.

So this was more like Gabriel welcoming Lee Jong-woo.

Lee Jong-woo smirked.

“You were waiting for me to come.”


Gabriel denied without a second’s hesitation.

However, Lee Jong-woo, who was already overconfident, didn’t stop.

“A friend can come over to a friend’s house to play. Isn’t it?”

“Who the hell is your friend?”

“You are my friend and me. I thought this part was agreed upon now. Aren’t we friends?”

“…… ”

“Come on, don’t do that, take this.”

He handed the package he was holding in both hands to Gabriel.

Gabriel accidentally received what Lee Jong-woo had handed over.

He opened the envelope and saw that it was filled with cookies, cakes, and other treats.

“I don’t usually go empty-handed when I visit a friend’s house. I bought this after waiting for an hour at a famous bakery that said it was delicious. I hope it will be delicious.”

“Last time you just came in.”

“That’s because the knights are suddenly dragging me out that I have to go right now…. Um, but, as expected, my friend also thinks of me as a friend, right? I thought you said I was supposed to bring a gift when I visit a friend’s house, last time we talked.”

Gabriel, speechless, pursed his lips.

The more I talked with Lee Jong-woo, the more I felt like I was getting caught up in it.

It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was a rather unfamiliar experience for him.

Lee Jong-woo.

A mysterious man from nowhere.

After realizing that he was the one Daphne was looking for, Gabriel did his own research on him.

Obviously, this is because Lee Jong-woo mentioned that he and Daphne had a deep relationship the other day.

But even though they know each other, she doesn’t know that Jong-woo Lee is the merchant who sold the alcohol, so she asks me to find him. Isn’t it strange?

Even Daphne’s when she first meets him is not that of someone who meets an acquaintance.

Gabriel concludes that Lee Jong-woo was lying when he said he had a connection to Daphne.

At least Daphne doesn’t know Lee Jong-woo.

That was certain.

Despite using the imperial sources, Gabrielle had been unable to find out anything about him.

He had no clear track record other than that he often sold strange things at the wandering market and recently visited a resort island located at the Southern end of the archipelago.

Come to think of it, he suddenly pretended to be close to me and stuck with me.

From the first appearance, every aspect was award-winning.

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