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Lee Jong-woo, who is often criticized by Daphne for being a bullheaded man, has a human side that he doesn’t like either.

Someone who doesn’t keep their promises!

The principle was that promises based on trust between each other must be kept.

As much as he tried not to break his promise, he wanted the other person to do the same.

The second is a person who acts with malice.

The world is too busy to live with good intentions. Fighting and swearing at someone for nothing was not in line with his personality.

And finally…


Lee Jong-woo swallowed.

He is now standing in front of Cesare at the Burstoad mansion.

Cesare stared at him, almost ready to strip him to the bone from head to toe.

He felt like a small animal being hunted by a predator.

I said I would help, so I came…

‘It’s scary!’

Lastly, I don’t like people who make my hips tremble just looking at them!

Cesare was over 190 cm tall and had a good physique.

In addition, he has red eyes like a wild beast. Lee Jong-woo was nervous and swallowed his saliva involuntarily.

Really, if I made a mistake, I felt like I was going to be ripped to pieces.

It was hoped that he would not have been involved with Cesare.

Daphne and Gabriel.

That was as far as I was willing to get involved with.

However, Daphne asked for it, and Lee Jong-woo also had no choice but to comply with the request because he thought that Cesare’s movement would be the most effective.

After a brief silence, Cesare finally spoke.

“Daphne sent you.”

“Yes, my name is Udyr.”

With tears in his eyes, Lee Jong-woo used the alias, which Gabriel had made for him.

He didn’t even want to tell Cesare his real name.

If possible, he wished he would not remember his face forever.

“Hah. Udyr.”

Cesare laughed lowly.

It sounded like the growling of an animal.

Lee Jong-woo felt strange.

Cesare wouldn’t know about the sad history of the name Udyr…?

“Now even people who have nothing are making fun of me.”


“Your name is Lee Jong-woo. Estimated age is 30. Often known to sell unusual items at the market.”

Lee Jong-woo’s eyes widened.

What came out of Cesare’s mouth were his personal details.

“Characteristic. Recently, a close relationship with Prince Gabriel on several occasions.”

“Oh, that. There is something I must do…”

“And you say you were sent by Daphne?”

Cesare walked over to him.

He felt an irresistible pressure on him.

Lee Jong-woo swallowed his saliva.

And at the same time, Cesare grabbed Lee Jong-woo’s shoulder and pressed it with his big hand

“Aaaah, shoulders. My shoulder!”

Lee Jong-woo made a painful sound.

Tears welled up in his eyes at the force of his grip that was like breaking his bones.

Cesare sneered.

“Tell me the truth. What is the purpose Gabriel sent you to me for?”

“Ahhh! really! It’s true Miss Daphne sent me! There is also proof!”

Only then did Cesare stop pressing Lee Jong-woo’s shoulder tightly.

Lee Jong-woo sighed and shook his shoulder.

Anyway, it was good to be prepared.

“Here you go.”

Cesare quickly grabbed the item Lee Jong-woo had given him.

It was a single red rose that he held out as a token.

“Are you kidding me right now?”

Cesare’s face contorted terribly.

It seemed like both shoulders would be crushed, so Jong-woo Lee quickly denied it.

“No! Oh, no, I’m sure it was Miss Daphne. When everything is over and we meet again, let’s wear a wreath and go on a date like before!”


“Yes, a date. And you’ll know it when I give you that flower-ahhh, my shoulder.”

Cesare looked down at the rose in his hand.

There was something that came to mind.

Cesare and Daphne enjoyed sharing a wreath of red roses at a previous festival in the Burstoad Territory.

It was a happy moment without Gabriel.

A little longing and fondness flashed on Cesare’s face when he realized that Lee Jong-woo’s words were true.

‘Ouch. You made my shoulders look like this.’

Lee Jong-woo glared at him, then shook his head.

Cesare placed the flower carefully on the desk and turned his head to Lee Jong-woo.

His face had softened more than before.

“What did Daphne ask you to do?”

“There are two in total. The first is this.”

With the desire to finish the job quickly and leave, Lee Jong-woo quickly handed out a wrapped postcard to Cesare.

It’s not a love letter, it’s a packaged bariols.

“Did you know that Count Peliard has banned drugs?”

“I know.”

“Yes. You know…. You know?”

“Until recently, he was entrusted with the process of isolating the drug’s addictive properties.”

Cesare clicked his tongue.

It was the process of finding the Count’s wealth after Marquis Gallard to pressure the Empress.

However, the flow of Bariol was cut off in Count Peliard.

Marquis Gallard’s name never came out of Jacob’s mouth.

“In any case, it would speed things up if you knew. I found it the last time I was at the Count Peliard, in the room Miss Daphne’s mother used to live in. There were boxes full of junk in there, and that’s all the bariol.”

“I have to secure the evidence first.”

“Yes. You’d better do it as soon as possible. The new Countess there has a very good instinct.”

Cesare nodded.

“And secondly, she asked you to find the maids who were close to Miss Daphne’s mother.”


“Miss Daphne suspects that her mother may have been poisoned and died.”

Technically, it was Daphne in the original, but Lee Jong-woo left that out.

“I thought the Count’s doctor was already on their side. Miss Daphne’s mother seems to have been ill from an early age, so she must have had a maid or nanny who looked after her for a long time. She asked you to find evidence for this part as well.”

“Is it possible to poison… with bariol?”

“Well, bariol itself is just a drug. Wouldn’t it be difficult unless you eat a fistful amount at once?”

“But if it’s a drug that’s been recombined, it won’t be impossible.”

I’ve already found the proof, Jacob.

Cesare decided to attack Peliard’s mansion as soon as Lee Jong-woo left.

“Oh, and there was one more thing Miss Daphne asked for.”


Cesare stared at Lee Jong-woo with serious eyes.

Although they’re in a situation where they could ask for each other’s well-being only through the messenger like this, she was happy even with this.

He was glad that Daphne was thinking about the same things he was, that she was digging into the same issues.

Seeing Cesare’s eyes full of anticipation, Lee Jong-woo broke into a cold sweat.

Why are you expecting such a thing, it’s a burden on people.

“Hah. This is not a word… Ha, I really have to do it.”

Lee Jong-woo scratched his head lightly.

Then he shouted with a somewhat determined look.

“… Here!”

Lee Jong-woo raised his right hand and winked while making a heart with his index and thumb.

This is a common K-hand heart.

However, Cesare’s eyebrows fluttered in disbelief.

“What is it?”


Lee Jong-woo felt self-conscious.

He had just become the one who flirted with Cesare.

Cesare, who is not Korean, wouldn’t understand anyway…

Should he just leave without explaining?

“Is this a sign of help from Daphne? Perhaps Daphne is in a dangerous situation right now.”

But it’s difficult to make such an absurd misunderstanding like that.

“Oh, no.”

Lee Jong-woo waved his hand.

It is the specification that causes a new problem by making another strange misunderstanding.

If Cesare tries to save Daphne, Gabriel will become extremely sensitive again, and then he has to deal with all the harshness.

After licking his mouth a few times, Lee Jong-woo finally mumbled in a small voice as an ant crawled.

“It means I love you.”

“I love you?”

“Yes. Miss Daphne asked me to tell you.”

Cesare tilted his head and imitated Lee Jong-woo’s behavior with his thumb and index finger.

Lee Jong-woo had a lot on his mind as the giant bear of a man did it.

And when Cesare even winked, Lee Jong-woo tightly closed his eyes.

Don’t ever make me do this again, Daphne!




Count Peliard’s legs tremble.

Jacob disappeared.

Suddenly without leaving any trace.

The house he had stayed in was empty, his belongings already packed away.

Apparently, he had been preparing to run away for quite some time.

This is why I shouldn’t have entrusted my work to a mere commoner.

The good thing about being able to hire him cheaply had been destroyed.

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