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Chapter 12


“Noah’s parents tied one of her wrists to a bedpost. And gave her a broken piece of glass in her hand and poured holy water all over her head.”

Pouring holy water was effective in chasing away dragons and monsters.

However, holy water, which has a proper effect, was thoroughly managed by the church. It was sold to the nobles at a high price, so it was not something that local villagers had.

Perhaps what Noah’s parents had was water that had been purified by an ordinary priest, and had no effect.

The common people believed that it would be holy water as long as they were blessed by a priest.

“Afterwards, the two people who told Noah several times that she should not come out until it was quiet were covered in pig blood.”

“That, what……”

At that time, rumors circulated among the people that the blood of animals would attract demon dragons. Therefore, the blood of dead livestock was often sprinkled where the demon dragon appeared.

It’s a groundless story, but at a desperate moment, you want to hold on to anything.

“The person that tied Noah’s arm…… It was because they thought that if they left her alone, it would not follow Noah. Noah’s parents ran to the distant forest, covered in blood.”

They replaced Noah’s life……

“When Noah cut the straps on her wrists with the piece of glass, the two of them must have already been dead.”

Gabriel closed his eyes.

Noah seems to have manifested her divine power in the worst situation.

“She was so shocked that she manifested her divine power. And she passed out because she couldn’t handle the sudden appearance of her divine power. She also lost her memories.”

“And her credit was stolen.”

“Gabriel, you never manifested your divine powers through the death of your family.”

Dina looked at Gabriel.

“Do you know what one usually thinks when they go through something like that?”


“Why didn’t it manifest sooner? Why couldn’t I save my family? Such feelings grow. The more you love your family, the more you feel guilty.”

“Is that an excuse? How much honor and…….”

“Honor? Do you know what happens when a 17-year-old girl who lost her parents shows too much ability?”

Dina laughed.


Gabriel could not answer.

Dina Ehrenberg showed her powers at the age of 15 and was taken advantage of in politics before she could grieve over the loss of her family.

She knew better than anyone else about the life of a girl who lost her family at an early age and manifested her powers.

“The Griffiths are from an old noble family. Even in the face of the huge task of subjugating the demon dragon, they have the ability to use that fact without being shaken.”


“But it was impossible for the 17-year-old Noah. You’ve met her, right? She is more soft-hearted than when I was young. If I had reported the truth, she would have been torn apart in politics.”

Gabriel let out a deep sigh.

“Even Sassone thinks I’ve caught Ixas. He believes I went ahead and killed it and gave up the credit.”


“Noah has no memory of laying the Demon Dragon to rest. She forgot everything because the shock of her parent’s death was too great. Do you really need to take such a child to the Demon Dragon subjugation?”

Dina did not hide her discomfort.

“As you said, even if she simply exerts her control ability, Urvas will fall asleep. But the situation of going to see the demon dragon itself must be extremely stressful for that child.”

It’s not wrong. Maybe Dina is right.


“Aside from not telling Noah the truth about Ixas’ death, I cannot agree with Dina-nim about the Urvas subjugation.”


Dina deliberately called Gabriel’s nickname and made a stern expression.

Gabriel didn’t care.

“People grow. The seventeen-year-old Noah-nim and the current Noah-nim 4 years later will be different. She may still be scared and timid, but she won’t run away unconditionally anymore.”

“There are several controllers, so she’s pretending not to be scared!”

“Yes, that’s it. I won’t let her fight it alone. Noah-nim won’t face the fear of the Demon Dragon alone. It’s already different.”


“As you may know, I will put Urvas to sleep. And the Paladins will cut its neck off.”

Dina clenched her fists.

“In the end, Noah will make the choice. Becoming a Saintess and participating in the subjugation of Urvas. If she’s too scared, I’ll say it again.”

“How can she refuse when her ability to express prayers was so excellent!”

“If you’re really scared, you won’t even notice your great abilities. And, I will still risk my life somehow.”

Dina wanted to refute something, but Gabriel was quicker.

“It’s not a talent. It’s a waste of manpower to rot that talent.”


“Before meeting the demon dragon, Noah-nim will take this opportunity to realize how special her abilities are by dealing with monsters first.”


“Mother, don’t take away your student’s chance for growth.”

Gabriel was adamant.

“I met you first to convey this to you.”

Gabriel got up, pushing the chair.

“Well then, Noah-nim wants to see Professor Ehrenberg, so I’m going to step aside.”

Whether Dina stared at his brazen face or not, Gabriel stood up gracefully and politely greeted her.

“I’m worried about Noah-nim, even if it’s not as much as my mother is concerned.”

He was a mean child who she couldn’t hate until the end.


* * *


Noah sent Lina away and was cleaning the bedroom when Gabriel called.

“I have a present for Noah-nim.”

“A present?”

Wouldn’t it be natural for an ordinary person to be excited if Gabriel talked about a present with that dazzling face?

Noah followed Gabriel with excitement.

However, Noah’s eyes narrowed when a plaque called ‘Prayer Caves’ was attached to the place where she was led by Gabriel.

‘Don’t tell me it’s a week of fasting and praying before I become a Saintess……?’

As she looked up at Gabriel in fear, Gabriel smiled as if he could read Noah’s thoughts on her face.

“As it is an important time before the subjugation of the demon dragon, in principle, we do not accept visits from others, but Noah-nim made a great decision……”

Gabriel smiled as he talked about this. Noah’s decision to act as a Saintess in the subjugation of Urvas meant that she could not resist.

The content of his words is hopeless, but the handsome man speaks kindly, so she did not get angry.

‘Wow, he’s really handsome.’

…… Thinking that, Noah just looked at him with her mouth open.

“If you come to the capital and leave without seeing this person, Noah-nim will be sad……”

Noah noticed who was in this place when she heard the phrase, ‘a person who will be sad if she doesn’t come to the capital and not meet her’.

There were several prayer rooms in the prayer cave, and Gabriel led Noah to a stop in front of a door at the end.

“I think I’d better leave, so have a good time.”

Gabriel bowed slightly to Noah.

“T, thank you, Your Eminence!”

When Noah sincerely thanked him, Gabriel smiled and turned around with the paladin.

Noah grabbed the doorknob of the prayer room with tense hands. With a push, the door opened.

Inside was a well-dressed Dina Ehrenberg.

“Teacher Dina!”

“How have you been? Noah.”

“Yes! I’ve been doing so well!”

Noah held her hands tightly and looked at Dina with sparkling eyes. Dina Ehrenberg was still an elegant and charming teacher.

“I wanted to let you know by letter that I am in the capital, but I couldn’t contact you because it was top secret, and I can’t believe you’re here!”

“Well, after all, I am a professor at the Divine Power Training Center. I am aware of what is going on.”

“So it was like that.”

Noah was so happy.

This is the appearance of the teacher who she did not meet and exchanged letters with for two years after graduation.

“Sit down first. I think we have a lot of things to talk about.”


Noah was happy just to meet Dina.

“By the way, they said you were a Saintess?”

“Ah, that……”

“Did you volunteer?”

Dina acted as if she hadn’t learned to pause or turn around. Even that looked very attractive to Noah’s eyes.

“Ummm…… Something like that?”

“What do you mean?”

As Dina wrinkled her brows, Noah chose her words carefully.

“Teacher Dina, you know, I’m just a hard-working student, and not very talented.”

“You are quite talented.”

“Thank you.”

Noah blushed shyly and thanked politely.

Oops, she shouldn’t do this.

“The controller’s ability was known to be so weak that I didn’t even think about prayers.”

“The ability of prayers is not much revealed.”

Noah nodded eagerly.

Then, looking at Dina’s eyes, she secretly talked about her ability that had recently emerged.

“When I recited the prayers, my power was manifested so well.”


“I didn’t know either.”

“How strongly is it manifested?”

“L, let me show you.”

Noah straightened her back, turned her palms up, coughed a few times, and said.


“……is that a prayer?”

As Dina’s expression turned bizarre and Noah became embarrassed, a round shield unfolded over her head.


“I can make it into a dome shape, too.”

When Noah saw Dina, who was speechless, Noah made a dome shape of the shield so that Dina and herself could enter it.

Dina looked at the shield as if possessed.

“…… Mana can be obtained through magic stones. Those who have magic stones can learn some plausible magic and trickery. But divine power is God’s domain.”

Dina’s voice was trembling from the wondrous sight.

However, Noah replied with a bit of embarrassment because she couldn’t understand why Dina was bringing this up.

“R, right?”

“God’s blessing comes down unilaterally, so even those who look poor, timid, or shabby can manifest their divine powers.”

Dina swept the walls of the shield that Noah had made.

“I guess Elohim wanted to pour his power on you.”

“……thank you very much.”

At Noah’s answer, Dinah suddenly turned to look at her.

“By the way, do you really want to go to the subjugation of Urvas?”

Dina looked into Noah’s eyes. The Noah that Dina knew was not a person who could go to the Demon Dragon subjugation.

“If it’s too much, I’ll do something about it.”

Noah loved her gentle and caring teacher. It was clear that Dina was talking like that now because she knew her timid self.

“I’m scared. I don’t want to go.”

“As expected.”

“But…… I don’t want to go, but I have the talent.”

Noah’s words came out bitterly.

“Noah, this is your talent, so you should use it as you please, not be used by the pressure around you.”

“I didn’t decide because of the pressure around me. At first, I was swept away by the atmosphere, but not now.”

Noah smiled at Dina.

She wanted to look good to Dina. She wanted to be a better student to Dina because she knew she cared about her.

As Lina said, after completing this subjugation, she might be hired as a professor at the Divine Power Training Center. This opens the way to working with Dina at the same job.

The words that Lina had thoughtlessly uttered were very important to Noah.


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