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Chapter 13


Noah wanted to work with her beloved teacher. However, if she told her this, it would seem like a child who persistently follows Dina.

So, to hide her cunning plan, Noah told another story.

“Gabriel-nim is going to take the lead. And other controllers as well.”

“Are you really going to be okay with that?”


Dina’s eyes were filled with concern.

Noah said to reassure Dinah.

“Yes, I’m okay. If I go as a Saintess, I’m sure everyone will take care of me a lot. Besides, I can occupy the seat next to a handsome man like Gabriel-nim throughout the subjugation!”

Dinah asked Noah’s words.

“…… Noah, is Gabriel to your taste?”

“Isn’t Gabriel-nim’s face handsome beyond my taste?”

Dina nodded her head.

Not because he is her godson, but objectively, Gabriel is handsome.  From a young age, he has been attracting attention for his beautiful face.

Gabriel was tall, and his body was quite good because he originally wanted to be a Paladin, but his divine power manifested as a controller, so he transferred to become a priest.

“I didn’t know Noah could define a man’s face……”

When Dina spoke mischievously, Noah, who was surprised, made an excuse.

“I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary about His Eminence! It’s just…… How many times in my life have I ever seen such a handsome person up close? I am taking this opportunity to look at handsome men.”

Dina burst into laughter as she looked at Noah who was panicking.

“Do you want me to introduce him to you? Come to think of it, Noah is twenty years old? Twenty-one? Well, I think you could hang out a little more. Do you want to meet[1] him lightly?”

Dina asked, squinting her eyes.

The fact that the two people who she did not want to send to this demon dragon subjugation are going is terrible, but there is one good thing.

The man and woman that Dina wanted to hook up with would go together as a Cardinal and a Saintess!

It was a natural opportunity to get intimately acquainted.

“Me and H, His Eminence? N, n, no.”

Noah shook her head.

“Why? You said you like his face?”

“H, he’s a Cardinal. He will continue to be a key figure in the church, so why would he meet me?”

“I don’t think anyone would have any ideas about that. Each country is united in subjugating the demon dragon, and there was a story about whether it was necessary to send out someone with a cardinal-level position in order to establish imperial prestige.”


“That kid just happened to have the ability to catch dragons.”

“‘That kid’”?

Noah asked, surprised at Dina’s comfortable name calling.

It was only then that Dina realized that Noah was unaware of her relationship with Gabriel. The famous relationship between the two that everyone knows.

‘Come to think of it, I only told Noah that I had a godson, but did I not ever tell her that it was Gabriel?’

“Was Gabriel-nim also a student of Teacher Dina?”

“Huh? Well, yes.”

Dina blurted out ambiguously.

Even without that, Noah felt burdened because Gabriel was a cardinal. It would not help at all to add that he was her godson to this.

Of course, being her student was not wrong. When Gabriel was at the Divine Power Training Center, Dina was his teacher.

She was the teacher who answered sincerely when asked about his divine power at home.

“Get close to him naturally in this subjugation this time. Even so, if dating isn’t easy because of work, tell me. I’ll arrange a place for you to meet him officially.”

“Oh, no. It’s alright, teacher!”

Noah shook her hand in surprise.

Dina prides herself on being a cardinal, though she thought she would not be a matchmaker unless she was a man of few good character.

Dina cares about her, so maybe she thought she should matchmake her to a man of good character, but the other person was a Cardinal.

Does this make sense?

The most popular and handsome cardinal in the Empire has given up his duties and fell in love with her?

It was clear that people would be stoned.

“Well, this time you’re going to the subjugation together, and if something doesn’t happen between the two of you, wouldn’t it be strange? It’s the Saintess and the Cardinal. Right?”

“Uh, that……  I don’t think it’s the kind of relationship that Teacher Dina thinks.”

“Gab likes the good-natured and the weak. Noah, you are to his taste.”


Noah blushed and fanned herself. Her face was hot.

“The teacher is just very fond of me.”

“What’s wrong? You can ride in a carriage together, right? When the two of you are together, offer him a chocolate or candy and ask him to date you.”


Noah spewed the tea she was drinking to cool her face.

“I don’t know how kids date these days. When I was young, If I liked someone, I would give him food he likes and ask him to go out with me.”

“That…… I don’t think that’s right because the subjugation is important this time.”

“I still don’t like that you are going to the subjugation, but if you decide to go, I hope you take care of everything. Catch a demon dragon, gain popularity among the citizens, and make a lover.”

Noah drank tea without saying a word. She really had nothing to say. She was not used to this kind of conversation.


“Yes, teacher.”

Dina’s voice was serious.

“You’re a great controller. You know, right?”

“Ah, that…… Yes.”

“If you decide to go to the subjugation, I won’t stop you anymore. You don’t have to use your skills, so have a safe trip. Be careful not to get hurt.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Dina brushed Noah’s hair several times. She was a pitiful and lovely student.

In fact, before talking to Gabriel, Dina was determined to somehow get Noah away.

If that didn’t work, she could hide Noah and ask Benie to sort it out. He listens to her obediently.

But Gabriel’s words caught her. Do not hinder the growth of your student.

Yes. She may have overprotected both Gabriel and Noah.

Dina was worried about Gabriel going to a dangerous place, but in fact he was living his life so well.

Noah also served as a great teacher in the countryside, and came to the capital in recognition of her abilities.

When she saw the shield from Noah’s prayer, Dina was even more speechless. Noah’s shield was beautiful, elegant, and strong.

‘It is not easy to realize the will of God.’

The shield, no, it was like God was speaking.

I gave the child, whom you thought were soft and weak, the ability to go beyond the limits of your thoughts. If I want to move this child, how can you, a human being, try to stop her?

…… with those words.

Dina had no choice but to smile and see her off.

“If you want to come back even in the middle, be sure to write a letter. I will pick you up.”

Noah liked Dina’s kindness. After completing this subjugation well, she wanted to work with Dina at the Divine Power Training Center.

Noah smiled at Dina’s worried words.

“I will work really hard.”


* * *


Two splendid carriages entered the Imperial Palace. Leading many escorts.

Gabriel straightened his expression, which was getting cold. Still, they are distinguished guests from other countries. He has to welcome them with a friendly face.

Although both of them are unwilling figures.

“I heard rumors that the Princess of Entria and the Empress of Aranta were on good terms, but I didn’t know they would come to the Imperial Palace together.”

Alan leaned over to Gabriel and whispered, and Marquess Knoller said without turning her head.

“Little Marquis Knoller.”


Alan quickly walked over to Marquess Knoller.

“Even if His Eminence’s appearance is young, he is a cardinal of the Ariel Empire. Don’t spit out nonsense.”


The Marquess’ voice was low. To the extent that only Gabriel and Alan, who were next to her, could barely understand.


In Gabriel’s eyes, the Marquess had a strange side to her.

Whenever she encountered Gabriel, she was overly formal and kept herself away from him.

However, if a distinguished guest visits the Vatican, she welcomes the distinguished guest with Gabriel, citing her personal status as his aunt.

She is full of desire to brag about being the Pope’s sister, but it’s not the Pope’s job to meet the distinguished guests, so she’ll be standing next to her confident nephew.

‘Even if you don’t want to be seen with the nephew you hate, it is necessary to get the attention of a distinguished guest.’

It was funny in Gabriel’s eyes that she didn’t want to see her son, Alan, being friendly to him.

Although she referred to Alan as Little Marquis in front of outsiders, in fact, Marquis Knoller had two grown sons in addition to Alan and with his ex-wife.

But she was thinking of making Alan the next Marquis based on the Marquis’ affection.

It is true that she is the Pope’s sister, but she was originally from a fallen aristocracy.

Could Sylvia Knoller have taken such an arrogant attitude if it had not been for her marriage to Marquis Knoller, who is of similar age to her father?

In fact, she was younger than Juan, the first son of Marquis Knoller.

That’s how greedy she was.

Sacrificing her youth and beauty to gain a seat next to the Marquis, and to stand casually next to Gabriel, whom she so loathed for the sake of her son’s succession to the title…….

She stood here to consolidate Alan’s power.

Gabriel smiled bitterly.

Because Sylvia Knoller was not the only greedy woman who came here.

Two women with a desire that would not be inferior to Sylvia were now getting out of the carriage.

Empress Juliet of Aranta and Princess Kyria of Entria.

It was truly a breath-taking combination.

It is said that Juliet came here in the name of supporting the subjugation of Lan Alcaray, but that was by no means all there is to it.

Juliet, who covered everything except her eyes with a black veil, got out of the carriage.

A handsomely dressed man stood before her. It was because women were not allowed to move alone according to Aranta’s law.

The man standing next to the Empress must be the blood of the emperor.

Next to them, the splendidly adorned wizard princess Kyria Silberschatz Haraphai, approached them with graceful steps.

Gabriel bowed down slightly like a habit to be polite.

“Welcome, distinguished guests. I am Cardinal Gabriel Schliemann.”

When the greeting was finished, the man standing next to the Empress smiled broadly.

“Thank you for your welcome. I am Aranta’s General, Erupa Alcaray. I brought an envoy from Aranta and Her Majesty the Empress.”

Gabriel smiled and bowed his head slightly, and he continued.

“Ah, this is Baron Irian Almagor, who will assist in all the tasks related to gathering the magic stones in this Urvas subjugation.”

Speaking of which, Aranta said that he would not spare financial support in this subjugation in exchange for collecting magic stones.

Gabriel replied with a smile as well.

Meanwhile, Juliet observed Gabriel with an expressionless face throughout the conversation.



TL Notes:

    [1] Meet as in romantically. And privately. Disregarding their positions. Can be understood as a date, too, I guess.

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