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Chapter 16


“Rather than that, have you investigated Prince Lan Alcaray?”

“Yes. He is a loyal paladin of the Church. Even after the dinner with Emperor Ariel, he headed straight to the Church’s quarters, as he is said to have always been diligent in training.”

“What a boring prince.”

Perhaps that’s why they kept pushing for the engagement.

In an empire like Aranta, would they tell the princess of a smaller kingdom to marry the prince for no reason?

Well, it didn’t matter to Kyria. The only thing that mattered in a political marriage was how much more power one could get through it.

It was just a married life, so what’s the difference? Even if it was cold and formal, it did not matter if they made a lover separately as long as she gave birth to an heir.

Kyria considered Lan just this much.

An indifferent, reticent, stuffy man. However, he was a good card that would give her the best power among Aranta women.

“Find out what Lan Alcaray likes. Everything from outfits, hairstyles, to his preferences for women.”

At this banquet, Kyria, unlike the Saintess, intended to remain the most beautiful and memorable protagonist than anyone else.

As always.




There was an article. It was news that Entria’s great wizard princess, Kyria Silberschatz Haraphai, had come to the capital.

There was also an article about her engagement to Lan Alcaray which was in progress, and the gist of it was that she would have an audience with the imperial family and go on a subjugation against Urvas with high-ranking priests.

That was not the only topic in the article.

A big announcement in the article regarding the birth of a Saintess from the Church came out just in time.

The birth of a Saintess who would subdue the demon dragon with a prayer!

It was even said that the church was already producing postcards of the Saintess.

“Noah-nim, you really look like a saintess.”

Lina said to Noah, her eyes twinkling. Will and Anas nodded as well.

With Noah’s clothes today, she definitely deserved to be called a saintess.

The white dress covered from the neck was elegant with subtle ivory embroidery and lace. In addition, delicately crafted earrings and necklaces. Lina admired her.

In fact, Noah had been wearing this kind of clothes for a while. She was ordained as a saintess and subjected to special supervision.

However, it had been a long time since she had met the other controllers. So everyone was surprised at Noah’s appearance as a saintess.

“She’s not like a saintess, but she’s really a saintess now.”

Gabriel said with a smile.

But Noah couldn’t smile along this time.

It was because of the banquet that was to be held tonight.

Ariel’s imperial family prepared a grand banquet to raise everyone’s morale and to show the power of a strong empire outside ahead of the great task of subjugating Urvas.

Noah Kaplan, who possessed tremendous divine power that had been hidden by the church, would also be revealed as a Saintess at this banquet.

In addition, Noah and other participants in the subjugation of Urvas were scheduled to meet not only the imperial family and the nobles but also Princess Kyria and her party at the banquet.

So Lina and the other controllers were also dressed differently than usual.

They were dressed up in a new look to match the banquet.

“You don’t have to be too nervous.”


Noah’s legs were already shaking.

Noah’s tension was heightened because Gabriel had been hiding the daily life of a saintess while keeping everyone quiet for this day.

“When your body gets tired, look towards Sir Stockwell. He will escort you so that you can rest first.”


At this point, Noah wanted to subdue Urvas as soon as possible.

“B, but does a saintess usually wear this much jewelry?”

Noah asked in a small voice. It was burdensome to wear fancy jewelry that screamed expensive.

“Princess Kyria of Entria will come adorned with excessive jewelry. This is cute compared to hers.”

Noah’s mouth fell open.

Gabriel closed Noah’s chin with his index finger.

“No matter how surprised you are, be careful not to open your mouth. In high society, it can be seen as an act of asking for a kiss.”

“What? T, that……”

When Noah asked back in surprise, Gabriel kindly advised.

“It’s fine in front of me, but it’s better not to ask back when there are other distinguished guests.”


When Gabriel saw her crestfallen, he immediately felt sorry for Noah.

But he had to say what he had to say.

“Princess Kyria will come out wearing several necklaces crafted with magic stones, and her rings, arms, and decorative hair ornaments will also be made with magic stones.”

Noah was nervous at his words.

“It can showcase simple magic.”

Noah was surprised by his last words and examined the jewelry she was wearing.

“Uh, perhaps…… Are the jewels I am wearing right now also magic stones?”

“No. It’s a regular jewel.”

The question, ‘Why are you decorating me this much when I am not going to do magic with magic stones like the princess?’ came into Noah’s eyes.

“Because the jewels will make the already beautiful Noah-nim shine even more.”

“Ah, I see……”

At Gabriel’s smile, Noah nodded as if she was embarrassed but convinced.

“Would they ask me to show my abilities?”

Noah asked cautiously.

“Yes. They will make those demands, but you won’t manifest your abilities. You can’t do it even if they say that you should do it.”


“Noah-nim is a saintess representing the church, not a wizard.”

Gabriel said to Noah, who still seemed clueless.

“Learning magic is difficult. Only those with money can read expensive magic books and use magic stones to cast magic. Simply put, magic would be at its peak if you had the ability to buy with money.”


Noah, who knew nothing about magic, was simply amazed.

“That’s why a lot of wizards come from wealthy merchants, high-ranking nobles, or royalty.”

Gabriel glanced at each controller. The other controllers nodded as if they knew.

Noah really felt small at the thought that she knew nothing.

“However, divine power is different. Divine power is manifested in an unspecified way. We are priests with such divine power. We have a special ability that we can just pull out at any time.”

Gabriel looked at Noah and smiled.

“There is no reason to use the abilities given by God as mere amusement. And there’s no reason to show all of your strength.”

The controllers nodded several times at Gabriel’s words.

As everyone nodded their heads eagerly, Gabriel said to Noah.

“There will be a lot of criticisms on Noah-nim. If you don’t show your power, they’ll wonder if you were not a priest who was raised as a saintess.”


But in Noah’s own eyes, she was too ordinary to be a saintess. She was so ordinary that it was sure that others would wonder as well.

“But the main protagonist naturally plays actively in critical moments. So let’s not show Noah-nim’s abilities this time.”


Noah replied vigorously.

“Ah, and according to the Empire’s etiquette, those with a lower status greet first. Noah-nim you must have become accustomed to greeting first, but you have to be careful this time.”


“I will tap you on the shoulder.”

Gabriel pretended to tap Noah on the shoulder.

“If I tap twice like this, it means that you do not have to greet first.”


“Others just need to follow what Noah-nim and I did. We’ll work as one team.”

Everyone nodded their heads as they regarded him as their role model.

Now they were really going to the banquet.


Noah was nervous on the way to the banquet hall, but it got worse when they arrived.

The Pope’s reception room was splendid, but the banquet hall of the imperial palace was much grander and splendid from the entrance.

Noah walked without turning her head because she had been warned beforehand that she should only look forward and not look around.

“You don’t have to worry too much. I’ll be by your side to help you.”


Soon the door to the banquet hall opened, and their names were called.

“Cardinal Gabriel Schliemann and the Ariel Empire’s Urvas Subjugation force are entering.”

This was the first time she had seen such a huge banquet.

Just as she was bewildered by the glamorous and wonderful appearances of the people inside, she heard Gabriel’s voice.

“First of all, let’s go greet His Majesty the Emperor and Her Majesty the Empress.”

Two people wearing crowns were seen where Gabriel led them.

‘Ah, that’s His Majesty the Emperor…….’

Noah followed Gabriel.

Gabriel said to the emperor and empress who were greeted.

“This is Noah Kaplan-nim, the Saintess who will accompany us in this subjugation.”

Upon Gabriel’s introduction, the emperor and empress stood up.

“It is reassuring that the saintess will join us in this subjugation.”

The emperor held out his hand, and Noah shook it. She shared a light hug with the empress who was next to him.

“The appearance of the Saintess at a time like this is indeed a blessing to the Empire.”

Contrary to Noah’s nervousness, the emperor and empress smiled the whole time and treated her tenderly.

Noah also exchanged greetings with the Crown Prince and several members of the imperial family. But she was so out of it that she couldn’t even remember who was who.

How long had it been since she had finished her greeting and finally sat down in her appointed seat? Perhaps because the tension has eased a little, she has now begun to see the people sitting on the seats reserved for distinguished guests.

Among them, a woman wearing a splendidly decorated hat and veil was staring at Noah.

“Um, who’s the one with the face covered over there?”

“She is Juliet, Empress of Aranta and the mother of Sir Lan Alcaray.”

She was that famous Empress from the Ariel Empire.

Come to think of it, the escorts around her were dressed a little differently than here.

“Is it just me? I think she’s staring at me.”

“Avoid your eyes moderately. She’s not a good match to meet eyes and talk to.”

Gabriel lowered his voice a little at the end.

“Yes. I’ll look elsewhere.”

Noah nodded. Anyway, she was just amazed at the woman looking at her dressed in unfamiliar clothing.

“Noah-nim, would you like to try this?”

Afterwards, Gabriel recommended this and that, but Noah was too nervous to eat the delicious cake or drink.

It was then. The door opened and an attendant loudly exclaimed.

“Princess Kyria Silberschatz Haraphai from Entria and her subjugation force are entering.”

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