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Chapter 17


Noah unconsciously looked at the door.

“Wow, are we finally seeing the real thing?”

Lina said softly.

Everyone at the banquet turned their eyes to the door. This was the appearance of the wizard princess that everyone was curious about.

People wearing wizard robes came in, led by a tall, slender woman.

The impression of Princess Kyria was overwhelming.

As Gabriel said, Kyria did not look excessive, even though she was wearing a red jewel necklace and earrings that were believed to be magic stones.

The red low cut bare back dress accentuated her voluminous figure.

Despite her tall stature, she wore high-heeled shoes that looked like she was at eye level with other knights.

Princess Kyria stood out more than the imperial family gathered here.

While Noah was intimidated, Princess Kyria greeted the emperor and other members of the imperial family first.

Then she greeted Juliet in the distinguished guest’s seat with a smile, looking very friendly.

“Ah, come to think of it, we haven’t greeted our Empress of Aranta.”

When Noah whispered softly, Gabriel chuckled.

“I am a cardinal and Noah-nim is a saintess. We have come as a representative of the Church comparable to the imperial family, so there is no reason for us to greet her first.”


“It’s rare to greet in the first place. It’s like a subtle battle of pride.”

Noah had difficulty understanding the political world.

Suddenly, the music stopped, and the emperor stood up with his glass.

“Noah-nim, raise your glass and stand up.”

“What? Yes.”

Everyone, including Gabriel and Noah, stood up.

“First of all, I would like to thank all of you for coming here. As you may know, today’s banquet is to encourage the subjugation of the demonic dragon, Urvas.”

The emperor said to everyone.

“For today, with the distinguished guests of Aranta…….”

In the “distinguished guests of Aranta” part, Juliet and several others bowed their heads slightly.

“Association of Wizards of Entria.”

Those who came with Princess Kyria also bowed their heads slightly.

“And the Saintess, Paladins, and Priests of Ariel.”

Noah knew it was time to greet. She slightly bent her knees and lowered her head.

“Thank you everyone. Here’s to victory!”

Everyone raised their glasses high and shouted a toast. It wasn’t much, but somehow they felt encouraged.

When the emperor was seated, the music that had stopped started playing again. A natural atmosphere of laughter and chatter pervaded the room.

Noah straightened her clothes and sat down. But at that moment, as if by coincidence, she made eye contact with Princess Kyria.

It was a very short moment, but Noah knew that Princess Kyria was looking at her.

The princess’s expression was strange.

Noah lowered her gaze. She couldn’t handle her piercing gaze.


“She’s coming, she’s coming.”

The controllers whispered first.

The Princess Kyria approached Noah.

“Oh my, how rude of me? To make the Saintess look up. But what do I do? It is hard to lower myself because of the dress.”

Noah tried to stand up at Princess Kyria’s words. But Gabriel grabbed Noah by the shoulder and tapped her.

It was twice.

Noah looked at Gabriel. With a smile, he looked at Princess Kyria.

“Even though this is a banquet commemorating the alliance for the subjugation, showing up in the host country wearing that difficult dress. I wish you had avoided it.”

Noah sat still because Gabriel’s smiling face looked scary.

“Everything was so sudden. I was surprised that the Saintess suddenly joined this subjugation. She showed up so timely that I didn’t prepare thoroughly.”

No matter how stupid Noah was, she knew that Gabriel and Princess Kyria were in a war of nerves.

She didn’t know where to put her eyes, so she closed them slightly.

“God’s hand is beyond human’s ability. So is the manifestation of the Saintess’s divine power. We were just fortunate.”

Kyria, who was listening to Gabriel’s words in one ear and out of the other, saw Noah with her eyes closed.

“Oh my, Saintess, are you dozing off during our conversation?”

“N, no.”

Noah opened her eyes in surprise at Kyria’s words.

“I heard you came from a small place whose name I can’t even remember. Did the etiquette there say that it is okay to doze off during a conversation?”


Noah was about to say no. Once again, Gabriel tapped Noah on the shoulder.


This means not to deal with it.

“The look in the eyes of the woman blinded by greed was so stinging that she closed her eyes for a moment, but she dozed off? The Saintess was only sensitive.”

Gabriel said with a smile.

“Your Eminence, I am talking to the Saintess. I can’t believe the person who was asking me for manners is interrupting me.”

Noah rolled her eyes and lowered her gaze. The atmosphere was scary.

Gabriel’s smiling voice continued.

“Oh my, the princess didn’t even greet the Saintess. Was that a conversation just now?”

Gabriel was telling her this.

You, greet her first.

“In Ariel, a Cardinal and a Saintess are in positions similar to those of the imperial family. It is only right that the princess, who has come as a guest to the Empire, greets first before starting a conversation.”

Gabriel spoke in a soft voice as if he were talking to a child.

“I thought you were well-informed about that level of etiquette.”

Princess Kyria’s face hardened.

Noah had a hard time breathing. Only Gabriel looked relaxed in this strange atmosphere.

Gabriel lifted his glass of water and shook it lightly. While staring at Princess Kyria.

It was a silent persuasion that seemed to say, “Didn’t I tell you to greet the Saintess first?”

Kyria’s face, driven into a corner, turned red.

But she couldn’t just yield here. If she did something similar to a greeting now, she would be declaring complete defeat to the Saintess.

The problem was that she had already lost the previous war of words with Gabriel. There was nothing more to say in reply to the cunning church bastard’s eloquence.

Kyria’s hands trembled.

“Oh my, why are we doing this to each other?”

It just so happened that an unfamiliar man stepped in.

Noah glanced up to see a dark-skinned gentleman standing between Gabriel and Princess Kyria.

Gabriel looked at the man who had intervened expressionlessly. His face was familiar to him.

The man greeted Noah.

“Hello, I am Irian Almagor.”


Noah quickly received Irian’s greeting.

Gabriel didn’t hold her shoulders like he did a moment ago. Was it because Irian greeted her first?

Irian also greeted Princess Kyria. Princess Kyria pretended to nod, but it was hardly seen.

“Isn’t this atmosphere uncomfortable for the Saintess?”

Noah smiled slightly along with him.

With that smile, Irian continued as if he had obtained consent.

“If the two of you create an inhospitable atmosphere, how difficult must it be for the Saintess, who is not accustomed to this kind of occasion? Princess Kyria must have been surprised when she saw the Saintess for the first time.”

Gabriel looked at Noah.

“I didn’t think the Saintess would be uncomfortable. I apologize.”

“N, no. It’s alright.”

Gabriel looked at Princess Kyria after hearing Noah’s answer.

Princess Kyria looked displeased and turned around. Gabriel’s brow furrowed at her attitude.

The man, who tried to mediate, hurriedly said goodbye with an awkward smile and followed Princess Kyria.

“How dare she.”

Gabriel’s face hardened.

“That, Your Eminence, don’t be so angry.”

Noah was restless and spoke softly to Gabriel.

“The Church has declared Noah-nim a Saintess. You’re on equal footing with the imperial family, but she is ignoring you.”

“Ah, it’s true that I don’t know much about…….”

Gabriel looked at Noah with a stunned face.

“Did you not understand? The princess even demeaned Noah-nim’s origins in order to elevate herself.”

There was anger in Gabriel’s eyes.

Noah stared at Gabriel’s face and replied softly.

“…… Did the princess really do that? Perhaps she was just testing me?”

“Status cannot represent everything about a person. It would be better if it was simply a test.”

Gabriel took a sip of water, his throat burned with rage.


Noah looked as if she was thinking a little, then made eye contact with Gabriel and opened her mouth.

“If she was really deliberately degrading me, it’s a matter of her character. Furthermore, it is an insult to God who loves humans dearly. Does the wizard princess have no faith?”

Gabriel could not answer Noah’s question. He didn’t expect Noah to talk about this.

Noah continued while Gabriel was perplexed and unable to answer.

“I think she might have wanted to show off her noble self. She is worthy of that. But I don’t understand why she wanted to degrade me.”

This he can give an answer.

“She must have been suspicious of your qualifications as a Saintess who appeared out of nowhere.”

“But she didn’t tell me to use my divine power for that.”

“She would have done it if Baron Almagor hadn’t intervened.”

“Baron Almagor?”

“The dark-haired man you saw earlier.”


Gabriel tried to say something more, but kept his mouth shut.

Wizards were originally rude.

Princess Kyria was also a wizard. As a result, she did not get along well with the Church, and she had a strong antipathy towards priests whose status were divided by divine power, not lineage.

Originally, wizards often had a high status, so they were intoxicated with a sense of superiority over their lineage, and perhaps because of that, they would secretly humiliate outstanding priests by finding fault in their etiquette.

So Gabriel learned imperial etiquette more strictly. In order not to get caught up in anything.

But Noah Kaplan was a person who had just been promoted by the church as a Saintess. Who was about to go to a subjugation.

He didn’t think it necessary to teach her all the imperial etiquette for this one banquet — there was not enough time — but he had given her a little bit of information.

Gabriel tenderly said in response to Noah’s downcast appearance.

“However, the goal of making Noah-nim’s face known and ending the banquet without manifesting your abilities has been achieved.”

“Ah, right. It was, right? We’ve achieved our goal. It went well.”

Noah then laughed.

Gabriel looked at Noah and smiled at her.

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