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Chapter 19


Noah meant it.

It was the Church that preached the importance of truth, but wasn’t this a public fraud?

“No, it’s not. It’s just like the saintess.”


Noah was so stunned that she held the postcard next to her face and looked at Lina.

“Nothing is the same except for the hair color. The painting is so pretty, as if sacred.”

“So is the Saintess.”


Noah couldn’t control her expression.

“If you close your eyes, it’s going to be exactly the same, right? I have seen with my own eyes the tremendous power of the Saintess through her prayers! It’s such a shame that such a magnificent scene could not be captured in a painting.”

“Uh, um, huh…….”

Noah stared at the postcard for a while. She felt like a cold sweat broke out on her back.

“I think everyone thinks the same way as me?”

“Ha. Ha. Ha…….”

It would be better to quickly go catch Urvas. This public fraud seemed unlikely to end just because Noah wanted to stop it.

She’d rather go somewhere quickly and be forgotten by people……

“After today’s alliance meeting, we will be leaving soon. Now is the time for the Church to promote the Saintess closely. Of course, by the time you return, you will be a hero.”

“I hope no one gets hurt and comes back safely.”

“That’s the ultimate goal.”

Lina and Noah looked at each other and smiled.

“I’ll take good care of the Saintess.”

“Thank you.”

Noah shrank her shoulders in response. She had never gotten used to being called a Saintess.

“By the way, I thought the saintess would also attend the alliance meeting……”

“Ah, His Eminence said that there are things to organize today and told me to attend next time.”

“His Eminence is a trustworthy person, so he must have a plan.”

Lina said, nodding her head.

Noah agreed. Isn’t Gabriel trustworthy just from his tone and appearance?

Actually, Noah had nothing to say even if she went with a burdensome position at the alliance meeting.

Honestly, she was scared.

‘If they talk about politics, wouldn’t I not understand even a half of it? I don’t want to attend meetings all the time, but…… As a Saintess, I should pretend to listen, right?’

Noah sighed, closing her mouth.




Even the alliance meeting did not seem like much in Gabriel’s eyes. It was just like a clan of hyenas trying to rip off Urvas’ magic stone.

Anyway, during this meeting today, they would discuss about going together and returning peacefully without a big dispute.

Nevertheless, Gabriel was here because he wanted to organize something before the subjugation.

“I am Gabriel Schliemann in charge of this subjugation.”

Gabriel bowed his head slightly in greeting. Everyone nodded and greeted Gabriel.

“First of all, thank you for joining us in this subjugation.”

In fact, instead of being grateful, he just shuddered at their wicked heart, but an elegant smile still appeared on Gabriel’s face.

“The demon dragon of Urvas is a fairly large entity, and in fact, our Church aimed to put it to rest for a hundred years. Recently, however, cracks have been discovered in the barrier and it has become difficult to control. At this rate, it will likely wake up in a few months.”

It was a breathtaking story.

“There are about two months left since quite a bit of time has passed. The Church will mobilize several paladins and priests to further investigate the cause of the anomaly.”

Everyone nodded silently, as if agreeing with Gabriel’s words.

“To the wizards of Entria who are joining us this time, I would like to ask you to suppress the monsters that will appear around the dragon.”

As if they had already expected it, Entria’s wizards nodded.

“I understand that Aranta will support the force and provide supplies for this subjugation. Thank you.”

“This is only natural.”

After Erupa answered with a smile and glanced to the side, only then did Irian took a step forward and greeted them.

“I am Irian Almagor. I will do my best to ensure that there is no problem in transporting the supplies.”

Gabriel’s smile deepened at Irian’s greeting. He was the one who tried to mediate between his relationship with Princess Kyria yesterday.

Gabriel endured Irian’s intervention because he knew that he was an envoy from Aranta.

The Almagor family was a merchant family of Aranta supported by Juliet, who had a hand in the brokerage trade between Aranta and Ariel.

He would naturally intervene in order to gain profits from this dragon subjugation.

It was too obvious.

“First of all, here’s the plan for the move. We will travel by carriage to the train station, and once reaching the Thamruz area by train, we will travel again by carriage to Urvas in three hours.”

Everyone nodded their heads because they knew it to some extent.

“We don’t know to what extent the demon dragon might have woken up, so we’re trying to adjust the schedule as quickly as possible. It would be better for everyone’s safety to do the job before it completely comes out of the barrier.”

There was no other response to what Gabriel said. Because everything he said was right.

Then Kyria spoke.

“However, we still need to learn more about the faces of each of the representatives, but today……”

The princess trailed off, and Gabriel slowly tapped the armrest of the chair.

“What do you want to say?”

For those who take pride in their lineage, it was faster and more convenient to ask rather bluntly.

“The Saintess is nowhere to be seen.”

“Ahh, I was about to bring up why the Saintess is not here.”

It was the subject Gabriel had been waiting for.

“Yesterday’s disrespect was uncomfortable to just pass by.”

Kyria raised her head. To somehow look down at Gabriel sitting in his chair. Her eyebrows twisted in displeasure.

“The Church announced Noah-nim as a Saintess. I hope you don’t forget that.”

“What exactly is the Saintess going to do in this subjugation?”

Kyria didn’t intend to pass it up either.

“There are endless things to do. But before that, is there any reason why I should explain in detail what the Saintess is going to do?”

“This is an alliance for the subjugation. It’s only right that we should know something about it.”

Gabriel rubbed his chin for a moment, then nodded and spoke.

“The Saintess will protect us and deal with the dragon if there is a problem with purifying the surrounding area and catching the dragon. Of course, that will never happen.”

When Gabriel laughed a little at the end of his words, some of the paladins covered their mouths with their fists and smirked. He showed that he was confident in subduing the dragon.

“Since the Saintess appeared so suddenly, well. Is it really okay to entrust to her the safety of all of us?”

At that moment, Gabriel saw Lan’s expression distorted.

Gabriel didn’t like Lan, who couldn’t hide his inner feelings about this kind of thing. Of course, he didn’t like the rude Princess Kyria more.

Because he had guessed this situation, he didn’t let Noah attend.

“Please tell me more precisely what you want.”

Gabriel asked with an expressionless face.

“I wonder what kind of abilities the Saintess has.”

This was what Kyria was most curious about.

She was a Saintess who came out of nowhere. That too in a timely manner.

She was even a girl who felt completely different from herself. Like a puppet Saintess on a scripted show.

Kyria was curious about the truth.

No, honestly, she was very suspicious.

Of that Saintess.

“Yesterday, you ignored the Saintess you hadn’t seen before, now you want her to show you her abilities? Princess, she is a Saintess because of her tremendous divine power, and above all, the Church has already declared her a Saintess.”

Gabriel smiled.

What was that immature princess talking about now?

“I didn’t attend this subjugation as a princess. Since I am here as a representative of the wizards of Entria, please call me a wizard.”

Kyria glared at Gabriel.

“And did I hope for much? Didn’t I just want to see the ability of the Saintess?”

“Why should the Saintess show her ability?”

At Gabriel’s answer, Kyria was convinced of her guess.

“Ha! Do you think that if you assign just anyone and claim her as a Saintess, everyone will believe and follow?”

“Just…… anyone? Well, if God Elohim really likes anyone, he pours out his divine power and calls them to be priests. It is true that it is different from wizards that can be made by spending a lot of money.”

Kyria was appalled by Gabriel’s words.

How dare that church bastard say that about a wizard!

Gabriel was demeaning wizards in front of everyone. They could feel some of the wizards flinching in anger.

“How could you say that so recklessly to a wizard? Do you know how many wizards become a wizard who achieve more than a certain level of achievement! Do you know how hard I worked?”

“I’m not trying to undermine your efforts. I want to talk about it from a different perspective.”

What effort? It was not the result of pure effort alone.

“First of all, magic books and magic stones are expensive. So magic costs a lot of money. Basically, is there a family of wizards who are not of noble status or have not amassed great wealth?”

Gabriel glanced toward Irian and said.

All the wizards in this room were those who were not worried about wealth at all, regardless of whether they were of high status or low status.

It was through this wealth that Irian Almagor would support the subjugation with material resources.

“What do foolish people know? You wouldn’t even know if I gave you a magic book anyway.”

Gabriel barely managed to hold back his laughter.

Those who were obsessed with lineage to the bone were always like this. They always thought that people were ignorant and wouldn’t know even if they were to teach them.

This was especially true for royalty or high-ranking nobles who perfunctorily followed the doctrines of the church.

What was the reason that Princess Kyria was dealing with Gabriel?

Because he’s a cardinal. There were rumors that he was the illegitimate son of the pope and a member of the imperial family.

So that was it.

Had Gabriel been a villager’s son and had made it this far, Kyria would have ignored him despite his status as a cardinal.

Perhaps she did not even acknowledge Gabriel becoming the commander.

Then Kyria said in a sharp voice.

“If you knew how hard it is to develop each field of magic that is not properly known even with basic knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to say that recklessly.”

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