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Chapter 2


Looking back, Gabriel held out his hand so that his palm was visible.

It seems that she misremembered kissing the back of his hand.

Noah took Gabriel’s hand politely with both hands and stuttered as she kissed the palm of his hand.

“I touch the hand of grace.”

I think it was roughly this kind of greeting, it wasn’t wrong, was it?

When Noah’s lips touched his palm, Gabriel’s hand paused.

In an instant, Noah’s hands also trembled.

Something else seems to be against courtesy.

If I had known this would happen, I would have looked at the etiquette book in advance! No, she should have at least reviewed the books she got at the training center!


Gabriel faked a cough.

Noah was naturally in tears.

When she slowly lifted her head, Gabriel blushed and avoided eye contact.

“I wasn’t trying to be honored by the priest, I was trying to escort you.”


Some of the Paladins coughed.

Perhaps they were trying to hold back their laughter.

Noah’s face turned so red than it could have been.

I already want to go home.

Noah, led by Gabriel’s hand, was being escorted to the accommodation half-consciously.

To think that a trivial peasant priestess is being escorted by a cardinal and is accompanying her to her lodgings.

‘Ha ha ha. Is this a dream or reality…….’

“Noah. Ah, oh my. I’m sorry. Can I call you by your first name?”

“Yes, of course, Your Eminence!”

“Noah can call me by my first name, too.”

Oh, I don’t think that will be easy.

Instead of answering, Noah glossed over with an awkward smile.

“What is Noah’s ability?”

Gabriel’s voice was also elegant.

Noah answered in a low voice so as not to show nervousness.

“It’s nothing great. Just to ease the mind of someone who is very angry……. A little, a little bit.”

Noah hesitated.

She was afraid that this great man would become uncomfortable with the story of her insignificant abilities.

“Or it helps you sleep well……. Well, that’s it.”

However, the great man replied kindly without any sign of disappointment, as if his heart was also good.

“That’s wonderful enough.”

“Is, is that so?”

“Yes. Unlike others, Noah has manifested many abilities.”

Noah was at a loss for Gabriel’s praise.

To be honest, a controller is very simple compared to other divine powers.

Therefore, when it comes to manifesting controller skills, most of them used to consider manifesting one skill to be adequate enough to graduate from the Divine Power Training Center.

But Noah knows how hard she tried to make the most of this little power.

Thanks to this, she was able to use her abilities in many ways.

That was the part Noah was most proud of.

Of course, compared to a great person from birth, it is an insignificant talent, and in front of Gabriel, the strongest controller, it is an embarrassing ability.

However, she felt a little proud of being recognized by such a great person.

Noah was very grateful that Gabriel, who had risen to the rank of cardinal, was not arrogant and cared for her insignificant self.

“Thank you, Your Eminence. It’s an insignificant ability, but I’ll do my best here.”

Noah spoke with great courage.

Then Gabriel continued to speak with a warm smile.

“There are only a few controllers around the world.”

“……. Yes.”

“With such a rare ability, there are so many hidden secrets. I’ve studied this intensively, and I’ve been looking at the old records for a long time.”


“And then I found out. The controller is not as insignificant as it’s known, it’s much more powerful.”

Gabriel paused for a moment.

Noah looked at Gabriel without realizing it.

“As a result of in-depth research on the controller’s hidden power, I was convinced that this subjugation of Urvas would be able to end smoothly. So we invited a lot of Controller Priests.”

“I, I see!”

Noah nodded unconsciously, mesmerized by Gabriel’s words.

“This is an opportunity to give our God Elohim an unparalleled honor. I believe that Noah will do her best.”

“I’ll do my best.”

It was truly a pledge of loyalty.

It would have been the same if anyone had seen Gabriel Schliemann’s smile on the spot.

“I have high expectations, especially for Noah.”


“You’ve developed a variety of abilities…”

Gabriel shut his mouth in the middle and kept quiet. Then he led Noah again.

“Did you know that talented people from various fields were recruited for this subjugation?”


When Gabriel folded his eyes and laughed, Noah smiled unknowingly.

“In the Kingdom of Entria, the Princess of the Wizards will join in this subjugation. Do you know that?”


Noah heard it, too.

A number of wizards will also join in this subjugation, and Princess Kyria, an outstanding wizard in the Kingdom of Entria, was among them.

Princess Kyria was rumored to have beautiful blonde hair that seemed to have melted gold, with dark green eyes, and a charm so deadly that once one saw her, they were bound to fall in love.

“Actually, in our position, Princess Kyria is a little uncomfortable for us. Some people even deify Princess Kyria. That’s why talented people like Noah are really important.”

Noah didn’t even understand half of Gabriel’s words.

It was partly because she was nervous, and partly because of Gabriel’s way of speaking in a roundabout way.

She could only vaguely think, ‘Are you praising me now?’

“I’m paying attention to Noah because her evaluation at the Divine Power training center was also very good.”

“Ah, that, that…….”

He overestimates her insignificant abilities so much.

Noah’s head dropped automatically.

“But as I see today, it’s not just your ability that is great. You are overflowing with grace. I think you are a talented person who fits the very image of our Church.”

“…… Thank you.”

Noah blushed and replied softly.

She felt it was an excessive compliment and she wanted to scratch the wall. It’s good, but she feels like something tickles her.

“This is Noah’s room.”

After exchanging embarrassing conversations, she arrived at the accommodation.

Gabriel said as he handed the room key to Noah.

“All you need is to pull the rope by the bedroom. A dedicated apprentice priest will provide you with the necessary items you need. I’ll see you with the others after lunch tomorrow.”


“Then take it easy.”

Gabriel bowed lightly and left.

Noah greeted him politely and looked at his back for a moment.

He was a strangely dignified and wonderful man.

‘As expected, not everyone can be a cardinal.’

Noah nodded and entered the room.

The room was clean and beautiful that it was incomparable to the one she stayed at in Soal Education Center.

‘Wow, the furniture on the white background is so cool.  It’s luxurious… Why is the color of the tree so pretty? You can’t compare it to the education center, right?’

There was even a separate bathroom.

There have been rumors that the Imperial Palace uses warm water using magic stones.

But this place has a great water facility with really warm water, too.

Noah was impressed.

As expected, the church building belonging to the Imperial Palace was different.

After unpacking her belongings in the room for a while and clearing her mind, Noah pondered what Gabriel had said.

A person of such high rank volunteered to be an escort, so she didn’t think about it before, but ‘a talented person who fits the very image of our Church’.

At first glance, it seems it is necessary to go to the Urvas subjugation for the image of the Church.

“Hahaha. I went too far.”

Noah shook her head to get rid of her thoughts.

The Cardinal said that because he is a person who is good at complimenting others as well as making others happy, to try to make up her mind.

* * *

After escorting Noah Kaplan, the last controller to arrive, to her accommodation, Gabriel walked towards his sleeping quarters.

In fact, after seeing Noah’s pink hair, Gabriel felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

No, to be more precise, Noah was the priest Gabriel had been waiting for.

Ever since he saw her in the documents.

‘Yes. I waited.’

She will be quite useful in this subjugation.

‘Especially in front of Princess Kyria…….’

As he continued thinking inside, a certain light green dress caught his eye.

“Hello, Your Eminence.”

“Yes, hello.”

It was the Count’s esteemed daughter, Anat Duvincique, who greeted him.

One of the women whom Gabriel has encountered since he was a priest, her cousin was the crown princess.

“What brings Lady Duvincique here?”

“I have something to tell you.”

“Was there no apprentice priest to convey the Lady’s words?”

“The matter was urgent and important, so I came to see you in person.”

Anat looked at Gabriel with an eager look.

Gabriel was displeased by Anat’s behavior, who dared to come near his sleeping quarters and wait, but he tried to guide her into the reception room with a smile.

“Your Eminence, can you come with me to the room where I am staying?”

“Is there something uncomfortable?”

“That is… You’ll find out if you come with me.”

Gabriel let out a short sigh inwardly, then complied with Anat’s request.

“The size of the room is too small for the Paladin to enter……”

Anat looked embarrassed in front of the door.

“Then I’ll wait outside.”

The Paladin, who was accompanying him, retreated to the back of the door.

Gabriel was thinking inwardly ― she couldn’t, but perhaps ― he walked into the room that if Anat attempted to assassinate him, he would be able to overpower her with force.

“Where is the inconvenience in the room…….”

Gabriel looked around the room and muttered.

If you were a believer who came to the church to pray and even booked a room to stay, there would be an apprentice priest in charge.

Although he was suddenly given the title due to the subjugation of the Demon Dragon Urvas, Gabriel was a cardinal anyway.

It would have to be really important enough to have him come like that.

“First, sit down and have a cup of tea.”

Gabriel looked around the room a bit more and then sat down on the chair Anat had authority over.

He was reminded of a situation that he experienced when he was a priest, and he thought, “No way……”

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