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Chapter 3


“Have some refreshments.”

Finger foods decorated with fruits and chocolate was not a food handled by the church.

Gabriel only pretended to drink tea, covering his face with a long sleeve and a cup of tea. There might be something in the food and tea.

“It’s a good tea with a nice aroma and taste.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“What was the inconvenience in the room?”

He asked right away because there was nothing good about dragging the situation.

But Anat suddenly reached out and grabbed Gabriel’s left hand, which was on the table.


[T/N: Nim (님) is often attached to people’s names or titles and is often roughly translated as “Mr.” or “Ms./Mrs.” Nim (님) is also a title of respect.]

Gabriel’s eyebrows rose curiously.

Anart’s palm was tender and soft.

‘It’s not a hand that holds a sword.’

If so, it’s not an assassination attempt. Of course, there is no reason for the Duvincique family to assassinate him.

As Gabriel’s raised eyebrows regained stability, Anat said as she stepped closer to him.

“Since you have risen to the position of cardinal, I am not ignorant of your political ambitions….”

Political ambitions?

‘I have political ambitions?’

Gabriel stared at Anat, who was telling an unknown story. The situation was somehow unfolding in a familiar flow.

“Even if Gabriel-nim ascends to a high place, how lonely would you be if you were alone?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Gabriel-nim, I will be your family.”


Gabriel raised his eyebrows once more.

One of his predictions was right.

There are no problems with this room.

The only problem is Anat Duvincique.

“I love Gabriel-nim.”


Gabriel tried to straighten his twisted mouth.

“You may not believe it, but I thought a lot about it. To bring this up to Gabriel-nim.”

It was a story that Gabriel was not curious about at all.

“Lady Duvincique.”

Gabriel calmly pulled out his left hand.

“How many confessions of female followers do you think I must have received before I became a cardinal?”

Since his apprenticeship priesthood, he was said to be a silver-haired handsome man. As a result, many people took a strange approach.

Considering that he was the godson of the Pope, there were a lot of crazy people out there.

There are many cases in which after living as a priest, they return their duties and marry, so everyone asked Gabriel why he was a priest with that face.

“Gabriel-nim, I know what you’re trying to say. But I’m different.”

Anat’s eyes shone with determination.

“I don’t want Gabriel-nim to leave the cardinal position and marry me.”


“Make me your lover.”


Gabriel bit the flesh in his mouth.

“I’ve already persuaded my father. I’ll live as a woman in the shadows. Take me when you need me and throw me away when you’re in trouble.”

Then Anat took Gabriel’s hand again.

It was astounding.

“My love can accept living in the dark. And I can give Gabriel-nim a child.”

Gabriel could not say a word.

No, he didn’t.

Even cooling his head with cold water didn’t seem to make it this cold.

“Of course he’ll be under my father, but…… Gabriel-nim’s blood flows……”

At that moment, Gabriel roughly pulled out his hand and stood up from his seat.

“There’s one thing that’s missing in every story.”


“Lady Duvincique is not to my taste.”

At those words, Anat stopped.

Anat is a blonde, blue-eyed, attractive beauty and the daughter of the Duvincique family, who produced the Crown Princess.

She had never heard of such words anywhere.

“Then what kind of person is to your taste?”

Anat asked, grabbing Gabriel’s sleeve as he was about to leave.

Gabriel, who paused in the aftermath, replied.

“I like a gentle girl who can’t talk to me recklessly, has pink hair like spring flowers, and turquoise eyes like fresh leaves of grass.”

Gabriel smiled beautifully and pulled out his sleeves roughly.

“There seems to be no particular problem in the room. If you’re still uncomfortable, you may return to your home.”

As soon as the words were finished, Gabriel headed straight to the prayer room with the Paladin.

It seemed that the unpleasant feeling would not subside overnight if he went back as he is now.

* * *

The weather has been pretty good since morning.

As of yesterday, Noah Kaplan, the last controller, has also arrived, so it’s time to talk properly.

After lunch, Gabriel invited the controllers to the cardinal’s office, saying that they should talk about the subjugation of the demon dragon.

But just before the start of the meeting, suddenly the Pope called him.

Gabriel asked the controllers for their understanding and hurried to see the Pope.

“I touch the hand of grace.”

“Stop it. I didn’t call you to see the cardinal today.”

Gabriel stretched out and bowed at the pope’s gesture.

Today, there was no one around the Pope. Even the paladin in charge of the escort was far away.

This signified the Pope’s trust in Gabriel.

“I heard all the controllers are here.”

“Yes, Your Holiness.”

“I see, were there any useful talents?”

“Now I have only seen one.”

“Is he ordinary in your eyes?”

Pope Benie narrowed his eyes and looked at Gabriel. Gabriel smiled with a soft smile, completely clueless.

“I still hope that you do not participate in this Urvas subjugation.”

“You even gave me a cardinal’s seat for that?”

“The other cardinals felt the same, and in fact, there is no one more qualified than you……. Still, it’s dangerous. If any of the controllers gathered this time have outstanding qualities…….”

“Even if he had great qualities, he wouldn’t have trained as much as I did.”

“You’re too straight and sacrificial.”

“You don’t care about that.”


After staring at Gabriel for a while, Benie beckoned him to come closer.

As the distance between the two of them narrowed by a span, Benie said in a whisper.

“There’s a child in the controller that Dina cares about.”

“Your Holiness.”

Gabriel sighed and swallowed.

“I know what you’re trying to say.”

“Why can’t you refuse Dina’s request every time. It is an interference with the subjugation personnel. Dina has crossed the line this time.”

“Don’t do that. The girl who is like her daughter is a controller.”

“When she brought me to Your Holiness, she said that I was like her son.”

Professor Dina Ehrenberg is Benie’s favorite priestess, and he never refused when she asked for something.

At her request, he accepted Gabriel as his godson.

“I have never regretted having you as my son. You are such a bright and wonderful child.”

“If I had been prodigal and unruly, would you have been a little reluctant to accept Dina-nim’s one-sided request?”

“What? Hahaha.”

Benie laughed out loud and whispered in Gabriel’s ear.

“Noah Kaplan.”

For a moment, Gabriel’s eyebrows stiffened.

“She asked me to remove that priest from this subjugation.” (Pope)

“Isn’t Dina-nim the one who asked me not to go to the subjugation?”

“First of all, I delivered the message.”

“Noah Kaplan is the most versatile priest among the new controllers.”


Gabriel’s expression became noticeably cold.

“She’s a talent that shouldn’t be left out in this subjugation. Please stop accepting Dina-nim’s request. The subjugation is not a child’s play.”

“It’s because I’m soft-hearted. I don’t want to send my beloved child to a dangerous place because there aren’t many people I care about.”


“In my heart, I’d like to go instead. If it wasn’t for my physical condition that made a long trip impossible, I would have taken the lead right away. How worried would I feel. I have no place to complain, so I complain to you.”

“Since it’s complaining, I’ll just let it out in one ear and out the other.”

“Have you already promised to deliver the request?”

Gabriel answered in a resolute tone, without hiding his annoyed look.

“I will definitely refuse Dina-nim myself.”

“Don’t speak too sharply.”

“Your Holiness is too soft.”

Benie just laughed.

That strange demeanor kept Gabriel wondering.

What kind of relationship the two of them have.

But he never asked. He feels like he shouldn’t be asking.

All he can do is press the question and speak more coldly.

“From now on, I’ll make sure that His Holiness doesn’t call me for something like this.”

* * *

There were a total of four controllers gathered in the drawing room.

As soon as the controller assembly order was issued nationwide, it was these people who came to the capital except for those who could no longer work due to old age.

It was awkward to sit face to face at the beginning.

In the meantime, the cardinal, who called in the controllers, went to see the Pope, saying it was urgent.

They can’t complain about him going to see His Holiness.

The controllers have been glancing at each other for a while.

A bizarre silence sank to the point where even sipping tea and eating cookies was noticeable.

As if this atmosphere was not so good, the brunette priestess opened her mouth.

“Well, before His Eminence comes, why don’t we introduce ourselves and then, then…… How about talking about our abilities?”

It was a very soft voice, but the place was so quiet that they could hear it well.

Everyone nodded slightly.

“Yes. Let’s introduce ourselves first.”

“Since I brought it up, I will introduce myself first. I am Rina. I have been working as a teacher at the Capital Education Center, and I have the ability to make others talk kindly.”

The introduction began in a clockwise direction, based on Priestess Rina.

“I am Noah. I have been working as a teacher in a small city called Soal. I have the ability to put your mind at ease, make you sleep better, and make you less angry.”

As Noah finished her introduction, the young man with glasses and wheat-colored hair spoke.

“I’m Will. I have one year left before I graduate from the Divine Power training center. I have the ability to make you talk without being aware of it.”

The last was a thin, slouched man with his bangs down and his face hard to see.

“My name is Anas, a pilgrim on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I have the ability to turn large movements into small movements.”

At the end of the introduction, everyone’s faces relaxed a little.

Noah thought.

‘Thank goodness. We all have insignificant abilities. I don’t think I’m going to be dragged into the dragon hunt……’


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