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Chapter 5


“You all know that there are wizards in this subjugation, right?”

The controllers nodded.

“The Church doesn’t have a very good relationship with wizards. As all of you may know.”

The Church’s divine power and the wizards’ magic had different origins.

The Church with many divine power holders considered that the power used by wizards was derived from the magic stone, the core of the monsters.

So they thought of wizards as those who sold themselves to greed.

Some priests ostracized wizards, saying that they were nothing less than demons.

“Everyone here thinks they have a weak ability to control themselves, so you might be wondering why they want to go together.”

Everyone, including Noah, nodded.

“Have you ever used your control ability on a monster or demon?”

None of the controllers nodded.

“That’s the most powerful characteristic of a controller’s hidden abilities. Our abilities are far more powerful on monsters and demons than on humans.”

Noah had never used her ability to control anything other than humans, so she listened quietly.

Gabriel’s smile deepened at that sight.

“If you use the control ability on a human, the effect is minimal, but if you use it on a being other than a human who has a magic stone, it is incredibly effective.”


“This is a place to develop your abilities and train you to become stronger. It is also to give us time to match our abilities before the subjugation.”

The controllers muttered an “I see……” and an awkward smile appeared on their faces.

“If you are not feeling well or there are special circumstances, I will not force you, but personally, I hope you all join us in this subjugation.”

Noah was at odds with the words that seemed to give her a choice.

Although abilities she was unaware of were revealed, would she even be able to return to Soal Education Center if she says. ‘I don’t want to go’?

Then Gabriel’s words were heard.

“The Demon Dragon Urvas has been asleep for the past 50 years. Everyone knows that the current Pope, who put the dragon to sleep, originally intended to kill it.”

This was the reason why Benie put Urbas to sleep without killing him.

Every monster has magic stones.

In the case of dragons, their hearts are made of huge magic stones, and when the dragon is put to sleep with divine power, its body turns into magic stones over a long period of time.

Since the amount of magic stones that can be mined is enormous, the wizards wanted to put the dragon to sleep rather than kill it.

Apart from dislike of wizards, the Church acknowledged that the magic stones civilization they created made their lives richer.

As a result, it was only natural that the value of the Magic Stone jumped tremendously.

The reason why Benie put it to sleep was also to use the magic stone in the church when the dragon was completely transformed into a magic stone 100 years later.

Then Anas raised his hand and asked quietly.

“Why did Urvas suddenly wake up? It’s still a long way to a hundred years.”

“Urvas is on the border between Entria and the Ariel Empire. Currently, about 50% of its body has been turned into magical stones.”


“Originally, it should have been asleep for a hundred years, but for some reason, a crack was recently discovered in the place where Urvas slept.”

Everyone gasped in surprise.

“We were in a hurry to stop it, but we were informed by Entria that it will wake up within three months.”

“Isn’t Entria the kingdom of wizards?”

Gabriel corrected Will’s question.

“It would be appropriate to say that Princess Kyria is known as an outstanding wizard because she invests a lot in magic. Princess Kyria has already announced that she will participate in the subjugation.”


“Entria said they were already ready.”

Anyone could tell that something was done in Entria.

“Then the Kingdom of Entria is aiming for the Magic Stone.”

“That’s right. The reason why wizards want to join us in this subjugation is simple. It must be a plan to acquire a significant amount of Magic Stone in recognition of their contribution to the subjugation.”

The controllers’ faces darkened at Gabriel’s persuasive remarks.

Will said in a bewildered tone.

“Wow, that’s really funny. 50 years ago, His Holiness worked hard to almost destroy Urvas!”

Noah, who looked at the atmosphere, gave up her mind to say, ‘I still want to leave?’

No matter how tactless she was, she knew that this was not the right time.

“But there is another real problem. The Church is concerned that our people will make a wrong judgment because of Kyria’s gorgeous appearance, the princess of Entria.”

Do people make a mistake in the appearance of a glamorous wizard princess?

It was when Noah was muttering the meaning of those words.

Gabriel continued.

“So, one of you must be the representative of the Church that will oppose the image of Princess Kyria.”

Everyone looked at each other in the face.

“What the church wants is an image that is the opposite of a princess. A controller of a sacred image that emphasizes innocence, tenderness, and elegance instead of bewitching, intense, and glamorous.”

“Why must……”

“We need someone to distract the eyes of the people who will be focused on Princess Kyria during the subjugation.”

At that moment, everyone’s eyes automatically turned to Noah.

Lina said in a low voice.

“Didn’t Princess Kyria have thick blonde hair and wear a red cape? I have brown hair, so I don’t stand out…….”

And then, slowly, she took a step back.

“Honestly, when I first saw Noah, I thought she was an angel. Pink hair is rare.”

Noah had no idea, but she felt a gaze focused on her and was inwardly perplexed.

Gabriel looked at Noah with a beautiful smile.

“Neither have I seen anyone as beautiful as Noah.”

How can the word beautiful be so creepy.

Ta-da! You’re chosen!

Noah Kaplan! You have also won as a saint who will oppose Princess Kyria!

‘P, please save me……’

Noah couldn’t keep her mouth shut.


* * *


The controllers even practiced ‘Iyap’[1], an offensive prayer, that day.

Most of the controllers were tired from practicing several times until sunset.

However, for some reason, Noah broke the expectations of ‘Is this even going to work?’ and even ‘Iyap’ succeeded.

As soon as she shouted, “Iyap!” the rug was caught up like a wind and fell out of the window.

Of course, she also excelled in ‘Piyong’, which nullifies ‘Iyap’.

It was hopeless.

What should she even do with this horrifying result.

How come a divine power is manifested in such ridiculous prayers when there is not much motivation!

Gabriel’s eyes looking at her achievement were so moist that Noah was immersed in his gaze and almost drowned.

She felt sorry for those who try hard, but Noah hoped that this uselessly extraordinary talent would be transferred to others than herself, such as Will or Lina.

Of course, that didn’t happen.

“Well, let’s call it a day. You can eat or rest separately, or you can practice more.”


“Tomorrow, we will carry out a full-scale attack and defense together with the Paladins at the training hall in accordance with the prayer.”

With that said, the controllers went back to their assigned rooms.

And Noah was called separately by Gabriel.

“Noah-nim, I’ll walk you.”


She has no right to refuse anyway. It’s not a romantic escort, he’s just accompanying her.

Noah, who was in tears, walked by Gabriel’s hand like a cow being dragged to a slaughterhouse.

“You know the story about Princess Kyria, right?”


Ah, why is Princess Kyria making her suffer this time by going on a subjugation?

You don’t know how much I’ve blamed Princess Kyria all day.

Gabriel will surely tell scary stories while pretending to walk her away.

As he said earlier, it must be a story that he wishes Noah would be the representative of the Church in this dragon hunt.

“It may be a burden, but I want you to think deeply for the Church. Noah-nim’s talent is as if Elohim gave it to her to subdue Urvas.”

If this talent was shown to someone other than herself, Noah would unconditionally say, ‘This is the saint! Saint! Let’s go subjugate!’

But when that becomes herself, the story changes.

The voice of her heart was heard.

‘I don’t like it. I’m afraid of dragons. If you are the Church’s representative, you have to fight in the frontline, but I can never do that. It’s already scary being a part of a dragon subjugation squad!’

However, Gabriel and her are not alone, and the paladins are escorting him, so she could not open her mouth.

‘But Gabriel-nim said that I had a choice. Maybe this is my last chance to be taken out of the subjugation?’

While Noah thought so, Gabriel’s story continued.

“I am well aware that Noah-nim is kind and gentle. Under these circumstances, you may feel a lot of pressure. I’ll give you more time if you need to, so take your time and decide.”

Gabriel’s kind words and warm eyes shook Noah’s heart.

Noah, who was agonizing over it, gathered up the courage and said when she arrived in front of her dormitory.

“That, Your Eminence.”


“If you don’t mind, would you like to stop by my room for a moment for a cup of tea?”


Noah, who became anxious at Gabriel’s bewildered expression, strengthened herself even more.

“There are delicious cookies, too!”

“……Yes, I will.”

It was when Gabriel smiled awkwardly and tried to enter Noah’s room with the Paladin.

“Please wait. I think my room would be too small for the Paladin-nim to come in.”

It was the best excuse Noah could think of.

It was too embarrassing to have even the Paladins hear that she wanted to be excluded from this subjugation.

So Noah did not notice anything about the strange silence that was now flowing.

“Then we will wait outside.”

One of the Paladins answered.

They stopped in front of the door pretending not to know the story.


“Please come in, Your Eminence.”

As Noah encouraged him, Gabriel hesitated for a moment, then slowly entered the room.


TL Notes:

[1] ‘Iyap’ or 이얍. If any of you have any recommended translation for that, please comment down below. Thank you.


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