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Chapter 6


While Noah was preparing the cookies and coffee, Gabriel was straightening his clothes with an indifferent face.

“The cookies were brought from the education center where I am a teacher. It’s not fancy, but it’s edible.”

Noah tried to create a comfortable atmosphere before bringing up a difficult topic.

“Thank you.”

She served hot coffee and cookies, but they were shabby.

When would a cardinal ever eat something like this?

‘Of course, it’s not the food that matters, but……’

Noah constantly pondered where to start talking so that Gabriel would not be disappointed in her, and let her return to Soal.

As she was thinking, a strange silence fell.

Gabriel was fiddling with the teacup, fixing his eyes on the cookie.

“That, Your Eminence, everyone plans for their own future.”


“My dream was to have a new family after I lost all my family to the Demon Dragon at the age of 17.”

Gabriel paused and looked at Noah’s face.

“More precisely, my dream is to create a family to love and support.”

It…… felt like she was going too far in the beginning.

But Noah did not stop and gathered courage and looked at Gabriel.

Gabriel was also looking at Noah with his hands clasped.

‘Cheer up, Noah! You have to tell that handsome cardinal that you’re scared of the dragon and want to leave!’

Noah continued her words with repeated resolution.

“So I thought about it a lot. I thought it would be better to tell you before things get going in earnest.”


Then Gabriel called Noah first in a subdued voice. His voice seemed to tremble a little.

Noah’s hunch said.

She thinks Gabriel knows what she was going to say.

She must speak before he continues!

“Your Eminence, I……!”

“Noah-nim, I…….”

Gabriel spoke almost at the same time as Noah.

He said first.

“I am putting my life on this subjugation.”


“Actually, in this subjugation, the Church is not going to put the dragon to sleep again. I’m going to kill the dragon.”

Noah opened her mouth wide, shocked by Gabriel’s words.

“To be precise, my ultimate goal is to kill the dragon. It’s because innocent people don’t have to get hurt by clumsily keeping the demon dragon alive in order to use the magic stone. But some people don’t want that.”

Why are there more and more scary stories…….

“I think I can kill it enough on my own, but there’s a possibility that I could get injured in battle, and as I just said, I could be killed by a group of people who don’t like me trying to kill the dragon.”

“…… What?”

Gabriel dropped his gaze for a moment and then raised it.

“Noah-nim is such a beautiful and wonderful person. So please reconsider that thought carefully. If your heart doesn’t change even after the Urvas subjugation, then…… We’d better talk about it then.”

She was about to say she didn’t want to go to the Urvas subjugation, but he told her to say it after they came back.

It was clear that he was saying that she wouldn’t be excluded from the subjugation team in a roundabout way.

From the beginning, Noah had no choice.

Gabriel said that he was prepared to sacrifice his own life for this subjugation.

He must be serious.

It was a move that completely prevented Noah from thinking otherwise.

How can she say, ‘I don’t want to do it!’ to someone who plans to fight with his life like that.

“That……I was short-sighted.”

Noah replied sullenly.


Gabriel hesitated, then gently took Noah’s hand.

“Noah-nim, don’t get me wrong.”

Seeing Gabriel’s eyes as if appealing to something, Noah thought he was sympathizing with her.

“Noah is such a precious person that I hope you don’t regret making a hasty decision.”

‘Will I ever regret not going there? When I’m this scared?’

It was reassuring to hear that Gabriel would take the lead in taking the dragon, but Noah was still afraid.

Of course, slaying a dragon looks great, and if he returns safely, he will be revered as a hero by many.

‘Are you afraid I’ll miss something like that? It’s really fine. I don’t have that kind of greed……’

Gabriel’s hands were warm.

Was it because of that? No wonder she felt a little relieved.

‘Subjugating the Dragon! I’m not going alone, I’m going with a group! Don’t be afraid and let’s go! Be brave, Noah Kaplan!’

Noah brainwashed herself with the power of positivity.

“Noah-nim, thank you so much for having the courage to tell me such a difficult story. I am very grateful.”

“Oh, no.”

Noah shook her head quickly.

Gabriel is sacrificial and a good cardinal.

That great man is going to risk his life, so shouldn’t she, an insignificant person, have the courage to go with him?

Noah mustered up the courage to make eye contact with Gabriel.

“I will do my best.”

Looking at Gabriel’s face, those words come out without her realizing.

Gabriel patted Noah on the back of her hand with a sweet smile.

“I’ll get up now. See you again tomorrow in good health and bright image.”

“Yes. Be careful.”

Then Gabriel walked away and looked back at Noah for a moment.

“Noah-nim, thank you very much.”

“Ah yes.”

Gabriel bowed very politely and left the door.

Noah couldn’t understand why he was so grateful.

What did he say about trying to subdue the dragon?

‘You’re so serious about this subjugation.’

Come to think of it, she blushed as he was talking about the subjugation.

‘Did he think it was too much to show my talent and say I didn’t want to go?’

Somehow it seems to have disappointed the handsome cardinal greatly.

Noah felt sorry for him for some reason even though she couldn’t bring it up properly.


* * *


Gabriel panicked from the moment Noah asked him to stop by her room for tea.

He was such a naive priest that he did not seem to know that it was a ‘basic conversation to seduce the opposite sex’. that people commonly call.

As soon as he stepped into the room with that thought, he was confused when he saw the Paladin move.

Then, when Noah looked at his face and began to talk about the future and family with difficulty, he was convinced that what he had guessed had happened.

Every time noble ladies confessed their love to Gabriel, they talked about how wonderful it is to have a family.

There’s no need to go far.

Isn’t that what Anat Duvincique was talking about?

Gabriel really wanted to set an example as a priest, no, actually as the godson of the Pope.

Growing up with a godfather, the pope, and a godmother, who was devoting herself to research, Gabriel didn’t know much about family.

The two were not even real couples, so he had never experienced a proper family.

What kind of family he makes.

Gabriel decided that living as a priest and dying as a priest would be the best fit for his life.

There were many ladies who confessed that they liked him.

「I love you. Marry me. We can build a wonderful family.」

Gabriel had difficulty understanding their psychology.

He hasn’t even met her a few times, but love sprouted simply by his appearance. He doesn’t really feel anything about it.

What will change when you get married with someone’s love?

Is it true that love will make you happy?

However, no matter how much the other person confessed her love, Gabriel was not happy.

Even when he thinks about the future, the existence of a child or a wife was never portrayed in his life.

Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to start a new family.

But Noah Kaplan said.

My dream is to create a family to love and support.

These words moved Gabriel’s heart more than any confession he had ever heard.

Maybe the people who confessed their love to him and wanted to get married also hoped that they would cheer and support each other unconditionally like Noah.

If they had said that from the beginning, he would have thought about it more seriously.

Gabriel was excited by Noah’s words, who had a firm goal for her family.

No, let’s be honest.

Gabriel liked Noah from the moment he saw her on the document.

Even in the preliminary research data, Noah Kaplan was a priest with many different abilities.

Gabriel was secretly looking forward to meeting Noah before that, as she was a person necessary for the subjugation to the extent that she achieved good grades at the Divine Power Training Center.

However, there were no pictures in the document. So, the appearance of all priests was kept only as a record.

Hair, eye color, weight, or height information?

The appearance could change over the years, so even that was actually just a reference.

According to the document, among the controllers, the most likely person in the church to stand up against Princess Kyria was Noah Kaplan with pink hair.

If you are a priest who will make an image as a representative of the church, it would be better to stand out.

The first impression of Noah Kaplan, whom Gabriel had been waiting for……

It was more than he expected.

Among the priests working in small local branches, as the controllers were weak in ability, humility was ingrained in their body and they knew their place.

So from the entrance to the Imperial Palace, to which the Vatican belongs, all the controllers that rolled their eyes with nervousness were lovely in Gabriel’s eyes.

Among them, the most adorable was Noah Kaplan from Soal.

She was wearing the usual educator’s clothes and was rummaging through the scriptures.

The reason for glancing at the palace door may be because of her lack of confidence in her qualifications of entering the palace.

‘Ah, it’s you.’

Gabriel could tell right away.

That Noah Kaplan, whom he had been waiting for, was that girl.


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