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Chapter 8


The controllers and paladins exchanged awkward greetings with each other and immediately began practicing.

“I don’t have that much of an ability to manifest.”

“Me, too.”

Will and Lina muttered nervously.

Gabriel smiled, reassuring them.

“You don’t have to worry too much. As I said before, the controller’s abilities are more powerful on monsters than on humans.”

Only then did Will and Lina nodded their heads as if relieved, and relaxed their expressions.

“Today, we’re going to practice informing the controller of the effects of reciting the prayers to the Paladins, and making a defense plan accordingly.”

Gabriel looked at Noah as he said that.

Noah hunched her shoulders unconsciously.

“Paladins, please focus on Priestess Noah.”

All the eyes of the Paladins were focused on Noah.

Noah didn’t know what to do with her gaze, so she just stared at the ground.

“Noah-nim, please give me a shield.”


With everyone’s attention, Noah closed her eyes and stretched out her hands toward the sky, reciting the shameful prayer little by little.


“Noah-nim, please recite the prayer one more time.”

Noah opened her eyes at Gabriel’s words.

Did she just happen to be lucky yesterday?

She thought she had to chant it again since it didn’t work out today, but when she looked up, there was a beautiful, circular, shiny shield floating.

“Please recite it one more time and create a shield that can cover everyone in a larger, dome shape.”

Gabriel expressed the dome shape with his hand gestures.

Noah answered with a small “yes” and then recited the prayer again.

‘Dome shape, dome shape…….’


Then, something unbelievable happened before Noah’s eyes.

The shield really changed and transformed into the shape of a dome that covered everyone.

“Noah-nim, I’m going to test the shield you made today.”


“From now on, the Paladins will hit the shield. Noah-nim, tell me as soon as you feel pain. If that’s okay with you, we’ll see how durable it is.”

“Yes? Yes.”

At first, Darren drew his sword and tapped it.

“Are you all right, priestess?”

“Yes, I am fine.”

Next to him, Gabriel added.

“Noah-nim, you have to keep thinking that you’re blocking him.”


Darren swung his sword sharply.

Bang! It made a sound, but the shield was fine.

When Noah seemed to be okay except for shrinking her shoulder in surprise at the sound, the other paladins also drew their swords.

Bang, bang! Every time she heard the sound, Noah was startled.

Then she tightly closed her eyes.

‘Let’s just think about defense…… Defend, block, block…….’

For a long time, she heard the sword hitting the shield, and it soon stopped.

“Noah-nim, please release it.”

“Yes? Uh…….”

For a moment, Noah, whose face turned white, was silent, and Lina approached and said.

“The release prayer is Piyong, Piyong.”

“Ah, that’s right. Piyung.”

The shield slowly hid its traces.

“I’ve heard rumors that Noah-nim is a saintess, but she’s amazing.”

Noah was startled by Darren’s words.

‘What do you mean, saint? Who? Me? Since when?’

“Noah is burdened by the name of a saint. Please be careful, because the Church has not yet announced it in consideration of Noah-nim.”

Darren nodded at Gabriel’s words.

‘The Church didn’t announce it yet in consideration of me? What does that mean?’

“It’s really reassuring. With such a powerful Saintess, there is really nothing to worry about in this subjugation of Urvas.”

Paladin Heron said with a smile.

When some paladins were looking at Noah, Lan Alcaray slowly walked in front of Noah and knelt down.


“Uh? That, why……”

Being a prince of another country, it is a burdensome position for Noah.

Unlike his blunt first impression, Lan acted astonishingly.

He kissed Noah’s footwear.

“I greet the Saintess.”

Noah’s footwear was covered with dust, but Lan didn’t seem to mind.

Noah’s face turned white.

‘Don’t do this. Why are you doing this to me. Just why are you doing this to me when you are a prince from another country!’

Noah panicked and tapped Lan’s shoulder with a trembling hand.

No, she gently touched it.

“D, don’t do this…… I’m just an ordinary person. Stand up.”

But Lan’s eyes, looking up at Noah, were already filled with awe.

“Sir Alcaray, I know your faith and loyalty to the Church. However, Noah-nim wants to serve in a low position, so please refrain from being overly polite.”

Lan slowly got up at Gabriel’s words. Then he looked down at Noah.

Noah stood there trembling.

“I apologize. I am so tall that I dare to commit a crime of looking down on the Saintess.”

Noah waved her hand.

There is no need for the prince to feel sorry for himself for such a trivial matter.

“I, I like to look up. Looking up at the sky and looking up at people!”

Noah, burdened by Lan’s excessive behavior, said carelessly.

“Noah-nim, this way…….”

Lina took Noah out of the uncomfortable atmosphere.

Lina leaned close to Noah’s side and whispered.

“Lan was a handsome fanatic. I didn’t know that because it wasn’t in the article. I thought it would be better to keep a moderate distance, so I talked to you on purpose.”

“Thank you.”

There was a surge of gratitude for Lina.

Noah clung closely to Lina to avoid being noticed by Lan again.

Fortunately, the fanatic Paladin did not look at Noah and talked eagerly with Gabriel about something.

Meanwhile, Anas, Will, and Lina practiced the prayer again.

Noah glanced at the paladin while watching the scene.

Gabriel, who then made eye contact with Noah, folded his eyes and smiled.

‘Gabriel-nim really is a good person. Even though you noticed my pitiful sincerity yesterday, you smiled sweetly like that.’

Noah smiled awkwardly.

Then Gabriel called out to Noah, perhaps because of an accidental eye contact.

All the paladins looked at Noah with warm eyes, but Noah was a microorganism that lived in a cold region, so this warmth was close to ‘Ah, too hot!’.

Noah, startled, reluctantly walked towards Gabriel.

“Noah-nim has such a great personality that I think you should be careful not to go around alone.”

“Yes? But this place is safe?”

“This place is, but it won’t be very safe if you go to the subjugation of Urvas.”

Noah put her trembling hands together.

After all, such a thing as subjugating demon dragons is too scary and she doesn’t want to go.

She bit her lip. Unknowingly, her hands trembled.

“I, Alcaray, want to escort the Saintess.”

All of a sudden, Lan stepped up.

Noah’s face turned pale with the expressionless, but maddening gaze of a fanatic.

“Wait a moment. Noah-nim’s opinion is the most important when it comes to deciding on her escort. Noah-nim, can we talk for a moment?”


Gabriel gently wrapped his arms around Noah’s shoulder and led her.

As they walked, he asked.

“I didn’t mean to worry you. A person with great talent is likely to have a lot of people trying to stick to them. Besides, Noah-nim, who has just been a priestess, is probably not aware of the filthiness of the world.”


“I am afraid that someone with a bad heart will cling to Noah-nim. So it would be better to have an escort.”

Noah calmed down a little while walking with Gabriel.

She felt a little more comfortable when he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

Since her parents died, Noah has not had much physical contact with others.

Unbeknownst to Noah herself, she used to feel comfortable while in contact with someone.

The relief of not being alone.

Of course, Gabriel did not wrap Noah’s shoulder with that in mind.

“You don’t have to worry too much.”

“As you may know, I…… I am scared of dragons.”

“In this subjugation, dragons will be faced by me and the paladins. Noah-nim can only be faithful to the image of the Church, so don’t feel too pressured.”


Every time she recites the prayer, her powers pour out, so should she take it only for reasons like the image of the Church?

“Is having an escort burdensome?”

“No! I’m scared, so I want someone to be there. I just…… I just realized that I was really going to the subjugation of Urvas……”

“Noah-nim, it is the people, not the dragons, that are the problem for Noah-nim in this subjugation. Your only social life until now was teaching at the education center, so if you meet someone who is determined and tries to deceive Noah-nim, you will not be able to deal with it.”


“There are many evil people in the world. I have to tell you this several times. But really, this is the biggest reason.”

Gabriel grabbed Noah’s arms and looked into her eyes and spoke.

“Noah-nim’s ability is already beyond Urvas’ control.”

Noah looked distrustful at the words, but Gabriel only laughed.

“The divine power is weak against humans, but it’s really powerful against monsters.”

“Well, I wish Sir Darren Gould would escort me rather than His Highness Alcaray.”

Noah spoke softly.

“Sir Alcaray abandoned his position after becoming a Paladin. So, you should call him Sir, not Your Highness. I want that too.”

“Ah, yes. Well, I’m a little overwhelmed by Sir Alcaray……”

The eyes of a fanatic is not to be pleased with. The escort was really necessary, but Lan was burdensome.

“He can’t be Noah-nim’s escort just because he wants to. In addition, Sir Alcaray is having a marriage with Princess Kyria, so it is better to avoid situations that will make her uncomfortable.”



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