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The Duke’s house, who had been in an uproar, soon became calm as if nothing had happened.

Helios, who had been in bed for a few days, fortunately got up quickly.

I took Escal in my spare time after taking care of Helios.

Escal, who was gloomy knowing that Helios was hurt, wrapped around me, he hugged me and cried out loud when he heard that he didn’t have to go to the academy.

There were some ups and downs, but it was fortunate that it was resolved in a good way for everyone.

“Let’s see. Was it from here?”


I sat Escal on my lap and read his favorite book.

I started thinking that if I read a book with the child, he would be able to understand the letters naturally.

“Chapter 1 verse 3. The type and choice of swords.”

When I said that I would read the book he wanted, the book that Escal chose was [Introduction to Swordsmanship].

I read it because my child wanted it, but it was not a very helpful book.

“It is recommended that the length of the sword is longer than one arm and the width is about the length of the index finger. If the weight of the sword is light, it is advantageous for a quick attack, and if it is heavy, it is good to choose it according to your preference.”

It’s hard. It’s hard. Can’t you just go to the blacksmith and ask him to make you the right one?

Escal, who had been concentrating on my words, tilted his head and asked.

“What is a ‘shortcut’?”

“Rapid attack means to attack quickly.”

“What about ‘Strike’?”

“One blow is one attack.”

“Well, then what does ‘preferred’ mean?”

“Preferences mean what you like.”


Escal, who put three words he didn’t know in his head at once, looked sad.

“Simply, if the sword is light, you can attack quickly, and if the sword is heavy, it can deal a lot of damage to the enemy in one attack, so choose the one you want.”

“Ah, yes… I understood.”

He doesn’t seem to understand it at all.

If I had a knack for swords, it would be easier to explain.

I turned the bookshelf thinking that I can’t teach well just because I’m motivated.

“… Haah.”

The next chapter was titled ‘Basic Posture of Swordsmanship’.

It was full of terms I couldn’t understand even with a brief glance.

… I need to get a tutor as soon as possible.

Helios would be a much better teacher than me, but it is my selfishness to place such a burden on someone who has already yielded enough.

As I turned the pages to see if there was an easier part, the child looked at me with anticipation.

Ugh, I’m sorry, Escal. Guess my limit is here.

“Excuse me, madam.”

Just then, Mary opened the library door  and poked her head out.

You’re my savior. Thank you, Mary.

“Duke’s medicine has been warmed up, can I bring it to him?”

“No, I will take it.”

I sat Escal in the chair and got up.

“Escal, let’s read another book next time.”

“Yes. thank you.”

Escal, who jumped out of the chair, bowed politely and left the study.

I watched such a child happily, then took the medicine and headed to the office.

Just as I was about to knock, I heard Helios and the voice of a strange man.

“Did you check who the button is?”

“I haven’t checked yet. It may not be easy to find the owner because it is a button on the knight’s uniform provided by the imperial family as a group.”

“Find out somehow. Because that’s the only way to find out what Charlet did.”

“All right.”

Charlet? Why did the name of Charlet Melks, who died, suddenly appear?

Feeling a chill behind my back, I shook his head and knocked on the door.


“It’s me, Helios. Can I come in?”

Instead of answering, the door swung open. The stranger bowed lightly.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. I will leave the two of you alone.”

“No, we’re done talking.”

“I will go now, Your Excellency.”

The man left the office without giving him a chance to respond.

I felt a strange sense of déjà vu from the back figure that suddenly disappeared.

Where did I see him?

I asked Helios directly as I searched through my fuzzy memories.

“Who is that person?”

“Dustin is my messenger. No need to worry.”

“He’s an errand man?”


If it’s an errand, is it like an informant on a secret job?

It bothered me that he talked about Charlet Melks with such a person, but I didn’t ask any more because it wasn’t something I was curious about.

“Right, take your medicine. It is good to eat when it cools just right.”

“Don’t carry these things yourself.”

“Okay, so let’s start with this.”

“I don’t have to drink it anymore.”

“Don’t say that, you should get well soon.”

As I urged him with a worried expression, Helios reluctantly took the medicine.

“Drink it up, all the medicine.”

Helios, who drank the medicine at once, frowned.

“Do you have any medicine left?”

“You have to eat five more days.”

“I’m better now, so I can stop drinking it.”

“Not until the doctor says it’s okay.”

“What do the doctors know, I’m fine.”

What do you mean? You still have a bad complexion.

I said bluntly, taking an empty bowl.

“You can’t insist on it like a child. So who told you to be sick?”

“If you don’t believe so.”

Helios suddenly got up from his chair and hugged me.


I screamed at the sensation of my feet off the ground, but Helios didn’t blink an eye and put me down on the sofa.

He whispered softly as he hugged me from above as if he had locked me in his arms.

“Check for yourself whether everything is okay or not.”

“Hey, Helios—.”

The hand digging into the dress skillfully removed the thin stockings.

I bit my lip with an exhilarating sensation as if electricity went up all over my body.

“Don’t bite your lip.”

“Hey… Ugh!”

My lips were swallowed without time to prepare.

Skillfully scanning and biting my lips, he invaded my mouth.

At the same time tickling the inside of my mouth, the touch that stimulated me dizzyingly made my head dizzy.

“Hey… if anyone comes in….”

“Don’t worry. There’s no one who will disturb us.”

Helios bit my ear as I tried to turn my head at the sound of the voice wet my ear.

“Why, who do you want to see?”

“What do you mean….. Akh!”

He nailed his teeth to the nape of my neck and almost screamed.

If I scream, everyone nearby will run in.

Then it would be me who would be ashamed.

If Escal sees it… Ugh, that’s never going to happen.

I bit my tongue and barely swallowed the scream.

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something else, but Helios wouldn’t let me go.

“Don’t close your eyes and look at me.”



Rather than being arrogant, I gently opened my eyes to the voice of earnestness.

He looked at me with longing eyes, like a child begging for something, or a person calling for help.

“Yeah, Just look at me and think of me.”


“Don’t go anywhere, stay by my side.”


Helios was as persistent and sometimes rough as he was infinitely affectionate to me.

He caressed the reddened corners of my eyes, after tormenting me until my clean dress was wrinkled badly.

“Did you check properly?”


“My arm is better.”

Did you tease me like this to confirm it? I really can’t live.

“I don’t know.”

When I answered with a lot of resentment, Helios chuckled and whispered.

“If you don’t know—”

“That’s Okay!”

This man is trying to kill me!

I got up, startled by the prank full of sincerity.

My reflection in the window was a mess. That’s how I got out.

I brushed my wrinkled clothes and combed my tangled hair with my hands to tidy up my outfit.

Helios said as he locked each button he had loosened.

“I have notified the Marquis of Melks to return custody of Escal.”


“Well. If the Marquis agrees, you will be able to get the custody back within the next month.”

It hasn’t even been a week since the story came out, but I’m sure it’ll be dealt with quickly.

“I told him to come up with a countermeasure considering that he wouldn’t agree, so don’t worry about that anymore.”

The voice that assured me that it would be resolved was infinitely reliable.

I looked at Helios with the corners of my eyes closed.

Helios made eye contact and smiled.

“I’m also looking for Escal’s tutor. We are looking for someone with good skills, so please wait for a few days.”

He’s very attentive.

I hugged his neck and kissed his neat forehead on the sudden impulse.

“Thank you, Helios.”

“If you are thankful, do it on my lips, not my forehead.”

Oh, I really can’t say anything.





“Madam, do you have any concerns?”


“You’ve been sighing since earlier.”

“Did I?”


Is that so?

At Mary’s point, I clasped my chin and lowered my hand.

Helios went out and Escal was taking a nap, so I could have a leisurely tea time, but I wasn’t comfortable.

“What are you thinking? Is it because of the young master again?”

“No. Not because of Escal, but because of Helios.”

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