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Three days ago, Helios was heading to the estate of the Marquis of Melks.

The Marquis of Melkes was consistently ignoring Escal’s demand for custody back.

After the death of Charlet Melks, it was not surprising that the Marquis treated Helios as an enemy.

Helios didn’t want to see him either. But now that Lenia was struggling with Escal’s custody, it had to be solved.


‘Then I’ll leave.’


A throbbing headache came in.

The day would often come to his mind when Lenia was still not around.

Helios smiled bitterly and wiped his dry face.

Returning to his arms after a long time, she doesn’t seem to like him as much as she used to, which upset him.

At times, she seemed to think of Escal more than me, and, ironically, I was jealous of the child.

However, even if Lenia hated him, he had no intention of giving up on her.

“Sir, I got a reply from the Marquis Melks lawyer.”

Dustin entered the inn and handed him a letter bearing the seal of the Marquis Melks family.

Helios frowned and shook his head.

“Read what they are saying.”

Dustin checked the contents of the letter and opened his mouth.

“I can’t hand over custody to a bloodless woman. And he said it would be difficult to meet him because he has an important appointment, so he said not to come.”

“Does he have an appointment for 3 nights and 4 days?”

Helios snorted at the expected reply.

“Did you confirm what you promised?”

“Yes. I was contacted by a guy who infiltrated the Marquis, and he said it seems to be related to Baron Rockefeller.”

“Baron Rockefeller?”

Helios’s forehead narrowed sharply.

Were Baron Rockefeller and Marquis Melks friends?

The sassy Marquis Melks isn’t the kind of person to make friends with a Baron.

Helios crumpled up the letter, guessing that Baron Rockefeller had contacted the Marquis Melks over Escal’s cancellation of admission to the Delois Academy.

“Summon all the knights and prepare the carriage. It starts right away.”

“Are you going back to the mansion?”

“To Dillua Academy. You better hurry.”




Helios rode all day and arrived at Kingston.

I wanted to get things done quickly and go back to the mansion and sleep with Lenia in my arms.

When I urged the coachman to enter the Dillua Academy, a familiar carriage caught my eye.

“Dustin, stop the carriage.”

Helios jumped out of the carriage and opened the door of the carriage where it was parked.

“What… Ugh!”

Mary, who was sitting alone in the carriage, breathed in surprise.

Helios asked with bitter eyes.

“Why are you here?”

“That, that….”

Helios, who had let go of her stuttering excuses, quickly scanned the carriage.

In the corner of the carriage, Lenia’s clothes were neatly folded.

He asked, glaring at Mary in her thin clothes.

“Where is Lena?”

“… Oh, there’s something she needs to find out, so she went to the academy….”


“It’s been about four or thirty minutes. If she doesn’t come back within two hours, she told me to call the knights…”

“Call the knights immediately and find Lenia, come on!”




I had bad feeling.

After Baron Rockefeller visited the mansion and met Lenia.

No, it’s been that way since I first met the Baron at the Academy.

I thought it was because of Escal that Lenia was particularly sensitive to Baron Rockefeller.

So, as long as Escal’s work was resolved, I thought it would be okay. But-.

“Dustin, bring your sword.”

The academy was empty.

The playground where the children played was quiet, and there was no Baron to be seen in the dean’s office.

Helios drew his sword from its scabbard.

‘Please, just stay safe.’

The hand holding the sword turned white.

I was so nervous that my head was going to explode.

Helios headed into the building feeling like he was going to turn around.

“… Ouch!”

It was then a woman’s moan could be heard in his sharply standing ears.

Helios’ footwork accelerated. His heart pounded wildly at his footsteps.

Please, Lena. Don’t drive me crazy.

There, she was there, running away with the anxiety about to explode.


A large man was covering her mouth with a handkerchief.

Without hesitation, Helios stabbed the man in the back with the sword he was holding.


And Lenia, barely released from the man’s grasp, collapsed to the floor.





‘It’s all because of you! Without you, this wouldn’t have happened!’

‘Get away from him!’

“… Ugh!”

My back was burning hot. I woke up with a feeling of drowsiness.

I was breathing heavily like someone who had fallen into the water and was rescued, and when I woke up, a familiar face was looking down at me.

Helios made eye contact and rubbed his haggard face roughly.

In the dark shadow that fell under his eyes, he unintentionally reached out and stood up from his seat, avoiding my hand.

Helios turned away from me, stood by the window, and looked out in the thick darkness.

I struggled to get my upper body up and sit with my back against the head of the bed.


I had been asleep for a long time, so my voice cracked badly.

I called him one more time, wondering if he didn’t hear me because I didn’t get an answer.



But it wasn’t that he didn’t hear it, it was that he didn’t want to answer.

There was a lot of anger in his face when he turned around.

I had nothing to say, even with ten mouths, so I looked down at my fingertips and traced the vague memories.

What happened?

How I got out of there and how I was lying in my bed was full of doubts.

I thought I was going to die, but maybe the hand holding me was Helios?

I also wondered how that person who said he had an urgent job came to the academy, but his reaction was too cold to ask.

Helios, who had been staring out the window for a while, turned around.

The cold gaze that couldn’t read the emotions took my breath away.

I was choked by the silence that seemed to never go away, so I opened my mouth first.

“When did you come back? You say it’ll take a few more days…”


A long sigh interrupted the conversation.

Helios, who had been staring at me with a tired face, came slowly and stopped by the bed.

“What shall I do with you?”


“What would you like me to do?”


His voice, which had almost no pitch, was damp.

“I’m sorry, I….”



“Let’s take some time to think.”




Helios, who wanted to have time to think, stopped looking for me from that day.

I’m going to ask how long this is for now.

I waited for him to come when his anger subsided, but he did not show up until five days had passed.

“Helios skipped another meal?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t even drink water, let alone food, so I’m worried that he would fall over again.”

“What about sleep?”

“He says he will sleep in the office, but…. Every time I knock, I see he is awake, so I don’t know if he closed his eyes.”

Merlin, who came to me with snacks, complained.

Helios ruined the atmosphere of the mansion, so Merlin came to me and asked to comfort him.

It would be nice if I didn’t provoke more anger rather than reduce it.

I sighed as I looked at the tray.

“Is he still in the office?”

“Yes. He has been locked up in the office for days.”

“All right, just leave him there.”

“Get some rest, madam.”

Merlin left the room with a look of anticipation.


I pulled out the embroidery from the drawer and fiddled with the unfinished black panther.

The day I went to Kingston, the embroidery was still unfinished because I returned without buying a thread.

It’s Helios’ birthday soon, and this kind of atmosphere is…

Yes, even if I get kicked out, I’d rather bump into each other.

I left the room with the tray Merlin had left behind.

Then I went straight to the office, put my ear to the door, and assessed the situation inside.

When I hear no sound, it seems that you are alone.

The hand I raised to knock trembled, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Helios, can I come in?”

There was no answer.

I thought maybe he didn’t answer because he didn’t want to see me, but I cautiously opened the door, wondering if he might have fallen asleep.

Helios sat at the desk and raised his head.

As Merlin said, he’d been slimmer in the last few days.

“Helios, I brought you a snack….”

“Get out.”

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you, I’ll just leave this….”

“Get out, Lenia.”

I couldn’t be more stubborn at the polite but cold refusal.

I got out of the room, put down the tray in front of the office, and stood there for a while.

It happened because of my recklessness, so I couldn’t even dare to feel sad.

I hoped Helios would feel better, but I can’t help it if he says he doesn’t want to see me again.

Even though I knew it, my eyes were clouded with an upset heart.

I bowed my head in fear that anyone might see me, and I hurriedly moved.

As soon as I got back to my room, I burst into tears. I squatted and buried my face in my lap.

Ah, I can’t do this.

I heard that the person who made the mistake cry is the worst.

I bit hismytongue and tried to hold back, but the tears did not stop easily.

“… Are you okay?”

A worried voice was heard from nearby.

As I lifted my head with a wet face, Escal looked at me with a worried expression.

“Why are you crying?”

“Uh, a little… I have a sad thing…”

As I made an excuse, wiping away tears with the back of my hand, Escal reached out a hand like a fern and caressed my face.

Emotions were overwhelmed by the soft touch as if to console the child, and hot water droplets fell on the back of the child’s hand.

Escal, who rubbed the tears that had fallen on the back of his hand, asked with a sad expression.

“Are you crying because of the Duke?”

“No. I did something wrong…”

I smiled forcefully and shook my head.

“Don’t cry.”

“Yes… I’ll be fine soon.”

The child, who had been looking around, not knowing what to do, ran to the dressing table and returned with a handkerchief.

“Wipe it with this.”

Escal hugged me as I wiped my tears with a handkerchief and patted my back.

“If you do this when you are sad, it makes you feel a little less sad.”


“I want you to be less sad because I’ll give you a hug.”

“Thanks, Escal…”

It was the warmest consolation in the world.


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