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The Duke mansion, which was as quiet as a temple, was noisy. It was because of the spring cleaning that started a few days ago.

The servants were busy carrying new furniture and old furniture, and the maids were busy moving with mops to wipe the old dust.

Instead of the velvet curtains hanging over the winter, light and bright chiffon curtains were hung, thick bedding was replaced with new ones, and dust accumulated in every corner of the chandelier was brushed off.

“Madam, could you please check if I am missing anything?”

Merlin brought out a list of newly replaced items.

I thought that a meticulous person must have taken care of it.

“You don’t change any of the office furniture? The desk is very old.”

“Your Excellency told me not to touch the office because he’s busy with work.”

“What about curtains? Even the curtains need to be changed.”

“I told him, but he said he doesn’t need it either, so I leave him alone…”

Ugh. He has been locked up in the office the whole time there’s so much going on.

I wanted him to take a break while changing the curtains, but it was obvious that he wasn’t going to change the curtains because he didn’t want to be interrupted.

“I see. I’ll go see him. Thank you for your effort.”

After returning Merlin, I headed to the office with refreshments.

A spring breeze blew through the open window while cleaning.

I knocked on the office, savoring the scent of flowers carried by the wind.

“Helios, are you busy?”

Helios, who was looking through the documents, raised his head.

A bright smile spread across his tired face.

“Come on.”

Despite being interrupted, Helios greeted me with a smile.

I put down the refreshments I brought and poured out the tea.

“Take it easy. It’s already been a few days.”

“I know, but I have a lot of work to do. I just have to suffer a few more days.”

Helios rubbed his eyes as if he was tired and picked up the teacup.

It was said that the mansion was noisy every day because of what happened at the Dillua Academy, and Helios seemed twice as busy as usual.

There was news that the case would be known to the imperial family and a large-scale investigation would be carried out, but Helios only said that it would be resolved, but did not give any details.

I have committed a crime, so I can’t ask.

As I sighed, I slowly looked around the office.

The desk was filthy with the wax and dripping ink that had melted overnight, and the floor was littered with ruffled blankets.

When the curtains were wide open and the window was open, a cool breeze pushed the old air away.

“I think I’m going to live a little while.”

Helios, who finished his cup of tea, grinned and muttered.

Seeing that the back of his head was pressed, he seemed to have slept on the sofa.

“Did you stay up all night yesterday?”

“I slept on the sofa.”

“Then you’ll get hurt.”

“I didn’t get hurt because I stayed one day. Were you very lonely without me?”

Anyway, it’s amazing to change the subject.

It was obvious that he was trying to move on like a squirrel, so I answered without losing.

“Why don’t you put a bed in the office? Don’t sleep uncomfortable on the sofa, even if you sleep for a while….”

“Are you going to kick me out of the room?”

“I thought you liked the office more than the room. Huh?”

When I asked softly, Helios raised one corner of his mouth gently.

“Yeah, the office is better than the room now.”

Oh, really? Whatever. You know that I’m going to be sad about…

“Because you are in the office.”

In an instant, his face lit up.

“Hey, where do you learn those words?”

“Where do I learn? It just comes out when I see you.”

Wow, I lost.

“I am going out.”

“Why are you leaving already?”

Helios grabbed my waist and placed it on his thigh.

Then he hugged me so I couldn’t move and put his head on my shoulder.

“I think I’m going to live for a while now.”

“If you are tired, close your eyes.”

“I’m not tired at all because I’m doing this.”

I’m not a human charger, can’t I?

It’s a pity I couldn’t help the busy guy, so I only fiddled with the back of his hand.

“I finished cleaning while you stayed here. The furniture was new and the atmosphere of the room was refreshed.”

“… Hmm.”

“I only need to redecorate the office, how about changing everything up as soon as work is finished?”


“It would be much better if we just replaced the curtains and carpets. They even bring a small tea table.”



There was no answer, so I turned my head quietly and heard a calmed breath.

He’s so tired and pretends he’s not.

I leaned back slightly so he could lean more comfortably.

As I was doing this, I felt as if I had become Lenia Evelyn.

I’m not the real Lenia.

“… Sorry.”

“What else?”

Helios, who I thought was asleep, was startled and hardened.

Helios asked, raising his upper body.

“What are you sorry for?”

“That… You’re so busy and I can’t help you at all…”

Helios laughed softly at the clumsy excuse.

“In that case, don’t say I’m sorry, say I love you instead.”


“Tell me.”



Helios, who thought my hesitation was shy, urged me.

I squeezed out the courage I didn’t have and barely spoke.

“… I love you.”

My heart trembled with every word I uttered.

But, wildly, Helios was not satisfied with that.

“Again, I can’t hear you.”

“… I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The touch on the back of my neck was terribly sweet.

Every time he brushed his hand, I felt the feeling of the fur stand up, and as I shrugged, I removed the hand that was stroking the nape of my neck.

“I’ll go to the room tonight.”

My face turned red again at the voice that his regret had not been cleared up.

“When you are free, take a rest. You will be very busy soon.”




Helios, who was looking for Escal’s tutor, has been looking for a much better teacher than expected.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Rubel Espenser.”

“Welcome. I heard about you a lot.”

It was Rubel Espenser, who served as a history and law teacher at the prestigious Primus Academy, and then was scouted as an imperial tutor and taught the Crown Prince for 5 years.

He is a person who has a high nose as much as he has a brilliant career, so no matter how much money you pays for an invitation, he rarely responds.

Helios worked hard.

I smiled at Viscount Espenser, who had a short look, and I tapped Escal on the shoulder.

“Hello, I’m Escalium Anthemion. I will study hard in the future.”

Escal, who had not forgotten the greeting he gave me in the morning, greeted him with a clear pronunciation.

Viscount Espenser bent his knees and set his eye level with the child.

“You are Escalium. How old are you?”

“I, I’m six years old.”

“Go to your room and get ready.”


Escal politely bowed his head and ran into the room.

Viscount Espenser got up with his knees bent and looked him up and down with unfavorable eyes.

It was like observing a person wrapped in a veil.

He said that he had a deep connection with the nobles, so this person must have heard the bad rumors about Lenia Evelyn.

Nevertheless, the reason that he came this far is probably because he was curious about Escal, or the amount Helios offered is so large that it cannot be shaken off.

But even if he was a little offended, he was an important person to Escal, so I had to show it off unconditionally.

I smiled and opened my mouth, pretending not to know his gaze.

“I heard that the Viscount is very strict with students, so thank you for being our tutor for Escal.”

“Excuse me, ma’am, I haven’t accepted this job yet.”


“As I said a little while ago, I am very strict with students. It’s not my style to waste time holding on to a child with no knowledge.”

Indeed, this is going to raise your nose.

“That’s right. If so, you’d better see. Escal was so smart that it was difficult for me to teach on my own.”

“A child’s intellectual level reflects the intellectual level of the parent. That being said, I am very much looking forward to it.”

No this guy.

“I believe Escal will live up to the teacher’s expectations.”

“Well, let’s just see.”




I grumbled to myself and led the Viscount to Escal’s room.

Escal, who was sitting in front of the desk and waiting with a book open, jumped up.

“Sit down.”

Contrary to the way he treated me, he spoke harshly but kindly.

Escal, who sat down, fiddled with his suspenders and glanced at me sideways.

While smiling at the nervous child, Viscount Espenser sat down next to Escal.

“I’ll ask them to bring some refreshments. What kind of tea is…”

“I don’t need it, please leave.”


“This is my first class, so I want to talk only with young master Escalium.”

Even if you go to private tutoring, it’s normal for your parents to watch the first class, but why is he so fussy when we paid a lot of money?

“Aren’t you going to leave?”

“Viscount Espenser, Escal is still young and has never been alone with strangers, so he need to get used to it, so today I…”

“Even if it’s Your Majesty the Empress, not the Duchess, comes, she will also not be allowed to attend the class.”

You’re funny, I wanted to reply, but I can’t refute it because he was the Crown Prince’s tutor.

I backed away from the strong will that my education policy could never be violated.

“Then please take good care of him.”


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  1. I wouldn’t accept it. It’s okay if the child is older and after the fist day of class but on 1st day of a 1 on 1 tutoring, specially. You wouldn’t be getting alone with my child let alone in my child’s room. It will be on a reading room or something like that. More open and with me going in and out whenever and wherever.