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“… What?”

Now… What did Escal call Helios?

I blinked and looked at Escal and Helios alternately.

Looking at Helios’ expression, I don’t think I heard it wrong.

“Ah, good night!”

Escal’s face became red as a ripe blush, Escal put the card on Helios’ lap and ran away.

Bang! The closed door shook loudly.

Helios looked embarrassed and had a bewildered expression on his face.

“What are you doing, read it.”

“… What? Yeah.”

As I pointed to the card on his lap, Helios came to his senses and picked up the card.

The letter, written in crooked handwriting, was short but sweet and lovely.


To my father


Father, happy birthday.

In the future, I will study hard, practice swordsmanship, and become a good Escal.

Thank you for raising me.




Is there any other child who is this kind and lovely?

I smiled at his unique and proud heart.

Helios, too, had an awkward expression on his face, even though he didn’t know what to do with the name ‘Father’.


“Are you impressed?”

“… No, I’m surprised that this guy’s writing is so messed up.”

Helios, who had been reading and re-reading a few lines of text, put down the card while hesitating his answer.

So, he can’t be honest.

“How can a six-year-old do better than this?”

He shunned his eyes awkwardly at a slight scolding.

Normally, he would have boasted that he was much better than Escal at this age, but seeing that he doesn’t, he seems to be quite impressed.

I picked up the card he had put down and stroked the child’s handwriting.

“My son, didn’t he grow up too well?”

“… Uh.”

His voice trembled slightly as it flowed slowly.

I smiled brightly at him.

The overwhelming happiness overflowed.




After a brief moment of happiness, the day of the decisive battle came.

“You have to be modest. Don’t talk too much, and don’t get angry because something.”

“Okay, so stop nagging.”

“It’s because I’m worried.”

“If you have time to worry about me, wash the blankets or something.”

“Hah, I see. Please be careful.”

Mary, who came out to see off the carriage, grumbled while sticking her lips out.

I leave Mary and waved to Escal.

“I’ll be back soon, Escal. I’ll have fun.”

“Yes. Goodbye.”

Escal bowed as if his head was touching the ground and greeted me.

“Come on. We will be late.”

As soon as I got on the carriage at Helios’ urging, the carriage started moving.

When I left the mansion, I realized once again that I was going to the Imperial Palace.


“What are you so nervous about?”

Helios, who was sitting across from me, asked with a frown.

“I am on my way to see His Majesty, and of course I am nervous. You’re fine because you’re used to it.”

“Don’t worry. He’s not a scary person.”

“But still…”

Helios whispered when I couldn’t let go of my worries.

“Don’t worry, just trust me. I will take care of everything.”

“I see.”

Not really reliable either.

While I was trying to calm myself down, the carriage arrived at the Imperial Palace.

On Helios’ birthday, a servant dressed in the same clothes as those who had come to the mansion greeted us at the front door.

“Welcome, sir. Your Majesty is waiting.”

“Please guide us.”

“Come this way.”

I took Helios’ hand and followed the man into the Imperial Palace.

The inside of the Imperial Palace was so dazzling that it made my eyes dizzy.

Ornate marble floors, intricately carved columns, gilded window frames and chandeliers glistened in reflections.

Portraits of successive Emperors were hung on the walls, and various ceramics and ornaments were lined up.

It was a splendid and luxurious atmosphere, completely different from the residence of the Emperor’s sister, Grand Duchess Crawford.

‘But Grand Duchess Crawford deserves to be worried.’

While looking around frantically, the servant stopped in front of a large door.

“Your Majesty, the Duke and Duchess of Anthemion have arrived.”

“Come in.”

The tension that I had forgotten for a moment flooded back into the man’s voice from the inside.

“Let’s go in.”

After taking a short breath, I entered the room.

The Emperor and the Empress were seated in a large audience room, and some nobles and servants stood beside them.

The Emperor, who sat on a high and splendid altar, looked sad when he said good things, and weak when he said bad things, as Helios said.

On the other hand, the Empress is elegant but sensitive and strong, so I thought it would be difficult to deal with.

Helios went to the center of the audience and bowed one knee to greet him.

“I see, Your Majesty.”

“Come here, Duke and…

The Emperor’s eyes turned to me.

As Viscount Espenser had instructed me, I lifted the hem of the dress and bent my knees.

“I see Your Majesty the Emperor. My name is Lenia Anthemion.”

“You are the famous Duchess. Nice to meet you.”

“It is an honor to meet with Your Majesty.”

“Come on, get up.”

When she woke up to the Emperor’s gesture, the Empress opened her mouth this time.

“You are the Duchess of Anthemion. I heard a lot of rumors.”

“My pleasure, Your Majesty.”

“I heard that you were married to the Duke of Anthemion a few months ago, but I have never seen you before, and now I am seeing you.”

It means why didn’t you come to the Imperial palace after marrying Helios?

Instead of me choosing an answer, Helios opened his mouth.

“Shehaven’t been able to visit this person for a while because she’s not strong enough to do outdoor activities.”

“It is. It’s amazing that such a weak person jumps into such a dangerous place and even gets a commendation.”

“It is an exaggerated word. Her Majesty the Empress.”

Helios flexibly accepted the Empress’s vague sarcasm as if it was a compliment or a curse.

In the awkward atmosphere, the Emperor changed the topic.

“Okay, then, we exchanged greetings, so let’s get to the point. Sir Grenier. Bring the citation.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor’s assistant, Count Grenier, handed the scroll in his hand to the Emperor.

And he directed me to kneel under the throne.

As instructed, I knelt down and bowed my head, and the Emperor read the citation.

“Lenia Anthemion made a great contribution to the stability of the Empire by making a great contribution to the stability of the Empire by using her fragile body.”

The emperor came down from the throne and presented the commendation personally.

It was an unconventional move considering that it was common to pass it on through an aide.

I politely accepted the citation and stepped back.

“And this is a prize that we prepared separately.”

Count Grenier handed the box to the Emperor’s glance.

“Open it.”

What is this, ornaments? jewel?

I opened the box with anticipation, recalling the birthday present Helios received.

… What is this?

What was in the box was a book. It is also a collection of proverbs that are quite boring.

“I heard that the Duke’s son is very smart. Your Majesty has specially prepared this book for him because his parent’s role is so important to properly teach a child.”

The words sounded plausible, but the intent of the gift of the book of proverbs is obvious.

It means that you should listen to the advice of the old people and be careful with your mouth.

“I will cherish this precious gift.”

There were a lot of things I wanted to say, but I quietly retreated back because I didn’t know what would happen if I talked about it here.

A satisfied smile appeared on the face of the Empress, who had succeeded in closing my mouth.

That was the moment.

“Now that the awarding of the citation has been completed, it is time to focus on the investigation. Your mmMajesty.”

Grand Duchess Crawford, who watched the ceremony, poured cold water into the atmosphere that was about to pass.

“The Duchess of Anthemion risked her life to uncover the infidelity of Baron Rockefeller, so shouldn’t her efforts be in vain?”

“Well, you are right, but the investigation is difficult because Baron Rockefeller is seriously injured.”

“I know that Baron Rockefeller’s life is at stake. But I was told that even if he did not open his mouth, there was enough evidence to prove his guilt.”

“That’s true, but…”

The Emperor blurred his word.

“It is a case of missing children. If your Majesty dismisses it lightly as the work of the common people, how will the people trust and follow Your Majesty?”

The Emperor’s shoulders shrank at the harsh rebuke of the Grand Duchess.

“Resume the investigation quickly, before it is too late. Whoever is involved in this must be thoroughly uncovered.”

“Your Majesty has all your thoughts, but it seems the Grand Duchess is pushing him too hard.”

The Empress, who had been listening quietly, opened her mouth with an uncomfortable expression.

But Grand Duchess Crawford didn’t care.

“Caution is necessary when making a judgment, not when ordering an investigation. Someone may be destroying the evidence at this very moment.”

Grand Duchess Crawford spoke exactly what I had said and put the Emperor into a corner.

The Empress shot at her with a boiling face.

“The Grand Duchess seems to have a suspicious person.”

“It’s not that, but I won’t reveal it here, considering Your Majesty’s side.”

Of course, Grand Duchess Crawford did not retreat an inch.

“Also, even if the person involved in this is me, Your Majesty’s sister, Your Majesty must handle the matter in principle.”


“Do not forget that everyone is watching Your Majesty.”

“… Yes.”

The Emperor reluctantly answered.

Grand Duchess Crawford, who had received the answer from Emperor, came out and looked at Helios and said:

“And leave the investigation right to the Duke of Anthemion.”


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