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“Wake up.”

I hesitated to answer and grabbed his hand and stood up.

Up until last night, all his fingers, which had been smooth without a single wound, were in a swelled state.


Helios, who called to me with a friendly voice, gently placed his lips together.

Sweet breaths mixed and then dispersed repeatedly.

After a deep kiss, Helios raised his head.

Thousands of emotions melted in the faint smile.

I’m not the real Lenia Evelyn, so I made up my mind not to be mistaken, but it wasn’t easy.

It was the first time someone loved me so blindly, so I wanted to respond to his earnestness.

I gently grabbed his hand caressing my cheek and smiled faintly.

Helios didn’t get an answer, but as if that was enough, Helios smiled.

As if I could hear the beating of my heart beating as if it would stop at any moment, I pretended to be calm and turned around.

“It’s so pretty here. It’s a pity to see only us here, if Escal is with…”


There is power in the soft voice.

“Let’s not talk about other people.”


“Today, I want you and me to think only of the two of us.”

If I’m stubborn, my antipathy towards Escal will only get worse.

“I see.”

As if satisfied with my answer, Helios raised an eyebrow slightly.

“Promise me you’ll never leave me again.”

“… Okay.”

The winter wind that came in through the crack in the door shook the flower stalks.

Paper petals that fell in the wind fluttered  beautifully.

Helios hugged me tightly once more.

It was no longer cold.




Merlin Strang, the loyal butler of the Duke of Anthemion, was very satisfied with the atmosphere of the Duke of Anthemion, which has become so soft in recent times.

Having dedicated himself to the Dukedom for several generations, he felt very sorry for the Duke’s desolate state after Helios’s marriage.

Helios, who was blunt but affectionate, became more sensitive, and Charlet Melks, who had been neglected by her husband, took time to avenge her employees.

As a result, most of the employees could not stand it and either left the Duke’s house or rushed to watch the owner’s attention.

However, when Lenia became the Duchess, the dukes regained stability.

“They said that madan raised her salary by 10%!”

“She even gave me a full month vacation.”

“They even changed the clothes and bedding with new ones. If you need anything, just tell me.”

The maids, who could not breathe under the harsh hostess, united their voices and praised Lenia.

Although he didn’t say it out loud, Merlin also had a crush on Lenia.

Helios, who had been suffering from insomnia since she arrived, appears to be more stable.

‘If there’s anything Escal needs, buy it. For necessary expenses, use the budget allocated in front of me.’

The benevolent hostess took special care of her stepson as well.

In fact, Merlin guessed that Lenia would hate Escal.

Isn’t it more strange to like the son of a woman who stole the man she loved?

But his expectations were pleasantly wrong.

‘I tell you that I will not forgive you if you treat Escal badly.’

Lenia loved Escal more than his biological mother.

Until then, although he felt sorry for Escal, no one took care of him.

It was because he was afraid that he might catch the Duke’s eyes.

However, when Lenia publicly caring Escal, the employees began to treat him as a master.

‘Now, only he should open his heart.’

Merlin stopped walking while still thinking of the cold Helios to Escal.

Standing in front of the office, he knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Merlin stared at the servants around him from a distance and entered the office.

“Did you call me, sir?”


Helios, who was reviewing the documents, raised his head.

“Find out what the admissions process for Dillua Academy is like.”

“Dilua Academy, is it an educational institution that trains soldiers?”

“Yeah, there.”

“What’s going on there….”

“I need to get Escal into the Dillua Academy.”

Helios nailed it to the question he asked.

Merlin’s face turned pale in an instant.

The Dillua Academy was a place to train lower-ranking soldiers, and it was like an orphanage for children who had no place to go except for the name of the academy.

To take the son of Duke Anthemion to such a place.

Merlin replied calmly.

“It is a place where the commoners go. Most of the children of noble families attend Primus Academy….”

“Isn’t Primus Academy only accepting admission to children over the age of ten?”

“It is, but sir. If it’s because of the education, let’s find a competent tutor… ”

“You don’t understand me.”

Tak, Helios said as he put down his quill.

“I want to keep Escal away from Lena.”

“Sir, Madam likes him very much.”

“I know. That’s why I’m sending Escal.”

“Think again. This is a task that depends not only on the master but also on the honor of the Duke.”

“Merlin, do you think I have called you to discuss this?”


Merlin bowed his head at the cold tone.

Helios is not a master who harasses his employees, but he is also not generous enough to overlook the superiority of his employees.

But Merlin thought that even if he was ready to fire, he had to stop this.

“If you want to separate the two, why not send the master to the Marquis of Melks instead?”

“You’re talking nonsense.”

Helios’ voice filled with anger.

Realizing that he had spoken in a hurry, Merlin chewed his tongue.

After the sudden death of Charlet Melks, the Marquis publicly criticized Helios for treating her daughter.

The Marquis rumored that Helios had conspired with Lenia to poison Charlet Melks, while insisting that Escal was the heir to the Duke of Anthemion.

By the time Helios, who had been focused on finding Lenia, found out about it, his and Lenia’s reputation had already been ruined.

If Escal had been sent to Marquis, it was likely that only conflict would arise.

Helios did not point out the frivolity of the butler.

“I don’t want to talk too much. As soon as possible, check the admission process for the Delois Academy and report it.”

“But sir….”

Merlin tried to deter Helios one last time, but Helios was stubborn.

“Get out of here.”

“… I will take your orders.”





Merlin came out of the office door and wiped a cold sweat from his face.

I said yes to Helios’ coercion, but I felt gloomy.

To throw the Duke of Anthemion’s only son in a place where even a low-class aristocrat won’t send their children.

Isn’t this the same as saying that Escal will not be his successor?

“This is a big deal.”

“What’s the big deal?”

Merlin’s face turned white as he raised his head suddenly at the sound of a shrill voice.


On the other side of the hallway, Lenia was staring at Merlin with her head tilted.

Merlin, who was biting his lips to make an excuse, looked down, unable to find a place to lay his eyes.

Lenia, who glanced at the closed office, silently nodded as if to follow.

After moving to the library, where people rarely visit, she asked directly.

“Now tell me. what’s going on.”

Merlin’s throat clenched at the calm but sharp question.

When there was hardly any answer, Lenia asked again.

“Did Helios do anything difficult for you?”

“It’s nothing.”

“It doesn’t seem like nothing happened.”

Merlin let out a long breath after reading that she would not back down easily.

He wondered what would happen if he made a rash joke and split the relationship between Helios and Lenia, but Lenia might be able to break Helios’ stubbornness.

He spoke frankly about what had happened in the office with a glimmer of hope.

“Your Excellency says that he will send the master to the Dillua Academy.”

“Dilua Academy? What is he doing there?”

“It is a place where children from poor families attend… You can think of it as a training center that trains lower soldiers.”

“A place where commoner children are gathered to train soldiers?”

Lenia tilted her head and asked.

“That’s right. Despite the name of the academy, it is not a suitable place for children of noble families to attend.”

It’s smooth explained, but if Merlin says it’s a ‘big deal’, it’s clear that Escal should not be there.

“Why did he send Escal to such a place?”

“Since the master is young, it is the only place where he can be admitted.”

“Then we can send him somewhere else after Escal is a little bigger, right?”

“I think it would be better to do what Madam said, but….”

Merlin looked into Lenia’s eyes, and bluterd his words.

Lenia, noticing the meaning hidden between the lines, frowned.

“The will of Helios is stubborn.”

Merlin added cautiously.

“Yes. Your Excellency is asking you to quickly learn about the admissions process, and the Academy doesn’t want to miss out on a talented person like him, so once we start the process, it won’t take long to enter.”

“I will talk to Helios, so please find out as slowly as possible. For the time being, only the butler knows about this.”

“All right.”

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