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Even the people who were flirting with others as if they were not interested in other people’s gifts looked at the box with their eyes shining.

As the wealth of the Anthemion Duke family was their wealth, it was expected that they would have prepared an extraordinary gift.

‘It’s a great gift, in many ways.’

The Empress’s eyes fluttered slightly when she checked the gift.

What we prepared was a set of accessories that were crafted with the highest quality, from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even brooches.

“Oh my God, look at that jewel. How much is that?”

“It’s from Duke of Anthemion.”

The most expensive gift among the gifts that have been revealed so far has exploded with excitement.

However, even the faint smile disappeared from the face of the Empress, who looked at the jewel carefully.

I would have done the same if I were the Empress, because…

“This is a magic stone.”

“That’s right. Not long ago, I happened to go to a magical gemstone mine and had the opportunity to obtain it, so I entrusted it to a craftsman to make it.”


“Do you like it?”

The Emperor’s face hardened at Helios’ answer.

There is only one magic crystal mine in the Empire. So, when people mention Magic Stone, they naturally think of Duke Eaton.

It was actually a rather provocative attempt to select the magic stone as a birthday present for the Empress, the Duke of Eaton’s sister.

‘It was prepared as a warning because the Empress’s treatment was too much….’

Had I known how to open a gift like this in public, I would have prepared something else, but the water has spilled, so I can’t help it.

The Empress who covered the box loudly didn’t hide her displeasure.

“I know the Duke took special care, but there are so many magic stones that even I get tired of them.”

“Oh, I guess so. I was only thinking of getting a high-quality magic crystal and presenting it to Her Majesty the Empress, but I couldn’t figure it out until then.”

The corners of the Empress’s lips twitched subtly.

“Come to think of it, didn’t you say that the reason you went to the Magic Stone Mines was to find the Duke’s son?”

“To be precise, my search for my son’s whereabouts led me to the Magic Stone Mines.”

“So, did you find the duke’s son there?”

The Empress’s lips twisted openly. Helios answered bluntly.

“Not quite, but there was a great harvest, as you know.”


The atmosphere was chilly.

The Empress, who bit her lips, opened her mouth again.

“Come to think of it, I heard some strange things.”


“Is there a rumor that the Duke’s son was kidnapped, and it was his own play.”


There was a great commotion in the banquet hall.

Not only the nobles, but also Grand Duchess Crawford had a surprised face.

I stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, what do you mean by that? Weren’t you there the day Escal disappeared?”

“It was. But I can’t tell the truth because I’ve only heard from madam that the child is gone.”

“Your Majesty, I believed that your Majesty, the mother of three children, would sympathize with the feelings of a mother who has lost her child.”

My voice trembled violently as emotion overtook me.

“It is heartbreaking to hear that Your Majesty, who knows how I was after losing Escal, brings up such a rumor.”

I was so angry that tears welled up in my eyes.

Helios grabbed my shoulder in a timely manner, and the exuberant murmur soon turned into sympathy.

Still, the Empress was determined.

“Well, I’ve never raised anyone else’s child.”

Wait, what is that woman saying now?

Just as I was about to shout out in an angry mood, Helios grabbed my arm and stepped forward.

“Your Majesty, Empress. Do you have any basis for what you just said?”

“Am I going to tell you something I don’t know in front of so many people? I heard that the Duke himself tried to investigate Baron Rockefeller, but when it didn’t work, he abducted and accused the Duke of Eaton to avoid reproach from His Majesty.”

The Empress continued to speak in a stern voice.

If you had a head, you would know how absurd that is.

Helios started the investigation because the Duke’s name was written on the ledger, and the Duke of Eaton, whose tail was trampled on, kidnapped Escal to interfere with the investigation.

At this point, it was enough to stop them, but the Emperor didn’t say a word and just listened to his wife.

Helios let out an exaggerated sigh.

“I don’t know who said it, but Her Majesty seems to have forgotten that I gave up my authority to investigate to find Escal.”

“It could be just to show off. After all, you did use your investigative powers to arrest the Duke of Eaton, didn’t you?”

“Are you saying that I unfairly framed an innocent person?”

At the same time as Helios’s expression sharpened, a light of embarrassment appeared on the Empress’s face.

She seemed to be aware that she had crossed the line, but she didn’t back down, thinking that she would lose if she stepped out of here.

“What I want to ask is not that, but where the duke’s son has been all this time.”

The Empress’s gaze turned to Escal.

“Isn’t it strange that there is no explanation as to where and how a six-year-old child survived a month?”

There are many strange things.

“That is-.”

“You answer me, Escalium. Where have you been?”

She cut off my words and asked Escal.

“Your Majesty, Empress. I will tell you.”

“I’m asking Escal, Duchess of Anthemion.”

Again she cut me off sharply.

Her tone was reprimanding, and Escal tightened his grip on the hem of my dress.

Childishly. Does she have to point out a child like this?

My teeth clenched, ready to shout at her.

“He was with me.”

A gruff man’s voice came from the back of the ballroom.

Everyone’s eyes turned to the back at once.

A man with impressive white hair bowed politely.

The Emperor, who watched the uninvited guests attentively, jumped up from his seat.

“Baron Hazel?”




The Emperor, who jumped down from the throne, rushed to Baron Hazel.

That’s pretty disgraceful for an Emperor’s behavior.

In a bewildered atmosphere, the Emperor grabbed Baron Hazel’s hand.

“How long has it been, Baron!”

… Ah, yes. You must be acquainted.

Baron Hazel was the commander of the Imperial Knights Guard, so the Emperor must know him.

“I apologize for the long absence, Your Majesty..”

“Where have you been all this time, and now you show up?”

The Emperor was very pleased and asked a question, and Baron Hazel opened his mouth politely.

“My granddaughter was not feeling well, so I spent time recuperating in a quiet place.”

“If something like that happened, you should have come to me. Didn’t I promise to help the Baron whenever you’re in trouble?”

The Emperor said to Baron Hazel, as if he was sad.

The Empress asked with a puzzled face at the unexpected situation.

“Your Majesty, who is that person?”

“Ah, Empress. Say hello to Baron Hazel, he was the commander of the knights of His Majesty the previous Emperor.”

“Ah… Yes. Nice to meet you, Baron.”

The Empress nervously returned the greeting.

It was a pity that he couldn’t finish the story, but the Emperor held Baron Hazel’s hand and spoke.

“When I was young, I was attacked by an assassin, and the Baron threw himself to the rescue. He was a life saver for me. I was going to repay you when I ascended the throne, but he disappeared overnight.”

“It’s just that I’ve fulfilled my duty as the commander of the knights, but it’s unreasonable to say that it’s a reward.”

Baron Hazel humbly bowed his head.

The Empress smiled twistedly.

“But what happened to a person who had been away from the Imperial capital for such a long time to come here all of a sudden?”

“I came up because I had some business to do, but when I heard that there was a banquet, I wanted to say hello to His Majesty, so I went to see him without any disrespect.”

“What a sad thing to say. It was nice to see you again, Baron.”

The Emperor patted the Baron on the shoulder and smiled.

Baron Hazel’s smile turned to Escal. As their eyes met, Escal smiled broadly.

Baron Hazel opened his mouth.

“Your Majesty, seems to have something to ask, so can I continue what I said before?”

“Ah, you may speak.”

“As I said before, Escal was with me. The child was lying in the woods, so I brought him home and gave him treatment.”


“The child was seriously injured and it was urgent to save his life, so there was no time to look for his parents. So I waited for him to recover and sent him back to the Duke.”

“I see, the Baron has saved another life.”

Helios naturally intervened in the conversation.

“That’s right. In fact, it was Baron Hazel who saved me from the magic crystal mine.”

“Oh, really?”

The Emperor asked with surprised eyes.

“I needed a cure for my granddaughter, so I went to the Magic Stone Mine and accidentally saw a fight and helped.”

“Then it must have been the Baron who helped my soldiers that day.”

The Marquis of Hallstein broke through the crowd and stepped forward.

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  1. Such a shameless empress ckck. Emperor should man the f up and threw her away. She’s long lost her usefulness now that Duke Eaton, her brother is out of the pict