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“So, what did Your Majesty say?”

“The meeting was interrupted and he dismissed them to talk about it again the next day, but then all the nobles who weren’t at the council meeting came in and offered their resignations, so I guess the Emperor was so embarrassed that he withdrew to pretend it never happened.”

I took a sip of the fragrant tea and nodded at the words of the Countess Turner.

When the Countess Walford heard the story, she smiled.

“I am glad that Your Majesty is a generous person, it must have been a disaster.”

“Your Majesty must know the reality. How foolish it is to turn nobles into enemies.”

Grand Duchess Crawford put down her teacup and opened her mouth.

She’d expected to be scolded for having the audacity to confront the Emperor on the topic of Dukes.

I was only able to relax a little, I prepared to be severely scolded because Helios was the one who drew the trigger for this incident.

“My husband said that he would see His Majesty soon and apologize.”

“What apology. Tell him to quit. Then there is another person who will be elated.”

The Grand Duchess answered firmly.

He was strict, but weak to the Emperor.

He’d been rejected twice for meeting the Emperor and had suffered the Empress’s disrespect, so he had quite a bit of resentment built up.

Grand Duchess Crawford said to the Countess Turner.

“You, too, tell the Count to keep his seat. One who knows how important the position of Imperial Chief Judge is should not so irresponsibly abandon it.”

“It’s not just because of His Majesty that we are leaving the capital…”

“I know. A threatening letter is coming?”

The Countess Turner glanced at her sister, the Countess of Walford.

Grand Duchess Crawford looked at her and said.

“I will speak to the Duke of Anthemion and see if he can help us.”

“Even so, I talked with my husband, but I think Your Majesty will be offended…”

She looked into the eyes of Grand Duchess Crawford, and murmured her words.

“We’re trying to catch someone who disturbs the law of the Empire, so what will Your Majesty be offended by?”


“Don’t say that, let’s go and discuss it. You wouldn’t feel comfortable with him playing around in the imperial capital either.”

“I will.”

She bowed her head politely.

‘The order to regulate the number of enlisted has also been withdrawn, so it will be fine.’

The attempt to make the number of soldiers owned by nobles more transparent made sense, but it wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Now, the nobles can’t attack another’s territory because they don’t know the size of each other’s troops, but if they know the number of soldiers, they are likely to threaten outright.

In addition, if the size of the enlisted soldiers decreased, it would be difficult to help the Emperor in case of emergency, and the independence of the territory would also be significantly reduced.

Even the Emperor who came up with a regulatory plan in a hurry wouldn’t have been able to think about it.

“Still, the Duke of Eaton’s harm was great, and I’m glad it’s been sorted out like this.”

The Countess Walford said sweetly, as if trying to evoke the mood.

I put down my teacup and opened my mouth.

“I think it’s too early to say it’s been sorted out.”

“What do you mean?”

I answered Countess Turner’s question.

“From the point of view of the aristocrats, they think that the Duke of Eaton is over, but from the point of view of the commoners, that is not the case.”


“Come to think of it, parents who have lost their children are gathering in front of the Imperial Palace day and night to protest.”

said the Countess of Walford, watching the Grand Duchess Crawford’s eyes.

“I heard that the guard tried to force the dissolution but failed.”

“If you touch an angry crowd and things get bigger, Your Majesty will be in trouble…”

“Perhaps for failing to rein in my brother.”

Grand Duchess Crawford cut off her words coldly.

I wet my throat with cold tea and opened my mouth.

“But we can’t just let the atmosphere turn sour after the Duke of Eton’s trial, can we?”


“I think… I would like to open a small event that will open their hearts.”

“What event are you talking about?”

Countess Turner asked, tilting her head.

“After the construction of the Dillua Academy is finished, we are planning to hold a reopening ceremony and recruit children.

“Are you going to invite them there?”

Countess Walford asked in a puzzled tone, and then Grand Duchess answered on my behalf.

“I think that’s a good idea.”

“You’re giving them permission?”

“If you can appease them by doing that, you should. It is not desirable to just watch the public sentiment deteriorate.”

“If there is a commotion…”

“What can you do with that? I agree.”

“Thank you, Grand Duchess.”

As I bowed my head to thanked her, the Grand Duchess stood up.

“I’m tired, so I have to go in first.”

“I’m going to go back too.”

“You’re leaving already?”

The Countess Turner held me sadly as she followed the Grand Duchess out of the parlor.

“Because it’s the day that a precious guest is supposed to come.”

“Oh, I see, then I shall see you again soon.”

“Yes. Until next time, then, Your Highness.”

“Be careful and going back.”






As soon as I returned to the mansion, Escal ran out.

“Mom, do I look good in this?”

Escal, wearing a children’s navy blue tuxedo, looked up at me with twinkling eyes.

A tuxedo for a banquet on this hot day.

Just as I was about to answer if it would be better to wear cool clothes, Mary jumped out of Escal’s room and shook her head with four fingers spread out.

‘It’s your fourth suit.’

“Yes. It suits you very well.”


Sweat was glistening on the smiling child’s face.

I was worried that he might get sweaty, but I couldn’t help it because he wanted to wear it.

I smiled, stroking his well-combed hair.

“You like it that much?”


Without any hesitation, the answer came immediately.

It’s no use raising a son.

No matter how much the heroine is, is she better than his mother?

With a slightly sad heart, I looked Escal and asked Mary.

“Have you cleaned out all the guest rooms?”

“Yes. As you said, we have prepared a children’s bed and a table.”

“Good job. They’ve come a long way and will be hungry, so tell the kitchen…”

“Madam, the carriage has arrived.”

The servant ran to the front door to announce the arrival of the guest.

Before I could answer, Escal ran out first.

‘Did you really like her?’

As I left the mansion thinking I couldn’t stop it, Baron Hazel was holding the little lady and dropping her off the carriage.



After being reunited with Tiaris, Escal ran quickly and hugged the child tightly.

“Are you okay, brother?”

“Yeah, is your fever gone?”

“Yes, Tia is all right!”

“Thank god. Don’t get sick.”

“I don’t want you to get sick either.”

What a cute view.

I don’t think even a couple who haven’t seen each other in a long time would be as affectionate as that.

“Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen you like that, Master.”

Mary, who followed me, said to me with a cute smile.

“I’ve never seen him do that either.”

While the two children shared a touching farewell, Helios, who had gone to pick up Baron Hazel, got out of the carriage.

I slowly made my way down the stairs to Helios and Baron Hazel.

“Welcome, Baron.”

“Good to see you again, madam.”

Baron Hazel bowed politely and said while pointing at Tiaris.

“She is my granddaughter. Tia, you need to say hi.”

Tiaris, who was still in Escal’s arms, pushed him away and placed her hands respectfully over her navel.

Then she bowed her head as if her head was touching the ground.

“Hello, I’m Tiaris.”

“Nice to meet you. You look very pretty.”

“Thank you. Escal’s mom is very pretty too.”


I didn’t expect to hear such a thing from this cute little girl.

Helios, who had been listening to the conversation, spoke up

“The little lady speaks so well that I can be beaten.”

“I know, right. She looks very smart.”

In the original work, Tiaris was portrayed with a normal appearance, but in reality, she was very bright and cute.

‘You mean she’s the reason our Escal is in so much trouble?’

I said to Baron Hazel with a wide smile.

“You had a hard time coming here. I have prepared a room for you, so go in and rest.”

“Ah, I told the Duke, but we’ve decided to stay in the outbuildings.”

“The outbuildings?”

“Yes. If Tia and I stay in the mansion, many people will be uncomfortable.”

“But the outbuildings are where the servants live, so the rooms are small and the facilities are…”

“It’s okay. I’ve been living in the woods, but I can sleep anywhere.”

Baron Hazel shook his head stubbornly.

“It’s only a place to stay until I find a place to live, so one bed is enough.”

“There are a lot of rooms left in the mansion…”

“If we stay in such a nice place, Tia will have a hard time later.”

Baron Hazel politely declined.

As I hesitated, Helios opened his mouth with a wink at me.

“I’ll tell them to prepare a room in the outbuildings, so let’s go inside.”


“Come in, Escal.”


Escal grabbed Tiaris’s hand and hurriedly entered the mansion.

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