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Escal’s voice echoed through the mansion along with the loud footsteps.

After Tiaris came, the word that came out the most from Escal’s mouth was ‘Tia’.

As soon as Escal opened his eyes, he started looking for Tiaris, and Tiaris also called Escal from time to time.

It’s nice to have a good relationship, but as he put everything aside and focused only on playing with Tiaris, I got a little worried.

“Tia, shall we eat lunch and play ball in the garden?”

In the afternoon when Helios and Baron Hazel were out, Escal whispered to Tiaris while eating.

I asked with a stern voice, wanting to keep watching.

“Escal, have you finished your homework?”

“Uh… I am going to do it now.”

“Viscount Espenser will be here in a few minutes, and you haven’t done it yet?”


Only then did Escal, realizing his sin, shrug his neck.

It was a good time to play, not to be burdened with homework, but Escal was the heir to the Duke of Anthemion, so I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“I suppose you should finish your homework and play before the teacher gets here?”

“… Yes.”

Escal answered in a crawling voice.

Tiaris, who was watching, whispered softly.

“I have a long homework assignment, do you think Tia will help me?”

“No, Escal has to do it alone.”

Escal shook his head and lowered his fork with a sigh.

“I’m done eating.”

“Are you done eating?”

“Yes. I will do my homework and eat a lot in the evening.”

“Okay, then.”

Escal refused to eat dessert and left the dining room without strength.

Without knowing what to do, I placed the fish fillet on Tiaris’s chapped spoon.

“Your brother is not hungry. Let’s eat more, Tia.”





“I am disappointed, Escal.”


Escal shook his head.

As Viscount Espenser was checking his homework, he put down the roll of paper.

“What did I say when I gave you homework in the first class?”

“As soon as class is over, do your homework right away…”

“Yes, I see you remember it.”

Viscount Espenser asked again, pointing to the paper.

“When did you do this homework?”

“… An hour ago.”

In an honest answer, Viscount Espenser tapped the paper.

“At least you had the courage to do it, though I’m not sure if it’s better that you did it this badly or not at all.”


Escal’s head slammed into the ground.

The Viscount, who was looking at Escal like that, opened his mouth.

“If it’s hard to take classes, it’s okay to take a break. I will tell the Duchess.”

“Oh, no. Teacher. I’m sorry.”

“Study is something you do when you want to, and you can’t say that others force you to do it. You’re still young, so if you’re tired, you can rest.”



Tiaris slammed the closet door and ran out.

Viscount Espenser frowned at the sudden situation.

“Who are you?”

“Hello, I’m Tiarith Hazel.”

“Tiaris Hazel? Then Baron Hazel’s….”

“Do you know Grandpa?”

That’s right.

The Viscount, who was aware of the commotion at the Empress’s birthday party, nodded.

“Then why were you hiding in the closet?”

“Tia wrote it in secret because it was sad to see brother study.”

Tiaris said with bright eyes.

“Brother was playing with Tia and he couldn’t do my homework. Normally, he would do his homework. But Tia and brother were tired of playing, so I told brother not to do the homework.”

The viscount looked at Tiaris, who was anxiously defending Escal.


“Oh, no. I was wrong. It has nothing to do with Tia.”

“It’s true. Tia says so, so don’t scold, Brother.”

“Tia, you need to leave.”

Escal blinked at Tiaris, wondering if she could do it.

Tiaris, who quickly became depressed, reluctantly left the room.

As the door closed, Viscount Espenser burst out laughing.

“The reason you couldn’t concentrate these days was because of that child.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s a cute little girl.”

The Viscount, who looked at his dead face, muttered to himself.

“Your Excellency will hate it.”


“It’s nothing.”

Viscount Espenser waved off the answer and gathered his bag.

“Let’s cancel today’s class. I’ll come back next time.”

The Viscount added as he left the room.

“Think carefully about what I said, and tell me whenever you want to rest.”




“Uh, Viscount? Are you done already?”

Waiting for the class to end, I jumped to my feet at the sight of Viscount Espenser leaving the room less than ten minutes after entering.

He looked like he hadn’t just stepped out of the room for a moment.

“I’ve decided to cancel the class today.”

“Why? What happened?”

“The little girl staying in this mansion is making Sir Escalium unable to concentrate.”


I know better that these days Escal is so obsessed with Tiaris and explained it with an awkward smile.

“She was with Escal when he went missing. That’s why Escal likes her so much.”

Viscount Espenser nodded understanding.

“It could be because they are young children.”

“Yes. I used to run barefoot on the lake shore when I was at his age. I think Escal is doing well enough.”

I smiled and offered the Viscount a seat.

“By the way, since you are here, I have a question for you, would you mind giving me a moment?”

“What else do you want to ask?”

“I want to get some advice on the academy curriculum from the best teachers in the empire.”

I held out the curriculum booklet of the Dillua Academy that was placed on the table.

Viscount Espenser frowned as he read the words on the cover.

“The academy curriculum is not my area of expertise.”

“What do you mean by someone who has been at Primus Academy for over ten years?”

Viscount Espenser sighed and turned the paper over when he was semi-forced to take over the booklet.

I said to him looking through the curriculum.

“The reopening ceremony of the Dillua Academy is scheduled to be held next week. If you have time, would you like to come and brighten up the event?”

“If I go, I’d rather not go, as it will distract attention.”

Viscount Espenser closed the booklet and set it down on the table.

“Isn’t that the focus of attention thanks to the Viscount?”

“As the face of the Academy of Dillua is the Duchess of Crawford, and you are the one who runs it, so the focus should be on the two of you. It’s easier to improve the imperial image that way.”

“If the Viscount could just show her face, it would give the academy a lot of credibility.”

“That’s why I don’t like it. The nobles wouldn’t be happy if they knew I was involved with the Academy in any way.”


“The higher the level of education of commoners, the more threatened the royal family and nobles.”


I understood his words at once.

Whether in the East or the West, it has always been the smart commoners who overthrew the monarchy.

“If you understand, I will go.”

The Viscount got up from his seat and said.

“That curriculum has too many miscellaneous classes. Fewer subjects, more time.”

“Thanks for the advice.”

“See you next time.”




After Viscount Espenser left, Escal returned to his studies.

That didn’t mean he neglected Tiaris.

By reducing the amount of time he sleeps, he studies when Tiaris sleeps, and spends most of the day together when Tiaris wakes up.


It was the same with swordsmanship practice.

It was the same with sword practice.

Even his favorite sword practice was put aside to play with Tiaris, and Escal was back to swinging his sword two hours a day as before.

As if he had grown taller, the pose holding the sword became quite plausible.



Every time Escal smashed a piece of wood, Tia clapped her hands and laughed.

Perhaps it was because of Tiaris, Escal was beating the wood with a lot of energy.

‘It’s a hot day too, my son.’

I sat on the terrace and fanned, watching Escal sweating profusely and calling Mary.

“Go and bring a towel and some snacks for the kids.”

“What kind of snack should I prepare?”

“Cold juice and cookies.”


While Mary went for refreshments, she fixed her gaze on the children again.

Hearing the sounds of energetic cheer and joyful laughter made me feel better.

Maybe it was because Of knew the future of the two children, but it was a delightful sight to see.

‘It should be smooth and well connected without suffering.’

In the original story, both Escal and Tiaris go through unspeakable trials, but it won’t be like that since I’ve changed a lot from the original.

Just when I thought I wanted my life to be easy and full of happiness.

“Stop, Escal.”

A stern voice rang out from behind Escal.

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