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Exactly a week later, we boarded the carriage to the Dillua Academy.

Escal looked into the eyes of Helios who was sitting across from him, and soon became distracted by the scenery outside the window.


He said it was his first time going out, the child burst into exclamations as if everything he could see was amazing.

The child’s expression under the warm sunlight looked happy for the first time in a while, so I became happy too.

I smiled warmly as I watched Helios staring out the window with the same face as my son.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I think I am very lucky.”

“What luck?”

“There are so many handsome men around me.”

“Of course.”

Helios smirked at the silly joke.

Even with Escal, he didn’t look very uncomfortable, so he naturally continued.

“You didn’t forget to stop by Kingston first?”

“I told the coachman. I also contacted the store.”

“Thanks. It won’t take long.”

“It’s okay to take a long time. If you need clothes, I told you before.”

Helios gently wiped the back of my hand, saying sorry for not taking care of me.

The moment I secretly pinched the back of his hand and held back my laughter, as he gently tickled my palm with his long fingers.


At the sound of a loud sneeze, I let go of his hand.

Achoo, Achoo. Escal sneezed one after another.

He might have caught a cold.

I quickly closed the window and handed the blanket that was covering it.

“Cold? Cover this.”

“It’s okay. All of a sudden, my nose is itchy.”

Escal snorted, but stubbornly refused my offer.

“If you catch a cold, you’re in trouble. hurry.”

“Cover yourself with a blanket Lena, Put this on.”

Helios, who was watching, took off his coat and handed it to Escal.

“… Uh?”

Escal widened his eyes.

I was also embarrassed by Helios’ kindness.

As if time had stopped, Helios urged the child again after staring at the clothes floating in the air for a few seconds.

“Take it.”

“Ah… thank you.”

Escal, who took the robe in a clumsy manner, draped it over his shoulder.

When the sleeves were tied up as he struggled to control the flowing clothes, the child, who was buried in the clothes, fidgeted with the sleeves that stretched to the navel, and then gently buried his nose.

He sniffed like a puppy and sniffed his father clothes.

Escal, who had been sniffing for a long time, looked at Helios.

The child, who had forgotten all fear, closed the corners of his eyes.

That sunny smile!

I quickly turned my head and glared at Helios.

Reply quickly Escal is waiting for you.


Helios nodded and averted his eyes.

He didn’t smile back, but maybe I can look forward to it a little.

Thinking like that, I lightly stroked Escal’s head.




Kingston’s dressing room, said to be the most popular in the Empire, was idle.

“Welcome, Duke.”

Madame Floren, a famous designer with high-nose features, ran barefoot to greet us.

“It is an honor to meet you.”

In the brief moment of greeting, Madame Floren’s gaze quickly ran across the three of us.

The eyes that judged me were particularly sharp.

She’s a person who has a lot of ladies as her clients, so I’m sure she has heard rumors about Lenia Evelyn.

I don’t have a good impression of me, but that woman didn’t say anything.

“I prepared a dress inside. Come this way.”

“Ah, wait a minute—”

Can I leave Escal alone with Helios?

Worried about the awkward relationship between father and son, I looked at Helios and he nodded, telling me to go.

“I’ll be out soon.”

“Don’t worry, take it slow.”

I headed to the fitting room with Helios seeing me off.

There were about twenty dresses hanging in the fitting room.

Whether Helios had already known my taste, the dresses on display were all my favorite styles.

“I’ve heard a lot about you, but you are much more beautiful than I’ve ever heard.”

As I was looking at the dress, Floren spoke to me in a friendly way.

Recognizing that it was not only praise, I responded sharply.

“Few people in this capital know me, but I wonder who they heard iyt from.”

The smile on Madame Floren’s face disappeared after realizing her mistake.

If you dare to criticize the Duchess of Anthemion and even gossip about her carelessly telling other people’s words, the dressing room’s reputation will go down.

Realizing that she might have to close the business because of her rash words, she hurriedly bowed her head.

“I invited a precious person and made fun with my mouth. Please forgive me.”

“It doesn’t matter what you say behind me if you don’t know, but if you do, you have to be prepared to take responsibility for what you say.”

“I will keep it in my mind.”

Madame Floren, who meekly admitted her mistake, hurriedly called the staff.

“I will measure you first.”

The experienced staff took off my clothes as if nothing had happened, and made lip service.

“How can you have such good skin?”

“Oh my God, you have a skinny hips.”

They were accustomed to dealing with nobles, so the compliments were natural.

I just smiled with my eyes closed, as ladies usually do.

“Oh, what a scar here…? How did you get hurt?”

A young employee who was measuring the size asked, stroking the center of my back.

Scar? What scar are you talking about?


Before asking where the scar was, Madame Floren screamed.

“Sorry, Sorry. ma’am. She was rude…. I’m really sorry.”

The employee kept their head down with a shriveled face.

Of course, the scars on a noble woman’s body are a big deal, but I thought it would be ridiculous to get angry for saying that I had scars, so I answered bluntly.

“It’s okay, so be careful in the future.”

By the way, did Lenia have a scar on her back? I didn’t see anything like that in the book.

I’m sure the writer didn’t mention the scar of the villain in detail.

“Thank you so much for your kind forgiveness. Ma’am.”

“That’s Okay. I don’t have time, so hurry.”

“Yes, which dress would you like to try on first?”

“That’s the most hollow one.”




Helios changed his posture and sat down, feeling uncomfortable.

The high quality sofa in the dressing room was soft, but it was uncomfortable as if sitting on a thorn cushion.

The reason was obvious.

He has never been alone with Escal since his birth until today.

Helios squinted at the child who was sitting on the opposite sofa and eating the walnuts the servants had brought for a snack.

The child who made eye contact shrugged and held out a bowl of walnuts.

“Would you like some?”



As if expecting a rejection, Escal held the walnut bowl in front of him without showing any signs of disappointment.

The sound of chewing walnuts scratched my nerves.

Helios, who was looking at the child full of walnuts like a squirrel with big cheeks, rubbed his face harshly.

‘He wasn’t born because he wanted.’

I know there’s nothing wrong with Escal.

However, he could not give affection to the resentment and guilt that rose up every time he saw the Escal that woman gave birth to.

And it was unbearably painful to see Lenia so fond of that woman’s child.

It’ll get better if he gets out of her sight.

If Lenia gives birth to a child while Escal is at the academy, won’t his hatred for Escal be softened?

At that time, Helios was determined, thinking that he would be able to see that child as a person without any emotion.

“It’s all done. Come this way.”

He suddenly raised his head at the sound of a voice from inside the fitting room covered with curtains.

“I will open the curtains.”

With Madame Floren’s words, the staff opened the curtains.

Lenia in a golden dress appeared from behind the curtain.

“How was it, Helios? Is it okay?”

Lenia’s cheeks blushed as she was too embarrassed to wear a fancy dress.

Helios, who was at a loss for words due to her dazzlingly beautiful figure, barely opened his mouth.

“… Beautiful.”

“Really? you’re not just saying it, are you?”

“I’m serious. I wish this was my bedroom.”


Lenia raised her voice in surprise.

She glared at Helios and asked Escal, who looked at her blankly while holding a walnut.

“How do I look, Escal?”



“It’s like an angel.”

What do you mean an angel? He already knows how to make a woman’s heart flutter?

Lenia’s cheeks flushed with blatant praise she had never heard of any man.

“If everyone likes it, then I’ll take this.”

“What are you talking about? You should wear something else.”

“There is no time. There are places to visit…”

“If it’s about time. Don’t worry, you can wear whatever you want.”


“I want to see you in different clothes.”

There is no way to beat Escal.

Lenia declared defeat without a hitch.

“I’ll change and come out.”

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