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Chapter 22


“Damn it! Did you come here riding a horse late at night, knowing what would happen to you? Didn’t I say I’d take you here tomorrow morning?”


“Do you know how surprised I was to find out you were gone? Do you know how I came here after seeing the horse disappear from the stable?”

Liv sat in a daze, looking at Dane who was screaming with anger.

“I thought you were kidnapped by an unidentified assailant! Or perhaps you went to take your own life! What if you lost your balance while riding a horse and fell! I was afraid something might have gone wrong, and I…… I!”

Dane gritted his teeth and glared at Liv. Her face looked somewhat unstable because of how much she cried.

Damn it! Damn it! Dane, who cursed harshly, eventually held Liv in his arms and said soothingly.

“Why didn’t you wake me up…… I’ll do whatever you ask me to do…… Why…….”

‘Right, I have Dane.’

Liv hugged him.

“Please embrace me.”

Dane shuddered at the breath tickling his ears. Liv spread her legs and climbed onto his lap and clung to him tightly. Her white shining thighs were exposed beneath her raised clothes.

“Please embrace me. I beg of you, please embrace me.”

Liv clung to him with all her might. She was afraid that even the last person left in front of her would leave her. All she had was her body. This was all she could give him.

When Dane didn’t respond, Liv pulled his face to her chest. She could feel the shape of his face over her thin chemise.

Dane was distracted by the thick body scent that crept through his nose and the soft touch on his face. The flesh on his body and the voice begging to be embraced were like a sinkhole. Even as he struggled to get out, he was sucked underneath endlessly.

“I beg of you, please embrace me. It could only be you. You’re the only one I have.”

In the end, Dane couldn’t stand it and put the soft breast that touched his face into his mouth.

A large hand touched Liv’s back and pulled her closely. Liv’s body curved like a bow, and a wet sound came from Dane’s mouth.

The fury that had welled up upon seeing her turned into lust.

Dane let out a ragged breath and rubbed his face to get a little more flesh into his mouth. Liv felt her soul being sucked into his mouth. She found a sense of security in his uncouth strength.

The hand that had reached behind her back ran down her hips and gripped her derriere. Liv lifted her derriere with the force of his grip and Dane toppled her on her back.

Dane, who had buried his face in her slender neck and thoroughly enjoyed it, and stopped all movement the moment he raised his face to kiss her.

Reading his hesitation, Liv pulled Dane with her legs, and their lower bodies touched each other. Liv clearly felt his heat touching between her legs. She knew all too well what this meant.


But Dane could not move. Liv was crying. With a very distressed face.

“Are you scared?”

“I am not scared.”

“But why are you crying like that?”

Liv shed tears without saying anything. As Dane tried to pull himself away, Liv clung to him urgently.

“No! Please! Please embrace me! You said you’d do whatever I wanted!”

She looked anxious as if she was being chased by something. He could feel Liv’s wetland touching his heat, but he couldn’t hold her in this state. Dane suppressed his desire with all his might and left her body.

“No! Don’t go! Please don’t go! Don’t go!”

Liv pulled him down as hastily as a drowning man, but he did not heed her wants. Dane picked Liv up and sat her on his lap.

Liv looked restless and anxious. Avoiding his touch to see her face, she kept trying to stick to his body by burying her face around the back of his neck. Dane let her do as she pleased. When Liv hugged him with all her might, Dane hugged her with the same force, and when her hug weakened, he swept Liv’s back.

What she needed was not a touch of lust. Dane crushed his rising desires and waited patiently for her to calm down with a tender touch.

The movement that continued to rustle in his arms had finally stopped. Liv fell limp in his arms like melted, mushy butter.

After a long wait, Liv spoke.

“My father is really dead…… The butler died, my mother died…… I have no one anymore. You’re the only one by my side.”


“Everyone left. So…… I’m so scared. If even you leave me……. I…… I…….”

Maybe I’ll die. Liv gasped for fear as the mere thought of it gripped her.

‘I don’t have the confidence to live on my own. I…… I can’t do anything. I need someone by my side…….’

Dane, on the other hand, fell into ecstasy in an instant.

Her words were like the heavenly sound of music. With just a few words, Liv led Dane to heaven.

He wanted to gently caress her body, and hold her in his arms while whispering sweet nothings that he would never leave her side as he roughly penetrated inside her.

Beyond Liv, he could see the messed-up study. Dane stared at the secret room, where only the shape remained and let out a cry of joy in his heart.

‘Anton Ragnell, I worship your death! I pray that you may go to heaven.’

Anton’s death was a gain, not a loss.

Dane soothed Liv, who was trembling with anxiety. Apart from being ecstatic, Dane knew all too well what fear she was feeling right now.

‘Even if I thought that they were disgusting beings, a family is a family.’

He remembered the time when that guy, his father, died and he was alone. He hated him terribly, but when the man died, he felt like he was driven to the edge of a cliff.

“Liv, I will never leave your side.”

It was you who saved my life.

Dane cherished the pitiful angel who lay in his arms.



The funeral was held solemnly.

A coffin was inserted into a pit that was dug beforehand. Liv stared at the coffin being buried in the ground with an emotionless face.

Anton, who prided himself on being a nobleman more than anyone else, became entangled with a commoner and was buried in the ground. Of course, all of this was done with the permission of Liv, the only Ragnell.

It was a humiliating end for Anton Ragnell.




When she opened her eyes, she saw Dane’s face sleeping soundly. Sleeping side-by-side in a cozy bed has now become a daily routine.

Liv looked at Dane’s face. He never once said anything about that day that embarrassed even her.

‘I only believe in you now.’

As Liv slipped into Dane’s arms, his hard, broad body wrapped around her. It was warm.

She buried her face in the nape of his neck and stroked his shoulders, feeling a subtle but disparate touch over the thin fabric.

Liv slowly scanned the area with her fingers, and the range was quite wide. Just as she was about to lift his clothes to see what it was, Dane grabbed her hand to stop her when he opened his eyes.

“Can’t sleep?”

“You have a scar on your shoulder.”

“It’s a scar from my childhood.”

“What happened?”

“It’s just that I wasn’t lucky.”

“Can I have a look?”

Dane looked at Liv and shook his head.

“I will show you next time. For now, just pretend you don’t know.”

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Yes, it doesn’t hurt. Except for the fact…… that the wound had reopened when it was about to close up, and reopened again, so it kept bothering me for a couple of years.”

“Are you okay now?”

“I’m completely better now. It took a really long time.”

Dane pressed his lips to Liv’s forehead. Liv closed her eyes and felt his lips.

She felt indescribably comfortable and at the same time she was afraid that everything would disappear immediately.

‘Please don’t let this tranquility be broken.’

Liv tightened her arms around Dane. The last thing she had left was Dane. She did not want to lose him to anyone.




All the frantic events came to an end and the day of the wedding that felt far away had arrived.

Early in the morning, Liv and Dane headed to a small temple located in Hale. Hale could be seen outside the window in thick fog.

“Why don’t we take a short trip after the wedding? When we return from the trip, the Ragnell mansion will completely return to its original form.”

“Is it okay if I leave?”

“Yes, that’s fine. There’s a place I really want to show you. Have you heard of Berserin?”

“No, I have not.”

“It is a city in a country called Aiden. It’s a very beautiful place. You’ll probably love it. If there’s anywhere you’d like to go, please let me know. You can freely go wherever you want.”

Liv nodded. Through the window, the familiar view of Hale passed by. Was it because of the fog? The image she had seen countless times was unfamiliar today.

‘Be free.’

It was a word that was far from her. But the words continued to linger in Liv’s head.

According to the etiquette that they could not meet until the ceremony began, the two were to be separated in front of the temple. Dane lifted Liv’s hand and kissed it sadly.

In the room where Liv entered, a maid had been waiting in advance to help her change. As soon as Liv entered, the maid greeted her briefly and touched Liv’s clothes.

The clothes she had been wearing were removed, and a brilliant white dress touched her body. The maid instantly turned Liv into a beautiful bride.

However, in front of the mirror, Liv’s expression looked somewhat anxious.

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