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Chapter 9


Rayleigh came to Liv as promised. They went out to the square to see the fountain and had a good time walking around the streets together.

After that, Rayleigh’s visits continued. For Liv, who has always been alone, Rayleigh’s visit was precious. Liv was always happy to welcome him, and the two would take a walk or sit by the lakeside and read books recommended to each other.

He was very kind and didn’t even stare into her scars like everyone else. Liv liked him that way.

As Rayleigh’s visits became more frequent, a rumor began to circulate in the society. It was a rumor that Lady Ragnell and Count Rayleigh were preparing to get engaged.

This absurd rumor is now almost a fait accompli[1] in people’s mouths. However, Liv, the person involved in the rumor, was spending her usual time without knowing anything.

‘It’s going to rain.’

The sky has become overcast. Liv, who was sitting alone in the lake and reading a book, got up from her seat.

It would be a disaster if it rained before she got home. It’s okay to change clothes, but once a book gets wet, it can’t go back to its old form.

The darkened sky began pouring down rain little by little as Liv got closer to the mansion. Liv, who kept her book in her arms and was busy moving her feet, stopped walking when she saw a familiar carriage standing in front of the door.


‘He didn’t say he was coming today.’

Liv approached the carriage.

‘No, it’s not his carriage.’

When Liv, who checked the carriage, stepped back, the door opened and someone came out of the carriage with an umbrella open.

A blue uniform was seen under the black umbrella.

Liv hardened on the spot. Her mind, which had been constantly warning her not to let water come into contact with the book, could not think of anything.

The man who looked up at the raindrops falling in the sky turned his head. Raindrops fell on the uniform, leaving dark marks. Liv’s eyes are drawn to the cool black eyes.

It was Dane.

She thought she’d never see him again. Even if she met him, she thought she would just pass by him at the ball, surrounded by people, for a while.

Liv could feel the strength in her hand as she gripped the book.

“It’s been a while.”

Dane opened his mouth first, breaking the silence that flowed between them. Liv, who didn’t even know she was looking at him, was startled by the voice and hurriedly averted her eyes.

‘Why is he here?’

After that day, like lightning striking in the dry sky without reason, he would suddenly appear in her head and stir her, who had been calm. At that time, she forced herself to do other things and erased her thoughts.

‘He shouldn’t be in this place.’

Her quiet heart was beginning to heat up. It was starting again. This strange feeling was like an uninvited guest who she didn’t want to meet.

“Your clothes are getting wet in the rain. Come this way.”

The raindrops, which had fallen one or two drops, completely became a rain and soaked Liv’s body and the earth. Come to think of it, it rained like this that day, too.

Liv was so focused on Dane that she didn’t even know that the book in her hand got wet.

“Come over here.”

When Liv showed no signs of moving despite the urging, Dane let out a small sigh and approached her. As he got closer to her, Liv’s eyes wandered to the ground.

Dane reached out his hand. Liv closed her eyes at the tickling sensation that climbed up her back. She had to give her legs strength so that they wouldn’t stumble.

She could hear the sound of the wind escaping from her mouth. When Liv opened her eyes, Dane lifted Liv’s hand and made her hold the umbrella. Liv’s hand was wrapped in a big hand.

“You seem to hate it.”

The warmth and feel of another person on the back of her hand was unfamiliar. Dane handed Liv the umbrella, then turned and entered the mansion.

Drip― Drip.

She heard the sound of rain falling on the umbrella. The warmth felt from the handle of the umbrella that was handed over melted the frozen Liv.

‘Where is he…….’

Liv almost ran after him.

‘What am I even trying to do running after him? Share the umbrella and use it together?’

That wasn’t it.

Her hurried footsteps slowed down again.

‘I don’t know. What the hell do I want to do?’

Liv didn’t get any closer, but silently followed Dane.

“Miss, it’s still raining……”

When he opened the door, he immediately ran into the butler holding an umbrella. The butler looked surprised to see Dane. Liv said as she stood still, looking at Dane with a bewildered look on her face.

“You’d better bring father.”

“Yes…… I understand.”

The sound of hasty footsteps drifted away to the central stairs, and silence fell again between them.

Dane entered Ragnell’s mansion. It was a picture she had never thought of.

Liv was about to go crazy with her heart beating rapidly without notice. She took a step back just in case he could hear her heart beating.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

Anton’s rough footsteps were heard before she could say no.

“Why are you here?”

“Nice to meet you. Baron Ragnell.”

Dane took off his hat and greeted Anton lightly on the stairs. Anton frowned.

“Liv, you stay in the room.”

Liv went up the stairs without saying a word in the serious atmosphere.



From behind, Dane followed Liv’s figure with his eyes. Anton soon descended the stairs as Liv turned around the wall and disappeared from view.

“Let’s go to the reception room.”

“Let us.”

Dane, who was walking along Anton, looked back, and saw over the wall that was not visible above the stairs.

His eyes could see Liv entering her room. He cast a brief glance there and turned his head away.

The reception room door was closed. Anton stared at Dane with fierce eyes and sat on the sofa alone without telling him to sit down.

“Why did you come here? I never invited you!”

Dane, who was looking around the reception room with eyes full of interest, sat cross-legged in front of Anton and took off his hat.

Neatly pulled back hair is visible.  He brushed the rain off his robe.

“I was wondering why the Baron wasn’t looking for me. At this point, I thought that you would still be able to find me, but no matter how much I waited, there was no news, so I came here on my own feet.”

Anton slammed the table loudly with his palm.

‘How dare this vulgar bastard……’

Dane was actually at ease. Rather, he showed a small smile on his mouth as if the current situation was pleasant.

Anton’s fist quivered.

‘I knew it. For some time now, that guy has been cleverly blocking the way of the Ragnell family.’

The contract that ends after signing has been overturned several times. When he investigated who was behind it and found out that it was Dane’s work, he was so angry that he couldn’t stand it.

“How dare you cross the path of the Ragnell family when you are just a traitor born of lowly origins. It’s not about the money, you just want to get on my nerves. But why?’

Most of the contracts that Dane intercepted were contracts that had no significant profits. There was nothing to interest him.

Anton looked intently into Dane’s face, wondering if he might have held a grudge against him as a child, but it was definitely a face he had never seen before.

“Are you done looking?”

“……the reason.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you intruding on our business and obstructing it?”

“What do you mean obstruction, they chose me because I offered better conditions.”

“So why! I’m asking you why you’re doing that!”


Dane raised his hand and rubbed his chin.

“Just, I just wanted to come.”


“I’ve been wanting to see what the Ragnell family looks like. If the baron had invited me earlier, I wouldn’t have interfered so much. No matter how long I waited, the letter didn’t come, so I came to see you first despite the rudeness. I’ve always wondered what this place looks like.”

“You impudent bastard! Are you kidding me? Do you think it makes sense that it was only for that reason?”

“If you don’t believe me, why did you ask?”

“This…… this…… How dare you, a man from the lowly back alley, in front of me……”

“Haha, but what can you do? The vulgar me now has more money than the Baron. As the Baron knows, money and power are all there is to the world, right?”


“So, isn’t the baron, a nobleman, throwing away his face and making a deal with his daughter? Just for money.”

“You filthy rat! Shut your mouth right now!”

‘This old man’s vocal cord is good.’

Dane raised his hand and suppressed his desire to pick his ears. Or else, that red, hot face might burst. It would be difficult if he died now.

“Baron Ragnell is using his daughter as a last resort…… It’s something that everyone already knows. The baron who values ​​face so much doesn’t seem to care about his daughter’s face.”

“What do you know when you are from lowly origins! Everything I do is for the family, and what I do for the family is ultimately for the child!”

Dane snorted.

“Carl Rayleigh has nothing but shimmer on the outside. I’m really curious as to why you chose such a nobody.”

“Is there nothing to see? Don’t you know that from your own eyes? Considering the flaws my daughter has, I’m so grateful.”

Dane’s face hardened. It was a face that held back his anger.

“He’s a crooked guy. I’m sure the baron heard that he didn’t have good hand habits[2].”

“Everyone has a flaw. If not for that man, who would marry my daughter?”

“How about me.”




TL Notes:


[1] Fait Accompli – a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept it.

[2] It means that he has the habit of beating others.


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