Hoping For My Death Chapter 11 - Beautiful

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11. Beautiful


Due to additional instructions from Randall regarding the Dark Vermin, most of the vassals arrived at the castle a little later than planned, coinciding with the day of the banquet.

On the day of the banquet.

After inspecting the castle since the crack of dawn, Sylvia was then caught by the hands of her maids.

“Please don’t stop me, Madam. We’re going to have an amazing time today!”

“I didn’t intend to stop you, but hearing that, it seems like I should….”

“Just trust us!”

Originally, matters related to the appearance, including the mistress’s hair, were implicitly under the authority of the maids… was their argument.

Sylvia was dragged obediently by the eager maids into the bathroom.

She politely declined at first, but to be honest, it seemed to align more with her nature.

What a comfortable life it was to have everything taken care of by others!

Sylvia was a great slacker, and the servants of Belfort Duchy were capable.

She was half asleep, sprawled out, and when she regained her senses, the preparations were already complete.

“You can open your eyes now, Madam! Wait, just a moment! Let me prepare my heart!”

“Me too, me too!”

Sylvia listened to the excited voices of the servants for a while, then opened her eyes.


“It’s over, I’ve accomplished everything in this lifetime…”

“Oh, my goodness! Luce! Snap out of it! You can’t die now! You need to see the second generation of the Lord and Lady!”


The servants trembled every time Silvia blinked her eyes, but they quickly regained their composure at their colleague’s shout.

Thinking that their reactions seemed more intense than the first, Sylvia looked into the mirror.

‘They did well.’

Most of the current maids in the duchy were those who started working after the passing of the former Duchess Belfort. 

So, the head maid, Thelma, expressed some concern that the children had no experience serving a mistress, but Sylvia thought they did a good job.

After meticulously finishing her preparations, the scenery outside had gradually turned purple.

It was chilly in the duchy of Belfort in the evenings, regardless of the season, so Sylvia wrapped her shawl around her.

“And the guests?”

“They have all arrived at the banquet hall. The luggage they brought has been unpacked and placed in their respective guest rooms.”

“Everyone has worked hard. Thank you for your efforts.”

The servants smiled quietly in response to the simple praise.

A person’s character and personality reveal themselves in trivial matters more than one might think.

While the servants received fair wages and worked in the ducal residence, they were, in the end, human beings themselves.

It was inevitable that they would open their hearts to someone who acknowledged their efforts even in small tasks.

‘A kind person.’

Thelma thought, smiling softly.

On the day the duchess first arrived here.

The servants had felt a fondness for her appearance, yet deep down, they were cautious.

That’s because it was a marriage forced by the king to keep Randall in check.

Is it wise to let one’s guard down without knowing who the other person is?

However, Thelma and the maids who spent most of their days by Sylvia’s side couldn’t help but realize.

-Thelma, find out how many times Chik Hetla has inflated the amounts in the transactions up until now.

She could have simply dismissed it as rudeness towards the ducal family and forgotten about it, but she chose to investigate the past and see if there was any damage that needed to be repaired.

-It’s alright. It’s too much trouble to go and get a cushion right now, so I’ll just sit down.

Even though it was essentially the servants’ duty, she showed consideration for them without hesitation.

-You’ve all worked hard. Thank you.

A person who is tolerant of other people’s inexperience.

Someone who is naturally kind and considerate.

‘Someone like her wouldn’t do anything to harm the North.’

Thelma and the maids bowed their heads respectfully, their hearts filled with such thoughts.

“Please go ahead, Madam. We will serve you.”


* * *


In the early dawn, Randall, who had hurriedly returned after dealing with a disturbance in a village near the castle and defeating monsters, found himself in a situation similar to Sylvia’s, being held by Wilcott’s hands.

“I might end up becoming a wretched husband who keeps his wife waiting.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already asked the maidservants to send someone when Madam’s dressing is nearing completion.”

Wilcott was meticulous.

Upon hearing this, Randall abandoned his thoughts of an early escape and allowed himself to be left in Wilcott’s hands.

Whether it was thanks to that decision or not, Randall, who had neatly combed his hair, revealing his forehead, and donned a silver-gray suit, was undeniably beautiful.

“Perfect! It seems you can confidently stand by Madam’s side now.”

Wilcott removed his hands with a satisfied expression.

The corners of Randall’s mouth twitched up at that.

“I don’t think I’ve ever bothered to dress up for fear of being buried in someone’s appearance.”

“Now it’s time for you to take off the winner’s crown, my Lord.”

“Well, well. Is it time for me to step back now? I suppose it’s time to go and welcome the new victor.”

Playfully retorting, he left the room and headed towards the Duchess’s chambers.

Listening to the servants, it seemed Sylvia was still in the process of getting ready.

Entering before her preparations were complete would be impolite even between spouses, so Randall waited patiently outside the door.

How much time had passed?

Finally, the door opened, and Sylvia appeared with the servants.

“Oh, were you waiting?”

Sylvia noticed Randall standing by the door and greeted him with a beaming smile, extending her hand.

Randall didn’t even think to hold her hand for a moment and just stared at her in a daze.

When Randall first saw Sylvia at the wedding, he stood there not so much in admiration of her appearance but to decipher the king’s intentions.

However, after spending time with her, his doubts have faded a lot, and now facing her…


She truly was an incredibly beautiful person.

Long silver hair as white as snow. Clear and transparent golden eyes, as if they could see right through someone.

Her silver-gray dress, matching his own attire, shimmered slightly as she moved.

Regaining his senses from the light, Randall straightened his expression and took Sylvia’s hand.

He hesitated for a moment before quietly adding.

“… You look beautiful.”

Sylvia responded nonchalantly, without a hint of agitation.

“Thank you. If you like it, should I return to the bedroom like this after the reception is over?”


Randall’s voice carried a slight tone of reprimand, seemingly mindful of the presence of the servants.

The tips of his ears were slightly flushed.

‘My trick didn’t work.’

Sylvia, who had been half-serious and half-joking with Randall, clicked her tongue inwardly and walked towards the banquet hall with him.

On the way, Randall lightly recounted the events of the early morning, finally letting go of his unease.

“Recent events have kept you a little busy, but from now on, please move with Jeffrey wherever you go.”

“Has Sir Sidus recovered from his injuries?”

“Now he’s too energetic, which is becoming a problem. Actually, we were planning to exclude him from the candidates for the escorting, as he’s not exactly the best person for the job. However, during the competition to select an escort, that guy managed to knock down all his seniors.”

Randall shook his head.

Sylvia lightly chuckled at the thought of Jeffrey’s behavior and nodded her head.

‘It’s better to have Sir Sidus as my escort, since an inexperienced guard would make it easier to get away in case of an accident.’

She had an innocent laughter in stark contrast to her dark thoughts.

Randall’s doubts were slightly dispelled when he saw that Sylvia did not seem to be displeased by his intention to assign her an escort.

‘If she were secretly collaborating with the king, having an escort might be uncomfortable. But there’s no sign of that.’

As they were lost in their separate thoughts, they arrived in front of the banquet hall.

Sylvia and Randall composed their expressions and straightened their postures before entering.

The newly renovated banquet hall was both gorgeous and elegant.

When Sylvia and Randall revealed themselves on the staircase, the music came to a halt.

The people who were enjoying the reception immediately bowed their heads to show respect.

“Greetings to the Lord of Belfort.”

The two of them descended the stairs slowly.

Soon Randall, who stood in front of the crowd, opened his mouth in a low voice.

“Everyone, raise your heads.”

With a mixture of curiosity and caution, the people lifted their heads at his words.

And immediately after, as if involuntarily, they held their breath.

“My word…”

Amidst the silence, someone let out a small sigh without thinking.

But they were so captivated by the figure before them that they couldn’t even bring themselves to criticize or complain.

Regardless of the underlying circumstances, the pair before them at this moment was an utterly perfect sight. 

Randall was already well-known in the North for his handsomeness.

To say that Sylvia was a participant in a forced marriage imposed by the king, she possessed an incredibly radiant appearance.

Her golden eyes casually scanned the crowd.

The nonchalant demeanor captured in those eyes made her aura even more intriguing.

It was Randall’s indifferent voice that broke the breathless silence.

“Despite the unfavorable circumstances, I express my gratitude to all of you who have come to congratulate us on our marriage. This is Sylvia Fleurette Belfort on my side. She is not only my wife, but also the mistress of Belfort Duchy, whom you will all serve equally with me.”

As Randall introduced Sylvia, she smiled brightly and displayed impeccable manners.

“I am Sylvia Fleurette Belfort. It’s an honor to receive your congratulations for our marriage. May you all find joy and peace during your stay.”

Upon hearing her words, those who had momentarily lost their senses regained their composure, exchanged glances, and applauded.

Randall and Sylvia held hands amidst the applause, heading towards the center of the banquet hall.

Traditionally, the first dance at the reception was initiated by the host couple, so Randall and Sylvia started dancing alone.

Their graceful and harmonious appearance garnered admiration from the onlookers.

“They seem… to get along better than expected, don’t they?”

“Yes, indeed. The Duke may not often show a hearty laugh, but a smile like that is quite rare…”

As the people were lost in their own thoughts.

Sylvia, feeling comfortable in Randall’s familiar embrace, thought that dancing was quite pleasant thanks to his considerate movements, and she spoke up.

“Come to think of it, I was a bit slow in responding because I was having fun joking around. You look handsome today as well.”

Dressed in a perfectly fitted silver-gray suit, Randall was stunning.

To the point where she can’t help but want to place her hands on his well-built torso.

Upon hearing her words, Randall let out a chuckle.

“Wilcott once told me that I’m a winner from a bygone era. He said the winner of the new era is you.”

“Well, I guess he’s right.”

“Don’t people usually respond with humility at times like this?” 

“Unfortunately, I am a person who cannot lie. People’s eyes are objective.”

Sylvia’s nonchalant response caused Randall to let out a soft laugh.

As the atmosphere lightened, Sylvia took advantage of the moment and subtly brushed her fingertips against his neck.

In the midst of his startled reaction, she whispered in a low voice.

“By the way, you still look best in a black robe.”

Randall resisted the urge to reflexively tighten his grip on Sylvia’s hand.

His expression hardened and he asked.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Just an honest observation.”


“Really, there was no ulterior motive. Honestly, you really don’t want to do it with me?”


The first call was filled with embarrassment, while the second was a little bit of a reprimand.

Whether it worked or not, Sylvia inwardly thought, ‘My trick isn’t working again,’ and smiled.

At that moment, the music came to an end.

After acknowledging the applauding crowd, the two of them went to the main seat and sat down.

From then on, the banquet truly began.

One by one, the people took the stage to greet Randall and Sylvia.

The couple reciprocated the greetings and responded to the well-wishes of those who poured them drinks that had been prepared in advance.

The Duke and Duchess’s chairs were quite far apart on either side, so there was a row in front of each of them.

‘Better than expected… She’s doing good.’

Randall occasionally glanced in Sylvia’s direction.

He was concerned that she might try to establish a connection with the king through someone.

But mostly because he was worried that his vassals would be too rude to her because of their loyalty.

But Sylvia was greeting the vassals in a much more casual manner than anticipated.

Randall was relieved to see that, but also a little disturbed.

When she was with him, she seemed more focused on sleeping with him rather than engaging in meaningful conversations.

Would it be accurate to say that she didn’t seem interested in building a ‘human relationship’?

‘Excluding her obsession with sleeping with me… It seems like she has little interest in me.’

It was when Randall frowned with mixed emotions.

At that moment, Auston, who had been watching whether Sylvia would attempt to communicate with the king through someone else, muttered to himself as if lost in thought.

“Could it be that Madam is not truly the king’s spy?”

“… I cannot tell. Not yet.”

Hearing those words from someone else’s mouth oddly brings clarity to his mind.

Randall swallowed a subdued sigh, trying to come to terms with the complexity of his feelings.

‘In any case, it’s not easy to trust the king or the crown prince since they are a bunch of untrustworthy people. I can’t let my guard down around them. They might even try to use what Sylvia says without her realizing it.’

Crown Prince.

As Randall thought about him, his face reflexively stiffened.

-I pity those who gave their lives to protect someone like you. They really died a dog’s death, huh?

As the mocking voice echoed in his head, the veins in his hands bulged as he gripped the armrest.

It was when Auston freaked out at the ominous sound of cracking and shouted, “Do you have any idea how much that cost!”

A familiar voice resounded in their ears.

“Your strength is still as great as ever.”



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