Hoping For My Death Chapter 3 - On the bed?

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03. On the bed?


Randall’s eyes widened, flustered at Sylvia’s deep-seated kiss, unlike the kiss he had done halfheartedly.

Something soft and warm swept through his lips, then penetrated inside.

When he flinched, she stroked him as if to soothe him.

But just before he came to his senses and grabbed Sylvia by the shoulder, Sylvia took a step back and removed her lips, as if she had not approached.

‘This should be enough.’

Sylvia thought indifferently.

Knowing that God’s eyes were always on her, she felt the need to be a little more careful.

She should show that she and her husband ‘get along’ as much as possible so that she doesn’t seem to have any desire to die.

The kiss a moment ago was in that sense.

Since Randall was about to make an embarrassing contact with what is called a kiss, she was only trying to appear as faithful as possible to this wedding.


However, Randall, who did not know her intentions, pursed his lips as if in great bewilderment.

The applause of the guests, who had not noticed the subtle movement between them because the bouquet obscured them, rang loudly through the hall.

Sylvia smiled softly through the fluttering petals as the wedding ended.

“Then please take good care of me from now on.”

At those words, the nape of Randall’s neck heated up belatedly.


* * *


After the wedding, the reception flowed smoothly.

People gathered in groups throughout the banquet hall, chattering incessantly about today’s events.

The main topic of conversation by far was Sylvia Fleurette’s beauty.

“Oh my God, is she really human?”

“I think I’d believe it even if she’s a succubus (*type of demon that tempts humans).”

“People who have been talking that Lady Fleurette has a problem will not be able to show their faces at the party for a while.”

“They deserve it.”

People glanced at Randall and Sylvia, who had changed into light attire and were dancing in the center of the banquet hall.

The two of them were a perfect pair, believably even if they were decorative dolls placed on a cake.

Not to mention Sylvia, standing under the light of a chandelier, Randall was also handsome with a rare image in the capital.

The male nobles in the capital were generally close to the image of a well-bred young master.

But Randall was a handsome man with a strong body and a wild scent with tanned skin that had accumulated his time on the battlefield.

On top of that, his hair has a subtle mix of gold and brown, and pale green eyes that attract people’s attention.

Even now, some noblewomen and young ladies were blushing as they glanced over the fan at Randall’s forearm.

The two were a picturesque couple, but the parties were immersed in different thoughts.

‘My heart would feel comfortable if we proceed to have the first night[1] quickly.’

Sylvia, who was slowly running out of stamina, blinked, casually thinking that Randall would have been freaked out if he knew.

The reception will soon be over.

Then, take the magic circle opened by the royal wizards to the vicinity of the Duchy, and then take the carriage back to the Duke’s castle for about an hour.

‘Let’s be patient a little longer.’

The patience that has been honed during the past 99 reincarnations is what is being put to use in times like these.

‘I didn’t grow old in vain.’

Sylvia moved her feet while only thinking about it. Left, right, left again.

‘What on earth is this person…….’

Meanwhile, Randall looked at Sylvia unobtrusively with a serious expression.

– Then please take good care of me from now on.

At the time of the kiss, he had no time to think otherwise because he stiffened in the sudden situation, but now it was different.

A reception that lasted for several hours after the wedding.

Here Randall had plenty of time to observe Sylvia.

After a long observation, the conclusion was ‘strange’.

‘Is she really twenty-two years old?’

A noble young lady who has never left Fleurette’s mansion for the past 22 years.

However, Sylvia’s attitude throughout the reception was reliable as if she was a lady who had spent her entire life in social circles.

Her gaze, her tone, her voice, every little action.

He felt the weight of time that she could never hide from all that.

Randall pondered for a moment if he could ask her about it.

‘By the way, how should I call her…….’



“Just call me by name. You seem to be worried.”


“If you don’t like it, wife, honey, darling. You can choose whichever is comfortable for you.”

Sylvia circled around in a nonchalant, seemingly dull manner, calling out the names.

Randall, on the other hand, had a face that was mesmerized even as he turned her around as he was accustomed to.

‘…… Just now, what?’

She certainly read what he thought inside, right?

‘I’m not the type where my thoughts are written all over my face[2], am I?’

He has the impression that some people say he is scary if he just stands still.

In addition to that, a great number of titles seem to have passed to him, but maybe it’s because of his mood.

Randall was confused by a series of attacks, but from Sylvia’s point of view, her parents called each other out by those names every day.

After all, they were a couple now. She thought that such a name would be more natural.

Of course, Randall didn’t know.

He looked distraught for a while, and then sighed.

“……Call me Randall. It’s good if we can just talk comfortably. I don’t have a hobby of speaking informally.”

With those words, Sylvia’s eyes widened this time.

She thought he would be good, but he was the right guy in even the smallest details.

It was hard to find such an honest and hardworking person, even in the last 99 years of her life.

“You’re a good man.”

“…… Well, I don’t know.”

No matter how much it was the duty of a lord, he didn’t feel like a good person to be wary of his wife.

Randall swallowed a bitter laugh.

Whether Sylvia was the king’s spy or not, she was now his wife anyway.

So, at least he has to fulfill his responsibilities to the extent that it does not go against the moral of being a ‘husband’.

‘I wonder if Sylvia never really left the mansion…… I’d better greet the Count and ask.’

At that moment, the thought of asking about the food Sylvia likes and dislikes came naturally. It was unconscious.

That’s when the song ended with good timing.

The royal maids waiting on one side came to Sylvia’s side and bowed down.

“You have to get ready now. We have made it possible for you to change and leave right away.”

Sylvia turned to Randall at that.

Randall nodded and let go of her hand.

“Go and then come back.”

“Yes, I’ll see you in a minute.”

Sylvia smiled slightly and disappeared with the maids to change into comfortable clothes.

Randall looked around in the midst of the subordinates slowly gathering around him.

Soon after, he noticed Count Fleurette and his wife, whose eyes were red, and he took a step forward.

“Count Fleurette.”

“Oh my, Duke Belfort.”

When the Countess saw Randall approaching them, she secretly patted the Count on the back.

The Count, who had sniffled and hurriedly wiped away his tears, straightened his expression.

As soon as Randall approached them, he first bowed deeply.

“I will do my best for your daughter. So if you see any shortcomings, please scold me without hesitation.”

At those words, Count Fleurette and his wife’s eyes widened.

No matter if they were the father-in-law and mother-in-law, Randall, who was second only to the royal family, did not have to show such a polite attitude.

But he was lowering himself as a courtesy to Sylvia and to her parents.

The count and his wife, who was only worried about their daughter, felt their anxiety subside a little.

The count, who coughed, uttered sincerely.

“Please take good care of our daughter.”

“Don’t worry. But before I leave, I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

“What do you want to ask?”

“Is it true that your daughter has rarely been out of the mansion for twenty-two years?”


The count’s eyes widened as if he had heard something unexpected for a moment.

Soon, his face stiffened seriously.

“Duke Belfort.”


“I know I’m going to sound strange, but please listen.”

“What do you mean…….”

Randall became serious at the same time.

Does Sylvia have any hidden chronic diseases?

But in the words that followed, he became speechless.

“My daughter…… In fact, she’s hardly ever been out of bed, not in a mansion.”


* * *


– Because she is a lethargic child by nature……

– Sometimes she’s asleep for more than a day, so don’t be too surprised. She’s not dead, she’s just asleep.

– One time she didn’t move for three whole days, so we were very surprised, hoho!

Eventually, Randall had to step away with more questions than before he began talking to the Count couple.

All he found out was that Sylvia had been living a life much more like a waste than he thought.

In addition, it was extremely rare for her to eat something, so he didn’t know what she liked or disliked about food.

‘I can’t believe she’s rarely out of the bed…….’

Since she has lived her life with only minimal breathing exercises, she lacks muscles in her body.

Randall shook his head and went to the north, vowing to take a short walk once a day.

If Sylvia had known, she would have felt a chill.

Randell and his party descended in front of the main gate with the Count of Fleurette and his wife.

Then, the three royal wizards who were preparing for the teleportation magic circle and the king, and Sylvia, greeted them.

“You’re here?”

Sob sob.”

“You’re crying again.”

Sylvia comforted the Count, who burst into tears again as soon as he saw her.

The king, who was looking at the scene with satisfaction, patted Randall on the shoulder.

“Live well.”

“Thank you.”

Randall lowered his head in a chilling and emotionless voice, unlike when dealing with Sylvia and the Count couple.

The king also said it as a greeting, so he just nodded lightly and stepped back.

“Shall we go, ……wife.”

After hesitation, Randall added one of the titles Sylvia had suggested.

Noticing the brief hesitation, Sylvia felt a smile leak out of her lips without realizing it

‘How cute.’

It was such a trivial thing that he could have forgotten, but he remembered it and listened to her.

The more she looked at him, the more upright and genuine a young man he was.

So she felt a little sorry for him.

She was trying to figure out how she could deceive God’s eyes and die.

But the guilt was short-lived.

‘……well, for a person like him, marriage will pour in even after the bereavement.’

For Sylvia, the fatigue she felt was greater than the regret she felt for the man she met for the first time today.

Randall was the number one groom of the Kingdom of Elvarez, no matter what anyone said.

It is not known how long it will take for Sylvia to succeed in her accidental death, but Randall will at least outlive her.

Master of the North, the honorary title as the shield of the kingdom. The position of a duke.

And the finest appearance and character.

It was clear that the death of the wife of that perfect man would not be a blemish for him.

As such, her determination to end her life as quickly as possible remained unwavering.

After Sylvia said goodbye to the count and his wife, she climbed into the carriage, and Randall mounted his horse with his subordinates who accompanied him to the capital.

Beyond the main gate, in the air, a huge magic circle was buzzing.

Randall grabbed the reins and raised his voice.

“Everyone, let’s go!”

At the sound of his voice, the horses kicked the ground.

As soon as she passed through the brightly shining magic circle, Sylvia closed her eyes once and then opened her eyes, feeling like her whole body was dragged up and down into the air.

In the blink of an eye, her vision and the air were reversed.


TL Notes:

          [1] First night is the night a bride and groom sleep together for the first time after their wedding.   

          [2] Written all over my face means one’s thoughts are showing or evident by a person’s expression.


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