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Even though life was tough, I never stopped being human. 


I have already gone through all sorts of hardships to become a human being for a thousand years.


At first, it was hard because I only got caught. After that, it was difficult to adapt to society.


After a few failures, I found a partner who would make a promise for a hundred years.


However, if we were too poor, it would be difficult to make a living, so it was difficult to spend 100 nights.


It was the same when I was greedy and rose to the position of queen. Surprisingly, who knew there would be fewer cases of sleeping with the king? 


‘It was harder than I thought to fill in 100.’


Still, I challenged myself repeatedly, and I was also growing. 


From then on, the Imoogi, realizing that I was trying to become a human, began to disturb my surroundings.


Rebellion, the extermination of the family, and poison.


Or seduce the husband to death. 


Of course, since I knew Imoogi’s strategy well, I had always prepared for it.


But is that punk’s curse still following me?


Isn’t there a war going on?


Why did the punk come in and force all the men who called themselves men to join the army?


‘It was really hard then.’


When the country was taken away, all the money that had been saved for several hundred years was also added to the independence fund. 


What can I do? Shouldn’t I live and die in that era if I become a human?


If possible, I wanted to live in peace for the rest of my life, so I did the independence movement and later tasted the joy of liberation for a while. 


‘It’s such a rough life. Even if I think about it.’


How about having to evacuate to Seorak with difficulty due to the outbreak of the 6.25 war? 


When I returned to human society after recovering in Seorak, it was hard to live.


It was a time that gradually changed over a thousand years, but what has changed so much in 50 years? I think I was surprised that it was full of things I saw for the first time. 


Wandering around the middle of the road and getting cursed at.


It was difficult to find a job without an ID. 


In the old days, getting married was easy, and then it was difficult.


Even getting married is difficult these days.


– “Huh… But do you have any money saved up? You’ll need wedding expenses to get married.” 


That’s why I’ve suffered so much to save even wedding expenses.


The last guy I met took all my money and blew it away, saying he would invest it. —Of course, he fell for the Imoogi’s tricks, but I think that’s also the man’s limit—.


When I thought of Korean society again, my fingertips trembled. 


After breakfast, I sat on the terrace and drank some tea and dessert to calm my mind.


‘Yeah. Compared to a thousand years of hardship, it’s not even hardships now.’


Worried that I won’t have enough money for food or won’t be able to pay my bills on time.


Even in a semi-basement, I can live on a monthly rent of about 1/3 of my monthly salary, and I don’t have to worry about the water supply freezing in the winter or flooding in the summer.


Although the fox bead was taken away, didn’t I also find a way to restore my power? 


‘Yesterday obviously… I definitely felt the power returning.’


When I put my hand on the Grand Duke’s hand, I felt my power gradually return as if I had just plugged in the charger.  


‘I have to make as much contact as possible to use the temptation, and after the temptation, I have to steal the fox beads.’


In novels, there were many cases where they bumped into each other and made a skinship, even if there was no probability.


Since this is also a novel, wouldn’t that be okay?


I was looking for a way for my power like that. I will seize the opportunity, seduce him, and steal the fox beads.


‘Well, it’d be better if we could kiss each other pretending to be an accident.’


If I got it back like that, I thought of running away.


‘Even though I feel sorry for Roselia.’


How can I spend 100 nights with a guy who wants to get divorced as soon as I meet him?


When asked if skinship is okay, look at the look in his eyes, saying it is very ‘terrible.’


A thousand years of experience tells me. This is a game that won’t work. 


If I had time, I wouldn’t run away and look at the opportunity from the Grand Duke as much as possible. 


If it doesn’t work, I can find someone new after we divorce. 


But what can I do?


– “If you don’t become a human within a year, you will live as a fox for the rest of your life.” 


To become human in one year, I have to spend 100 nights. I need to find the right man within half a year to do that. 


After suffering for a thousand years, I couldn’t be a fox for the rest of my life.


‘Because it’s going according to the original novel anyway… I’m sorry Roselia.’


It felt like someone was poking my conscience with a needle, but I ignored it and wrapped my hand around a warm cup of tea.




I turned my head because I could hear a horse somewhere.


Even before lunch, I saw the Grand Duke preparing to go outside.


‘Anyway, if we have a chance to meet, let’s pretend an accident and make contact.’


Because he’s outside all the time, it’s hard for me to mix up words with him by accident.


‘Where on earth is he going?’ 


I suddenly wondered as I watched the Grand Duke get on the horse with his escort Fior.


‘Anyway, that’s really strange….’


When I was living as a fox and wandering around this castle, the servants had said that the Grand Duke rarely went out.


‘Should I follow him?’


* * *


At times like this, it’s the easiest to follow as a fox.


After threatening employees to never come into my room, I made sure no one was there several times and slid down the wall.


Of course, it’s hard for a fox to keep up with the horse’s speed. Fortunately, the Grand Duke didn’t run so fast in the city, so I could find him right away.


Where the Grand Duke headed, it was a little familiar to me.


It’s Mount Tiris.


It is the mountain where I first arrived at this novel. The mountain where I met Roselia.


The Grand Duke got off his horse and was searching through the bushes, looking for something.


‘What the hell is he doing?’


I climbed a tree a little far away, curled up and used my tail as a pillow to watch the Grand Duke’s actions.


His face looked pretty impatient, as if he was looking for something very important.


Fior was also looking for it together, and his face was irritated.


“Your Highness. Isn’t this enough? Let’s stop now. “




“You’ve been coming here for several days, right? The Grand Duchess will misunderstand you if you do this at this rate. If possible, shouldn’t you have a cooperative relationship?”


I pricked up my ears at Fior’s words.


“What misunderstanding?”


“It’s been a few days since she came to Eleanor, and Your Highness is out from morning to night. If I were the Grand Duchess, I’d think I will really hate it.”


I wanted to bite Fior when he got in my way before.


“You don’t need to make enemies the closest.”


I changed my mind about Fior, who speaks for me.


“She might think she’s being neglected. It’s like scratching to make a crumb. We don’t know the exact relationship yet.”




“…Let’s forget about it and go home, okay? Your Highness?”


“Just look for today.”


Fior let out a long sigh.


“I’m sure it’s the last time I saw Sienna come here, so there must be a clue around here.”


Sienna, that sounds like a name.


‘Who is Sienna?’


And, as if he had heard my question. Fior murmured.


“You’ve lived well without Sienna all this time.”


Maybe Epher heard Fior’s little complaints. Epher stood tall and stared at Fior.


“…Not anymore.”


“No, Your Highness.”


“I don’t even want to imagine a world without it anymore.”


“Still, the Grand Duchess is here, what should I do if you’re going like this?”


“I’m going crazy because I can’t see Sienna.”


Oh, my. I just heard something.


“Your Highness. Then it’s really just for today. If you can’t find it today, we won’t come anymore.”


The conversation between the two ended like a spark. Both of them turned their heads and went through the bushes again.


‘Sienna. Could it be that the Grand Duke has feelings for her?’


Maybe that’s what he’s looking for, right?


‘Is that why he said no kissing?’


Otherwise, there would be no way he would reject such an attractive me.


Looking at the fact that he doesn’t want to imagine a world without Sienna. It must be someone he really loves.


‘Maybe Sienna is not a noble.’


Maybe that’s why he put marriage talks in the falling family. He doesn’t care much about politics, and he doesn’t get much attention.


He thought that if he gave her a suitable reward, she would agree to either the marriage or the divorce.


‘Since Roselia also had a mild personality, she might have thought it would be up to me.’


No matter who she meets after their divorce, she won’t be watched or forced as much.


Because everything is twisted, do they resent and chase Roselia in the original stort?


‘Even though I’m not sure what the circumstances were, it seems certain that the Grand Duke passionately loves Sienna.’


Suddenly, I had a good idea.




I jumped down the tree with twinkling eyes.


‘What if I find Sienna first and then change into her?’


It’s completely possible to kiss him, and I can get the fox beads right away. 


‘Ha. A fox like me, why am I so smart?’


I got down on all fours and waddled over to Grand Duke to help him find what he was looking for.


I don’t know what clues he’s looking for, but I’m much better at finding them than humans. 


Then I rub my face against the Grand Duke’s legs from behind. 


The Grand Duke looked down with slightly surprised eyes.


‘Now, tell me. What are you looking for?’


This fox will find them all.


After a long time, I was surprised to see the Grand Duke looking up from below.


Tears rolled in his sea-like eyes like waves.




He immediately leaned over and hugged me.


“…I found you!”

What is this now?


I was so embarrassed that even my tail stiffened.


“Sienna. Where did you go. I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”


I tried to think calmly about what this situation was, but I couldn’t understand it at all.


Sienna? Did you just call me Sienna?


“The people in the castle didn’t kick you out, did they? Ugh, I guess you haven’t eaten in days. Look at the thinness.”


“…Your Highness. It seem to be doing well because the fur become more fluffy, isn’t it?”


“What are you talking about? Can’t you see that only bones remain of our Siena?”


No, excuse me? 


You said you couldn’t live without Sienna?


Since when am I Sienna?


“I ordered a lot of beef jerky for you, but I was surprised that you suddenly disappeared.”


“That’s a relief. I thought the attacker killed this fox at that time….” 


“Fior. Don’t put such disrespectful words in your mouth.”


He sighed and held me in his arms, and stroked my back.


“I was really worried because I thought something bad had happened to you.”


Is this man crying?


Now I can guess what this situation is about little by little.


The reason why the Grand Duke, who said he didn’t go out often, went out every day.


I see.


So the Grand Duke has abandoned me (Roselia) to find me (the fox).


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