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Epher sat down in front of me with a very bitter expression. 


I sat down and calmly explained the fox’s habits.


The most important thing is food, so let’s talk about that first. 


“Foxes are nocturnal and omnivores.”


I talked about the food that foxes usually eat and the things I personally like.


“But not all foxes have the same taste, so you’ll have to try various things.”


Epher listened to my story a little bored as if he knew it all. However, he didn’t leave his seat.


By the time he loses interest when I list only the things he knows, I remember a comment I saw on YouTube long ago and tell him.


“If you have a toy that the fox likes, you will be able to make friends quickly.”


It was [Wow, does the fox play with toys too?] comment.


It’s a fact that we know in modern times that animals with a long history of companion animals, such as dogs and cats, need toys.


Considering the short history of pets like foxes, and the times here, I thought it would be difficult to know.


As I expected, Epher looked at me somewhat surprised.


“Are you talking about toys?”


“I’ll look for some toys. See you next time.”


It was an unbelievable look.


The next day, when Epher goes out for a walk as usual. I deliberately ran into Epher at the right time.


Looking at the direction of the walk, it was clear that he was about to go to the fox’s house again.


“Oh my, I see you here.”


Epher just nodded as if he didn’t want to be disturbed. 


“I often take a light walk after eating.”


It’s as if his schedule is like this, so he’s telling me again that he doesn’t want to run into me if he can.


Who cares. I just answered with a smile.


“Me too.”



“It would be nice if we could go for a walk together often.”


He closed his mouth tightly, but I could already see from his expression and eyes that he was very uncomfortable.


I can’t help it. If two people push each other away, how will the relationship progress? You have to pull hard on one.


I tried to avoid looking at his eyes and changed the topic.


“Ah. Let’s think about what would be good for a fox toy.”


“Which one?”


Look at how the uncomfortable eyes softened as soon as the story of Siena came up.


As a fox, I don’t know if I should say I feel good or not.


I handed him the box I had brought with me.


As soon as Epher received the box, I quietly placed my hand on top of his. 




The Grand Duke glared at me with an expression of disgust, but I spoke calmly and brazenly.


“I’m telling you in advance in case you expect something huge, but it’s not that surprising.”


“…I understand, so let go of my hand.”


Are you crazy? I was trying to hold your hand from the beginning.


I slowly removed my hand like a snail crawling.


‘I’ll just have to recover my power in this way from now on.’


The liver doesn’t fill up at all, but so what? 


As soon as Epher opened the box, one corner of his mouth twitched. 


“…It’s a ball.” 


He looked disappointed, wondering if it could be such a simple dog toy.


No, rather than disappointment, it was a face of slightly hurt pride.


“…It’s really not that great.”


That’s really tricky. Were you disappointed that I just gave you something like this? 


“Oh my, have you ever played with a fox with a ball?”




“Did the fox enjoy playing with it?”




Look at him not answering. I guess he can’t lie?


“You haven’t tried it, have you?”


He didn’t even open his mouth, as if he had honey in his mouth.


You don’t want to admit it. You didn’t know you could play with a fox with such a simple toy!


But I, who was generous, decided to forgive his arrogance and pushed the box he held toward him.


At the same time, I also didn’t forget to fill up the power by touching his fingertips.


“Try it.”


And when I turned around, I turned very cool.


“I hope it helps. Then I’ll leave.”


Roselia leaves like this.


But my work wasn’t over.


After knowing from the side of the eye that the Grand Duke was going to the fox’s house, I quickly looked for a place where no one was there.


After looking around again and again and making sure there was no one around, I turned into a fox right away.


And I ran like crazy toward the house as hard as I could.


I ran so fast that the skirts of the servants who were doing the laundry were blown off.




“Oh, that fox is running around like that again.”


As I ran until my feet were on fire, I could see Epher looking for me near the house.


‘Phew. It’s horrible. Look, he’s looking for me again.’


I heard that no one is allowed to come near here at this time. Is it because there is no one?




As soon as Epher saw me, he called my name happily.


“Sienna, where have you been? Did you come back after I came out?”


He looked bright 180 degrees different from when he met Roselia a while ago.


Is it a double personality? How can people change so quickly?


I went inside the house, avoiding the Grand Duke’s touch as if it were bothersome.


I’m not even a piper. Epher followed me, and Fior followed after such an Epher.


“I’ve found the fox, so I’ll sit here for a while.”


Fior sighed and sat down on a bench in the fox’s house.


Epher didn’t respond to Fior’s words and continued to follow me. 


“Siena, where are you going?”


I deliberately went into a little corner of the house and curled up.


When the Grand Duke tried to touch me, I stood up, avoided him, and went to another corner to sit down again. 


“Sienna… am I bothering you?”


At that time, Fior, who was sitting on the bench, bluntly said to the Grand Duke.


“Your Highness. Why don’t you give the fox what the Grand Duchess gave you?”


That punk, he reads my mind better than I thought.


“Should I?” 


“Yes. Do you know how to play with a ball?”


“What do you see me as?”


Epher glared at Fior sideways, then took out the ball I had given him from his pocket.


He looked at the ball in his hand and—.


He dropped it to the floor.


Then the ball rolled off helplessly.


‘This punk… he doesn’t know how to play.’


From behind Epher, I heard Fior sigh lightly.




I only sighed.


Well, I’ll do my job first anyway.


I followed the rolling ball, hit it with my front foot, and followed the direction the ball was rolling.


I didn’t mean to be slow.


Because I had to let him know that Roselia’s ball game worked!


Thinking of the 1988 Olympics and the 2002 World Cup, it was as if I had become a national representative who received numerous cheers. 


I think of the fox’s house as a soccer field, and I run around dribbling with both feet. 


I bet everything on this one ball and performed all sorts of stunts with burning eyes.


Then I grab the ball with my front foot, let it go, and try hitting it with my tail.


As if it were a show, I made a strange gesture in front of Epher.


“Wow… Sienna, you play very well.”


Ha. See? My flashy gesture.


It’s embarrassing to do this even after staying for a thousand years. But it can’t be helped. 


“My Siena, are you having fun?”


It’s a bit of fun, but it’s a secret. 


Like watching a first child stand on two feet, Epher’s eyes were full of mystery and admiration.


And it wasn’t just Epher that was impressed. 


“Hey… that’s great.”


Fior, sitting and leaning on the bench, suddenly moved forward and watched my movements with interest.


“Wow… I didn’t know a fox could play with a ball.”


Cows play with balls, too. You didn’t know, did you?


In response, I vigorously wagged my tail and put my face on Epher’s body. 


Fior, who was watching from the side, looked at this scene happily as he clapped his hands.


“How does Her Highness the Grand Duchess know about this?”


“I hear she raised a fox before.”


“It’s good that you put the wedding talk in the Fellua family.”


I perked up my ears and stared at Fior.


Because of that punk, my temptations had failed before, but Fior looked different with this supporting shot. 


But while looking at me, Epher replied to Fior’s words with a slightly bitter expression. 


“Well… I don’t know. It’s a little strange.”


“What’s strange?” 


Epher hesitated to speak, repeatedly opening and closing his mouth.


“Fellua family was pretty clean. I don’t think there will be any problems. How was it?”


I pricked my ears at Fior’s words.


‘What are you talking about?’


What is so strange to Epher? Of course, it’s weird to think that I asked you to kiss me out of the blue.


Don’t tell me you’re talking behind my back?


You’re not going to gossip about me, are you?


“Did you talk about divorce?”




Fior approached me before I knew it, shook the ball himself, and threw it a little farther away. 


“Will she cooperate?” 


Cooperate? Their conversation was interesting, so I lay down instead of chasing after the ball.


Then, Fior looked at me with a sad expression.


“…I think I’m not sure.” 


He frowned at Epher’s answer.


“She’s not cooperating?”


“She hasn’t told me yet.”




“I don’t know. I’m not sure she’s on my side.”


I lay down and just lifted my head.


‘On my side?’


Fior shook his head and said.


“You have to be good to have her stand by Your Highness. I want you to be nice to her. Talk to her well—” 


“So we decided to eat together twice a week.”


Fior’s face darkened.


“Your Highness, are you serious? Who’s going to be nice to you with that?”


Y, yeah! I also thought if it was good enough! 


This kid speaks well! Do more, do more!


“The Grand Duchess didn’t say anything.”


“That’s right, since you’re the Grand Duke, she just moved on. You would have been beaten if you had been a normal husband.” 


Epher quietly placed a hand on his cheek. I nodded at Fior’s words.


That’s right, that’s right. A kiss is better than a meal.


“Look, that fox nods, too.”


When Fior pointed at me, Epher hurriedly looked down at me in surprise.


“Don’t say anything. Sienna is just nodding her head in a good mood.”


No, it’s not! He’s right!


I moved closer to Fior and put my head on his leg.


“Your Highness. Did you see that I was right? Don’t you think the fox is here to take my side?”


Epher grumbled in displeasure, and then he lifted me up from under Fior’s legs.


“Fior. It’s not a fox. It’s Sienna.”


He locked me in his arms and stroked my back as if he didn’t want me to be taken away.


“Sienna. I’ll give you lots of delicious food, so don’t go to him.”


I slipped my foot in his arms and slapped him on the cheek.


I’m going to slap him like this.


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