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Not going in the form of Roselia was an adventure for me too.


‘This is the first time I’ve been hiding among people in this form.’


I was also a little excited. To be honest, if I went around Korea looking like this, everyone would mistake me for a white-haired witch or a ghost.


Even though it was unfamiliar, I had a beautiful expectation, unlike before.


“Then you can run away as it is.”


“Thank…you. I’ll write a letter just in case.”


“Either way. It’s better if you confide in your father and report the situation.”


Roselia nodded her head.


“Really… thank you. Actually…” 




“Because I had a crush on someone else.….” 


“I know. An escort knight for your family, right?”


Roselia’s face turned red instantly, and her tears welled up.


“…Yes, I miss him so much.”


Tears flowed from Roselia’s eyes.


‘What do you want me to do?’


Don’t tell me. Does she want me to give her comfort? It was a bit difficult for me to understand.


I met many men to become human, but my favorite feelings were always for a moment. It was bound to be forgotten over time.


“Okay. Go ahead. Before it’s too late. Do you know? He could suddenly leave somewhere without you.”


Roselia wiped her tears with the back of her hand at my words and nodded.


“Thank you so much. I will never forget this grace.”


Roselia, who continued to thank me, turned around as if she had made a firm decision. 


What do you mean by grace? My conscience stings a little. In the novel, she eventually decides to run away after losing the ring anyway.


“…Roselia! Wait!” 




“Give me the ring and go.”


“Ah… Yes…” 


I turned around when I saw that Roselia had escaped safely too.


Roselia Fellua. 


Now, this was my name.


* * *


When I go out, I go out on four legs, but when I come back, I come back on two legs.


I was in a carriage when I passed a guard who said, “You can’t bring in wild animals,” and, “What kind of fox…”. I also saw people looking at me and whispering, and I stood in front of the Grand Duke’s home.


‘The atmosphere is strange.’


I’m a person who will become the Grand Duchess, but there was no cluttered atmosphere, let alone a welcoming atmosphere.


‘Everyone seems very indifferent.’


It was the same yesterday when I sent Roselia off and when I got to the hotel where she was staying.


As she said, a completely different person appeared, but no one recognized that I wasn’t Roselia. 


–Of course, when she went out, she covered her face with a veil because she was embarrassed.–


‘The Grand Duke’s people wouldn’t treat me badly, right?’


I watched with a little worry in my eyes as the Grand Duke’s castle gate opened.




Contrary to my worry. A semicircle of neatly dressed people greeted me as soon as the door opened.


Standing in the middle was a man who, at a glance, seemed to be the ‘head of the butler.’ 


The man opened the carriage door and naturally bowed his head. 


“Welcome, Miss Roselia Fellua. I am Elaine, the head butler who manages this castle.” 


It wasn’t until I heard the deep voice that I realized I had become Roselia. 


Even though it was the same castle I had seen through the eyes of a fox, I had a very different feeling about it.


However, the person I often saw through the eyes of a fox was nowhere to be found. 


‘…Where is the Grand Duke?’


Of course, his bride had arrived, so I expected him to greet me first before anyone else. However, he was nowhere to be seen.


I was a little puzzled.


It’s not even during the Joseon Dynasty, and it’s not like we didn’t see each other before marriage.


And it’s not like today was our wedding day, so it couldn’t be any worse. 


The marriage of nobility was merely a day like a festival in this novel that I know.


They chose a date and held a ceremony, but it was nothing more than a feast for the Lords. And the wife and husband were already powerful before they got married.


“His Highness the Grand Duke is…” 


“This way.”


Before I could finish my question, Elaine, the head butler, guided me. 


‘Am I going to the Grand Duke’s castle?’


Of course, he has to come out to meet me. Does it make sense for me to go out and say hello to him?


Besides, the place I was going was not the highest of the three castles, but the one next to it.


‘Why are we going here? This is not the place where the Grand Duke stays.’


Is he waiting in the bride’s room first? I have no idea.


I quietly followed Elaine and looked around.


Since I couldn’t get into the castle the first time because I was a fox, there were a lot of things to see.


The inside of the castle was much more splendid and beautiful than the exterior.


The window frames were elaborately carved, and in front of them were vases or sculptures of flowers and paintings hung on the walls.


All the fences of the stairs leading up to the red carpet were decorated with gold.


“This is Madam’s room.” 


The room that Elaine showed me was also comfortable and looked like it had everything. 


“You can use this entire castle comfortably, Madam. You can change the room if you are uncomfortable with it.”


I was momentarily surprised by the extraordinary scale. I can’t believe I can use the entire castle. 


There must have been a reason why he took me to the castle on the right, not the castle in the middle. 


Looking at this, I don’t think the Grand Duke is neglecting me. But why do I feel so uncomfortable?


“If you have any inconvenience during your stay, please tell me anytime.” 


The only thing that makes me uncomfortable right now is this.


“When can I see His Highness Grand Duke?”


“Please speak comfortably.” 






And I don’t know why the silence is flowing.


Then the head butler took a deep breath and let it out as I continued to look uncomfortable.


“He went out because he had an urgent matter.”


Urgeeent matteeer? 


According to the information I heard while wandering around as a fox, the Grand Duke only goes out once a week.


On Wednesday, the same day I met the Grand Duke in the mountains!


And since I’ve only been in the novel for five days, it’s Monday now!


He’s a very regular person, so he’s always been like that for three months since he was appointed here.


All of a sudden. 


Someone who will soon be half of his life. 


On the day of the arrival.


Did he go out because there was an ‘urgent matter’? 


“…I see.”


Well, it could be because I don’t know what people do. 


Wasn’t he the one who got angry and made her a wanted person because the bride ran away before she arrived? Since the long-awaited bride has arrived, it must be urgent. 


If I misunderstand something like this and already have bad thoughts, will the sweet potato development of romance novels even begin? 


I’m generous, so I asked without showing off my displeasure.


“Then when will he come?”


“He should be back in the afternoon.”


Afternoon. It’s 2 p.m., so he’ll be here soon. 


“Yeah. You can leave.” 


Like the Lady of the High-ranking public official’s house—No, I sent out the butler like the Lady of the Grand Duke’s house. 


‘What I’m going to do now?’


When I was a fox, I wandered around, so I didn’t need to look around, but I lightly looked at the details of “my castle.” 


It took less than two hours to see the entire three-story castle.


At 4 p.m., I approached Elaine at the entrance of my castle and asked him again. 


“Is His Highness here?”


“He hasn’t arrived yet.”


When on earth is he coming? I went back to my room and closed my eyes for a while.


How long have I slept?


I woke up again to the sound of someone knocking on the door.


Looking at the clock, it was already 7 o’clock.


‘Is it the Grand Duke?’


But, unfortunately, another voice was heard.


“Madam. Would you like to eat?”


It was Elaine. I don’t know if Roselia married the Grand Duke or Elaine.


“Is the Grand Duke here?”


“…He hasn’t arrived yet.”


Same question as before with the same answer. 


“When the Grand Duke comes, we’ll do it together.” 


“His Highness seems to be a bit late.”


“If he comes, we will eat together.”


Even though I was hungry, I skipped meals and closed the door.


After waiting for a long time, the clock pointed to 9 o’clock.


It was a bit noisy outside, so I looked out and saw the Grand Duke come in after they opened the gate.


‘Really. His wife is here, and he just got back?’


And after a while, Elaine approached the Grand Duke. 


Maybe because it was late at night, I could hear the two of them talking.


“I… The Grand Duchess has been looking for Your Highness all day.” 


No, I mean head butler. What should I do if you say that? I only look for him for half a day, though? 


Then the Grand Duke turned his head toward the window where I was.




Unknowingly, I ducked to avoid his gaze. I only raised my head carefully and looked out again.


The Grand Duke’s steps were heading towards my castle.


‘Ah. Are you coming to me?’


When I look at a romance novel, it always starts with a misunderstanding.


Do I misunderstand here that the Grand Duke was trying to screw me up, and I hate it? 


Then the Grand Duke could also hate me. And I will cross a river of no return. 


Even if that was the intention, I was the only one who was innocently deceived for the day, so that was fine.


So, I ignored the long wait and took off my coat.


‘Because this is the first time we meet.’


First impressions don’t matter. 


To look a little more attractive, I wore a slip that showed my figure well.


Tak, tak. After the sound of the shoes getting closer, I heard a knock knocking on my room.


“…I am sorry for being late. I have something really urgent. May I come in?”


I can’t believe he apologized first. 


I tried to make sure I didn’t misunderstand, but now that I’ve heard that, it seems like all the confusion is gone.


“Come in.”


The sound of the door opening at my words sounded like the BGM played when a man and a woman met in a variety show.


“It’s nice to meet you. Miss Roselia Fellua.”


Oh my. Look at how polite you are.


“I am also pleased to meet you. Your Highness the Grand Duke.”


He entered the room and looked at the furniture around him.


“I have filled this room up so that the Young Lady will not feel uncomfortable, so please feel comfortable as if it were your own home….” 


Then, naturally, as soon as his eyes met me, he closed his mouth for a moment. 


“You seem comfortable already.”


Hmm. Of course.


Even if the real Roselia is a timid person. Is there any need to do that in this place where no one knows about Roselia?


I confidently seduced the Grand Duke.


“Yes. We will soon become a married couple, so I must adapt quickly.”


“…I see.” 


Ugh. I should have used the power of temptation at a time like this! It took a little time to re-use the power that I had used a few days ago, so I closed my mouth a little sadly. 




The Grand Duke slowly took off his coat and said.


His see-through shirt, wet with sweat, looked very sexy.


“Since it’s the first night the Young Lady came—Should I do what I have to do?”


I was surprised for a moment.


Oh my. Is he more aggressive than I thought?


What should the married couple do on their first night? 


Seeing my surprise, the Grand Duke seemed to hesitate for a moment before speaking. 


“If you think it’s rude, we can do it next time.” 


“What do you mean rude? I want to respect you.” 


I think I made it obvious that I was too bright, so I blushed on purpose as if I were shy. 


“Now we are a couple. It will be fine.” 


“If you’re tired, it’s okay to do it tomorrow….” 


“No. I’m not tired.”


How can I hate it? These are the things I wanted.


To be able to insert marbles so smoothly and obtain human spirit. How lucky I am. 


“…All right.” 


The Grand Duke put his coat on the chair for a moment, then came closer to me. 


Every time he walks, his skin reflected in his wet shirt moves.


I reached out to the chest that seduced me.


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