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Author: rolypoly

Prologue. Why are you doing a hotel in Dungeon?


It was in the first year of high school that Han Woohyun, one of the only five S-class hunters in Korea, awakened.


Considering his age, the Hunter Association tried to postpone sending him to the dungeon until after he graduated from high school.


However, Han Woohyun’s uncle, who couldn’t stand the rest of the year, recently signed a contract with the Baekho Guild. 


It was possible because Han Woohyun’s uncle was his legal guardian after his parents died during Dungeon Break.


His uncle pushed the contract with the seal on the guardian column to Han Woohyun and said in an unusually friendly voice. 


“It’s only a B-class dungeon, so nothing will happen, Woohyun-ah. In a way, the earlier you build your career, the better it is.”


Both the aunt and cousin who were in the back were also expecting something from Han Woohyun. 


There was only one reason, money.


They didn’t seem to care that Han Woohyun was still 19 years old, that there were many hunters who died in the “only” B-class dungeon, and even Han Woohyun’s parents died in the dungeon break. 


No, maybe they didn’t even know that Han Woohyun wanted to die inside the dungeon.


Like his parents.


Well, it didn’t matter.


After his S-class awakening, Han Woohyun also felt an abnormal increase in his physical abilities.


Somehow he didn’t feel like he was going to die easily.


And even if he dies, it doesn’t matter.


It was better to go to the dungeon, even if it meant dying, than to slowly go crazy with an uncle who drinks too much and turns into a dog and an aunt who shouts that Han Woohyun is to blame for all her misfortunes. 


That’s how Han Woohyun entered the dungeon at the age of 19.


The homeroom teacher was delighted that there was a great celebration in the class.


Most of the classmates who couldn’t memorize Han Woohyun’s name had a similar reaction.


It was a festive atmosphere, such as preparing a cake and giving a bouquet of flowers. He also had time to give thanks one by one.


“Congratulations. Are you finally becoming a real hunter?”


“Hey, you’re noisy. Congratulations, Han Woohyun. I also awakened the other day. I’m a B-class, so I won’t run into you often, but…”


Han Woohyun stood with an ambiguous expression, surrounded by flowers, smiles, and harmless good words. 


It was then. The turn went to a girl who had just sat still the entire time they spoke in order.


“Hey, say something, too.”


“Yeah. Lee Junghyo. Your father was also an S-class hunter.”


“That kid’s father is the one… in that dungeon.”


Lee Junghyo. 


Han Woohyun was a little surprised that he thought of the child’s name at once, but on second thought, it was nothing unusual.


They were in the same class for three years in high school. Isn’t it rather strange if he couldn’t memorize the names?


Besides, she’s a girl with her dark black hair neatly tied up and cat-like eyes.


Lee Junghyo was quite a famous child.


This is because her father was treated as a hero by the entire nation as an early S-class hunter.


Lee Semyung was a colleague of named hunters who are serving as the president of the Hunter Association now and the guild leader of the Great Guild.


After her father died in an S-class dungeon, Junghyo was staying at the house of the head of the Hanwoon guild, one of the three largest guilds in Korea.


That’s why that kid is so famous. 




It’s okay to memorize names.


Han Woohyun thought hard.


After becoming an S-class hunter at the age of 17, Han Woohyun has been throwing away what he has little by little.


Pictures taken with mom, toys given by dad, letters and carnations that he wrote to them. 


If he thinks that such things are left somewhere in his room, it seems that he will not be able to enter the dungeon where they ate his parents.


Because he wants to come back. 


So Han Woohyun felt burdened even with the name Lee Junghyo accumulating in his mind.


Of course, it was only Han Woohyun’s thought. 


Junghyo had never called Han Woohyun by name for all three years. 


She didn’t even make eye contact with him.


Even now, even when Han Woohyun entered the dungeon, she didn’t cast a glance at him.


Junghyo lowered her head with her mouth open for a long time. As if it was annoying to even look up to see his face.


But when Junghyo finally lifted her head, she had bloodshot, red eyes and said. 


“Don’t die.”


Junghyo stared at Woo Hyun with red eyes.


The atmosphere in the classroom became chilly. Junghyo must have noticed because her face quickly turned red.


She jumped up and walked out the back door.


No one stopped her from going out.


At that time, he already had a hunch that Junghyo’s words would remain for a long time.


‘Don’t die.’


He doesn’t want to die.


It was his first thought since awakening.


And from the 19-year-old kid hunter to the 25-year-old now, that thought is still the same.


He doesn’t die in dungeons.




Han Woohyun thought as he cut down the fifth Lamia, an A-class monster. 






Blood flowed from Han Woohyun’s side as he gripped the longsword.


It seemed that the wounds caused by the dragon were widening.


Han Woohyun urgently blocked his side with his hand. The whole right muscle began to tremble. 


“Damn it…” 


A swear word came out.


It’s already been two days since he has been wandering here.


Two days ago, Han Woohyun fell into a trap just as he was about to catch most of the red dragon, the boss monster in an S-class dungeon.


After being sucked into an endlessly dark hole, Han Woohyun fell into a hidden dungeon with no way out in sight.


He walked and walked for two days.


He ran out of potions and food and even drank all the water he had.


Normally, Han Woohyun could endure without rest and sleep for a week, but this time it was different.


The wound on his side caused by the dragon was reducing his physical strength just by breathing. 


In the meantime, he had to deal with the monsters in the Hidden Dungeon.


‘Don’t die.’


Her words from six years ago stayed with him.


This time, he might not be able to keep his promise to not die.


Han Woohyun, who has endured numerous crises while fighting monsters, really thought so this time.


Honestly, he just wants to give up. 


He wants to lie down in the middle of the monsters’ den and just fall asleep.


He wants to rest.


He wants to close his eyes and never open them again.


It was then.


As he was about to give up on everything, a purple light appeared in front of his eyes.


The moment he saw the light that looked like a dot, Han Woohyun thought it might be an exit.


He cautiously approached it.


Purple dots became lines, and lines became faces.


Han Woohyun realized in the blurry vision.


That the light is a sign.





The old sign made a strange noise. 




Han Woohyun doubted his eyes.


What kind of hotel is there in Dungeon?




Under the sign, there was even a revolving door that turned with a loud noise.


Han Woohyun frowned.


There is a hotel inside the dungeon.


It also has a shiny sign and a revolving door.


It was something no one would believe.


But it was also a story he had heard.


‘Because I saw it! There was a very kind boss and a handsome bellboy. The team leader probably won’t do that, but if you ever fall out alone and see a revolving door on a purple signboard, be sure to go in. By all means!’ 


These were the words of a new Hunter that no one believed.


At that time, he thought it was just a rookie hunter’s false statement, but now there was a real hotel in front of Han Woohyun’s eyes. 


Han Woohyun stared at the soft carpet, bright lights, and soft-looking sofa beyond the glass of the revolving door. 


If the rookie hunter’s words are false and that is a new type of trap, it’ll be better than dying.


He entered the revolving door as if possessed.


“Welcome, welcome to Yeong Chun Hotel!”


As soon as he passed through the revolving door, he heard someone’s voice. 


A navy vest, navy blue suit pants, tightly tied black hair, and cat-like eyes.


The woman even wore a strange hat with ‘Yeong Chun’ written on it. 


She was the kind of person that woman could never be here. 


Lee Junghyo.


Han Woohyun froze as he saw Junghyo greet him brightly. 


Why are you—.


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