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  1. Take a good rest


How many times did he run through the dungeon like that? 


Han Woohyun, who ran well 10km, said he would buy not only Lim Sehwan’s armor but also some weapons he made. 


“It’s great durability. Master.”


He meant it.


Even though it was a little faster than initially planned, there was no scratch on the armor.


He can tell by hunting in Dungeon.


How much is needed for items like the ones made by Lim Sehwan that feel sturdy and fit well even though they don’t have any special functions, and that feel like they were made with great care? 


“I can feel your consideration for the user.”


If Han Woohyun had said this, Lim Sehwan should have been so moved that he shed tears, but instead of tears, Lim Sehwan collapsed on the floor with sweat pouring down his face. 


The durability of items made by Lim Sehwan Lim is good, but Lim Sehwan’s own durability could be said to be at the lowest level. 


“Heuk… heuk… heuk…. C, can I go back to work now…?” 


This was when Lim Sehwan entered the hotel, crawling on the floor covered in sweat. 


Junghyo blocked his path. 


“Assistant. No, Master Lim Sehwan.”




“If we continue like this, won’t it tarnish the status of the Misoon Workshop pop-up store?”


At Junghyo’s words, Lim Sehwan only looked back at his clothes.


The shirt he was wearing was soaked with sweat.


“Ah… that’s right. Then I will change my clothes…” 


“I don’t think just changing clothes will work?”


At Junghyo’s words, Lim Sehwan smelled the sweat coming from his body and frowned. 


He’s already sweating like this before he knew it… 


“Please go into the sauna, wash thoroughly, and then come out.”


The bellboy standing next to Junghyo offered him a change of clothes.


“N, no. I’ll just take a quick shower…!”


“If you don’t wash your body thoroughly until it smells like soap, I will cancel your contract with the workshop!”


What do you mean by canceling the contract!


Lim Sehwan’s eyes grew round.


Lim Sehwan quickly packed his clothes to change and left for the sauna.



* * *


He started washing himself harder than ever.


‘So that there is no smell at all! Clean body! Clean service!’ 


He entered the warm bath and began to warm his body.


Thanks to the ‘Healing Spring Water’, he felt some muscle pain caused by chasing Han Woohyun in the dungeon subside, and his physical strength recovered.


Instead, his body was on the verge of melting in the warm temperature of the water. 




He, who had been drooling without realizing it, quickly got up from his spot.


Because he normally worked while seated, his hands were always cold, but now, as blood flowed to them, he felt an improvement in his circulation.


‘I feel healthier…’


Ah. Come to your senses. 


He has to wash up quickly and go out to greet the customers.


He wiped his entire body with a scrubbing towel and poured the body wash provided by the hotel all over his body.


‘…It smells so good.’


Good Smell Body Wash


—It gives off the best smell that the user’s brain can remember.


—Fragrance duration: Until next shower


Of course, washing was all about doing a good job, but the fragrant smell while washing made him feel refreshed. 


He dried his entire body with the large towel that the bellboy had thoughtfully prepared for him and looked in the mirror.


It was quite satisfying to see a face like a soft, peeled egg. 


Over the past month, he has worked so hard that he barely has time to take a shower. As a result, his body, which had always felt heavy, became so light that it seemed like it would fly away.


“Good! My body must have gotten clean; now I will deliver more items to our customers!”


With that in mind, he dressed up in the clothes the bellboy had prepared for him.


He was a little surprised by the stylish shirt, jacket, and pants that were different from the bellboy’s usual uniform.


‘I don’t think it’s bellboy clothes? Did the boss not like my fashion…?’


These clothes look pretty expensive.


However, Lim Sehwan, who remembered the boss’ words about maintaining a clean appearance to provide the best service, decided to accept the image of a well-dressed gentleman in the mirror. 


He dressed up so well and went upstairs.


However, let alone a pop-up store, there were no customers in the lounge.


“T, the guests…” 


“Ah. They decided to have a company dinner at a restaurant a little later. They decided to wash up before coming out.”


Manager Miyeon, who was putting tablecloths on the tables, looked up.


Miyeon smiled as she looked at Lim Sehwan, who looked neat and tidy.


“You seem like a completely different person.”


“I, is that so? T, thank you.” 


Lim Sehwan, who was not used to praise, hesitated and tried to return to his seat.


At that time, Miyeon grabbed him.


“Oh. I prepared a meal for a company dinner for guests today, and I was curious whether the meal would suit their tastes. Would you mind trying it if it’s all right with you? I prepared a special Chinese meal today.”


Miyeon thrust the crispy fries in front of him.


The smell of fried food and oil that lingered in front of Lim Sehwan, who came out after washing off all the sweat, was very tempting. 


However, he had to greet guests in a neat outfit.


“I’m sorry, but I have to greet guests now…”


“They haven’t come down yet, well. And I heard you sold a lot of items to Hunter Woohyun Han today? Still, wouldn’t it be too mean to not help me with a tasting at the hotel… Depending on the guests’ satisfaction with the company dinner, our hotel’s ability to serve group guests may be put to the test.”


Miyeon said it with a truly sad expression on her face.


Lim Sehwan wrinkled his face at those words.


“N, no. It’s not like that! Manager, I’m not a picky eater, so I don’t know if I can taste it properly…”


“It means a popular taste. I was actually just in need of a taste of that kind of person.”


Miyeon, who even put a serving napkin on her arm, took a seat at the table that had been laid out with a tablecloth and candles.


When Lim Sehwan’s situation reached this point, he couldn’t bear to refuse her offer and hesitantly went to the chair and sat down.


Miyeon skillfully put his chair in and served cold food in his seat.


“Isn’t it just fried food?”


Miyeon shook her head in response to Lim Sehwan’s puzzled question.


“From now on, you have to do all the tasting. Please work hard.”


Miyeon grinned.


Work hard…! 


Lim Sehwan was excited when he heard the words.


He has to eat hard.


Savor the scent and taste to the fullest!


Looking into his eyes, Miyeon turned back and gave a sly instruction to the bellboy.


“Please bring the wine that I prepared. We must not miss the wine tasting either.”


She walked toward the kitchen and made eye contact with Junghyo, who was standing at the front desk. 


And after a while,


Lim Sehwan was also carried to room 201 on Geumdong’s back.


The effects of exercise + sauna + full food + alcohol were enormous.


After running hard, washing hard, eating and drinking hard, he fell asleep as if he had fainted.


Junghyo nodded, looking down at Lim Sehwan on the bed, who was lying with a more peaceful face than ever. 




The quest ‘The Hephaestus Depression’ has been completed. Would you like to receive a reward?




‘…It’s a success.’


After checking the status window, Junghyo turned back and placed her hand on Miyeon’s shoulder.


“Thank you for your hard work.”


“The boss did the hard work.”


Geumdong trembled when he saw the two people, as if they had succeeded in the assassination.


“Why… is it scary…?”


* * *


Geumdong decided to guard the door to prevent the pop-up store manager, who had fallen asleep, from coming out, and Toto took charge of managing the pop-up store.


But of course, the pop-up store manager didn’t wake up and crawl out like a zombie again.


‘Guest Room 201’ is having a good dream.


The satisfaction level of ‘Guest Room 201’ increases by 1,000%.


Previously, he was called ‘Pop-up Store Manager’, but his title was quietly changed to Guest Room 201.


And this window also popped up.


You will receive 100p EXP and 100G Market Gold for completing the achievement ‘Passionate Rest’.


It’s a passionate rest.


I agreed with that.


What Lim Sehwan needs is not to change his passionate personality but to use that passionate personality not only to work but also to take care of himself.


Work hard too.


Rest hard too.


Then the day will come when he will find a balance between them.


Ah. And I also received a quest completion reward.


It’s nice to increase my level thanks to EXP points…


However, there was something strange about the completion reward.


Eros’ Arrow (A)


—When you get hit by an arrow, you feel lust for the person you see for the first time.


—Duration: Until dawn the next day




It was an A-Class item, but it could be seen as almost impossible to use. 


What do you mean by lust? 


Even the words written in the duration are dangerous.


I carried the ‘Arrow of Eros’ to the staff accommodations, afraid that someone would see it.


This is an item that could cause serious trouble if someone uses it by mistake.


However, I ran into Han Woohyun at the door.


“What is it?”


Han Woohyun stretched out his hand to the arrowhead. 


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