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  1. Cupid of Love, Take Action!


What kind of good night is a good night?


It’s strange.


The status window is very strange.


It’s the same with teasing me with quests, even using expressions that seem to have a double meaning on purpose.


Congratulations! Quest ‘I hope the hotel owner has a good night too.’ As a reward for completion, you will receive 10p EXP and Market Gold 10G.


As soon as I woke up in the morning, I saw the window in front of me and went to Toto first.


“The status window is weird.”


“If it’s a status window… are you talking about the hotel’s system?”




“How strange is it?”


Ha… How should I explain this?


Uhm… So…


“They keep telling jokes.”




“Sometimes it feels like they’re mocking me with quests and achievements.”




Toto’s serious expression changed into a seriously worried face.


“It seems like you were under a lot of mental stress while welcoming reservation guests.”


It wasn’t an unexpected reaction, but it seemed like the spirit of this hotel didn’t have much to tell me.


If so, let’s call the goblin and Oberon.


I quickly gave up and sent both of them a reservation ticket.


I sent a short video letter too.


“Heuk! How long have I slept?”


After I finished sending the video letter, I heard Lim Sehwan’s voice coming down from room 201.


He tried to go back to the pop-up store as soon as he got down, but the manager blocked his way.


“Would you like an omelet? I’m going to serve it to the guild members for breakfast in the morning, so let’s taste it…” 


“That tasting! I won’t fall for that!”


“Ey. That’s too bad.”


When Lim Sehwan saw that the manager’s face didn’t change, he looked hopeless.


But because he worked out, washed well, and ate well, his face was shiny.


I pretended to fix his uniform and looked at his guest book.


Lim Sehwan (Guest Room 201) (Awakening grade: B)


Title: Diligent Person


Skill: Hephaestus’ Hammer (B)


Stats: Stamina 22, Strength 20, Agility 22, Intelligence 50, Luck 10


It has the effect of removing status abnormalities.


The stats increased little by little.


“Why are you smiling?”


Lim Sehwan frowned when he saw my smile.


“Just because. I was wondering if the master craftsman’s work would go better from today.”


“Master Hwang Misoon?”


“No. Master Lim Sehwan.”


Lim Sehwan’s face became subtle when he heard the word ‘Master.’


“Can I call you Master from now on?” 


“I, I don’t deserve to be called that title to me.…”


It was when he was hesitating.


Toto, who was organizing the concierge desk after sending the video message I shot to the mailbox, walked towards us.


“I’m delivering it to you because there was some sales while Master was sleeping yesterday.”


“Y, you don’t have to call me Master…!”


Toto raised her glasses and read the sales figures in a machine-like voice. 


It was a small sale. Because it was just one pair of shoes or protective gear.


But the important thing came next.


“Ah, right. Guild leader Han Minhyuk asked if he could purchase armors for new healers and porters from Lim Sehwan. They seem to have judged it to be durable.”




Lim Sehwan covered his mouth when he heard that.


I patted Lim Sehwan on the shoulder and said,


“You have to work more in the future. Master.” 


“Yes…! So I’ll work harder…!”


“So you can’t skip breakfast today, right? If you collapse again, won’t your work efficiency drop?”


I pointed to the breakfast table that the manager had already prepared.


“If you work until you collapse…”


“…Breaking the contract?! All right!” 


Lim Sehwan hurried to his seat and sat down.


After that, he quickly began to eat the omelet that the manager had given him.


* * *


YeongChun Hotel


Bright yellow eyes opened in the darkness.


‘It’, which was shining like a full moon, tilted its head when it saw the words ‘Hotel’ embroidered in gold.


“This… How do I read it…”


Then the full moon became a crescent moon.


Beautiful white fingers suddenly emerged from the darkness and grabbed a navy blue envelope.


“Is it silk? It’s soft…”


The red lips were torn long under the shade.


When the finger, which was touching the envelope around, found the entrance and opened it, light leaked out of it.


– Hello, guest.


There was a familiar woman in the video that appeared in the air.


When he saw that, his crescent-moon-like eyes flashed bright light.


“She is that woman.”


The woman was wearing clothes that seemed to be made of fine silk from the West and had a kind smile.


His long hand wandered in the air as if to grab the woman’s shoulder at any moment, but the image, which was just a bunch of lights, could not be caught by his hand.


– I’m really using the goblin bag you gave me last time. I am so grateful that I am sending you two reservation tickets. If you want to stay at the hotel, you can use the reservation voucher we are sending you now. If you want a room with a good view of the sea, please make a reservation for room 403. And…no-shows are unacceptable.


“No show…?”


Dark eyebrows twitched.


– Then, I look forward to seeing you again, guest. 


The woman bowed her head and the image that had been floating around disappeared.


And there were only two reservation tickets made of stiff paper left.


1-night reservation for suite room


—YeongChun Hotel—


He lifted the paper, smiled slightly, and spoke into the air.




Then another bright yellow eye appeared in the darkness.


The man called Gildal knelt in front of him and answered in a loyal voice.


“Yes, King of ghosts.” 


“Shall we go on a fun outing?”




Gildal’s eyes shook.


If it’s an outing… Doing the same thing that the king of humans told us never to do…


“I know what you’re thinking. It’s not like that, so don’t worry.”




“This time, instead of going for a night walk… I’m going to… go to a place called this hotel. Would you like to go with me?”


Gildal looked up at the man sitting in front of him.


A person who has the king of humans as his father.


He is the king of ghosts and the king of goblins who can control all the ghosts.




Who among humans, ghosts, and goblins would dare to reject this man?


There was no choice in the first place with that question.




* * *


Even after the Hanwoon Guild dinner was over, reservations for rooms 401 to 403 were still full for a while.


This was thanks to the fact that reservation tickets were selling like hot cakes.


“Boss, please clean up room 401.”




Thanks to this, I get to use my housekeeping skills more and more every day.


There are so many facilities, including banquet halls, restaurants, cafes, and saunas.


I keep consuming my mana without having time to recharge it, so I’m tired even though I’ve leveled up.


It would be nice if we could hire a separate housekeeper.


The room was lacking in staff in charge of the rest of the facilities, even if it was impossible because the heal buff wouldn’t work unless I cleaned it myself.


As the days gradually warmed up and the number of cafe customers increased, the manager was mostly in charge of managing the first floor.


There were days when I felt the urge to post employee announcements for one reason or another.


The hotel had also begun open business and the hotel’s income was stable thanks to reservation tickets, so hiring one more person was not a problem.


If this is an ordinary hotel…


The problem was that this was not a regular hotel, so it was difficult to hire employees safely without the employee employment rights given by the system.


Surely the right to hire employees will be given in the form of rewards for quests?


I hope the quest pops up soon….


It was around the time I was thinking about that.


Just then a quest appeared.




Quest ‘Cupid of Love, Take Action!’


—Try to use Arrow of Eros (A) more than once. (0/1)


—Make the two people happy through the Arrow of Eros (A).


—Reward when two conditions are met: ?? ???, 100p EXP.




Use the Arrow of Eros.


They really want me to use that hideous thing?


The effect is so powerful!


And what do you mean by asking to make two people happy?


This system punk! What do you mean, from last time!


But to ignore the rewards ‘?? ???’.


Just looking at it, it is the right to hire employees. This. 


After that, I started looking for people to connect with.


The first solo I found was the person closest to me these days.


It was the manager.


“I… Manager, do you have any plans to go on a blind date?”


The Arrow of Eros will surely be able to connect it. 


The problem is that it’s a bit passionate.


“Me? Of course I am!”


“Is that so? What kind of person should he be? Do you have an ideal type?”


Could this happen so quickly?


If the manager wanted to go on a blind date, she might be able to use the Hunter Association to pursue a natural meeting with a suitable Hunter at a hotel.


“Me? I… Won Bin or Kang Dong-won.”


“…Are there any hotel guests…”


“Ah. As handsome as Min Kangjin, but I think it would be nice if he was a little more mature and older than me.”


Uh…The difficulty level of this one was above 5 stars.


I smiled awkwardly and said I would look for it, then left the manager behind and kept an eye on Geumdong and Toto.


Do animals, or even spirits, go on blind dates?


…No matter how much I think about it, this doesn’t seem to be the case.


I thought so, and then I aimed for Master Lim Sehwan.


“Master’s girlfriend…” 


“I’m married to an item. I’m in a relationship with items, and I’m having a happy time with items…!”


“Sorry! I made a slip of the tongue!”


I shouldn’t have said it.


I quickly ran away from the master craftsman who had madness in his eyes. 


If I got caught, he could talk about his beliefs and passion for more than 30 minutes.


I remember talking to him by mistake last time and being released only after receiving a personal weapons diagnosis and purchasing a few pieces of equipment.


Because his stamina, strength, and agility stats went up and he worked out every day because he felt the effect of exercise, Lim Sehwan is in the best shape of his life every day. He is a healthier, more passionate guy than he was before.


Thanks to this, I heard that he has already made half of the equipment contracted with the Hanwoon Guild. 


In the end, I gave up on using the item on employees.


Since it was difficult for me to recommend a blind date to the guests, I thought that this quest would continue like this.


Aunt Heeyoung


Hello Junghyo. I came to Korea again this month. I think it will be a long time this time… I’m thinking of staying at your guest house next week so I can see Junghyo’s face too. What do you think? 


Aunt Heeyoung came to Korea.


Yes. That’s great. Then, are you staying with your husband? We will prepare a room with the best view.


Aunt Heeyoung




I’m divorced.


Also, I don’t have a boyfriend until next week, so I think I’ll go alone.


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