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10. Two Guests (1)


I saw off the secretary and went back to the hotel.


No, I was trying to come in.


Until I met the woman association’s chief on the street.


“A man dressed in jet black was hanging around at night wearing sunglasses. Although he’s handsome, you have to be careful. A man’s appearance isn’t everything!”


A handsome man with sunglasses?


Oh, she’s talking about secretary Myunghan.


“He is someone I know. my Dad’s… friend’s junior?”


“Your father’s friend’s junior? Then it’s not someone you don’t know?”


How should I explain this?


When I struggled, the woman association’s chief smiled brightly at the retriever next to me.


“Huh? You got a new dog. That’s a good idea. Oh, it looks solid. If there’s a thief in the hotel building, you will bite him right~? Oh, yeah. I bought a snack for Bbobbi at my house—” 


The woman association’s chief stroked the bellboy who had become a retriever, took out dog treats from a plastic bag, and held it out.


The bellboy happily accepted it.


“Kiyuung… … (It’s so delicious, boss. You should try it too!).”


I shook my head as I watched the dog treats the bellboy was offering.


It’s cute, but isn’t the spirit’s dignity thrown away too much?


“Oh, there is a Byeolcheon-ri Merchants Association today, are you going to participate? I heard that there will be a cafe here in the future… “


At that time, the woman association’s chief brought up the story of the merchant association. 


I thought for a moment, then nodded.


If you want to run your own business in the countryside, you have to go all the way to the Merchants Association.


“Yes, I will participate. But I’m going to run a hotel here, not a cafe.”


“Hotel? There aren’t many tourists here? Why would it be ruined there?”


The chief asked with a surprised face. After thinking for a while, I replied.


“Still, we don’t know. Maybe someone needs a place to rest after getting lost on the street.”


At my words, the chief tilted her head.


* * *


Merchants’ Association means merchants’ association, and it was literally a struggle to eat snacks, eat snacks and eat snacks. 


I returned to the hotel in the evening with a stomach full of food brought by the head of the village, the youth organization chief, and the woman association’s chief.


When I returned to the hotel, I was so tired that my body was limp.


I think this is mana exhaustion—.


“Ugh… Can you make me a cup of mixed coffee?”


At my words, the retriever shook his head.


“Kking…(No. If you drink more than one cup of mixed coffee a day, you’ll get addicted to caffeine!).”


Caffeine addiction?


“Kiyuung…(And the boss is out of stamina right now, so even mixed coffee can’t work.).”


Oh, my poor stamina…


When I wake up for real tomorrow, I should look at the stats window and somehow increase my stamina.


The next morning.


I pulled myself up in a daze.


Time remaining until the hotel opens: 00:29:59


As soon as I got up, the system was waiting for me.


Ugh… they don’t give me time to rest. 


They gave me two hours yesterday.


Indeed, I decided to run it without a break for a while to level up.


I got up from bed and sat down.


There was work to be done before opening.


‘My status window.’


As I muttered to myself, a window popped up.


Name: Lee Junghyo


Class: Hotel Manager (Hidden) (Lv. 3)


Skills: Housekeeping (C), Front Desk (C)


Stats: Stamina 8 Strength 4 Agility 7 Intelligence 11 Luck 25


Level 3.


As expected, my level was linked to the hotel as it should have been.


However, unlike yesterday, there was a new column at the bottom called Remaining Stats.


Remaining Stats: 4


It seemed that when I leveled up, I was given points that I could invest in my stats.


I can’t believe I can pick and choose my stats like this.


This is a huge thing.


‘Hmm… Then, where should I take this?’


If you are in a combat class, like a tank, healer, or archer, you will usually need certain things to fit your role.


It was complicated in my head to think of it as a hotel manager.


First, Luck? 


When I think of luck, it comes out that luck only goes up through quests or rewards. 


Ah. Too bad.


Since it’s a system where guests come in randomly, I think I’ll need luck the most.


It’s a shame for my strength, but I will lean on him since the bellboy has a high state. 


All that’s left is stamina, agility, and intelligence—.


When I greeted guests yesterday, I thought I would need all three.


Then, should I take them one by one and think about the remaining stats?


Stats: Stamina 9 Strength 4 Agility 8 Intelligence 12 Luck 25


Hmm. Except for strength, I’m now just like the average F-Class Hunter.


Since I’m not even a battle type, this isn’t bad. 


At the same time as my stamina goes up, it seems that my body, which was a little tired, feels refreshed for no reason.


Good. Then, shall we buy what we need with the remaining 350G after the account transfer this time?


As a result of what I saw yesterday, there were many things lacking in the hotel.


I haven’t been to the hotel often, but don’t you have the basic items you need?


With 350G, you can probably buy quite a lot.


I opened the market.


Now that I’m at level 3, there must be more things I can buy than when I was at level 2.


The list of items has definitely increased compared to level 2.


If I were to summarize the things on my wish list—.


Bubble Bubble Bar: 50G


—Heals wounds on the skin.


Oh, I want to buy this and use it.


Magic Mop: 40G


—Cleaning the hallway and lobby.


Cleaning the hallway and lobby that cannot be done with housekeeping skills.


This is also a real benefit.


Let’s keep it for now.


Projector Curtain: 70G


—Enables customers to dream what they want to dream.


—Customer Satisfaction +30


Projector curtains?


It’s a bit ambiguous, but I liked that the customer satisfaction rating was +30.


Through Kang Sojin, I realized that increasing customer satisfaction makes leveling up easier.


As the wish list was filling up, something caught my eye.


VIP ticket: 500G


—Guests can be designated as VIPs.


—For VIP guests, the hotel stands out with a high probability.


—You can receive a VIP membership fee of 1,000G per month from VIP guests.


—EXP bonus increases based on customer satisfaction.


1,000G per month?


Not just 1,000G, but every month?


In addition, the EXP bonus according to customer satisfaction increases—?


I pondered for a moment about the detailed explanation.


I thought I could buy it if I used my own money in my account and exchanged it for Market Gold.


However, such worries were only brief.


When you become a VIP guest, doesn’t that mean that the guest comes to your hotel often?


Like some kind of regular customer?


But the hotel has just been open for two days, and you’re expecting me to designate regular customers.


‘It could be dangerous.’


Hunters are not all gentle people like Kang Sojin.


From what my uncles have told me, there were many hunters who used their strength to eat the backs of other hunters and do bad things. 


If all hunters had a sense of morality as well as awakening ability, the Hunter Association would not have been created to monitor the hunters’ illegal activities and coordinate the interests between the government and the hunters in the first place.


And above all, if that were the case, it seemed like no one would pay the high amount of 1,000G per month to become a VIP at the poorly equipped and unknown Yeongchun Hotel.


For that reason, I decided to put the VIP ticket only on the wish list and bought a few more items I needed.


It was mainly focused on items with detailed explanations that increase customer satisfaction.


I really sorted it out, but the balance quickly decreased, leaving only 20G.


It’s a bit of a waste.


But in the beginning, a business needs money to invest in the future.


I got rid of the bad taste in my mouth by wearing a uniform and leaving the staff quarters. 


As soon as I came out, the bellboy standing at the counter smiled at me like an excited dog.


“Good morning, boss! Hehe, seeing the boss’ face for two days in a row makes me feel the best!” 


It’s weird, no matter how much I look at it.


What kind of employee in the world is happy to see the CEO’s face?


Still, I feel good to see his smiling face.


“Now then, shall we start the business?”




It was the moment the bellboy answered.


Time left until the hotel opens 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


The hotel business is open.




With a now familiar sound, the wooden door instantly turned into a revolving door.


But I’m not scared.


I have a master key that calls me off work.


And after about 10 minutes—.


“Welcome to the Yeongchun Hotel, Hunter.”


A second guest came to the Yeongchun Hotel.


It was a woman with a somewhat dark impression, not even carrying a proper weapon, let alone that common item.




The second guest didn’t seem too surprised to see the hotel.


No, it was right to say that there was little emotional agitation in the first place.


Still, I was exchanging greetings with the dark-looking female Hunter with the power of ‘Front Desk (C)’. 


It was then.


The revolving door, which paused for a moment after the second guest entered, turned again.




Then another guest entered through the revolving door.


“What? There is a revolving door in the middle of the dungeon…? This…is it real?”


It was a male customer with dyed hair yellow.


The male customer, wearing a lot of shiny items, was covered in sweat as if he had come in after being chased by something.


…And so, there were two guests today.


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