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  1. The World… of Newlyweds-To-Be


So she got divorced. 


This was a fact I had no idea about.


In Korea, the name Moon Heeyoung was seen as a sign of betrayal, so the news was not well received in here.


“Reserve room 202 for next weekend, Toto.”


“We won’t be able to reserve a regular room, right?”


Toto asked.


“A customer coming to Yeongchun-myeon asked in advance.”


“Ah, yes.”


That’s how I finished my reservation at Yeongchunjang and went down to the first floor to look after the children’s homework.


Hyeyu was now in first grade and was studying her dictation diligently.


She says her language skills are so good that she keeps getting 100 points so far.


“I will definitely get 100 points tomorrow too!”


So it seems like she doesn’t want to go below 100 points.


Aren’t these kids going to become model students when they grow up?


“Unnie, Unnie. Have you seen this picture? This is great editing. Isn’t it similar to the durumagi you wore last time?!”


Hyejin, on the other hand, seemed to be taking the exact opposite path from a model student.


In the screen shown by Hyejin, there was a composite photo of Paladin wearing a durumagi, and her face was covered with a mask, not a helmet. 


She said it was editing, but if I didn’t know it, it felt like I was actually photographed wearing it. 


‘Everyone is talented.’


I don’t know why she uses her abilities in a place like this. 


These days, as the existence of the Paladin was publicly acknowledged as a fact, more videos and photos were uploaded. 


“It’s so pretty. I’m going to save this. Can’t I make this into a video…?”


Although Hyejin wasn’t a model student, she seemed to have excellent video editing and editing skills.


That was the reason why Hyejin’s crazy fan account (?) had an overwhelmingly large number of followers.


Even so, why are you saying something else when you were supposed to do your homework…!


“Let’s do your homework now, and make a video later.”


“Hmph… Unnie…”


At some point, I became ‘Unnie’ without the word ‘boss’.’ 


“You can’t. You can’t look at me cutely, you can’t.”


“Yeah, you can’t, fool. If you don’t study like that, what will you be when you grow up?”


Hyeyu made fun of Hyejin by putting her hand on her waist.


“You grow up quickly. But also short. You sit in the front seat, right?”


“You’re second to me, you idiot!”


“Who would call me an idiot? It’s just dictation.” 




It was when I had finally stopped the two of them from hitting and fighting.


The bell rang.




It meant that a guest had arrived at the Dungeon Hotel.


It’s a day when there are no guests with reservations?


“You guys stop fighting. Because I’m going to ask your Mom to come down.”


I went upstairs without hearing their answer. 


“…Whoa. Is this the place? The dungeon hotel I’ve only heard about?!”


A loud-voiced guest, no— guests had arrived.


“There was a place like this!”


“I heard that the Hanwoon Guild and the Hunter Association are coming to this hotel for dinner.”


“That’s amazing.”


The manager was dealing with a total of four young men and women.


“Please fill out the list of guests staying here. How should I assign the room?”


“I think we can use two- two at a time.”


“Two women, two men?”


“No matter what, I think we need to be considerate of newlyweds-to-be…”


Prospective newlyweds?


It looks like there’s a lover among them!


Then I can use Arrow of Eros here!


“But that doesn’t mean we need three rooms. The newlyweds should just sleep separately for today.”


I winked at the manager as I watched the youngest-looking woman among the four sort out the situation.



While the manager was embarrassed, I quickly stepped in between the four people.


“There are newlyweds-to-be? Then, I’d like to reserve an extra room at our hotel just for you. Would that be okay?” 


“For free?”


To say it was free was because I was completing an important quest.


I nodded.


Then the four people exchanged looks and accepted my offer.


* * *


The guests couldn’t help but be amazed even after looking at the room and coming down.


“Look at this. It’s really amazing. I can see the sea from inside the dungeon.”


“You can see more than just the sea. This coffee… Does drinking give you vitality?”


“There’s a pop-up store over there too. It’s fun. Can I buy a weapon when I get out of here?”


I found out the names and brief information of the guests by moving their luggage instead of Geumdong. 


First of all, the guests are all from a small and medium-sized guild called Cheonmyeon, and it is said that they found the entrance to the hotel after being caught in a trap during a raid and on the verge of death.


As a small to medium-sized guild, it was suffering from a chronic shortage of hunters, so the raid seemed to consist of only these four people.


Anyway, according to the manager’s explanation, these people were colleagues.


The three hunters, who are 33 years old and the same age, are named Maeng Sunghyun, Hwang Boyoung, and Jeong Kyoha.


The name of the 30-year-old hunter was Kang Yeonsoo.


However, after watching the four people called by their first names or by the titles of “Oppa” and “Unnie” (compared to colleagues), I took a sneak peek while serving coffee when the two men, Maeng Sunghyun and Jeong Kyoha, came down first. 


“You look quite close, considering you’re just a co-worker.”


A male hunter named Maeng Sunghyun, who clearly appears to be very active, responded to my words. 


“That’s because we’re not just coworkers. You saw the female hunters when you checked in earlier, right? Among them, there was a woman with a white face and a goddess-like appearance.”




“For some reason, this woman looks like a walking Venus even when viewed from afar.”


…What are you talking about? Venus usually walks.


“That woman is Bboyoung. Bboyoung, the milk color goddess who decided to marry me.”


Maeng Sunghyun said, waving the finger on which the proposal ring was placed on his ring finger. 




That’s the kind of person he is.


Somehow this reminds me of Uncle Junsoo. 


“I’m sorry. This guy is a bit of a prick.”


On the other hand, Jeong Kyoha, who was next to him, seemed to have a calm personality and was embarrassed by Maeng Sunghyun and apologized to me on his behalf. 


I answered with a smile. 


“No. It’s nice to see it.”


“It will probably stay like this forever. After receiving the proposal last month, Soim… and I were in a lot of trouble the whole time.”


I know Uncle Junsoo is like that. 


Uncle Junsoo has been married for 15 years, but he’s still going around talking about his wife.


“We have known each other since before we joined Baemyung Guild. Hunter Hwang Boyoung and I have been friends for a long time because we know each other through our parents, and Hunter Maeng Sunghyun here is Hunter Kang Yeonsos’s senior in college. As we naturally got along…”


“I naturally fell in love with our Bboyoung.” 


Maeng Sunghyun said, covering his cheek as if he were embarrassed. 


…Ah, it feels so familiar. 


Jeong Kyoha clicked his tongue and shook his head.


“Do you like Boyoung that much? You’ve been dating her for 3 years.”


“Isn’t it obvious? I don’t understand why you say you don’t like Boyoung even though you’ve known her for 33 years. Won’t you fall in love with her at first sight?”


I felt happy inside when I saw Maeng Sunghyun laughing.


Is there anyone who would be a good fit for the Arrow of Eros?


‘Still, it’s too conscienceless to use it silently, so let’s ask Maeng Sunghyun for permission and use it while saying it’s for an event for newlyweds. Then…’


It was when I was thinking that.


There was a strange window in front of me.


Skill: Activate mind communication. Reading the strong feelings of ‘Guest Room 202’…


‘Guest Room 202’ feels a strong sense of jealousy. 


Huh? Wait a minute. 


If it’s Guest Room 202, isn’t it Jeong Kyoha? 


I looked at Jeong Kyoha’s face, which I had missed while looking at Maeng Sunghyun. 


“How can you not fall in love while looking at our Bboyoungie’s face for 33 years? Our Bboyoung is our universe goddess! I fell in love with Bboyoung as soon as I saw her, chased her for three years, and dated her for three years!” 


“…You think everyone in the world is like you. Anyway.”


Jeong Kyoha was looking at Maeng Sunghyun with a faint smile. 


‘Guest Room 202’ feels bitter.


Why are you feeling bitter?


It was when I was hesitating for a moment.


‘Guest Room 201’ feels bitter.


This time, another window popped up.


But the guest in room 201 is Maeng Sunghyun, right?


When I thought that, Maeng Sunghyun looked behind me and smiled brightly.  


“Bboyoung, Bboyoung! Are you out already, Bboyoung?!”


When I turned back, another guest in room 201 had already come down. 


Hwang Boyoung was standing there.


“Mhm. I came down. But the manager said there was a performance at the banquet hall? Shall we watch it together?”


I made eye contact with the manager who was standing behind Hwang Boyoung and Kang Yeonsoo.


I remembered asking the manager in advance to create an atmosphere for the four people to watch the performance in the banquet hall.


Since the four of them were close, I thought that when the atmosphere relaxed a little while drinking and watching the performance, I could let Maeng Sunghyun and Hwang Boyoung into the room first and ask them if they would like to use the Arrow of Eros. 


I also asked Toto in advance if she could perform the performance she showed Oberon using an illusion. 


‘But a little variable arose…’


I looked back at Jeong Kyoha, who seemed calm on the outside. 


And I also saw Hwang Boyoung’s side. 


Why are these two so bitter toward each other? No way… 


“Good, good. Let’s see the performance together, Kyoha-ya. How is it?”


“Couples see things like that.”


Jeong Kyoha said it as if it were a bother, but then Kang Yeonsoo intervened. 


“Then do I have to leave too? I really want to see Min Kangjin perform. I’m curious. Kyoha Oppa, come with us too.”


Hwang Boyoung, who had been quiet as Kang Yeonsoo spoke, also opened her mouth.


“…Yeah. Let’s go together.” 


I stood up and watched Hwang Boyoung and Jeong Kyoha after hearing those words.




I feel disturbed. 




This is because the condition for completing this quest is not simply to use the Arrow of Eros. 


Isn’t there one more additional condition?


‘Make two people happy.’


The two people I’m talking about here are both Maeng Sunghyun and Hwang Boyoung, but if there’s something I don’t know…


Hwang Boyoung might not be happy right now.


And in a little while.


I was more sure.


This was because I overheard this conversation between Kang Yeonsoo and Jeong Kyoha, who had not noticed me coming down with dried fried shrimp. 


“Oppa. I have something to tell you.”




“…I talked to Sunghyun Oppa after drinking.” 


“About what?”


“Boyoung Unnie’s first love is Kyoha Oppa.”






This might not be as simple a quest as I think. 


As I was thinking that, I heard Jeong Kyoha’s rough voice. 


“Boyoung’s first love…is me? Don’t lie.”


“It’s not a lie. Everyone around Unnie knows that Unnie’s first love is Oppa.”




“Why are you looking like that? No way… Don’t tell me Oppa’s first love is…Boyoung Unnie?”


“What does it matter? It’s all a thing of the past now. Boyoung is my friend. But it can’t be… Is Boyoung changing guilds because of what you just said?”


When I didn’t get off, the elevator door automatically closed.


I stood still and decided.


Let’s change…the plans.


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