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  1. The Goblin’s Friend


It continued like this even when we arrived at the marketplace.


Aunt started going around the market calculating the price of sashimi for everyone in the neighborhood, and the owner of a fish market finally brought out something called lobster sashimi.


The regular corridor definitely had a different charm, but when I saw the bill, I was shocked.


After hosting the neighborhood party and paying the bills, Aunt returned to the hotel with me.


“It’s so natural that everyone calls you Yeongchunjang.”


“That’s right, now. Half a year has passed since I started doing business here.”


“It’s nice that everyone thinks you’re pretty. I think Semyung would have liked it too.”


Aunt laughed while drinking the coffee I made.


So, did you go around ringing the golden bell on purpose?


At that moment, a moment of emotion flashed across the woman’s face as she put down her glass.


For example, a feeling like regret.


“Maybe he didn’t like being with me that much.”


At that moment, a window popped up.


‘Guest Room 202’ reminisces about the past. 


‘Guest Room 202’ is missing someone.


Who does Aunt miss?


When Dad died, many people speculated that Hunter Lee Semyung went into the dangerous raid alone because Aunt had abandoned Korea.


If there were five S-Class members, he wouldn’t have had to go through such a dangerous operation.


But Uncle Minhyuk explained it differently.


‘Moon Heeyoung was against the operation. Moon Heeyoung was not the only one who opposed it. I was also against it.’ 


‘But in the end, Uncle is…’


‘I ended up staying. But it was not because I had faith that this country would survive. At that time, it was in the early stages of the Great Disaster, so the collapse of a country at EX-Class was nothing. I already thought the operation was a failure, regardless of whether there were four or five S-Class.  So I just wanted to die with Lee Semyung together, and Moon Heeyoung…’




‘Moon Heeyoung just wanted at least one person to live.’   


I recalled Uncle’s words and asked Aunt directly. 


“Did my Dad blame Aunt too?” 


Aunt’s characteristic sharp eyes were narrowed.


“Blame…? That kind of word doesn’t suit Lee Semyung well. Do you know why he was able to make the choice to save the whole country by sacrificing himself?”


That’s because I lived in that country…


Isn’t it? 


Aunt continued speaking with a strange expression. 


“That’s because he didn’t have high expectations from others. He was a fierce realist and individualist, just like me. I wasn’t the only one who believed that the Republic of Korea would collapse regardless of whether five, four, or one person were deployed in the operation at the time.” 




I kept my mouth shut.


“So he chose to die alone. I chose to live alone. Isn’t it fun? The same judgment led to different results. So, people who made selfish choices like me lived, and people who made altruistic choices died.”


Aunt’s voice became cold.


But on the contrary, there was a smile on Aunt’s lips. 


As Uncle Minhyuk said, is she a realist? 


Or is she just a traitor like people say?


I was confused.


“Junghyo, I think you look like Lee Semyung, too. That means you’re a realist like me. You are also a terrible individualist who doesn’t have any expectations for others.”




I stopped talking to Aunt at that point. And I looked around.


There was no one in the hotel now.


I asked, relieved by that fact.


“Did you come here because you knew I was an awakened person?”




Aunt’s eyes widened. Her snake-like sharp eyes shone and she smiled.


No wonder. It was strange that a busy person from the United States would suddenly come down to Yeongchun-myeon.


She was here to find out about me. 


She must have purposely gathered information by acting like she fit in with the locals.


Since the hotel had already begun open business, it would not have been that difficult to obtain hotel information, either through the Internet or through an informant.


“The reason you’re here is probably to ask me to sign a contract with C&M.” 


“Did you think that far? It’s great, our Junghyo.” 


“The terms of the contract will probably be enormous. But I—”


I don’t want it.


That’s what I was going to say.


Until Aunt said this with her characteristic relaxed smile.


“Rune’s tombstone, where a dungeon that didn’t exist is created, and a monster that didn’t exist is created. You must have seen it.” 


I’ve… seen it.


Now, Aunt is talking about the tombstone used by the Baekho guild leader who was obsessed with being a witness to salvation. 


“…So it really exists.”


Aunt rested her chin and looked at my expression in surprise.


So she just played with me for this. 


Damn it. 


“Even the word S-class Paladin doesn’t seem to be a lie.”


“About that… it’s not true. S-Class is absolutely…”


“If you use that tombstone, you can open the door to another world. C&M is researching that.” 


“A lot of people almost got hurt because of that tombstone.” 


“Humanity has achieved a lot through technological advancement. Many people were injured in the process, but we achieved this progress because we didn’t stop technological development. C&M is also very saddened by Shim Taeseong’s personal stupidity… That is no reason to stop research, Junghyo.” 


Aunt lightly brushed my face with the back of her hand. 


“This is our Junghyo… You’re still a child. You’re angry at what I said.” 


Am I angry or not? 


Officially, C&M denied even the slightest involvement, saying that it supported Witnesses of Salvation simply because it was a religious organization.


But now I see that it was all thanks to research supported by C&M that the Witnesses of Salvation created a dangerous dungeon and put countless hunters in danger.


Aren’t they talking about developing nuclear bombs in the plausible name of human development?


But I knew why Aunt could be so relaxed. 


This is because even if I record or transcribe everything Aunt says and hand it over to the association, there is nothing to be bothered about.


The official investigation was already completed last February, and C&M was ultimately cleared of the charges by the World Hunter Federation.


She has no hesitation because she thinks she has completely escaped the investigative net.


I looked at Moon Heeyoung, an S-Class Hunter who ranked 17th in the world even though she was wearing only a comfortable sweatshirt.


If necessary, I should use ‘front desk’ skills.


I need to get Aunt out of here right now. 


Would that skill also work for S-class people?


Seeing how nervous I was, Aunt smiled as if I were cute. 


“Don’t be nervous. I have no intention of harming you. Rather, I care for you and love you. I think this hotel will be a great help to human progress. If you use this hotel, you will be able to go to even more dangerous dungeons.. Of course, the owner of this hotel is S-Class…… No, you can grow up to the EX-Class.”


That growth is using the life of another Hunter.


My answer was already fixed.


“I have no intention of growing it, Aunt. I don’t want to be S-Class, nor do I want to be EX-Class. All I want is for many guests to have a happy rest at this hotel.”


But Aunt didn’t listen to my answer.


“Should I listen to the answer slowly? I’m going to be in Korea for a while.”


Aunt got up from her seat.


“I’ll just leave then.”


Aunt who came without any luggage seemed to be planning to leave the hotel as is.


I sat quietly for a moment and recalled the ‘guest book’ that I had just called when I touched the Aunt’s hand. 


Moon Heeyoung (Guest Room 202) (Awakening grade: S) 


Title: Returner from another world, Goblin’s Friend(NEW!)


Skills: Goddess’ Shield (S), Scale of Justice (S)


Stats: Stamina 85, Strength 88, Agility 75, Intelligence 70, Luck 30 


!ENCLOSURE! By acquiring the title ‘Goblin’s Friend’, the skill ‘Others’ Shock(A)’ has grown into ‘Scale of Justice (S)’.


The skill called ‘Others’ Vibration (A)’ is a skill that allows you to receive strong emotions from others. 


I also knew this skill.


However, this is my first time seeing a skill called ‘Scale of Justice’.


At first, I thought she was stealing someone else’s skills through a deal with a monster like Shim Jiyoon’s brother did, but no matter how I think about it, it’s a bit strange. 


If I look at the enclosure, it is correct to say that this is not a skill that was taken away, but that the skill evolved through a change in skill level. 


Just as my global communication skills evolved into mind communication.


So what changes have there been in Aunt’s skills?


Judging by the name, isn’t it a skill that can determine the truth of what others say, not their feelings?


So did she really come because she wanted to get something from me?


What exactly is it? 


What do you want to find out…






Even after spitting out such loud words, Aunt was relaxed. 


“You haven’t checked out yet. Right?” 


“That’s right.” 


You heard it. System…? 


“I want to ask you something before you check out.”


“…What is it?” 


“Have you ever met a goblin?”


– I like entertainment. Among them, my favorite is betting with humans. But how happy is it to meet another person who understands what I say again?


At that time, the goblin definitely did that.




That means there was another human who met a goblin and spoke the goblin’s language.


And the woman who was related to the witness of salvation was given the title ‘Goblin’s friend’.


This is so…Isn’t this an amazing coincidence?


I used my skill without avoiding Aunt’s eyes. 


‘Guest Room 202’ is flustered. 


‘Guest Room 202’ is thinking of a way out of this situation.


And if Aunt has a ‘Scale of Justice’, I have this skill.


Mind Communication.

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