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  1. Goblin also has a staycation


There was silence in the banquet hall.


I spoke in as calm a voice as possible.


“You must be joking, right?” 


“I’m not joking? I’m not going to play the game until you promise to give me this hotel.” 


Bihyeong, who clearly had to endure a lot up to that point, climbed onto the folding screen and smiled softly.


Somehow, he was able to walk in accordance with gravity. 


I looked up at Bihyeong and said. 


“You must be so confident in the information you have that you want me to give you this hotel?” 


“Of course.” 


Bihyeong answered by gently walking on the folding screen.


Goblins like fair games.


The price of the bet must also be fair.


If so—.


The staff saw me hesitating and whispered to me with concern. 


“Boss…Are you really going to accept that bet?”




I shook my head.




Bihyeong looked at me while hanging upside down.


His eyes rose sharply.


I was no longer surprised and answered while looking at Bihyeong.


“I won’t accept it. That information wouldn’t be worth anything to me in exchange for this hotel.”


As I was about to leave the banquet hall, Bihyeong blocked my path. 


In the east and in the west. What kind of Hong Gildong is this? 


“Aah, wait a second. I told you that the information I have is really valuable? It’s true!”


“I guess that’s what you think.”


I smiled softly and answered.


The word fairness sometimes creates the illusion that it is mathematical and logical.


But fairness is more subjective than you might think.


Everyone has their own standards, and the severity changes depending on those standards.


I dug into that fact.


“To me, that information is not worth as much as this hotel.”


“But this face… I said it would definitely be worth it to you…!” 


“Who said that? A tall, snake-like woman?”


Bihyeong’s face hardened at my question. 


Bihyeong rolled his bright yellow eyes and said.


“You… that woman…” 


“…I know. I know her.” 


As expected, Bihyeong had met Aunt Heeyoung. 


I honestly thought it wouldn’t matter if I just knew up to this point and finished it.


The most important thing to me right now is this hotel.


This hotel is a place where many hunters can rest, and more than anything, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.


“I guess I can find out the information that Bihyeong isn’t giving me through that woman. I don’t have to get information from you at the risk of losing my hotel.”


Bihyeong’s expression was distorted as soon as I finished speaking.


It was because he realized that I was sincere. 


“Are you sure you won’t play? Really?” 


Bihyeong kept following me with a sad expression, but I didn’t stop walking and went all the way to the entrance. 


Bihyeong asked pitifully.


“Are you sure you don’t need the information I have? Really?” 




At this point, let’s leave him with a lingering thought.


I stopped walking.


“It must be a pity, right?” 




“But that’s it.”


I turned my head and grabbed the doorknob.


At that moment, Bihyeong suddenly grabbed my hand.


“Okay! I will change the betting terms!”


…He got caught.


* * *


Bihyeong’s new condition was that if I lost this bet, I could play with him whenever he wanted.


Although it was very annoying and troublesome, it was not a condition that I couldn’t accept, so I accepted.


“Alright. Then shall we get started?”


Bihyeong looked excited about the game.


There were four players in this game.


Bihyeong and Gildal are a team.


And the manager and I were on a team.


“Can I do well?”


The manager asked worriedly.


“It’s almost a game based on luck with the dice, so don’t worry too much.”


I’ll have to play with the goblin every night if that doesn’t work.


While I was thinking about it, the manager said,


“But that face…it’s Hunter Lee Semyung, right?” 


I nodded.


Well. But is it even more surprising that there are people in Korea who don’t know my Dad’s face?


“Are you acquainted with Hunter Lee Semyung?” 


“Hunter Lee Semyung is my dad.”




The manager’s eyes got bigger.


“Then your father who passed away is S-Class Hunter Lee Semyung…!”


 “Yes. And seeing as Bihyeong has that face, he either knows something about my dad or…” 


I guess that means that he has met my Dad. 


Does this hypothesis make sense?


My mind becomes complicated.


Does this mean that Dad was able to go to another world too, like Aunt Heeyoung?


It was then.


Bihyeong lifted his fan and threw it in the air.


“It’s not fun to just do it, so should we try making a play board?” 




At that moment, something strange happened at the end of Bihyeong’s fan.


The board game room we are standing in has changed from 2D to 3D—no, 4D.


A small sea and a small castle were created in the spaces where it was written as a beach or downtown area.




I forgot for a moment that goblins have an ability to twist space. 


The manager opened her mouth and muttered. 


“Whoa… what is this again…” 


 “Wouldn’t it be fun to make it realistic?”


Bihyeong grinned. 


W, well…He seems like a guy who is serious about playing. 


Scholar Gildal, who was standing awkwardly next to Bihyeong, said.


“How long are you going to waste time? Let’s get started.”


It was decided to draw a line to determine the line. The team chosen first was the Goblin team.


First, Bihyeong rolled the dice.


2 came out.


<Payment of toll> 


The large container in the compartment jingled, urging Bihyeong to put money in it.


Bihyeong’s face was distorted.




After Bihyeong put in the money, I grabbed the dice. 


I was lucky enough to get a ‘secluded thatched house’. 


Since it was land where a hotel could be built at a low price, we built it without hesitation.


Bihyung snorted and said.


“There is a saying that the first step is the last step.”




Next is Gildal.


Gildal arrived at the <Challenge> section.


The challenge Gildal chose was ‘Handstand’.


Of course, Gildal did it easily. Even with one hand. 


The manager who saw this said it with a pale face. 


“Shouldn’t you have asked Geumdong or Toto for this, not me?”


“Not necessarily because there are riddles that need to be solved.”


To be more specific, ‘Challenge’ contained many cards that were unfavorable to humans, while ‘Riddle’ contained many cards that were unfavorable to goblins.


It was now the manager’s turn to draw a riddle card. The riddle was something like this.


<A hunter went 3 miles south from his house, found a bear, and shot it. chased the runaway bear 3 miles east and was eventually able to catch it, and then went 3 miles north again and found the hunter’s house. What is the color of the bear?> 


The answer to a famous riddle by a Hungarian mathematician is…




The manager answered at once.


Of course, it was the correct answer.


This is a famous riddle on social media, so there was no way the manager didn’t know about it.


“That’s correct.”


“How do you know that!”


“There must be some trick to this!”


Goblins rushed in and said the game wasn’t fair, but it didn’t matter.


“If you go 3 miles to the south, 3 miles to the east, and 3 miles to the north again, you see the hunter’s house. The hunter’s house is located in the North Pole, and the bears that live in the North Pole are white bears.” 


“What? How can you know such a thing!”


“There is no trick in here. Then would I have included a handstand-type card?”






Because the game is simple but secretly takes a lot of time, four hours have passed.


At first, the goblin team almost lost due to bad luck with the dice, but then they spent a lot of money betting on land on the beach, and as a result of that bet, our team came close to bankruptcy and survived.


‘It was dangerous…’


When I looked at Bihyeong, who was disappointed that he could have won, I shook my head. 


That regretful expression is artificial.


Bihyeong was deliberately taking his time. 


Because the game is fun, they could easily win, but they are making fun of us by narrowly tying the game.


Although winning or losing in this game is mostly determined by luck, it is decided whether or not you can make a big use of your luck depending on whether you choose to invest boldly or not and how successful you are in the mission zone of the game.


So, Bihyeong, who was aware of this fact, was playing the game in such a way that if he thought we were going to lose, he would purposefully fail the mission.


‘He’s totally playing with it.’


Although we managed to overcome a major crisis, the next turn was dangerous because the land purchased by the goblin team was laid out like a minefield in front of us. 


On the other hand, only random penalty zones labeled ‘Challenge’ and ‘Riddle’ remain in front of Gildal. 


It can be seen that there is absolutely no chance of bankruptcy for the time being.


The riddle may be holding him back, though.


Still, things would get better if they were held back by the riddle… 


While I was thinking that, the entrance door opened.


It was Toto. 


“Stop it now and come up and eat. Eat and play again… No, can’t you continue playing?” 


It’s okay—I wanted to say that, but I heard a growling sound next to me.


The manager said it with an embarrassed face.


“…I guess I’m hungry.”


* * *


Bihyeong looked at the pop-up store while the food was being prepared. 


Lim Sehwan looked at Bihyeong looking at the pop-up store with disapproval, but when Bihyeong said this, he seemed to be happy on the inside. 


“This is a mysterious object that cannot be created even with a goblin bat….!” 


What the goblin was holding was a gun.


Of course, Lim Sehwan’s happiness didn’t last long.


“Can you give me one of these? If you place a bet and choose this side of the coin…” 


“I tend to only invest in stable assets. Then, I will leave.” 


The moment Bihyeong mentioned the bet, he immediately kicked him out.


Bihyeong was kicked out and quietly sat down at the restaurant table.


Bihyeong’s eyes widened when he saw the golden brown pancakes, makgeolli, rice, and meat.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve been treated like this!”


Bihyeong looked around and ate the meal prepared in advance for the traditional(?) guests in five-colored cloths and ceramic ware.


Gildal, who appeared to be used to the sight, ate slowly and at his own pace next to him.


I said this as I brought water to the goblin customer.


“Please eat slowly.”


Since I lost, I don’t feel like saying this, but my mood shouldn’t determine how I act.


I am the owner of the hotel, and Bihyeong is a guest of the hotel.


“This tavern is a truly amazing place. Being here makes me feel comfortable when it rains. Plus, being in here makes me feel peaceful, as if time has stopped. When I wasn’t playing, I was so bored that I couldn’t stand it.”


Is it some kind of addiction?


“Besides, you are so amazing that you serve me such elaborate food even though you seem to be completely defeated by me, young man. As soon as Mr. Kim lost to me and gave me his daughter, he immediately despised me as if I were a monster.”


When I heard Bihyeong make a chew sound, I clenched my fists without realizing it.


I can’t believe I lost helplessly. 


“In a game, you have to go to the end to know whether you have won or lost.”


Bihyeong continued eating with a face that said, ‘You bark, I eat.’


Gildal, who was eating quietly across from him, received a piece of sliced meat that Bihyeong had torn completely with his hand.


“Why can’t my brother eat so much? Please eat a little more.”


Gildal forced a smile on his face and said, not liking the slices of boiled meat that Bihyeong had torn with his hands.


“I’m fine, Bihyeong-nim.” 


“Oho. What is okay? Take it, take it. It’s not okay to refuse food from your superiors!”


“No, I really…” 


“What is this? Don’t tell me that the meat I give you doesn’t taste good?”


“It can’t be.” 


“Then eat it. Take a glass, too.”






I heard a lot of that kind of thing somewhere.


The manager of my previous company often said things like that.


It was a place full of Kkondae culture. If it were me, I would swear all kinds of things in my head in that situation… (t/n : Kkondae generally refers to a middle-aged man who refuses to change and likes to lecture or preach to younger people.) 


It was then.


‘Guest Room 401’ wants to destroy Bihyeong’s XXX XXX. 


‘Guest Room 401’ has all kinds of terrible imaginations.


! Error! Because the imagination is so overflowing that it is difficult to translate, ‘Mind Communication’ stops working for a moment…3…2…1 




Ha. Was the goblin just an office worker too? 


But since they are both ghosts, they can’t die and have to work forever?


Huh… Wait a minute. 


Right, this is it. 


At that moment, a thought crossed my mind.


How about teaching a goblin who is tired of Confucian culture what healing is…? 


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