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  1. Two guests (2)


First of all, the first female Hunter’s name was Shim Jiyoon. 


Shim Jiyoon, who has dark skin and looks calm, said it hadn’t been long since she wandered through the dungeon.


It seemed that way. She didn’t even have drool all over her body like Kang Sojin.


She said she wasn’t with the second guest and came from a different dungeon. 


‘You can see the hotel door from different dungeons by a few minutes.’


It was kind of fascinating.


Anyway, it is too bad if she hasn’t wandered around dungeons for a long time.


I naturally thought that she wouldn’t pay 150G per night to stay at our hotel.


“The rate for one night is 150G. Would you like to check in?”


But why.


Shim Jiyoon nodded at once.


“Yes, I’ll check-in.”


She hasn’t been in the dungeon for a long time, but she paid 150G all at once and decided to stay here for the night—.


I thought as I glanced at Shim Jiyoon’s dark expression.


Now that I am on my second day of business, I have a question.


It’s about how the system works.


This is a question raised by the saying that the revolving door is randomly connected to the dungeon. 


Then, who are the people who can see the hotel in Dungeon?


People who safely clear the dungeon with raid members?


Such people have little reason to stay in hotels.


If this guy called ‘System’ who runs the hotel has a brain, he will definitely show the hotel door to people who are willing to pay 150G to stay in a hotel like this.


That way, they’ll come in and stay at the hotel.


Those humans would be in a desperate situation, both physically and psychologically.


Kang Sojin was included in both the former and the latter.


Then Shim Jiyoon is—.


I looked down at the compartment where the keys were neatly placed.


I lifted the key to Room 202.


It was a room equipped with the projector curtain item I bought today.


“You can have any dream you want.”


I held out the key and smiled.


Shim Jiyoon flinched at my words.


As expected, Shim Jiyoon seemed to be the type of person who needed rest for the mind, not the body.


Through Kang Sojin’s case, I felt that raising the satisfaction level of hotel guests helped improve the hotel’s level, so I thought of a way to increase Shim Jiyoon’s level of satisfaction.


In order to increase Shim Jiyoon’s satisfaction, it would have been better to stay in a place where she could relax psychologically. 


Sim Jiyoon did not readily accept the key and asked.


“Do you mean…anything? Even if it doesn’t exist in this world?”


What doesn’t exist in this world?


What does it mean?


Shim Jiyoon took the key as if my answer wasn’t important.


She said that the automatic settlement system was amazing, just like Kang Sojin. 


Shim Jiyoon was escorted to room 202 by the bellboy, and soon after, a second guest came up to the counter. 


The man with his hair dyed yellow was heavily armed with all sorts of artifacts.


Even so, it didn’t seem to be a very expensive artifact.


I’ve been to Hwang Misoon’s shop, one of my Dad’s old colleagues and a craft hunter, and every time Aunt Misoon explained to me about the types of artifacts, so even I, who don’t have the discerning eye skill, could guess roughly.


‘A low-level appraiser may miss more things than an ordinary person with good intuition. Now, look… the color here…’


Aunt Misoon, who tied up her long curly hair, was obsessed with the artifacts she made.


Even before she awakened, Aunt said that she was a mechanical nerd from an engineering school.


It’s been a while since I met Aunt. 


It was when I thought so.


The man leaned sloppy against the counter and looked over at me with burdensome eyes.




“What is this hotel, Miss? Is it run by an association? Or is it run by the dungeon management department? Whatever it is, I’m a pretty high-ranking hunter, don’t you know? I don’t need a room. I can just take a break and leave, but you won’t get paid, will you?”


Oh, I already have a feeling.


Judging from the fact that he starts from the beginning, this must be a real guest…? 


With my six years of experience working part-time in a cafe, I was able to find out the truth about my opponent right away.


It’s a dangerous job to match the mood of every guest just because it’s a service job.


Rather, if you feel that the other person is a bad guest, it is good for your co-workers, yourself, and even the store to deal with it firmly.


The truth is that if you are kind to them, they will make worse demands.


But I’m using my ‘Front Desk (C)’ skill now.


So, of course, you’ll be kind to a rude guest with a smile, right? I thought about it and opened my mouth.


“No, Sir. If you are not staying overnight, you must leave the hotel right away.” 


The next moment, I felt an incredibly cold voice coming out of my mouth.


Is this some kind of way to get rid of guests?


When I looked in the mirror across from me and saw that my mouth was smiling, but my eyes weren’t, I was surprised inwardly. 


I thought it would be nice to treat him coldly, but I thought there would be a skill correction in the direction of being kind.


Rather, it’s been corrected to become colder.




How can you manage a hotel if you are kind to everyone by looking at the front desk?


As expected, it’s a good skill.


The man was taken aback by my cold demeanor and said as if he was surprised.


“T, then how much does it cost per night?”


“150 Gold, Sir.”


“I, it’s too expensive…! Isn’t this overpriced? And this business, isn’t it ilegal?” 


The man threatened me and took the camera out of his arms.


He can’t bring ordinary electronic devices like cell phones into dungeons, so it’s probably a special shooting device.




The man took a picture of me without me having to do anything. 


This is taking my picture without permission!


It was when I was dumbfounded and tried to take the camera away from the man.


The man turned around and took a picture of the lobby this time.


I left the counter and tried to snatch the man’s camera.


“If you take pictures of other people’s businesses without permission…!” 


At that time, the bellboy who had come down after guiding the guest in room 202 walked towards me.


“Why are you like that? Boss?” 


“No, that person took the picture without permission…!”

“Ah… thank you, boss. In this hotel, no matter how many photos you take, all data is deleted when you go outside. You don’t have to worry.” 


Does it impossible to take pictures?


That’s good news.


If people could take photos or videos of the inside of a hotel today, word would have spread quickly about the hotel and the fact that I have awakened. 


Even so, that person is annoying.


I muttered.


“If you take pictures without permission, you have to pay a fine of 10 Gold. Can’t I beat him this way?”  


That moment.


The man pressed the camera shutter again.




At the same time, a window appeared in front of my eyes.


10G has been deposited as a fine for taking pictures without permission.




The man looked in my direction.


Don’t tell me—.


“What. Why 10 Gold…!” 


The man panicked and pressed the camera shutter again.


Then another window popped up in front of me.


10G has been deposited as a fine for taking pictures without permission.


It’s real. A real fine has been paid.


From the way the man’s face turned red and blue, it looked like the same window had also opened for him.


Actually, I was also taken aback, but I spoke to the man as calmly as possible.


“If you are not going to stay overnight, you should leave now, Sir.”


With skill correction, the smile still didn’t leave my face.


Thanks to that, the man looked completely annoyed.


* * *


Just like that, rooms 201 and 202 of our room were full.


I sighed and asked the bellboy as soon as a man named Kang Sangchil entered room 201.


“Come to think of it, such true guests will come more often in the future, right? I never thought of that.”


“Please don’t worry too much. Force is never allowed in a hotel.”


You can’t use force.


Is this also a benefit of a hotel manager class?


Anyway, I earned 300G in an instant.


I can’t believe the daily sales are around 1 million won.


Aren’t I going to get rich soon?


It was when I was thinking that.


‘Make a regular guest!’ Quest


—Designate VIP guests. (0/1)


—Completion Reward: EXP 250p / ?? /??


A quest popped up.


If it’s a VIP guest, it looks like I need to buy the VIP ticket I saw in the market before to mark it as such.


‘But the VIP ticket cost 500 gold.’


I can’t believe I have to spend money right away as soon as I say I’m going to be rich.


Should I just pass the quest?


That thought popped into my head, but I soon stopped.


I need EXP points to expand my business, and I need to expand my business to keep running the hotel for a long time while I do YOLO.


To be honest, I feel like I’m providing a service that is not worthy of 150G, so I feel a bit guilty—.


‘…Just in case. If I work hard to level up the hotel, I might one day save someone who is in danger of dying in a dungeon like Dad.’


So, for the time being, I’ll have to pay close attention to the guests who come while collecting the money I’m making.


To find out which Hunter is suitable to be a regular guest at our hotel.


* * *


When it was time for dinner, the guest in Room 201, Kang Sangchil, got out of his room faster than anyone else.


He asked me in a slightly obedient tone, but still without honorifics.


“That… do you have anything to eat?”


“Cup noodles are available in the cafeteria, Sir.”


However, I didn’t want to give it away because he rudely took a picture earlier.


I said coldly.


“It’s 10 Gold each.”


“What? What kind of cup noodles cost 10 Gold?”


Kang Sangchil ignored my words as if they were nothing and went to the cafeteria to get a cup of noodles.


That was the moment.


10G has been deposited from the sale of ‘Cup Noodles.’


A window came up before my eyes.




Kang Sangchil turned his head and looked at me.


It seemed like a window popped up in front of him, saying that 10G had been withdrawn.


“What kind of rip-off is this…! I can’t believe it….”


It was when Kang Sangchil said annoyedly and inadvertently picked up another cup of noodles.


Another window popped up.


10G has been deposited from the sale of ‘Cup Noodles.’


This time, too, 10G was paid automatically for a cup of noodles.


I think I’ll be able to collect 500G in no time.


“I spent 200,000 won in 10 seconds!”


Kang Sangchil’s angry voice was heard.




That’s right, not a bad guest, just a guest.


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