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  1. Nice to Meet You, Traveler.


“What do you mean…!”


What kind of expression did I have? 


As if he had read my curiosity, Han Woohyun said as he wiped the table. 


“An expression that conveys murderous intent.”


“…Why is that cute?”


This guy is really weird too.


He seems like a very normal person, but sometimes he gets really weird.


I turned off my phone screen and laid it face down.


Han Woohyun seemed to react slightly when he saw that, but I can’t ignore this now.


What needs to be revealed first now is not Han Woohyun’s feelings, but my feelings.


…I would like to check the truth of this news. 


Let’s do what I have to do first.


“…I have something to tell you.” 


It was hard for me to tell him, but Han Woohyun’s cell phone rang at that moment.


Han Woohyun took out his cell phone, looked at it, and frowned.


“Is this a call you need to answer?”


I left out the line “If it’s not an urgent call, answer it later.”


“It’s Hunter Kang Sojin’s call. Because she’s not the kind of person to call at this time… I think there’s a problem at the company.”




The moment I heard those words, I realized.


“That phone call, I think it’s because of this.”


I opened my phone and showed the article I was just checking.


Han Woohyun’s face, which had gotten the phone from me, became enraged.


Han Woohyun couldn’t even think about answering the ringing phone and covered his face and let out a short, excited voice.


“Because of this…” 


What. What are you talking about? 


Han Woohyun soon came to his senses and answered the phone. 


Oh. Mhm. No.


The phone call, which continued with these brief words, soon ended briefly.


It’s not true. 


Well, this is the conclusion.


I expected it, but I have to admit that I had a cold sweat in my hand for a while.


But when Han Woohyun hung up, there was an awkward silence.


When I was thinking about how to start talking, Han Woohyun opened his mouth first.


“It’s not true.”




“I went to the Cheongdam-dong wine bar because of Yoojun. I heard that he recently saw the documents in the Baekho Guild. I confirmed that the Baekho Guild maliciously spread rumors related to me and encouraged reporters.”


“…Did something like that happen?” 


I hit the table with my fist without realizing it.


I felt like my fever was rising even more.


Han Woohyun calmly held my clenched fist with his own hand.


“…He said he was sorry. He was truly sorry for thinking I was a traitor.” 


Yoojung has that kind of side?


I thought he was just a fool.


I slowly relaxed my fist and grabbed Han Woohyun’s hand. Han Woohyun flinched, but didn’t take his hand away.


“It must have been difficult.”


Han Woohyun shook his head. 


“What about others talking about? Well, it has nothing to do with me. I just felt weird receiving an apology from Yoojun. Well, just… I feel like no one has ever apologized to me. It’s my first time receiving an apology.”  


“That’s a relief. It would have been better if he didn’t have to apologize.” 


Han Woohyun laughed slightly at my words, then put his fingers between mine and intertwined them. 


As if he was going to make it impossible for me to escape.




“So the article is not true. I guess a reporter who knew my face wrote an article using a photo taken at the entrance, but I didn’t even know she was there.” 


Han Woohyun bowed his head to me.


“…You don’t care about it, right?”


As I quietly look into Han Woohyun’s eyes, I feel more confident.


I… don’t want to make this person desperate.


I held Han Woohyun’s hand tightly.


I looked straight into Han Woohyun’s eyes.


“It doesn’t matter if it’s true. I just have to wait this time.”


I felt as though my voice was slightly trembling, but there was nothing I could do about it.


Because the tension in moments like this is not something I can do anything about.


“I will wait as long as you waited for me. Slowly…” 


I took a moment to catch my breath and choose my next words.


But no matter how much I think about it, this is all I have to say.


“…You come to me.” 


What nonsense!


After saying that, impatience buried my decision to wait no matter how long.


“Just, for some reason… just come right now.” 


Han Woohyun buried his face in the table like a deflated balloon as soon as I finished speaking.


What’s the point of covering your face on it. 


I can see your expressions because your ears are red. 


I laughed as I stroked Han Woohyun’s head.


Somehow… I adopted it after hearing that it was a wolf, and I must say it felt like a country dog.




It means cute.


“…You will, right?”




…I heard the answer. 


Okay, so now… 


I said, holding out my other hand that wasn’t holding Han Woohyun’s hand. 




Han Woohyun suddenly raised his head and his ears, which had become redder, became even hotter.


He’s embarrassed because I keep doing that.


“I’ll do my best from now on.”


I don’t fit in with my size, do I?


Anyway, I nodded to Han Woohyun, who spoke in a loyal voice.


“I’ll do my best too.”


Han Woohyun held my hand tightly.


Ah really. 


Now that I think about it, I… There is something I want to ask this guy.


“Can I ask you something?”


Han Woohyun nodded. I opened my mouth.


“What do you think the odds are that Hunter Lee Semyung is alive?”




Han Woohyun’s brows narrowed at my strange question. 


I added after a little hesitation.


“I found out what Aunt Heeyoung was looking for. She was looking for someone who fell into a dimensional gap. That’s my Dad.” 




Han Woohyun’s eyes widened.


But this wasn’t the end of what I had to say.


“…And I think I found a way to get to that dimensional gap.” 


Although this is just a hypothesis.


The ‘Hotel Invitation Ticket’ that appeared in the quest reward. 


I thought the hotel they were inviting us to might not be the current Yeongchun Hotel.


I pressed it once while Han Woohyun was making porridge, and this window popped up.


Reservation Consultation


Grey’s Hotel


Nice to meet you, traveler.


What is the purpose of your trip? Where do you come from and where are you going?


If you would like to make a reservation, please answer the two questions above and select the dates of your stay… (see more)


I can’t believe it’s Grey’s Hotel.


It’s too suspicious.


* * *


That night.


Miyeon stopped by a bookstore in the town with Hyejin and Hyeyu, received a call from the head of the women’s association, and drove to the village center. 


There were surprisingly many people gathered at the special neighborhood meeting.


What is it… Did Na Hoonah come to my neighborhood? 


Miyeon greeted Uncle and Aunts in the neighborhood, dug into the crowd, and managed to find her mother.


“Which celebrity is here?”


“What do you mean by celebrity? This is why we gathered together, everyone.”




On the paper given out by the head of the women’s association, there was this writing.


<Matters related to attracting Yeongchunjang>


  1. A) To beautify the environment near Yeongchunjang, we take turns from No. 1 to create flower beds and clean roads.


  1. B) Only shops that want to participate will issue 50% discount coupons that can be used when purchasing goods by Yeongchunjang.


(Sign at the bottom if you want to participate)


  1. C) Strengthen surrounding patrols to maintain security.


…After that, the content was similar. 


Miyeon read the paper and tilted her head.


Then the head of the women’s association answered.


“Everyone is worried that Yeongchunjang will probably move to Jeongcheon-gun.”


What are you talking about? 


“But we don’t have plans to move our hotel?” 


When Miyeon asked, the head of the women’s association shook her head and pointed with her chin in the direction where the head of the village and the mayor were. 


“No matter how much I say that, no one listens. Even the head of the village has come and is making an uproar, saying that the pride of Yeongchun-myeon is disappearing.”


“The pride of Yeongchun-myeon?”


“They say that angler customers come back not for the fishing, but for the Yeongchunjang coffee. The bed is clean and comfortable. Well. Actually, I think it’s because the mayor’s son became addicted after drinking Yeongchunjang coffee once.”






She saw a customer who came in late fall of last year and again this spring.


Still, she doesn’t think it’s something to brag about. 


Isn’t it something to be proud of when it comes to the ‘Dungeon Hotel’ that is floating around on the internet?


Articles related to dungeon hotels have recently spread to foreigners, so much so that there is even a saying about ‘dungeon hotels’, a pride of Korea and an urban legend.


If it becomes known that the owner of the dungeon hotel is a Paladin, it is clear that the 9 rooms they currently have will not be enough. 


As a marketer, evil thoughts crossed her mind, but Miyeon soon came to her senses.


This was because it made her think of her boss, who got very sick after the goblin guest left.


Miyeon brought back an expensive whole cake from town because she was worried about the person who used the fridge because she seemed to have no energy at all.


She thought she might feel better if she showed her at least a taste of the city.


“Our boss has a lot to worry about these days. That’s why she’s sick. Instead of worrying about Yeongchunjang moving, you should worry about Yeongchunjang closing…” 


It was the moment Miyeon said that.


Kangok, the owner of the beauty salon who was quietly listening nearby, asked in a loud voice.


“Yeongchunjang is closing? No, why?!”


That was the signal.


The voice of Yeongchunjang closing spread here and there, and it immediately reached the head of the village.


The head of village came to Miyeon with his nostrils wide open.


“Why Yeongchunjang is closing! Why! I live there in the joy of drinking coffee!”


“…No. It’s not like that. My boss… is under a lot of stress these days…”


“What? Stress…?!” 


Ah. She said the wrong thing. 


By the time she realized it, it was already too late.

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