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  1. I Was Trying to Kiss You


Han Woohyun gave me the bindae-tteok recipe that night. 


‘Ultimate Recipe—Pork Bindae-tteok’ was obtained.


The effectiveness of the recipe has improved by 120% thanks to Master’s sincerity!


“It tastes even better…” 


It took me a long time to get over the shock after eating the pork bindae-tteok, which was more juicy and runny than yesterday. 


Geumdong ate five pieces of Bindae-tteok and was kicked out of the restaurant with oil running down his face. 


“It’s so delicious I can’t stop… just one more piece…!”


“You’re going to run around the beach with me again!”


I swung the spatula I was holding and kicked Geumdong away. 


After learning how to make bindae-tteok, I ate and drank some with makgeolli, and the day seemed to pass in an instant.


It was.. a peaceful and relaxing holiday.


I feel like my head is a bit more organized now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way—if it weren’t for the day off due to the new news that Aunt Heeyoung and the goblin delivered.


So I can say things like this.


“Is Dad really alive?” 


“…Don’t get your hopes up. It’s only a hypothesis.” 


Han Woohyun said with a slight hesitation. 


That’s true.


Some say that the most unruly thing in the world is a person’s heart, and others say that the heart depends on what one eats.


Now is… the moment when I want to live a life worthy of the latter.


Until now, I may have been swayed by feelings that didn’t go my way.


So, from today onwards, I just decided not to make any decisions. 


In any case, it is true that it will be easier to protect our hotel if I find out about the Grey Hotel, and it will be inconvenient if I don’t check it out since I have heard the news about Dad.


All I have to do is go for it.


Let’s not do anything else that will make my feelings worse than this.


Thinking like that made me feel at ease.


Was it thanks to him? 


After emptying three cans of makgeolli, I overslept. 


The next morning.


I told Han Woohyun I would wash the side dish containers well and give them to him the next time I went to Seoul, but he flatly refused.


“I just need to buy a new one.”


After a few disagreements, I asked with blurry eyes.


“You… were usually tactless, right?”




“You have to say every little detail in words…?”


Han Woohyun responded with silence. 


Well. It’s not bad. 


I also find it easier to say every little detail in words. 


I looked up at Han Woohyun, standing in front of the revolving door.


He turned his back and smiled slightly as I spoke.


“That… When I go to Seoul… and give you the side dishes container… I ate with you, and also saw your face like this…” 


…It’s been so long since I said this, it’s really hard to bear.


No, it seems more awkward than that because the other person is Han Woohyun, whom I have known since I was young.


I couldn’t keep still and continued talking.


“…Let’s try…date too…” 


After speaking with difficulty, Han Woohyun bit his lip.


Do you understand now? 


“…So, you definitely need to get the side dish container, right?” 


I asked, bringing my face close to Han Woohyun’s face.


Han Woohyun nodded his head. 


“Good boy.”


Is this too much like a dog owner?


As I was thinking that, Han Woohyun suddenly lowered his head towards me.


What are you doing? 


Are you asking me to pet you?


I reached out and touched Han Woohyun’s hair unconsciously, as if to praise him.


He, who had his head down, suddenly lifted his head and looked at me.


“…Kiss… that’s what I was trying to do…”




Damn it… 


My thought circuit was too focused on the dog owner.


At that moment, when I felt my face getting hot, Han Woohyun held my hand and smiled.


“I like this too.”


Seeing the big Han Woohyun doing that really… made me feel like a dog owner.  


“…This is good too.”


Han Woohyun lightly kissed my lips and smiled again.


I could tell by looking at his slightly flushed cheeks.


It’s true that Han Woohyun smiles the most when he’s with me.


But that’s… the same for me.


“I like it too.” 


I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him towards me.


* * *


The office of the guild leader in the Baekho Guild.


After Shim Jiyoon appeared at the prosecutor’s office in the morning, she finally got on the elevator going up to the office.


This was because her father, former guild leader Shim Taeseong, had been summoned to the United States for an investigation. 


This was thanks to the World Hunters Federation’s strong pressure on the U.S. government to forcibly summon Sim Taeseong. 


At first glance, it could be said that the federation’s decision was wise, as it was a ploy to avoid the investigation coming into the federation itself, but it was somewhat suspicious that the United States immediately gave up its mind.


…It feels like things are going much easier than expected. 


So she feels uncomfortable. 


Of course, Shim Jiyoon accepted it with open arms because she was tired of getting rid of her father’s ghost in her guild. She had no plans to look into it any further.


It was then. Her cell phone rang.




Good morning. Yoon.


What do you mean good morning? What time is it now?


For a guy whose default wake-up time is 2pm, it would be dawn, not morning.










It’s cloudy today. Isn’t it pretty?


These days, Shim Jiyoon senses that something has changed in the guy who rarely sends private messages like this without business.


After the secret of Jungmin’s death was revealed, it was clear that he was trying to comfort her.


…He also knows how to comfort others.


Was he a surprisingly sociable person?


Or has Jun changed too? 


I even heard that the guy who spent a long time as an outsider within the guild is showing a more responsible attitude these days, and his popularity is increasing within the company. 


Whatever it is, Shim Jiyoon is thankful for the comfort because she hasn’t been depressed lately.


Rather, she slept well without any dreams, and when she woke up early in the morning, she simply exercised in the fitness room exclusively for awakeners and went to work.


This is all thanks to the coffee that is occasionally sent from the Yeongchun Hotel. 


Thinking like that, Shim Jiyoon briefly responded to Yoojun’s question and sipped the coffee in the tumbler she was holding. 


‘Let’s Start a Perfect Real Life!’ Cafe Latte (C)


—A vitality booster to start a perfect life


—Vitality increases by 1,000%.


—Duration: 48:00:00


Of course, she had no idea what kind of potion she was taking.


As soon as the To-go service was launched, orders poured in, and coffee delivery has now been stopped, but Shim Jiyoon had no intention of bothering the boss from the beginning. 


Starting next month, she planned to stop sending people disguised as fishermen to receive coffee, and instead use a hotel reservation card to check in once a month and receive coffee all at once. 




Just as she was making that plan, the elevator door leading directly to the office opened, and the secretary, who was sitting right next to the elevator, suddenly got up from his seat. 


A troubled look on his face greeted her.


“You came earlier than you said, Guild Leader.”


“Yes. The schedule is finished quickly.” 


After saying that, Shim Jiyoon put down the briefcase she was carrying and looked at one side of the glass-paneled office.


Her sharp eyes, so sharp that she was nicknamed the black panther, stared intently at one point.


Someone was sitting in the office chair that was originally her seat.


The secretary, who felt her gaze, spoke in a small voice.


“…I was going to contact you…C&M’s Hunter Moon Heeyoung visited us.” 


Shim Jiyoon narrowed her eyes as she listened to the secretary’s words. 


Rather than contacting her, he shouldn’t have even let in guests who hadn’t made reservations. 


However, she had no intention of blaming the secretary, as there would be no place in Korea where an S-Class hunter wouldn’t be able to enter if they wanted to. 


Besides… If she’s the vice guild leader of C&M, she’s bound to have a lot of influence with the Baekho Guild. 


A significant portion of Baekho Guild’s investment came from C&M’s borrowed-name account.


Of course, it was Shim Jiyoon’s father, Shim Taeseong, who brought in the investment money.


She was responsible for today’s surprise visitor because she didn’t clean up the poop her father had left behind, so Shim Jiyoon told her secretary to leave.


Until now, Hunter Moon Heeyoung was sitting in Shim Jiyoon’s seat and staring only at the scenery of Yeouido outside the glass. 


Only after hearing Shim Jiyoon’s footsteps walking towards Moon Heeyoung did Moon Heeyoung turn her chair around and look at Shim Jiyoon.


Then she said like this.


“Oh… You’re here? You’re late for work.”


With a natural look, as if the positions of the owner and the guest were switched. 


“I think I saw you when you were a kid, but have you grown up this much already? Why does everyone grow up so fast? It’s heartbreaking for an old person.”


Her snake-like eyes narrowed, and she smiled.


“It feels like I saw you when I was very young. At some kind of prayer meeting or something.”


She deliberately swallowed the words, ‘With your father.’


She expected that the reason Hunter Moon Heeyoung brought up this story was to bring up the story of her father.


C&M must have come here to say something like, “How much money did we spend on you?”


Shim Jiyoon was willing to put up with it, but there was something she needed to point out first.


“…But that’s my seat, Hunter-nim.” 


When hearing Shim Jiyoon’s calm voice, the average Baekho Guild member would tremble.


She was only a B-Class hunter.


She is a hunter who is not even the best in the country, but she leads a guild that was once the number one in Korea.


How was that possible?


She said that what was needed to lead a guild was not just strong military power.


She was better at politics than anyone else.


She didn’t even call it political to show off her strength and threaten her like her brother did.


Her political skill came from her ability to gather information about her opponents’ weaknesses.


So her calm voice contained an intimidating tone, saying, ‘I know what you want to hide most.’ 


The atmosphere was her strength, and it made her opponents tremble in front of her, whether they were stronger or weaker than her.


Everyone has something they want to hide.


That was her motto.


And not even an S-Class hunter could avoid that ‘everyone’ position.


So what does this woman want to hide?


“So this is…your seat. Now.” 


Moon Heeyoung sat with her legs crossed, looking up at Shim Jiyoon, rather than getting up from her seat. 


“By the way… baby.” 


Shim Jiyoon’s brow furrowed at the words, ‘Baby.’ Seeing that, Heeyoung smiled slightly.


It’s cute how she reacts to the word “baby.” 


That’s what she thought.


Because reacting to the word ‘baby’ is proof that she is truly ‘baby’. 


“You can’t say this position is yours forever. Look at your father or your brother? What happened to those people?” 


The moment Shim Jiyoon heard those words, she realized.


The person who put pressure on the U.S. government must have been Moon Heeyoung.


So why?


It was simple. Cutting off the tail.


Shim Taeseong was forced to admit to all kinds of crimes so that C&M could get away.


Moon Heeyoung got up from her seat and swept the hard-faced Shim Jiyoon’s cheek down with the back of her hand. 


“It looks like our baby was very surprised. Looking at this, it seems like the little girl really wanted this Baekho Guild. Well… The seat is comfortable and the view is good… I think you look better than Shim Taeseong. Here. Here.” 


Moon Heeyoung’s eyes sparkled.


It was a strong threat that she could give or take this position away at any time.


Although Shim Jiyoon wanted to grit her teeth, she held it in for now and spoke quietly.


“…What do you want?”


“What do I want? I, well… it’s simple.” 


The corners of Moon Hee-young’s mouth went up.


“It looks like our cute babies are friendly with each other. You and… Junghyo. And there’s a fun toy for Junghyo.” 


Moon Heeyoung ran her hand over the nameplate of the Baekho Guild leader on her desk.


“I thought it would be nice if I could join in on the playhouse that you are playing with with that toy. I like toys like that too. A hotel that connects to every dungeon in the world. How fun is it?… It might make you travel to an unknown world rather than a dungeon.”




She clenched her fists as soon as she heard those words. 


If it was an opponent she could beat with force, she wanted to kill it right away by throwing it out of the window. 


How dare you look… over the hotel of the boss.


“There’s nothing to be so angry about. I’m not trying to take that hotel away. For a moment, I want to borrow it too. Because Junghyo doesn’t want to show me the hotel inside the dungeon. Is there no way?” 


“…Even if I knew that, there would be no reason for me to tell you.” 


It was a clever remark.


Moon Heeyoung became slightly annoyed.


Because of Shim Ji-yoon, she only answers with words that make it difficult to determine her truth using her skill ‘Scale of Justice’.


Now, should she try to use a little more force?


It wasn’t her style to take the easy way out.


“It looks like I made things difficult for you, so let me make it a little easier, baby. I will deduct the entire amount invested by C&M from the Baekho Guild. The Baekho Guild finds themselves in a situation where they have to repay that much money all at once, even if it means taking off and selling all of the armor of Master Hwang Misoon, which was given to Yoojun. Let’s see how far the Baekho Guild, which is shaky in its second place in the country, goes. Now. Even if I do this, do you still can’t think of a way to get into the hotel?” 


Snake-like cunning eyes grinned.


It was then. Moon Heeyoung’s cell phone rang.


Heeyoung ignored Shim Jiyoon, who was giving her a murderous look, and took out her cell phone.


“Sorry. It might be a text message from an ex-lover.”


However, the text didn’t belong to the ex-lover. 




Shall we meet at the hotel?


I’m contacting you first because I feel like you’re going to work hard to bother the people around me.


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