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  1. Renegade Moon.


Internet interest in the article about Han Woohyun being in a relationship quickly faded.


This was because the group Alice’s agency responded strongly, saying that it was groundless.


In fact, the agency’s first response was lukewarm.


Alice, a very popular idol, was not at the level of using click bait due to her romantic relationship with Hunter, but her opponent was Han Woohyun. 


An S-class hunter with Woo Destiny’s fandom that is incomparable to that of Alice, a group that goes on a small world tour in Europe and elsewhere.


For a while, there were malicious rumors about a scandal involving his uncle, but the Hanwoon Guild has recently taken care of things quite efficiently, so most of the malicious rumors about him have been put to rest.


Moreover, with the head of the Baekho Guild being arrested, Han Woohyun was being re-evaluated quickly.


Title: If I were Han Woohyun, I would have gone to America like MHY.


So, as if taking a minor into a dungeon at the Baekho Guild wasn’t enough, they also unilaterally lent money to Han Woohyun’s uncle, who was often said to be a domestic abuser since he was young, drove Han Woohyun off with debt, and then pushed him to leave Death Valley?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. The guild leader of that guild was a fanatic who was a witness to salvation and was obsessed with manipulating human deaths and sacrificing scapegoats? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.




– Dynamic Korea… What is all this about, starting with Shim Taeseong’s arrest…?


– Ah really… Han Woohyun is saltyㅠㅠㅠ He entered the Hanwoon Guild and finally fed his whole family ㅠㅠㅠ I hope he only walks on the flower path from now on.


└ He’s already ranked 14th in the world, but can he walk a further flower path? Han Woohyun probably didn’t even care about this? That tiger Guild paid so much money that they talked about it here and there, but where was the person who honestly believed it?


└└ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ What do you mean where the peple who believe it now? At that time, the Internet was filled with rumors related to Han Woohyun…


– Han Woohyun is handsome… This time, the photo appeared again and then disappeared…


└ I’m the only one who didn’t see the photo again. I’m the only one… ㅠ


– If we don’t want to miss out on an S-class hunter again, shouldn’t his salary be at least doubled? Han Woo-hyun is so good these days that he could rise further in the world rankings;;; Honestly, an S-class hunter who can play S-class solo in South Korea? It’s a miracle that someone came out after Lee Semyung;; 


└ ㅇㄱㄹㅇ If there is a monster wave like in the Philippines, they have to go to Han Woohyun and beg for their life, but people in Korea seem to think Hunter is a celebrity these days. 


└└ Will there be another one? There is Paladin. 


└└ └…?


– But who is MHY?


└ Moon… Hee… Young… Please search for details. She is related to the death of Lee Semyung. 


└ After 15 years, there are people who don’t know the Renegade Moon. Time is scary… ;; 


└ Renegade Moon came to Korea this time. Isn’t she slowly starting to make a comeback because the stock market is falling in the US? 


It was something like this.


However, there was an incident that quickly put an end to the agency’s lukewarm response, and that was a strong request from Alice’s lead vocalist, Yerin.


“Please take strong action. Because it hurts my pride to have a scandal with him? Take strong action quickly!” 




Why should a scandal with Han Woohyun hurt her pride?


The agency representative was confused, but Yerin also had her own reasons.


Just the day before, she had run into Han Woohyun.


At an apartment complex.


Yerin made sure to visit her parents on the weekend because she knew Han Woohyun lived in the same apartment as them.


‘I think it would be nice to have one more picture taken.’


She recently wondered if her own popularity was going down, and a few days ago, she saw Han Woohyun’s selfie in a picture that reporters gave her…


‘Handsome. He’s so handsome!’


It was just her style.


Since there were many celebrity couples who were dating after the scandal, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a relationship with the real Han Woohyun.


She wandered around the apartment building just in case, and that’s how she met him.


Han Woohyun, who went grocery shopping wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt.


Luckily, she had already seen his picture so she recognized him right away. Because of his clear features and height of 190cm, it was impossible not to notice him. 


‘Surprisingly, he’s the type to cook home-cooked meals…?’


The moment she saw the head of green onion stuffed in the eco bag, Yerin’s favorability for him increased by 200%. 


She walked up to Han Woohyun without hesitation.


“Hello. I guess you live here? I was… planning on contacting you through the guild.”




If a person greeted you like that, it would usually be worth asking why they wanted to contact me, but Han Woohyun didn’t ask anything and just stared at Yerin.


Are you just mesmerized by how pretty I am?


It was when Yerin was thinking that way. Han Woohyun said as if he had realized it.


“You’re the team leader of Dungeon Team 2.”


“…I’m not.”


“Ah. Are you… the team leader of Team 3?”


What is this? Did he not recognize her? Who was he thinking about?!


“I’m… singer Yerin. Yerin.”


Han Woohyun’s eyes are cloudy.


She really didn’t want to admit it, but it seemed clear that he didn’t even know her name, let alone the face of his partner in the scandal.


Although she felt like she was losing her mind, Yerin quickly came to her senses and spoke.


“I’m Yerin, who was involved in a scandal with you last time. I’m really sorry that I got Woohyun-ssi caught up in the scandal through my own negligence. I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee…”


Yerin looked up at Han Woohyun with her eyes wide open.


“You don’t have to buy it.”


‘Thanks to it, I saw her cute side.’


…Han Woohyun, swallowing the words in his mind, was about to enter the apartment entrance holding a shopping basket.


Yerin was dumbfounded and fussed as she ran after Han Woohyun.


What is this? How can he be so oblivious?


Since he has been fighting monsters since his late teens, he has been told that he’s a socially awkward person, but it seems that was true.


“Excuse me. It means I want to exchange phone numbers?”




Han Woohyun stood in front of the front door and looked down at Yerin. Yerin said, quickly taking out her cell phone from her pocket.


“You’re often told that you’re clueless, right? So here…”


“I know.”




“I knew you meant to exchange phone numbers, but… I mean, I don’t want to.”


Yerin was dumbfounded for a moment at Han Woohyun’s words, but then her face slowly became hot.


It was a clear rejection, nothing more or less.


“And I was going to ask you to do it through the company, but I want you to deny the scandal more clearly.”


“…Why? I know that you don’t usually pay much attention to rumors or scandals.” 


Yerin said as she squeezed the last of her pride.


 “”It doesn’t matter if I’m the only one involved… but, I feel like the person I like cares a little bit. Because I like her so much…”


Yerin had to watch Han Woohyun’s face heat up every moment.


She didn’t really ask, but she needs to hear this.


“…If she hates me, I’ll be in trouble. And now I’ll try not to be misunderstood.” 


He usually didn’t care. He used to be hurt, being misunderstood, and being taken advantage of.


That being said, Junghyo always shows worry when that happens, and he cares about it too. 


So, from now on, he decided to refrain from such misunderstandings, even for the sake of Junghyo. 


…When Yerin heard those words, there was only one expression on her face.


Ah. It’s ridiculous. 


Yerin began to get angry in front of the CEO of her agency, recalling the sight of a 191cm tall man turning into a shy boy in front of her.


I said that… I confess that I have decided to live harder from now on because I have someone I like…  Why should I listen to him? 


Why are you confessing in front of me?


Why not do it in front of the person involved! Why are you doing it in front of me!


How invisible must I have been to him to do that?! 


“Take strong action immediately. Right now!” 


….That was what happened.


* * *


“This is a hotel in a dungeon?”


As soon as Aunt Heeyoung entered our hotel, she had a surprised face.


Although she may have heard some prior information, she felt different seeing it in person.


From a room with a heal buff to a bathroom with healing spring water.


A window appeared in front of my eyes every time Aunt Heeyoung admired me.


‘Guest Room 403’ can’t help but be surprised.


As I was feeling relieved that I would be able to raise Aunt Heeyoung’s satisfaction level like this and hear from her about the dimension gap, Min Kangjin and Bang Hansoo checked in. 


“Noona, it’s been a while~ I think there was a notice on Instagram? You’re sick so you’re taking some rest. Are you feeling well?” 


I nodded as I looked at Min Kangjin’s wide eyes. 


“I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”


“Ah, but are there any other guests who are bothered? I’m here with Hyung to play, but I’m afraid there will be rumors that I’m going around with my manager.”


“The guests today are quiet, and you can’t take pictures inside the hotel, so don’t worry.”


“As expected, this hotel is the best.” 


Min Kangjin smiled happily and took the key.


Yeah. There were no major problems until then.


The real problem happened after Shim Jiyoon checked in.


To be exact, Aunt Heeyoung came down while Shim Jiyoon, who had already checked in, was sitting in a corner of the cafe with Min Kangjin and Bang Hansoo, who were drinking coffee, and leaving her luggage with the bellboy.


“…Oh my. I’m meeting you here. Is it a coincidence…? Or did you do it on purpose because you knew I was making a reservation today?”


It seems that Aunt Heeyoung started her engine first.


“If you stay quiet in this hotel, I don’t plan on causing trouble.”


But the moment Shim Jiyoon answered the words like this, I realized.


Shim Jiyoon didn’t happen to make a reservation on the same date as Hunter Moon Heeyoung.


I made a reservation on the same date on purpose.


‘I heard that Aunt Heeyoung went to the Baekho Guild to visit her…’


I can’t believe their relationship was this bad. 


While I was surprised, Min Kangjin and Bang Hansoo also noticed the presence of Hunter Moon Heeyoung and started whispering. 


“I think that person is Moon Heeyoung.”


“Who is Moon Heeyoung, Hyung?”


“Oh my, I can feel the generation gap. She changed her nationality and joined the American guild and received a lot of criticism. S-class.” 


“…Whoa. Wasn’t it 15 years ago when Korea was in trouble? In that case, the S-Class fly to the United States? That’s too much.”


Don’t you think she can hear everything? 


I urgently read Aunt Heeyoung’s mind.


However, this message appeared on Aunt Heeyoung’s window.


‘Guest Room 403’ finds this situation interesting.


Even though she gets criticized, she doesn’t feel anything…? 


Why on earth? 


Oh. I really can’t figure it out.


After that, even though Min Kangjin and Bang Hansoo continued to talk behind her back, even though Shim Jiyoon showed off that she was following and watching Aunt Heeyoung for every incident, and even poured her wine, calling it a ‘mistake’, Aunt Heeyoung’s attitude didn’t change much. 


‘Guest Room 403’ thinks ‘Guest Room 402’ is cute.


She even thinks it’s cute.


So, even when she smiled after being hit with wine and poured water on Shim Jiyoon from next to her—.


‘Guest Room 403’ is curious about the reaction of ‘Guest Room 402’.


‘Guest Room 403’ looks forward to the cuteness of ‘Guest Room 402’. 


…A window like this floats. 


I urgently intervened between the two, but the unfavorability index of Bang Hansoo, Min Kangjin, and Shim Jiyoon had already risen to 150%.


In particular, a window like this appeared for Shim Jiyoon.


‘Guest Room 402’ is thinking of a way to kill ‘Guest Room 403’ painfully.


Why are you like this, really! Force is prohibited in the hotel!


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