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  1. Guardians of the Wanderers


“I was such a mess back then…” 


A handsome man… No, the beauty Alex Grey opened up about her past as if she regretted it. 


“Have you by any chance heard from my father? We, the Grey family, are a dragon clan that protects travelers. The Guardians of the Wanderers. The Grey family.” 


The Guardians of the Wanderers…? 


While it may be a somewhat less impressive guardian deity, the existence of a spirit in the service industry was strange from the start, so let’s just move on.


So that’s why they kept repeating things like ‘traveler’ at the reservation window. 


“Yes. I think I’ve heard it before. The Grey family has been running the hotel for generations.” 


Actually, I had never heard of it, but I pretended to know because I thought it would help lower her guard. 


“It’s not just a hotel!”


Alex hit the table with a loud thud. 




At that moment, something like scales appeared on the back of Alex’s hand and then disappeared in an instant.




It’s true that it’s a dragon.


“The hotel run by our family is a mysterious resting place where even lost travelers anywhere in the world can find their way, thanks to the magical energy of the Grey family that has been passed down from generation to generation.”


“You mean you can find lost travelers anywhere?”


“Yes. No matter what the traveler’s identity is or wherever they wander, our hotel is the place to go to those who are lost.” 


This is a setting I’ve heard a lot about.


Just…it’s a dungeon hotel. 


So, does it mean that the rules in this world apply the same way even in dungeons?


I became more and more absorbed in Alex’s words.


A chance to get a lot of useful tips about hotels!


“So is it some kind of magic?”


“I think you could say that? Aren’t dragons born with strong mana in their bodies? Our mana goes into maintaining a hotel. If the hotel’s guests are satisfied, the more satisfaction there is, the more that energy can be converted into our mana, which can further develop the hotel.” 


So, each time a guest is satisfied, it becomes easier to level up, and each time the hotel levels up, the hotel can grow.


I can understand that mana becomes stronger with each level up.


…But there was one thing that puzzled me.


“Then why does this hotel still look so old…” 


According to what Alex said, the hotel that was maintained with Merlin Grey’s mana disappeared through a dimensional gap after Merlin Grey died, so Alex built the hotel from scratch.


Then, it is highly likely that it opened around the same time as our hotel.


If so, it could have grown to a similar extent as our hotel—


“Are you asking why it’s like this…?” 


Alex asked me with sad eyes.


I didn’t say it that badly. 


She couldn’t deny it. 


“Didn’t I just tell you? When my father’s hotel was prospering…I was a mess. I didn’t learn anything properly. Actually, I really didn’t like the fact that the Gray family was the guardian of wanderers.”




“That’s inevitable! The other dragons were the guardian of fire! The guardian of the sea! The guardian of the continent! Being called by such a nickname while conquering the world! The Grey family is the guardian of wanderers! Somehow… somehow!  It’s out of form!”


I was convinced as I watched Alex talking excitedly.


It might have been embarrassing for a young heart.




I was a little embarrassed when I first met Han Woohyun in uniform. 


As it is, since the hotel that was originally here disappeared along with my father, the hotel’s guest list was also completely lost. In addition, we need to hire all new spirits to become employees, and we’re at a loss about how to conduct their training, so there’s no established system…”


“…It seems to be in financial trouble.”


I said what Alex wanted to say instead.


I see the hotel’s situation in person, so I understand.


This hotel has no system in place at all.


There are frequent mistakes and many facilities are in poor condition, and the inability to fill those gaps all stems from the lack of communication among the staff.


For example, in the case of our hotel, when anyone receives an order or reservation, the information is immediately shared with the person responsible for the relevant work and then the work is divided.


A system where anyone can receive reservations or orders, and actual information is delivered directly to the person in charge.


This is a necessary system for small businesses, not large companies.


‘Perhaps this is what I learned as a secret from the startup that operated in a ‘trial and error’ way…’


As they say, there is something to be learned from even bad friends.


Anyway, as communication wasn’t working at all within the Grey Hotel, and everyone’s expertise fell apart, the hotel service condition inevitably hit rock bottom


Then, the satisfaction of the guests decreases, and as the satisfaction decreases, the growth of the hotel is put on hold, and as the growth of the hotel is put on the brakes, the satisfaction of the guests who come by chance decreases again, and this hotel exists in a vicious cycle.


Moreover, no matter how much hotels directly reach out to wandering travelers, based on my experience, regular customers are essential for hotels.


It’s like the regular guests anglers who come to our hotel.

Since they become a steady source of revenue, we can operate more steadily, boost employee morale, and, above all, the hotel feels less empty.


If there is only one person making a reservation at the hotel like now, then the guests who come to the hotel are bound to think this.


‘This hotel…So there’s something wrong with it.’


Then they won’t come again next time. 


On the other hand, if a hotel has one or two guests who stay consistently, those guests who feel that the hotel has its advantages will visit the hotel again, and they will become regulars again and become a source of sales. 


It’s a virtuous cycle where regulars attract more regulars.


But this place…? 


Since a while ago, not a single guest has been seen, so it seems I’m the only guest today


Oh, wait. 


That means…! 


“Participation in the party I wrote down as a special request…?” 


“Ah, that’s. Our concierge is working hard to blow up balloons.”


Alex said that and pointed to a rabbit blowing up a balloon in the garden near the back gate.


The middle-aged man-rabbit, with a bulging stomach, couldn’t hide his ears and was diligently inflating balloons in a human form.


For reference, there was no one around. 




So, it’s almost impossible to get information about other guests here…?


I asked directly.


“Do other human guests come often besides me?”


“A few people have come!”


“How many people…?”


“No, I mean…two people…?” 


“Ah, so a total of three people came, including me.”


“No. Two people, including guests.”


This reptile…Why do you keep exaggerating the sales?! 


Alex held up two fingers, awkwardly laughing as if embarrassed. 


It was a reptile that showed no signs of a businessman’s temperament at all.


Whether she lies or not.


“Then who is one of those guests?”


“Oh, he was in the early days of our hotel… He came when it looked like an inn that was embarrassing to even be called a hotel.”


Alex spoke as if expressing frustration.


I guess this has improved at least. Well, the hotel seemed to have a lot of employees.


It was when I was thinking about that.


The cat manager walked towards me from afar, carrying a tray on his forehead.


‘That thing won’t fall?’


Although I only saw the cat manager for an hour or two, he had a wonderful sense of balance. 


As I was thinking that, the cat manager meowed right under our table! and cried.


So placing trays is self-service.


I lifted the tray from the cat’s forehead and placed it on the table. 


Alex, who was watching this, clicked her tongue and said to the cat. 


“I told you to change into human form. You just make the customers uncomfortable for no reason.”


– I don’t like it. It’s annoying.


It was a graceful refusal.


Alex said, as if she had been rejected more than once.


“A human guest who came to our hotel before. What was his name? You would know if you look at the guest list.” 


– Don’t you remember that either? The boss is really… 


The cat spoke as if it was pitiful and scratched its stomach.


– Lee Semyung. That’s his name, right? Looking at the fact that the character ‘Lee’ is included in the name of this human guest as well, it seems to be a character that humans like 


“Ah, that’s right. Lee Semyung. It was that kind of name.” 




It was a moment when I almost lost the teacup I was holding without realizing it.


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