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  1. The Appearance of an S-Class Marketer 


“They…! The spirit that worked at my father’s hotel!”


Alex immediately recognized Geumdong and Toto. Geumdong saw Alex and ran towards her excitedly. 


“Oh. Long time no see! I’ve seen you since you were really skinny! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown. I’m so thrilled!” Geumdong shouted and ran around Alex. Like a puppy meeting its owner. 


‘Why… Do I feel jealous of that appearance?’ I calmed myself down. 


Meanwhile, Toto came up to me and muttered. “As expected, this place was truly a ‘Grey’ hotel.” 


“I think so.”


“But why is the Grey Hotel like this?”


–What do you mean by looking like this! How dare you gossip about the holy Grey family’s hotel? And over the subject of rabbits!


At that time, the cat manager punched Toto from behind. Toto suddenly picked up the cat manager and tilted her head.


“Huh…? You… The cat that was in charge of cleaning the rooms when I worked…?” 


Did you know each other?


The cat manager’s eyes widened at Toto’s words, and he spoke with a gentle expression.


—Oh my… Are you a rabbit? 


What is this? 


It’s the first time I’ve seen those bright eyes. Even when Toto strokes it, it purrs and becomes happy. It was a style that discriminated against people.


I was dumbfounded.


Alex approached me with a puzzled look on her face.


“So, the hotel you are currently running is Merlin Grey, that is, my father’s hotel?”


“Yes, that’s right. I know it’s surprising.”


It’s not just surprising; it could also be something that angers her. She lost her father’s hotel to me. 


So I quickly added. “My hotel’s system window gave me an invitation to this hotel. I think the hotel reflects your father’s desire to improve and grow this hotel.”


The conversation steered toward emotions.


And, of course, it worked quite well.




Because Alex started to wipe away tears.


And that was when a Samoyed bellboy came running from far away.


“Oh, boss! We have a reservation!” How long has it been since the last reservation that the staff is so happy to be working? This hotel needs to be brought back to normal quickly. As if reading my thoughts, a window appeared in front of me.


‘Hotel Partnership – Facility Management’ Quest 


—Let’s fix the Grey Hotel’s broken facilities. (0/1) 


—Completion reward: 50p Partnership EXP, 100G Market Gold 


You’re right this time.


We need to fix the broken facility first!




But what is the Partnership EXP?


* * *


What concerns me the most is, of course, the floor that makes dreadful sounds. But it didn’t seem like the floor would be fixed anytime soon. This is what I found when I opened the facility window using the eyes of a hotelier.


A worn-out floor


—The flooring is poor and may soon fall apart! 


—Repairable from Partnership Lv. 5.


—Resources needed for repairs: 20 trees


What’s with the partnership level? 


I thought about opening the partnership status window just in case, and a window appeared in front of me. 



<Please name your partnership>


—Partnership level: 1


—Experience: 0


—Partnership Dispatch: (Shortcut)


—Partnership Building: (Locked)


Looks like we’re playing games again.


I tried clicking the partnership dispatch shortcut. Then this window appeared.


Partnership Dispatch


—Grey’s hotel: Toto, Geumdongi, (locked)


—Yeongchun hotel: ??? , ??? , (locked)


So, at the current level, up to two people can be dispatched, and the dispatch came from our hotel. Being able to exchange labor is quite attractive. Of course… This is a story from a time when the workforce was better trained than it is now.


I mentioned it to Alex before searching for more facilities that needed fixing.


“I’ll tell you honestly. The biggest problem with the current Grey Hotel is that there is no employee training at all. As a partnership member, if you give me a chance, I would like to correct that first.” 


“Yes? However, our spirits are all ‘spirits of the service industry’, so they are good at their jobs.”


“Communication skills are not something you are born with, but something you develop. Today, they took my order incorrectly, so the chef came out, the manager came, and later the boss came, not because each person was unable to do their job, but because of a lack of communication.”


Alex seemed to agree but showed a slight disapproval.


In this case, one shot.


“When your father saw the hotel as it is now, he probably wanted to teach you many things. I want to teach you with that kind of heart.”




Alex’s eyes turned red again.


Of course, it was because of tears.


I called Toto with a satisfied face. I entrusted her with training the staff. Toto, holding a cat with a hesitant expression at the mention of ’employee training,’ spoke with a more trustworthy face than anyone.


“Yes! Please leave it to me!”


I approached Geumdong, expecting the cat, who was just being annoyed right now, to get upset.


“The hotel floor is on the verge of collapsing. Is there a solution?”


“It looks like the durability is messed up.”


I nodded. 


“Then how about putting down a carpet to lessen the impact?”


That sounds like a great idea.


I asked Geumdong to look into the storage room and bring out the carpet. Soon, the carpet that Geumdong took out from the warehouse of the Grey Hotel…


Old Persian Carpet


—It’s moldy and smells terrible.


—Guests’ satisfaction drops by 10% per hour.


The pattern and smell that seemed to cause even a phobia that didn’t exist made it difficult for people to walk up.


I approached it, enduring the terrible smell.


“Housekeeping!” The carpet became clean at my shout. 


Clean Persian Carpet


—It’s been cleaned up, but it still doesn’t look good.


—It has no effect on customer satisfaction.


…well, this isn’t bad.


You’ve completed the quest ‘Hotel Partnership—Facility Management’ and receive 50p Partnership EXP as a reward.


The level of your partnership increases! (1 → 2) 


You’ve completed the quest ‘Hotel Partnership—Facility Management’ and received 100G of Market Gold as a reward.


The partnership level soared as Geumdong and I laid carpets, significantly reducing the eerie, creaking sounds in my footsteps. We diligently cleaned and fixed every facility within reach—and thanks to this, the partnership level quickly went up.


Congratulations! As the Partnership reaches Lv. 5, the number of employees available for dispatch increases.


It was then.


The guest who made a reservation earlier has arrived.


How I knew this was because Samoyed, who had become a puppy and was learning to work after being scolded by Toto, came running, panting and shouting from afar.


–It’s a guest! A guest! 


Even spinning around in his seat excitedly.


Because of Samoyed’s cry, Geumdong also began to spin. 


“It’s a guest! A guest!”


What are you doing? Don’t spin around. 


They say you are a spirit and not a large dog!


Fortunately, the strange antics ended when Samoyed ran out into the pine forest to greet the guests. However, the Samoyed soon walked through the fog with a disheartened expression, looking a bit soggy. 




There was something in Samoyed’s sullen mouth.


Alex accepted it and said with an angry look.


“It can’t be?”


– That’s right. They came to the wrong place because they thought our hotel invitation ticket was a Kumari hotel invitation ticket. Recently, Kumari hotel also distributed flyers and invitation tickets similar to this one.


If it’s the Kumari Hotel, is it the competing hotel that Alex mentioned earlier?


I took away the two flyers that Alex was holding.


One was a flyer for the Grey Hotel, and the other was a flyer for the Kumari Hotel. 


The Grey Hotel’s flyer had letters written in an incorrect font like this.






Wouldn’t you like to take a break from your tiring journey with cute spirits, traveler?


Gray Hotel, which disappeared as a ghost of the past, returns to you!


(Cloud picture)


Coming soon!


…Ah, what is this? Is it a hallucination?


I rubbed my eyes, and this time I looked at the flyer for the Kumari Hotel. Inside the beautiful lakeside hotel that seems to float on the water, beautiful succubus and incubus beings were raising their glasses for a toast, and above them, elegant fonts displayed written words.


A journey to find the real me


—At Kumari Hotel


It’s simple, but it’s full of emotion.


We might be able to have a ‘hip’ time with something like Hyojin says.


“It’s a marketing disaster.”


I took the flyer and clicked my tongue.


Oh… wait a minute.


When it comes to marketing…? 


Can I do this, too?


I carefully called out the manager’s name.


“Kang Miyeon.” 


And at that moment, in the distance in the pine forest, the manager with a bewildered expression walked toward me.


It was the appearance of an S-Class marketer, a person with S-Class solicitation skills. 


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