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  1. I cant believe a hotelier class?


Lim Sehwan has been sweating for the past 10 days. 


The reason was that Lim Sehwan had to serve the guests because the hotel staff were leaving in groups of two every two hours and disappearing somewhere.


‘I need to ask you a favor.’


A few days after the boss left for a hotel vacation. Suddenly disappeared somewhere, the manager reappeared and earnestly asked for help, while explaining the operation method of the coffee machine and receiving guests.




‘I don’t have time to take care of Hyejin and Hyeyu.’


‘Who are Hyejin and Hyeyu?’


‘Yes? Oh, didn’t I tell you? They’re my children.’


‘…Are you married?’


‘I’m single now. I’m divorced.’


Ah. I see.


Lim Sehwan, relieved for some reason, looked at the manager’s earnest face.


It’s annoying. He doesn’t want to deal with people.


By the way, she raised her child alone. How hard must it have been?


It seemed difficult to work alone as a non-awakened person among the awakened. The manager is really amazing.


…This is not right.


‘Anyway, how can I suddenly take charge of a coffee shop!’


So, Lim Sehwan was very determined—.


‘Okay, let’s do our best.’


He accepted the offer.


Of course, the reaction of the guests was hot. 


“Oh my… who is that young man with glasses? Could it be that our Yeongchunjang has a new boyfriend?!”


“Ey, what are you talking about? That young man is Yeongchunjang’s cousin.


“They don’t look alike at all. Still, he’s handsome. That dark skin…”


The residents of Yeongchun-myeon were lively, and they regarded the coffee shop at Yeongchun Hotel as their own private space.


Lim Sehwan, lacking both sociability and sociable skills, found himself at a loss among such guests.


“Just looking at his face, you might think he’s a pushover, but wow, the muscles on his arms are no joke~ Oh my~ do you work out?”


“Yes? Ah, uh, uhm… I think it’s because I’ve been exercising a bit lately at the recommendation of the boss.” 


“Boss? Do you call your Noona like that?” 


Ah, Noona. 


Lim Sehwan remembered his concept and quickly modified the title. 


“Noona… told me to call her boss at work…” 


He flinched at the sight of the boss, who took turns bringing down the coffee with the manager, but he had no choice but to wave at Junghyo stiffly like a machine. 


“N, Noona…! Please take the order here.”




He was at a point where he couldn’t survive his part-time job at a cafe, which he had never done before in his life, and when he saw the boss’ embarrassed face after hearing that she was called ‘Noona’, he felt like he wanted to die.


Still, there were moments when it felt rewarding.


“I’d like milk, please. My mom told me to wait here until Eonni finishes her academy.”


Is this the 5th day of his cafe part-time job? 


The short little customer lifted her toe and held out a crumpled 1,000 won bill.


It looks like they sell milk as part of the kids’ menu. He thought so as he received the money.


“Yes. Your order has been received.”


When he went upstairs, there was only Geumdong left. 


“What about others?”


“Other people are busy right now. It’s very…” Geumdong also looked like he was losing energy.


What on earth is going on?


The boss, who went on a holiday for the past 5 days, appeared with dark circles heavily painted on her face. Moreover, the manager always had a bewildered expression; Toto’s anger seemed to be increasing; and as for Geumdong…


“But isn’t this cute? Hehe… Will the guests like it?”


Lim Sehwan, looking at Geumdong who drew his own face with latte art and was wandering even with a tired face, thought, ‘But you are still the same.’


And he felt that he too had to do his part somehow in this extreme situation.


‘First of all, since it’s milk for a young child, should I try some chocolate powder?’


He stopped pouring chocolate powder into a glass, realizing it was too heavy for the child. He poured chocolate powder into an appropriate plastic cup and went back down to the first floor to serve milk to the child.


“We didn’t have a large glass, so we couldn’t put much in it. Let me know if you want to drink more.” 


“…Thank you!” 


The little child greeted him loudly. With chubby cheeks and even a Solomon study sheet spread out on the table.




He looked at the uncomfortable child sitting on a large chair and brought her an appropriate cushion and footrest.




“You look uncomfortable.”


“T, thank you!”


Seeing a child who was truly grateful made him feel proud for some reason. It was such an amazing thing. 


When crafting weapons in the workshop, Lim Sehwan was merely an engineer. An engineer who wants to make weapons of even higher quality. 


B-Class, A-Class, S-Class.


At that time, magic engineering was no different from a war to create stronger weapons. For that purpose, he locked himself in a small room, meticulously calculating angles, and the process of researching to enhance efficiency was a solitary battle.


However, when weapons were made and sold at the hotel, Lim Sehwan could see people using the weapons. People who became hunters due to their own circumstances.


What they needed were not just strong weapons.


He can tell just by looking at Hunter Lee Junghyo. His boss works hard to satisfy their guests every day. 


She was a hunter just like him, but her biggest duties were cooking, making coffee, and cleaning for the hunters. Her work might seem less important than fighting monsters on the front lines, but it wasn’t.


Because Lim Sehwan often saw the hunter whose life was saved thanks to her. 


Lim Sehwan thought about crafting a spill-proof cup for the hardworking Hunter Lee Junghyo, who works without having time to take a proper sip of water.


Magic engineering is meant to enrich the lives of various hunters. As he began to think that way, Lim Sehwan started to reevaluate weapons from the consumer’s perspective, and he gradually felt his skills improving. 


That doesn’t mean that he, like Hwang Misoon, ended up creating an S-Class weapon. 


He ended up making items needed by people who couldn’t or didn’t need to buy S-Class weapons. Because there are not only people in this world who need S-class weapons. 


As Lim Sehwan satisfied various hunters with various items, he realized little by little. He is the type of person who becomes happy when he sees other people being happy. 


That was when Lim Sehwan was happily watching the little kid drink milk. 


“But is my mom still busy? When can she come down?” The little kid asked. 




“Who is your mother?”


“Kang Miyeon. She’s the manager here.” 




So this kid is Hyeyu!


It was then that Lim Sehwan noticed a girl exuding a strong middle schooler vibe, seemingly immersed in the charms of adolescence, approaching the table where Hyeyu was sitting. 


“Hey. Mom told you not to talk to strangers. He might be a bad uncle.” 


“…?” Lim Sehwan hurriedly spoke to Hyejin. “N, no. I’m a good Uncle.” 


“How do we know that?” Hyejin asked clearly. 


Lim Sehwan was speechless and ended up muttering this. “…You’re right?” 




Lim Sehwan, whose face was red, quickly went up to the lounge, saying he would bring them another glass of milk. He went up to the lounge and was trying to catch his breath when an unbelievable sight unfolded before his eyes.


At that moment, Kang Miyeon, who had returned to the hotel and was cleaning the kitchen, was lifting the refrigerator with one hand and running a vacuum cleaner underneath it.




As soon as Kang Miyeon’s eyes met with Lim Sehwan—boom! She put down the refrigerator loudly and looked at Lim Sehwan with a puzzled face. 






“Oh, that’s… What happened is…”


Kang Miyeon stuttered with her embarrassed face, but then she sighed and said,. “…I… actually…  I think I’ve awakened…  I found out a few days ago…” 


* * * 


“So you’re saying Master already knew?” 


In a gathering that could be called a strategy meeting—or something like that—for such matters, spirits and employees gathered around, and I asked Lim Sehwan. 


Lim Sehwan answered with a sigh. 


“T, that… The manager told me never to say anything.”


“Yes, that’s right. I asked him not to mention it. It seems like it would complicate things for the boss, just with your father’s problem alone.”


I had nothing to say about the manager’s excuse.


Because there were a lot of prickly situations.


Over the past ten days, I have received a lot of help from the staff for my Dad’s issue. 


While I claim to provide additional bonuses and manage tasks at both Yeongchun Hotel and Grey Hotel, I can imagine the employees must have been really overwhelmed. 


“You must have been busy because of me, and I’m really sorry about that. I will repay not only the spirits but also the employees properly.”


“No, well…I was fine.”


“I was fine too!”


“Me too!” 


Although everyone says it’s okay, next vacation, I should treat them.


Oh, but wait a minute.


So, the manager has awakened to D-Class and has been able to handle raising children, working at the Grey Hotel, and working at the Yeongchun Hotel at the same time without depleting her stamina. 


“But now that you are an awakened person, I think you will need to get tested by the Hunter Association. If you are a D-Class awakening, the guild may contact you to scout you.” 


Lim Sehwan pointed out what I was also thinking. 


Our manager…she is a D-Class awakened person with S-class solicitation skills now. 


For reference, the S-class solicitation skill that the manager explained was truly mysterious.


The existence of the hotel is exposed for about 1 minute to 100 potential customers with 100% intention to stay at the hotel. After hearing that, I asked her just in case, and she said that she had used that skill at the Grey Hotel as well. 


So, within a short period, Grey Hotel became a bustling place, with customers flooding in. With such incredible skills, more people will likely try to scout our manager. I calmly started making plans to increase our manager’s salary. However, the manager didn’t seem very disturbed by the term “guild scout.”


“Ey. What do you mean by scouting? Do you know how funny my class is?” 




When I asked, the manager smiled and answered.


“I’m a hotelier. I can’t believe the hotelier class. Does this make sense? Ahaha! Seriously! It’s so funny, right? Wait, does that mean our boss is in the hotel owner class? What kind of classes are there anyway? Even comedy doesn’t have this kind of comedy. Which guild would recruit a hotelier class hunter? I should bury myself at the Yeongchun Hotel for the rest of my life. Hahaha… It’s too funny… really…” 


In front of the manager, who was laughing, I stayed quiet and didn’t give any answer. 


Knowing my class from Aunt Misoon, Lim Sehwan quietly whispered to the manager.


“Please be quiet, please.”




The manager stopped laughing and looked at me.


No. Please don’t say it, please.


“…Don’t tell me… Boss class… really the hotel owner…? Really…?” 


Damn it. 


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  1. It’d be cool to see Lim Sehwan create more quality-of-life equipment like the Lee Junghyo’s cup.