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  1. Fallen Human King


It was… forced to end.


It happened without me even having to do anything about it. 


I stared at the status window, which only showed a notification that no matter how many times I brought up the reservation window, it was forced to close. 


In times like this, why isn’t it helpful?


At times, I became irritated because I felt like the status window, which seemed to be infinitely friendly to me, had betrayed me at an important moment. 


So you’re doing whatever you want.


Helping me and betraying me.


I hated myself for looking forward to the status window, even if only for a moment. I also unconsciously had such thoughts.


Maybe the status window…a gift from God to help me find my dad. 


But now I see that the status window is just a status window.


Just as the ‘catastrophe’ that created gates and dungeons all over the world, bringing in monsters, and the emergence of super-powered people called hunters, occurred without reason, my awakening and the existence of the status window were also simply without reason.


There is no reason, so there is no logic or emotion.


‘I was the fool for expecting this.’


That was how I got out of the emotion.


Being more frustrated than this will not help resolve the situation.


If the reservation window continues to be closed, the way to hear news from Dad in the future will be blocked forever.


Because the communication channel with this world is completely disappearing.


Let me think… Thinking… 


Ah. Wait. 


Didn’t it just say ‘Fallen Human King’?


Up until now, creatures labeled as ‘Fallen ○○ King’ were entities from another world corrupted by the devil.


And Isaac Kumari said he heard a rumor that his guest was corrupted by the devil.


However, the fallen being suddenly contacted me only today.


Certainly, it might be a coincidence, but what if there’s a reason for reaching out to me specifically today?


For example, they suddenly came to Earth today…


‘That may mean that another dungeon has been created on Earth by the Mara Cult.’


I urgently called Aunt Heeyoung. It was only after the ringtone rang for quite a long time that Aunt answered the phone.




– Oh, Junghyo-ya. 


Aunt’s voice had calmed down. 


I got straight to the main point.


“Is there a new dungeon…”


– So you saw the news too. I’m watching too. The World Hunter Federation is sending someone, right?




I put the phone on speakerphone and entered the portal app.


A new tab has been created in the news section.


(Breaking News) EX-Class dungeon created in the UK


EX-Class dungeon?


As soon as a dungeon is created, if it is EX-Class, an entire country will be destroyed. 


Of course, if the scale is small, in the UK, which possesses a large number of S-Class hunters, it would be possible to handle it internally.


But it must be significant enough for the World Hunter Federation to send someone, right?


Then it will be a blow to the whole of Europe.


Sure enough, under the tab, numerous news stories appeared showing that not only European but also Asian countries were worried about the repercussions of EX-Class dungeons. 


Clicking on anything in the article list, the information revealed that when the dungeon was first created, it was initially S-Class but swiftly changed to EX-Class.


It was a sentence that sent a chill down my spine.


“Could it be that this was also done by the Mara Cult?” 


– I’m also looking into it. Considering that he proceeded without even telling me, it must have been Georg Schulze’s arbitrary decision. Because trust in myself is falling these days.


Aunt’s voice became lower.


Is the Aunt… possibly being watched?


I realized I couldn’t talk for long.


“I have to go into that dungeon.”


– In an EX-Class dungeon? Why are you?


“The boss monster in that dungeon has information about my Dad’s whereabouts. No, perhaps… Dad might be there in that dungeon as well. There is a presence called the Fallen Human King, and it might be the boss monster of an EX-Class dungeon.”


– …!


There was a moment of silence.


Aunt hesitated and said. 


– I can’t move from here now.


“It’s okay. Because I have the hotel master key.”


This is something I am prepared to do.


This time, no quests appeared, but well… somehow, I managed to go through even EX-Class dungeons and S-Class dungeons with just a B-Class body.  


I will never be reckless. If I’m in danger, I’ll come right back to the hotel.


– But I can’t let you go alone.




– 30 minutes…No, just wait one hour. Because I will find a way to help you.


Aunt hung up the phone with those words.


* * *


As soon as the phone hung up, I called Lim Sehwan.


“He, who was taking a break while working in the workshop, received the phone call right away. It was fortunate 


“Can I use the camera that was used last time in the coastal dungeon now?”


– Yes? Now? Would you like to record a DunTube video in the dungeon now?


“Yes. That’s what I plan to do.” 


I hesitated and then opened my mouth.


“The EX-Class dungeon that was on the news right now, I’m going to go there.”


– Y, yes?


“Please don’t tell Aunt Misoon or the manager.” 


– …!


Lim Sehwan’s breathing began to tremble.


“I will forgive you for acting as a spy until now.” 


– …!


Through the receiver, Lim Sehwan’s breathing trembles even more wildly. 


Whether it’s the manager or a baby Jungho fan member, no one should be involved in this matter. 


I don’t intend to confront and fight with the Fallen Human King.


I’m trying to save my dad from being captured by that guy.


So, I had to engage in a conversation with the Fallen Human King before the boss monster dies and the dungeon is cleared.


In this situation, if I enter the dungeon with other hunters, it might end up rather provoking the Fallen Human King.


Lim Sehwan, who took a moment to catch his breath, spoke with difficulty. 


– You have to go in, right?


“Yes. The person… I have been desperately waiting for is there.”


As soon as I finished speaking, a rustling sound came through the receiver.


– Then we need someone to guard the hotel. I’ll go there.


Fortunately, Lim Sehwan seemed to understand what I meant.


“I can’t wait. I leave in an hour.” 


With those words, I hung up the phone and started preparing my equipment.


Since most items were in the goblin’s pouch, I checked its contents once again and started brewing coffee to collect several random potions.


In the process, Geumdong and Toto woke up and looked at me with concern.


“Are you really going in?”


“Boossss…. It seems too dangerous…” 


Geumdong even cried. 


I spoke words to Toto and Geumdong that I had never uttered before.


“I don’t know, but if Dad can come back… perhaps Merlin Grey might also be able to come back. While I go, I’ll send spirits ahead, so even if I don’t come back, tell Alex Grey about the fact that her father may be alive.”





I saved these words because I thought it might be torture to hope, but if I disappear, the clues about Merlin Grey will also be buried. 


“Even if I disappear, if Merlin Grey comes back, this hotel will flourish again. Don’t worry too much, Toto, Geumdong. I’m sorry for not taking better care of you. I even gave you old-fashioned names.”


“I…I love my name! The boss is the first person to give me a name!” 


Surprisingly, this statement was spoken by Toto, whose eyes were swollen below.


And the one who came to me and hugged me was Toto.


I must be crazy. 


Why… Why am I crying too … 


While I was gently stroking Toto’s head with slightly teary eyes, Geumdong sat down at a distance and cried. Politely gather his legs all the way 


As I was looking at that, I felt like the little tears that had formed went back into my eyes.


 “I’m not going to die or anything like that, okay? If it seems like I might die, I’ll come back immediately. It’s not an impossible task.”


Without having time to comfort them, I muttered as I checked the latest camera, various potions, and the goblin pouch that Lim Sehwan had told me about. 


“I wish I had been a stronger hunter…” 


Even this sounds like a lot compared to when I was an F-Class hunter. 


Finally, I opened the first-floor door in preparation for Lim Sehwan, who is riding a taxi (!) and on the way, to arrive at the hotel. It was raining heavily outside and it was very chilly even though it was the beginning of summer.


Looking at the gloomy sky made me feel a little uncomfortable, but I decided to put my sentimental thoughts aside.


Let’s think calmly and logically, like when assembling after reading the manual.


After looking through a few news articles, it was mentioned that an EX-class dungeon with a Fallen Human King is continuously expanding in scale. 


Due to the powerful magic sensed within the dungeon, the World Hunter Federation has requested assistance from the retired Jan Schultz, and until the entry of the Holy Knights led by Jan Schultz, they will continue with exploration only 


However, it was also written that the search would be completed and entered at midnight British time at the earliest, or tomorrow morning at the latest. 


That means there are about 12 to 24 hours left until other hunters enter.


I looked at the clock.


The promised one hour to Aunt is now almost passing 


There is no time to delay.


Aunt. I’m going in. Don’t worry too much. 


I left a short message and went upstairs. It was the moment when the elevator doors closed, and I selected the lounge floor. 


An alarm rang indicating that a guest had arrived at the Dungeon Hotel.




The moment the door opened, I was greeted by the most unexpected character I could ever meet. A man wearing short sleeves and jeans was standing in front of the revolving door.


The man, dressed as if he were going to the supermarket in front of my house, was holding a long sword that was as big as my body and was breathing heavily.




While thunderstorms tear the sky outside my window—


The man was staring at me with an angry expression.


The moment I finally opened my mouth and said his name—


“Han Woohyun.” 


He strode towards me.


As if being hit by the rainstorm wind, the scent of rain emanated from his hair, while the sword he held wafted the scent of the monster’s blood, and Han Woohyun hugged me tightly. 


“I… I’m not going to wait any longer.” 


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