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  1. [Arrived at ‘London’s entertainment district.’]


After listening to Han Woohyun’s explanation of the boss and the inside of the dungeon, I stood in front of the revolving door, holding his hand.


“If it’s dangerous, we come back right away. Got it?” Han Woohyun spoke, as if offering me advice.


I think that’s what I said earlier?


I nodded. 


Without hesitation, I inserted the master key into the revolving door. 


Where we need to go— 


“To the place where the corrupted human king is.”


After I finished speaking, the revolving door opened, and we walked into darkness.




And where we arrived was the museum. 


* * *


We arrived at ‘Prince Albert’s Bedroom’.


Seeing a window opening before my eyes, I almost lost my focus for a moment.”


Aunt said that this dungeon would be divided into areas of various difficulty levels, and it seemed like this was the area where the boss existed. 


‘But this is… a dungeon?’


Even during the Goblin Dungeon, it felt closer to the world of goblins rather than simply being a dungeon.


However, at that time, thanks to being greeted by monsters that seemed like they would appear in the homeland of legends, I was able to experience the sensation of being in a dungeon as well.


However, this place does not even fall into the category of a dungeon.


Gorgeous carpets and wallpaper, pictures in colorful frames hung everywhere.


Even the long sword that decorated the wall. 


The reason I first thought this was a museum was because I could feel the traces of time in everything.


It feels like an exhibition hall in a castle where someone’s life traces are displayed. 


I recalled the story Han Woohyun shared. 


I heard from Aunt that corrupted beings from another world drag their world into them when a dungeon is created. 


So, like the Goblin Forest or the Demon Castle, somewhat peculiar worlds are generated into dungeons.


‘No matter how comfortable it may seem, you must not forget that this place is a dungeon.’ 


I composed myself and unconsciously placed my hand on the sword hanging on the wall. 


At that moment, the ‘Hotelier’s Eyes’ skill was activated.


King Arthur’s Sword (EX)


—A sword imbued with legendary power.


—When the Queen’s Knight uses this sword, the stats temporarily increase by 10%.


Stats increase by 10%. 


It’s an exceptional item that reminds me of the effects of the potion I gave to Uncle Minhyuk before.


In addition, there were various additional effects. 


Of course, most of those effects were accompanied by the condition ‘when wielded by one under the protection of the royal family.’ 


It was then that a rustling sound was heard from behind.


Startled by the unexpected noise in what appeared to be an empty room, I instinctively tightened my grip on the sword I held, feeling an unusual heat in my palms.




It was the moment I took my hands off in a fit of anger.


A window appeared in front of my eyes.


The ‘Corrupted Human King (EX)’ has appeared in the back!


All of a sudden?


Han Woohyun pulled me towards him before I could do anything.


At that moment—




A thunderous explosion rang out, creating a massive hole right where I had been standing. It resembled the aftermath of a wall being blasted apart by a shotgun or some powerful force. 


In the place where the smoke passed, an EX-class item that had fallen and was pinned directly to the carpet was shining. 


I turned my head and saw the corrupted human king.


A corrupted human king.


Draped in a magnificent gown and wielding a long-barreled gun, ‘it’ pointed the weapon in my direction. The corrupted human king, appearing to be in its late 30s or 40s, donned an ornate crown and gazed at me with an expressionless face.


The pearl necklace, earrings, and fancy dress that ‘it’ was wearing seemed to have come right out of a picture or photograph in a history book.


Han Woohyun was right.


I recognized the corrupted human king immediately.


‘The king of the British Empire, where the sun never sets.’


With red lips parting, the king of the land where the sun never sets spoke.


– Anyone who dares touch the possessions of the royal family, does not value their own life?


The existence from another world that Aunt encountered is none other than the corrupted human king of an EX-Class dungeon, the king who led what was known as the ‘Victorian Era’ in England, a time when the country was following a strong expansionist route 


It was Victoria.


She glared at me with contempt in her eyes.


– It is not something that slaves from the colonies should touch.




I am from Korea.


– Dirty things.


It was just a moment of being shocked by the sudden occurrence of strong racist remarks.


Before I could say anything to Victoria, Han Woohyun saw Victoria raise her gun again and attacked her.


In response to Han Woohyun’s quick attack, the king began to back away without even having time to aim the loaded shotgun. 


It was a movement that showed no fear or hesitation, even against EX-Class monsters. 


The king had no choice but to counter Han Woohyun’s sword with the shotgun she was holding, but it was visible that the king was thrown back every time. 


It was an incredible power. 


Did the stamina potion he consumed before entering the dungeon work well? 


Han Woohyun cut off the gun with his sword. 






The king’s face distorted strongly.


I quickly approached the disarmed king.


If Queen Victoria was also a being with her own ego like the goblin, she would be able to communicate to some extent even if she was corrupted. 


Goblins were like that too.


But even Queen Victoria is a human king, not a goblin or anything. Then she was more likely to be able to communicate with humans.


Aunt said that the corrupted human king was definitely a being with a certain amount of rationality.


Although it is highly likely that what Aunt remembers is what she looked like before she was corrupted.


– We are not slaves, but humans like you. I am looking for my father. He’s one of the slaves you lead. The name is Lee…


At that moment, the king’s face turned pale.


– What on earth are the king’s knights doing! Rush out immediately and capture these guys here. Dirty people are messing up Duke Albert’s bedroom!”


Ah. Wait… 


I think there is something wrong. 


I don’t think it was ever the same ‘human being’ to the Queen of England during this period.


I made the decision to kill instead of choosing to have a conversation with the boss.


“Just kill it.”


As soon as I answered, Han Woohyun aimed his sword at the EX-class monster, the corrupted human king.


Maybe it’s because the monster’s name is Human King, but it’s easy to subdue.


It was when I thought so.


The ‘Corrupted Knight (S)’ has appeared in the back!


The ‘Corrupted Knight (S)’ has appeared in the back!


The ‘Corrupted Knight (S)’ has appeared in the back!


…There are three S-class monsters?


And when I turned around, something flew next to me.


It was a long, thin sword.


In an instant, the knight wearing iron armor approached and thrust that black sword, grazing Han Woohyun’s shoulder


A groan came out of Han Woohyun’s mouth.


– Catch these guys! Catch them now! 


I grabbed the neck of Queen Victoria, who was screaming loudly 


Her pearl necklace snapped and fell into my hand. 


– What did you do with the human slaves you captured? What did you do!


As I was shouting to the queen, Han Woohyun grabbed my hand. 


Dodging the attack of the S-Class monster with tremendous force, Han Woohyun pulled me and ran towards the passage.


You’ve arrived at the ‘Windsor Castle Drawing Room’.


Arrived at ‘Windsor Castle Garden’.


The names of districts flashed before my eyes.


Han Woohyun, who had defeated the S-class monster even though his shoulder was bleeding, picked me up and started running, probably because he thought he couldn’t do it anymore. 


“Where are we going? Should we go to an underground prison or something?” Han Woohyun asked. 


But I wasn’t sure.


Could my dad be somewhere connected to this area?


Given Queen Victoria’s earlier behavior, it didn’t seem like she was bringing slaves into her personal space. However, no matter how much I observed, the majority of this castle appeared to be living space.


Then there is a high probability that the slave is in another space. 


I looked away from Queen Victoria, who was glaring at us through the castle window, and looked out at the stream outside the garden.


Originally, Windsor Castle, where Queen Victoria spent her final years, was located in a place with fresh air and tranquility, but for some reason, this Windsor Castle was surrounded by bitter smog.


This place wasn’t the real England; rather, it was the England of an era when a corrupt human king yearned for the peak of expansionism. This meant that, although it resembled reality, it was never the reality we knew.


Considering the acrid air, it was highly probable that the area right in front was London— a city that served as a leader in industrialization, with its population increasing more than six times in a century.


We can get our thoughts organized once we get to the city, at least for a little while.


“Let’s get out of here,” I suggested.


Han Woohyun nodded and stole a carriage that was parked in the garden. 


A ‘Corrupted Nobleman (B)’ has appeared in front of you. 


Han Woohyun, who had cut off the nobleman’s head in an instant, put me on the carriage and started driving the horse himself.




With the sound of a horse’s neighing, the carriage ran outside through the wide-open castle gate.


As the carriage began to disappear in the haze of smoke, neither the S-Class knight nor Queen Victoria, who had been following us, could be seen anymore.


* * *


How long did it run? 


You’ve arrived at ‘London’s entertainment district’.


With an intense smell, whether it’s the smell of smoke or the smell of the sewer, gentlemen with top hats and canes and ladies with gorgeous bonnets were seen walking down the street. 


A ‘Corrupted Lady (C)’ has appeared in front of you. 


Of course, they are all monsters.


I was able to infer the reason why everyone was labeled as ‘corrupt’ from the prior information I heard from Aunt. 


Monsters from Queen Victoria’s world all have brought history as it is and possess self-consciousness


It is a different world from the villagers we met in the goblin’s forest, who, although they seemed self-conscious, were ultimately nothing more than an illusion created by the goblin for a bet.


I lowered the carriage curtain deeply while observing the bloodstains spreading from Han Woohyun’s shoulder. 


If we make a fuss here, we could be chased by the Queen’s guards.


You’ve arrived in ‘London’s slums’.


And soon, the area changed.


From there, the monsters disappeared.


The poor people wandering around on the streets and the young children wearing shabby clothes didn’t seem like monsters.


“…I don’t think there are any monsters.”


I was wary of my surroundings and whispered to Han Woohyun. But there was no answer back. 


Instead, Han Woohyun’s body, which was sitting in the coach seat, could be seen leaning little by little.






At that moment, Han Woohyun’s body fell, just as it is.


(t/n : I will change ‘fallen’ to corrupt instead.)


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