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142: Did You Really Forget Me?


In my plan, Aunt and Lim Sehwan were skeptical. Lim Sehwan’s logic was clear. 


“Are you suggesting we stay here for another four months?! Not even able to take a proper shower?!”


It was irrefutable logic.


I also didn’t find the feeling of washing in a glazed bathtub with moderately(?) clean water very pleasant. 


‘But I guess I’ll have to endure it if necessary.’


Aunt took the position that she couldn’t leave Dad in that dangerous place any longer.


“As you said, let’s say Lee Semyung is suffering from an abnormal condition and can’t even recognize his daughter. But even that is not certain.” 


Even though I never spoke to Dad properly, I knew for sure.


Those black eyes.


No matter how I looked at it, he was not the father I originally knew.


If asked to explain logically… I can’t explain it, though. 


“Isn’t it more dangerous to leave him in that state for another four months? It’s weirder to hope that Lee Semyung is okay in the castle where that crazy queen, who, as you say, changed the history of England here and there and regressed when things didn’t work out!”


“Dad has been alive and well in the castle until now. I’m sure he can last another four months or so.” 


For some reason, the queen seemed to think it was better to keep Dad by her side. 


Otherwise, she would have had no reason to regress and ‘tame’ Dad.


“Then how about the entry of the Hunter Federation? There should be enough time for the Hunter Federation to enter in four months of this world’s time. What if the Federation enters, and the queen goes on a rampage and kills Lee Semyung? Or what if, as you say, the insane Lee Semyung fights with the Federation and meets a gruesome end?”


This time, before I could say anything, Han Woohyun spoke instead. 


“This dungeon has a kind of time trap. Unless the Hunter Federation is foolish, they would have done that level of exploration in advance. If there’s a time trap, it will take more time to prepare, so it would be difficult to enter within 12 hours. Even if they hurry, it would take at least 24 hours to enter.”


Surprisingly, Han Woohyun agreed with my plan to participate in the revolution and rescue Dad as soon as he heard it. 


I didn’t even need time to persuade.


Aunt said with an uncomfortable look on her face. “Are you talking about a 2-on-2 situation…? Even if you’re in some kind of relationship, take sides and support us. Do you think this makes sense? The queen is so powerful; what’s the likelihood of the revolution succeeding?”


“Isn’t it in some kind of relationship… Keugh!” 


At that time, Lim Sehwan was caught and thrown away by me while I was intervening.


Shut up, Lim Sehwan!


I can’t expose Woohyun to the baby Junghyo fan members just yet.


“There is a 100% chance of success.”


“What do you mean?”


“We know the history. This has been historically proven.”


Although the Chartist movement failed, the election law was eventually revised in the late 19th century.


This world, ruled by the corrupt Queen Victoria, is nothing but strange.


So it meant that millions of workers were on our side. Not only that…


“There are weapons that work best against corrupted knights, nobles, and queens.” 


I took out a glass bottle of holy water from my pocket and placed it on the office desk.


This holy water is said to have real divine power. Holy power has particularly high attack power against things with magical power. 


“Please increase the ratio of holy water entering the magic gun.”


“Anyway, that’s an S-class knight…” 


“And we change our D-Day to the day after all guns are distributed.”




Aunt thought for a moment and then opened her eyes wide.


“No way, you…!” 


That’s right. 


My plan is to make them self-destruct over there.


“The device that triggers an explosion the moment the gun is fired is like a piece of cake for Aunt, right? Because you’re an S-Class production craftsman.”


Aunt’s face was colored with astonishment.


I heard it later, but the evil smile on my face at that time resembled the face of the professor who told me to build a robot during the semester when I was in engineering school.


But well… in the end, she said she would do it


* * *


After that, once Aunt’s overnight journey was confirmed.


I shared my plan with Smith and the priest. 


They said they would go through internal discussions and later gave me an answer.


– ‘That person.’ person also likes it. I will set the changed D-day as the day to enter Windsor Castle to receive the final payment. It will be ten days after the deadline. 


Smith laughed while playfully touching the gun barrels on the factory line 


If it’s ‘that person’… 


– ‘That person’ was quite satisfied after checking the performance of the gun. He apologized for the rudeness he committed last time. Were you very surprised? 


…It’s about Dad. 


Instead of answering, I stayed silent.


Am I very surprised? 


Yeah. I was surprised. He looked like he was going to kill me without hesitation. 


If I hadn’t changed my face, would Dad have recognized me?


Could he have come with me?


Things were getting complicated in my head.


‘Let’s be simple. Focus on the fact that Dad is alive.’ 


Person was truly cunning. Until recently, I was filled with hope just knowing that Dad was alive.


– If I have a chance to meet him next time, I would like to hear an apology in person.


 Smith said with a troubled look on my face.


– ‘He’ is extremely reluctant to have his identity revealed. He rarely steps out of Windsor Castle. 


It’s not that it won’t come out, but that it can’t come out.


The Queen must be wary of Dad’s self-consciousness leading to an escape. 


– However, truly… He expressed deep regret. He mentioned being bothered by Mrs. Christie’s gaze. It’s true.


Smith tactfully added, preventing any chance of meeting ‘that person.’


…Is it really true?


I couldn’t figure it out. 


After Smith left, I made eye contact with Han Woohyun, who had been buying a bunch of bread. 


Since starting the factory work, it was Han Woohyun’s routine to buy a lot of bread so that the family members could eat together. 


“…Everyone seems to be hungry. ”


He seemed to be in a state where he might receive nagging about wasting money. 


“I’m hungry, it’s really hard to hold.”


Han Woohyun added.


Only then did I realize how the stories of hungry children and laborers struggling to make ends meet could resonate with someone like Han Woohyun. 


He said that his uncle sometimes starved him. 


Instead of nagging, I took out a piece of bread from his bag and took a bite. 


“Have you often heard people say you have a weak heart?”


Even so, it’s just a world inside a dungeon.


Han Woohyun chuckled at my words.


“I don’t think that’s something you should say.”




Han Woohyun gestured toward the clean interior of the factory.


“This is a skill.” 


Oh. I got caught. 


I used my ‘Housekeeping’ skills at the factory while the factory family was out.


Cleaning the factory daily was a small gesture to help the factory workers who were affected by the terminal illness.


Military Factory


Hygiene: Very Good


Effect: Workers’ recovery speed increases by 150%.


Thanks to this, the factory’s hygiene is maintained at ‘very good’ level. But this is—


“It’s just about maintaining the health of our resources.”


“So do I. Then.”


Han Woohyun took a bite of bread and smiled. As I looked at that smile, I clenched my fists without realizing it.


“I wanted to tell you from last time, but don’t smile like that.”




“…I don’t like it.”


“What do you mean…?”


Han Woohyun’s face, which was puzzled, heated up the moment he looked at my eyes.


The situation was the same for me.


At that time, someone outside the door called Han Woohyun.


– Is it our bread? Oh, that looks delicious. thank you. 


– That… ah.. .yes…


Han Woohyun went out with broken steps. 


* * *


He looked into the mirror after shaving, dressing up, and even putting on a wig.


Above all, black eyes that look like they’re going to suck you in.


It was an unusual eye color here.


Even though it might sound amusing, this world still distinguishes humans based on factors such as eye color or skin tone.


But these days, every morning, when he looks at his own black eyes in the mirror, he thinks of someone else’s eyes.


Light brown eyes.


For some reason, those ordinary eyes left an impression on his heart in this place.


The frightened woman’s name was mentioned to be Agatha Christie.


Even the names of the engineers who came with Agatha Christie were Wilbur Wright and Alan Turing.


It seemed like a horrific sense of naming borrowed from a biography of a great man. 


‘Is this also the Queen’s plan?’


He suspected it, but it didn’t seem to be the case.


This was because the magic gun made by Alan Turing, which was delivered to Windsor Castle yesterday, was flowing with quite powerful divine power. 


It was even explained that if the gun’s circuitry was manipulated to respond to the user’s magic, it would explode when the trigger was pulled. 


He feels like he has heard this method of explanation many times before. 


Not the feeling of an engineer who had just entered the industrial revolution, but the feeling of a master engineer. 


So the conclusion he came to was simple.


‘Those humans are hunters.’




How long ago was it when he heard that title? 


Hunter, Awakening, Dungeon, Monster.


These words seem to be vivid now.


It’s not just a vivid feeling.


Thinking about those words made his head feel cloudy and even gave him a headache. 


It feels like his brain is overloaded trying to remember something from a long time ago. 


He glanced at his reflection in the mirror. 


Whether they’re hunters or not doesn’t matter.


If they’re not useful here, killing them should be enough.


The important thing is to kill the queen.


With that thought in mind, he opened the door. As soon as he did, a maid hurriedly approached him.


– You’re a bit late today. Her Majesty insisted that she wouldn’t do anything without the servant, causing quite a commotion…


– Okay. 


He answered and quickly entered Albert’s bedroom.


Then he saw the queen sitting like a picture and staring at him. 


– I considered you precious and placed you by my side. How dare you be lazy?


He immediately knelt at the feet of such a queen.


– What angered you?


The queen said, grabbing his chin.


– Why can’t you catch the things that took my pearl necklace? They must be escaped slaves like you. 


He heard that the queen was once a righteous force in abolishing the slave system.


But by the influence of the Demon King, she became a corrupt queen tainted by imperialistic desires. 


He, who had been watching it for hundreds of years, spoke in a calm voice.


– …It was about 30 years ago that I attempted to escape.


To be exact, it was in his previous life and the life before that… Ah.


He felt bored, feeling a wave of boredom creeping in.


He just wants to take a few hits, endure insults, and end this situation.


Millions of troops will rise up across Britain this afternoon anyway.


At the same time, rebel forces will invade Windsor Castle.


Whether it would succeed or not was uncertain. If it failed, he was considering using ‘that method’ this time.




Even after repeating his countless lives, he was unable to use that method.


Even though he knew that suicide might be the way to prevent regression. No, he couldn’t use it because he knew.


In a blurry memory…Because of someone. 




The moment he recalled that memory, he felt as if the fog in his mind had cleared. But it was only a moment.




The Queen and his head turned at the same time as a loud explosion was heard from Windsor Castle.


– …What is this?


– I will find out.


The queen walked to the window with a nervous look on her face.


He took advantage of that opportunity and came out of the queen’s room. He started walking and then slowly started running.


The operation has begun.


At the end of the corridor, a guard aiming with a gun was spotted. That was the moment he got his gun on the trigger.




The gun went off and an explosion was heard.


It looked like an A-Class monster was dealt with in an instant. 


The remnants of the guard scattered against the wall as someone’s boot stepped into the corridors of Windsor Castle.


The bomb-hair woman removed her goggles and wiped the splattered blood off her walker. 


Her face just looked slightly tired and without any emotion.


It was absurd.


This was the third floor.


And then the woman came down from upstairs.


There was no such thing as a woman climbing down the wall during the operation.


“F*ck… It’s so dirty, I’m dying. Have you really forgotten me? Lee Semyung.” 


At the moment he heard those words, the fog that had clouded Lee Semyung’s mind vanished in an instant.


Lee Semyung. 


It was indeed a name he had not heard in a long time.


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