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  1. He’s Not an Unknown Individual


Boom! Boom! Boom!


A scene from the brutal festival where the Queen’s knights are bursting out in front of his eyes. 


And the sight of people flooding into Windsor Castle. 


– Wow! It’s a revolution! It’s a revolution!


Within just a few months, an overwhelming number of guns ended up in the hands of the public, making it difficult to believe that they were created in such a short period. 


Following Hwang Misoon down the stairs, Smith, whom he met at the stairwell, spoke to him. 


– Most of the knights of the royal family have been neutralized. The revolution will succeed. Let’s meet again in a world without a king.


The moment Smith turned around urgently, a window appeared in front of him.


With the success of the revolution, the title of darkness ‘Cold-Minded Revolutionary’ will be unlocked.


Title of darkness? 


Even though he couldn’t understand what was being said, the moment the familiar window appeared, the fog that had dominated my mind completely dissipated. 


“Why are you here?”


Lee Semyung said as he chased after Hwang Misoon, who was running without even a glance at the sight of the knights exploding. Hwang Misoon suddenly stopped and shouted as she fired at the knights. 


“Why, you ask? It’s because of you! No, more precisely, it’s because of Junghyo. That damn girl! Since when did she become so cunning? I’m sure she said she never wanted to do anything like hunting.” 




Lee Semyung stood firmly in place.


Hwang Misoon responded by hitting the target that was running behind Lee Semyung.


“Yes, Junghyo. Did you really forget your daughter’s name?”


It was then that someone shouted from behind Hwang Misoon and Lee Semyung.


– The queen is here! Queen!


However, at the same time, the person who said those words was pierced through the body by the spear of the knight protecting the queen and fell from the castle.


Numerous revolutionaries began rushing towards the queen, but the queen’s knights were overwhelmingly strong. The queen, with determination in her eyes, shouted out.


– We must protect the glory of the British Empire! Immediately capture those vulgar things! We cannot let such things crawl unchecked! The downfall of the empire is all because of them!


The Queen has been trying to rebuild the British Empire for thousands of years.


However, trapped in archaic perceptions and a conservative class-based mindset, the empire has repeatedly faced destruction. 


This was the madness of someone who had witnessed the destruction of the country she ruled countless times.


Each time he laid the ladder and ascended, he continued to gaze at the people who kept falling.


When he saw the window that appeared before his eyes, the revolution had already succeeded.


Millions of people rose up, and the queen’s power was weakened.


In such a situation, further governance is impossible.


Then the queen has only one choice.


He knew her choice.




“Where is Junghyo? Don’t tell me, is she here?” 


He urged Hwang Misoon.


“Of course, she’s here. She’ll be in the rear…” 


He ran before he could hear the rest.


He was the first to arrive at Albert’s bedroom, clearing away the people climbing up the ladder.


– Where on earth did you go…! 


He pointed the gun he received from Hwang Misoon at the Queen. 






He shot without hesitation.


A bullet grazed the queen’s left shoulder. The queen’s eyes began to fill with anger.


– How dare you…!


It didn’t matter.


He wasn’t expecting the gun to hit in the first place. He was trying to buy time.


He flew out and grabbed ‘King Arthur’s sword’ hanging on the bedroom wall.


The only sword that can stab the queen.


The sword, which was burning hot the moment he held the handle, accepted him obediently this time.


It was natural.


‘Royal protection’ was a condition for use, but now that the revolution has succeeded, there is no longer a ‘royal’ presence in England.


He aimed the sword at the queen.


– The British Empire is gone. There is no longer… king for humans. 


His sword pierced the queen’s heart at once.


* * *


Korean broadcasting stations were waiting with correspondents’ reports scheduled for 1 PM in the afternoon.


This was because an EX-class dungeon that occurred in England, in the center of a city, was attracting attention from all over the world. 


The British government and the Hunter Management Department in the UK announced that it was the largest dungeon ever, and because the powerful waves of magic were felt, the Hunter Management Department officially provided assistance to Jan Schultz, an S-Class paladin who was the retired head of the Hunter Federation. It was a situation where a request was made.


After his retirement, Jan Schultz, who had been absent-mindedly, realized the seriousness of the situation and arrived in England with the world’s best corps of Holy Knights. 


However, within an hour, it was revealed that there was a time trap inside the EX-class dungeon that made clearing it almost impossible, causing British citizens to become anxious.


Twenty years after the great catastrophe.


Dungeons were no longer perceived as a disaster but as a treasure trove of resources, but this only applied to dungeons that could be controlled to some degree.


For immeasurable dungeons, especially those of EX-Class, clearing them required the willingness to sacrifice resources equivalent to those of an entire country or even the loss of an S-Class hunter. Furthermore, if monsters began to rampage out of the dungeon entrance before clearing, one had to be prepared for a national disaster. 


Similar to the situation in South Korea 15 years ago.


Seated in the office of a public broadcasting station in South Korea, the head of the news department was well aware that the breaking news currently being broadcast worldwide would evoke memories of the situation from 15 years ago for the people of South Korea.


EX-Class dungeon break that terrified the people of Korea.


What is happening in the UK now will give the people of South Korea the fear that the disaster from 15 years ago could return at any time.


This time, even world-class ranker Lee Semyung doesn’t exist. 


If a global ranker emerges, what difference does it make? If they can’t manage properly and end up fleeing to the United States like Moon Heeyoung, it’s better that they don’t appear at all. Look at how the media incessantly criticizes Han Woohyun. Hunter treatment in this country is like crap. 


The feeling of seeing a comment section that would likely turn into a mess was already apparent.


Due to such anxiety, the internet was already ablaze with heated debates about whether Han Woohyun and others could clear the EX-Class dungeon, including discussions about their capabilities and limitations.


Since about 30 minutes ago, other broadcasting stations have been openly creating debate forums by bringing in experts for live broadcasts.


[Looking at Han Woohyun’s current strength, I think it is impossible. Even 15 years ago, Lee Semyung closing an EX-Class dungeon was nothing short of luck. Some people tend to take Lee Semyung’s ability to clear EX-Class dungeons too seriously. While I understand the sentiment…]


Understanding my foot.


Those so-called experts are basically saying, “You guys are spouting nonsense driven by nationalistic pride.”


[15 years ago, dungeons that are currently classified as S-Class were sometimes measured as EX-Class. This was because magical engineering technology was not as advanced as it is now. In reality, a solo play by an S-Class hunter in an EX-Class dungeon is an unprecedented event worldwide. It’s practically impossible.]


That expert is going to receive some backlash on the internet for a while.


The head of the news department could already sense the anger of nationalistic netizens, even without directly observing it.


However, speaking objectively, if an EX-Class dungeon of that scale erupts in South Korea, the only hunters in Korea who could fight it would be… no one at all.


Even if Lee Semyung came back, it would be impossible. 


The head of the news department recalled the time when he was just a rookie reporter interviewing Lee Semyung. 


His resolute appearance even in front of EX-Class dungeons.


It was cool.


It was amazing.


Because all the people, including himself, supported him.


However, now both he and the world have changed.


There were now many hunters superior to Lee Semyung of that time, and as the expert had mentioned, dungeon grading technology had advanced. The current S-Class was stronger than the S-Class of that time.


So, still talking about Lee Semyung in the face of such a disaster was nothing more than selling memories to the entire nation. 


Because the memories have idealized Lee Semyung to the level of a hero in a story. 


It was when he was lost in those thoughts.


[Breaking News: The exploration team of the EX-Class dungeon has encountered powerful monsters at the entrance and sent out a crisis signal.]


Breaking news came onto the BBC news screen.




This EX-Class dungeon has been revealed to be precisely divided into zones, each with varying difficulty levels.


The exploration team entered the area known to be the safest among them— 


[According to the spokesperson, there are abnormal fluctuations in the internal energy at the moment.]


The BBC channel’s screen soon caught the stern face of Jan Schulz urgently entering the tent. It was clear that he was very upset. The moment he saw that screen, even the head of the news department felt a subtle tension, just like any ordinary spectator. 


What will happen if they really can’t clear the EX-Class dungeon in Europe…?


The demeanor of the head of the news department, who was dismissing rumors until a while ago, vanished, and the helplessness of a human in the face of a national, no, global disaster emerged.


However, he soon coolly took out his phone with a composed demeanor. A call seeking the head of the news department was ringing. 


He pressed the call button. Before he could bring the phone to his ear, he heard a voice yelling. 


[Chief! Chief…! Can you hear me?! Right now, at the dungeon entrance…!]


A commotion is heard nearby.


He wrinkled his face.


“I’m monitoring the situation on the scene. Is the atmosphere there so dire that even Jan Schutz is struggling to maintain composure?”


[Yes? No, it’s not that… Please, take a look at the screen right now! I tried calling the Hunter Association, but I can’t even get through…!]


He was about to express his irritation, questioning what more there was to see, but suddenly he fixed his gaze on the BBC live channel.


In the heavily zoomed-in, shaky screen, five people could be seen blurrily standing at the entrance to the sealed dungeon.


Two were women, and the other three were men.


A tall man was supporting another man. However, the man providing support… It was a familiar face.


…Isn’t that Han Woohyun?


Why on earth is that person coming out of there?


[BBC seems to haven’t confirmed yet…! That man, isn’t he Han Woohyun!]


“Yeah. It seems so…”




At that moment, the head of the news department stared at the screen as if being drawn into it.


The man who was being supported by Han Woohyun refused the support and stood alone.


The man looked blankly at the camera.


Because of this, the head of the news department couldn’t take his eyes off the man’s face, which was in the spotlight. 


While an eager young correspondent, 10 years younger than the head of the news department, was excitedly rambling about Han Woohyun.


– Wow… Han Woohyun went in advance?  The Hunter Association sent him, but they didn’t make an official announcement? What on earth is this…! Moreover, a representative just shouted that the EX-Class dungeon has been cleared right now?  It’s like a complete festival here! Han Woo-hyun cleared it with those four unknown individuals next to him…?”


“It’s not an unknown individual.” 


What do you mean by unknown? 


‘I will definitely come back.’


Lee Semyung, a legendary figure who entered an EX-Class dungeon alone and disappeared after clearing the dungeon.


The hero that the head of the news department had personally interviewed 15 years ago has returned… once again clearing an EX-Class dungeon.


“You crazy bastard! It’s not unheard of! He’s Lee Semyung! Lee Semyung!” 


The head of the news department shouted with an excited voice.


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