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  1. ‘It’s me.’


Jan Schultz, who overcame all reporters from every broadcasting company, brought the five of us into a strategic tent.


There are four to be exact.


Because Dad is receiving treatment in the healer’s tent.


“Of course, the Hunter Federation wanted to issue an arrest warrant first, but in a situation where you are drinking tea without being arrested, is this for real?” 


Aunt, after adding sugar to her black tea, lifted the cup’s rim like a bowl with one hand and spoke while sipping.


“First of all, the air is clean. It’s impressive that we’re in the 21st century in just 6 months!”


Lim Sehwan was in tears.


Of course we weren’t caught. 


The reason is simple.


“It’s been a long time since I saw you, Yeongchun Hotel Boss.”


Jan Schultz knows my face.


I nodded to Jan Schulz.


I felt all three of them looking at me with puzzled faces.


Why? What is it? Our hotel, Yeongchunjang, is expanding globally, right?


Of course, I didn’t intend to get out of the Dungeon entrance from the beginning.


‘…It’s illegal to begin with. Entering an EX-Class dungeon without permission.’


I was going to quietly escape back to the Yeongchun Hotel.


However, due to the queen’s final counterattack, Dad got injured, so we needed to show him to a healer with holy powers, and that’s why we came out to the dungeon entrance.


‘Is it…really Junghyo?’


Dad constantly asked me even after I lifted the face-changing item.


As if he couldn’t believe it.




While wandering around this world where reality and the flow of time were distorted, Dad wouldn’t have been sure whether I was dead or alive. 


But I didn’t even believe Dad was alive.


So I constantly answered Dad’s questions.


‘It’s me.’


It’s me.


I’m here.


I squeezed Dad’s hand as if to confirm it.




Dad asked, looking at Lim Sehwan and Han Woohyun alternately while holding my hands tightly.


Dad’s eyelids were fluttering and he seemed to be dazed because of the wound.


Lim Sehwan, who noticed this, shouted urgently, probably to keep Dad conscious.


‘Here’s the boyfriend!’




I looked at Lim Sehwan with eyes asking what he was talking about, and Aunt wrinkled her face.


‘What? Han Woohyun, were you dating Lim Sehwan?’


‘That’s not it! He’s boss Lee Junghyo’s boyfriend!’




What kind of bombing is this all of a sudden?


Anyway, Dad’s eyes suddenly widened as if that comment had a great effect.


Dad and Aunt shouted at the same time.


‘What are you talking about?’




Fortunately, at that moment we discovered the Federation’s exploration team.


We were heading to the entrance of a dungeon connected to the London entertainment district, taking their wounded comrades with them.


It seemed that they were in danger as they encountered a group of corrupt nobles who escaped from Windsor Castle and took refuge in the entertainment district of London due to the civil war that took place at Windsor Castle.




That’s how we escaped out of Dungeon.


‘It was an excellent moment in many ways….’


I turned my gaze away from Aunt who was still looking at me and Han Woohyun with disapproval and looked at Jan Schultz.


Han Woohyun left the tent for a moment because he felt he had to ask the ‘Hunter Association’ for a lawyer.


I told Jan.


“I apologize for entering the EX-Class dungeon without permission, but there were circumstances.”


“<Scenario of Destruction>”.




Jan Schultz said, staring at me with a calm face.


“The name of this EX-class dungeon. It was named an hour ago.”


Scenario of destruction.


It was a well-chosen name.


The dungeon created by the corrupted human king seemed like a world with all the worst scenarios that humanity could choose, such as class conflict, environmental pollution, and racial discrimination.




The good-natured old man who was wearing a hat and fishing had turned into a paladin with great charisma wearing white armor that easily exceeded my weight.


“As expected, so… the hotel owner wasn’t just the average hotel owner.”


“Mr. Schultz wasn’t just an ordinary fisherman either.”


“Wait, wait! How do you two know each other?”


Aunt interrupted the conversation. Jan Schultz smiled at Aunt.


“I went to the Yeongchun Hotel as a guest. By the way, I wanted to meet you, Master Hwang. I also used the weapon you made.”


“…You remember it all.”


Aunt said awkwardly.


“Is the person next to you your assistant?”


Jan asked, looking at Lim Sehwan. Lim Sehwan nodded his head with his face turning red.


Seeing Jan, the head of the Hunter Federation, seemed like a mystical feeling.


“It’s a really interesting raid composition. Three out of five people are S-class, two are in the production field, two are in the combat field… and the last one is the hotel owner.”


Jan just stared at me.


“Now, shall we talk about the reason why this fun raid team entered the Dungeon entrance where we were blocking and even cleared the Dungeon without our knowledge?”


From the moment I decided to change the plan and confidently walk out of the dungeon entrance, I was prepared for this moment.




It’s better this way.


I held out a photo taken with a camera made by Lim Sehwan.


“It’s a pattern in the boss mob area. We were sure that Hunter Lee Semyung would be in there because of this and went inside the EX-class dungeon.”


What was captured in the picture was a pattern left by the queen, which we took in a hurry at the last minute.


It could be evidence that Mara Cult contributed to the creation of this dungeon.


“The EX-Class dungeon that appeared in Korea was also caused by Mara Cult, which caused the dungeon rating to be adjusted abnormally. We have various other pieces of evidence. Among them, the biggest piece of evidence is that… Hunter Lee Semyung came back alive.”


It’s payback time for the Mara Cult, who put Dad in danger, the moment Dad’s return is broadcasted live worldwide news.


Jan crumpled his face and said.


“What can the Mara Cult gain by putting the whole of England in crisis?”


“You’ll know that gradually from now on.”


The side that made the sound was the entrance to the tent behind us.


Han Woohyun entered the tent entrance and handed his cell phone to Jan Schulz.


There was a face we all knew on the screen of the cell phone with the video call turned on.


“Long time no see, Mr. Schultz. Your beauty does not die with age.”


“…Hunter Moon Heeyoung?”


Aunt, that’s a strangely excited voice.


So you have that kind of voice in front of a handsome man…


Jan Schultz looked like he was in his mid-50s at best, so he could still be said to be middle-aged.


Aunt said, instantly erasing the happy smile from her face.


“I will quickly let you know where to investigate in C&M. Moving fast would be beneficial. With the appearance of Lee Semyung, C&M would have been agitated, and at times like this, their tails tend to grow longer.”




Jan Schultz’s eyes widened.


Alright, now…It seems like the complicated discussion should be left to the higher-ups.


Because my reservation window is on fire right now.


Kim Junsoo


Junghyo? Junghyo? Junghyo? Junghyo, Junghyo, Junghyo, Junghyo?


When are you going to take my reservatiooooon!


ㅠㅠㅠㅠI’m going to the hotel. I’m at Dungeon entrance nowㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Is Lee Semyung really here? Is it reaaaaal.


Why did you only take Hwang Misoon? Why on eaaaaarth!


I turned off the numerous reservation windows because I couldn’t bear to respond to this serious situation, and finally this message came.


Kim Junsoo


Minhyuk Han, this crazy guy really ran into the hotel and took your manager hostage. I stopped him. Really. Junghyo Junghyo·······ㅠㅠ Where is he… I don’t know… His eyes are scary…..


Damn it.


The high-ranking people will solve the Mara Cult problem, and I will take care of our hotel staff first!




Lee Semyung opened his eyes with difficulty.


He thinks he had a good dream, but he doesn’t remember what kind of dream it was.


This terrible skill called ‘Memories of Life’ filled his head with countless memories of his life, making it a constant mess.


‘It’s me.’


But the moment he opened his eyes and looked at the hotel room.


Lee Semyung recalled a real memory, not a dream.


Memories that don’t belong to the past life or the life before that.




Junghyo’s warm hands must have touched his hands.


It could never have been a dream.




The moment he saw this man making a fuss and shedding tears in front of him, he began to doubt again whether this was all a dream.


Why on earth is he in a soft hotel room when he was clearly lying in the healer’s tent just moments ago?


And what’s with this blonde hair and a bellboy hat.


“Ah, as expected. It’s a monster.”


He immediately looked for something that could be used as a weapon and pulled the sword of King Arthur, still held tightly in his hand, from its scabbard.


At that moment, strong mana tightened his hands.




“Like father, like daughter… I think I might understand why the boss was so scary…”


The bellboy muttered with sad eyes.


What are you talking about?


“Boss…? Who’s the boss?”


“Oh. You still don’t know. Hunter Lee Junghyo is the owner of our hotel! Hehe. I am her spirit.”




His face crumpled at that moment.


If she made a contract with a spirit, does that mean that Junghyo has truly awakened?


He recalled Junghyo running quite quickly in a dim memory.


Indeed, the fact that he could come to this world in the first place was evidence of awakened power.


“Where… is Junghyo?”


He asked, holding his head, which was still in pain.


The bellboy quickly guided him.


“Come this way. It looks like she’s still arguing…”




He followed the bellboy down the hotel corridor and boarded the elevator.


Something was a little strange.


They said that Junghyo has clearly awakened, but is she also running this hotel?


Why…? What are you doing…?


However, many questions disappeared as soon as the elevator door opened on the first floor of the hotel.


“Uncle! Please calm down…! Calm down….!”


Along with Junghyo’s high-pitched screams, a man was seen grabbing another man by the collar and lifting him up.


The person being lifted up had a peaceful face for some reason, and on the other hand, the person lifting him up had a glow coming out of his eyes.


“How dare… take Junghyo with you… go to EX-class Dungeon… don’t you even tell me?”


The person lifting the man with his eyes shining… Could it be… Han Minhyuk?


Then there was applause from the side.


“Well done! Well done! Han Minhyuk, well done, well done, well done.”


The guy who clapped his hands and sang a song and started taking video on his cell phone in excitement was also a familiar face.


‘…Kim Junsoo?’


Next to him was Hwang Misoon, who was chewing food and saying this.


“Hey, just kill him. He’s going out with Junghyo.”




Kim Junsoo dropped his cell phone.




Han Minhyuk’s fist was squeezed hard.


And at the same time, Lee Semyung’s eyes turned to the man who was floating in the air.


…Junghyo’s boyfriend.


A sword smoothly drawn from its scabbard.


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  1. Hahah our dear father’s got it rough. Last he saw our Junghyo, she must’ve been ~10 yrs old. Now she’s an awakened hotel owner whose guests include otherworldly beings and, most importantly, has a boyfriend. (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)